by Daniel DeGasperi

Skoda is planning a product offensive, confirming six international new model launches over the next twelve months.

The announcement came via a Facebook teaser image which shows the Rapid due in January, Octavia liftback in March, and Octavia wagon in June. The three remaining ‘mystery’ models will each debut in August, September and December.

An obvious candidate for a third-quarter launch is the new-generation Octavia vRS, which is expected to utilise the new Volkswagen Group 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder which debuted in the Golf GTI Mk7. The sporting five door liftback will likely score 169kW, a full 22kW higher than the outgoing model.

The remaining models are less clear, but may include facelifted versions of the Superb and Yeti, both of which are expected to pick up sharper styling cues to fall in line with the new Rapid and Octavia.

A long shot for a late-year launch is the Rapid coupe. Previewed by the Vision D concept (above), the three-door Skoda will be a cut-price Volkswagen Scirocco to rival the Hyundai Veloster and Kia Cerato Koup in the $25-40K bracket. The top model – with a 2.0-litre turbo four – will compete with the Golf GTI three-door in price. Where the production Rapid hatchback has a longer bootlid, the Vision D concept shows off a shorter, flatter lid with a raked roofline.

The Rapid coupe, however, is more likely starter for 2014.

Locally, Skoda will first introduce the Citigo, its version of the Volkswagen Up! sub-light hatch, in the second quarter, with Rapid and Octavia to follow later in the year.

  • Kampfer

    As much as I like the new Skoda designs, specially with all the liftback models. What’s the point if Skoda not going to undercut VW’s price by a reasonable amount.

    • Chest Rockjaw

      I have to agree. Case in point, an Octavia wagon costs more than a Passat wagon when specified similarly. Coupled with resale concerns, makes you opt for a VW everytime.

      • TheRealThomas

        Due to the fact that VW Australia imports Skodas at the same wholesale price as VW, sometimes more. How are dealers expected to sell them for less.  VW Australia is cutting its nose to spite its face.

        • Guest

          Ah, I wasn’t aware of this. Explains why they don’t negotiate on their prices and when they do it’s at the expense of your Trade in. Ah well like I said their cars aren’t that special, I just took my business else where. So they are over priced and the dealers are hopeless, It’s a wonder they sell any at all!

        • Kampfer

          Sound like you know something we don’t Thomas. If that’s the case there’s really no point for Skoda to be around… May be the master plan is when/if Skoda sell well at current price they’ll jackup VW price even more.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree about the price but in my opinion skodas have a quirkiness that vw doesn’t have and they have their own uniqueness, their not just a cheap vw anymore they are a alternative

      • Adam

        Sadly Skodas are fast losing their quirkiness with this new wave of models.

  • Guest

    Yeah someone needs to tell the Skoda dealer their cars aren’t that special, I mean seriously they aren’t selling Ferrari’s

  • Peter

    Just hurry up and release the Skoda Citigo in Australia – I want to buy one!!

    • Kampfer

      Even if it cost the same or even more than VW UP! ?

      • carbine

         Yes… though they do make good cars, the VW badge is fast becoming associated with sanctimonious wankers, just as BMW and Subaru have been in the past decade.

        • Golfmother

          Bit like bogans in clunkerdores .

        • Captain Nemo®™

           And right on queue the said sanctimonious VeeDud w@nker shows up.
          Bungle aka Rolfmother.

          • Golfmother

            Able seaman nemo back , usual vitriol , shame about the falling crummerdore sales .

          • Captain Nemo®™

             No vitriol Bungle i,am always happy. You’re the one that’s been drinking the ole battery acid judging by your previous comments. Working in that grimy pot shop in Gougar St for minimum wages must make you very bitter.

    • Nasal Explorer

      Why? Looks like a Getz.

  • Martin

    I’m confused about Skoda’s positioning in Australia. Is it meant to be an alternative to VW or a cheaper entry into the brand like everywhere else in the world?

    • Gtrxu1

      You and me both Martin.The Vw group does have a more entry level company from Spain called Seat.That might be the better tag team partner for Vw in Australia

    • Bunga

       In Europe Škoda plays the role of a VW alternative in markets where some people still don’t like German products due to the 60M people killed in WW2, slave labor, death camps, etc.

  • Able

    That’s really great about six new models for this year, but what’s the point in launching them if the dealers are still rubbish and the company who brings them in (Volkswagen Australia) prices them way too close to their own product and in some cases with less equipment. I’m very excited about the new Octavia being launched because it improves the current car so much, but I’m praying that they don’t f**k it up. 

    This coming from a current Yeti and former Octavia RS owner. If anyone from VW Australia is reading this, you’ll be receiving my angry letter soon; I doubt you’ll listen but meh.

  • Blip

    So what does the high Aussie dollar buy you? An over-priced Skoda? Methinks no thanks!

    • Able

      They’re only overpriced against their VW equivalents, and I’m not sure what is going on above me but I was able to get a sizeable discount on both my Škodas.

      • Guest

        Sizeable discount on a ridiculous RRP, yes! They are way overpriced, are certainly not the best in class in most of their categories and definitely not the best looking. Considering you could get into the class leading CX5 over a Yeti for way less money, says a lot really about Skoda Australia’s pricing and their salesmen. Lets face it the Yeti isn’t even then 2nd best in the class, It’s like 4th behind the VW and Honda. 

  • Barry

    Looks like a big year for Skoda.But with over 50 different car manufactures for sale in OZ.Punters will not pay a premium price for Skoda.

  • Andrew M

    The continued list of new manufacturers and new name plates running to Australia is proof enough of how fruitful it is to dump a heap of product here no mater how minimal the sales might be.

    I bet if the dollar was worth 65% of the american we would only have half the manufacturers here in OZ, and only supporting half their product range

    • carbine

       Gee, I thought that variety was a good thing. The way some regular posters talk, their ideal would be 22’000’000 Australians all driving either Hyundai i30’s (“they’re better than they used to be!”), Volkswagen Golf’s (“German quality blah blah blah DSG blah blah blah..) or Holden Commodores (“ooga booga Commo is oarsum kar, Ford sux”).

  • Save It For The Track

    As an example don’t all Octavias come standard with a higher spec stereo with hard disc(as one example) than say a Golf? Also, taking Golf/Jetta as a comparable size to an Octavia, the Octavia is slightly larger and more practical with its liftback design, and the wagon larger than a golf wagon.  Octavia vs Golf, Octavia is definitely larger. Octavia vs Jetta, not much in it. 118tsi Jetta vs 118tsi Octavia. The Octavia has the 1.8L turbo and not the often complained about 1.4L supercharged turbo. Pricing seems to depend on state/area and dealer for both brands, and anyone that didn’t shop around aggresively would have to have rocks in their head. Octavia is not quite Passat size, and priced below Passat. A 118tsi passat isn’t quite specced the same as a 118tsi Octavia either, with stereo again a seemingly lowe spec in Passat. I do agree that Skoda pricing in Aus should be lower though.