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Nissan Australia sold a record number of new vehicles in 2012 on the back of aggressive marketing and financing campaigns that produced strong SUV and ute sales.

Nissan sold 79,787 new cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles across the country in 2012, representing a 17 per cent increase over the 2011’s total of 67,926 sales.

The 2012 result eclipsed Nissan’s previous calendar-year record of 71,692 sales that had stood since 1990, when Nissan was still manufacturing vehicles in Australia.

Nissan employed a particularly aggressive financing program in 2012, offering a number of its models with zero per cent finance in the second half of the year.

Nissan closed 2012 on a high, delivering 7329 vehicles in a record December for the Japanese brand – its eighth consecutive monthly sales record – although it remains some way short of its ambitious target of becoming the country’s leading full-line importer.

Nissan ranked sixth on the tally of total vehicle registrations for 2012, trailing full importers Mazda (approx. 103,000) and Hyundai (approx. 90,000), as well as local manufacturers Toyota (approximately 215,000 units), Holden (approx. 115,000) and Ford (approx. 90,000).

Nissan Australia CEO and managing director Bill Peffer said the introduction of a number of new models to the line-up over the coming months was expected to boost sales again in 2013.

“Nissan is earning its ‘unfair share’ of the Australian new car market by delivering what Australian new car buyers expect and we’re going to intensify this when we commence our biggest ever new model rollout later this month, starting with the all-new Nissan Pulsar sedan,” Peffer said.

Along with the Pulsar sedan, Nissan Australia will launch the all-new Patrol SUV in February, Pulsar hatch and sporty SSS variant in mid-2013, the Juke crossover and Altima medium sedan in the second half, and potentially the new Pathfinder before the end of 2013.

Despite its age, the Navara ute was Nissan’s most popular model in Australia in 2012, with more than 25,000 units of the 4×2 and 4×2 models sold.

The Dualis and X-Trail SUVs also achieved annual sales records last year, tallying in excess of 13,000 and 16,000 units respectively.

  • TG

    I’ll bet Mazda Australia is having a good laugh about this behind closed doors…

    • Zaccy16

      yep i agree, nissan doesn’t make one car that is better than a mazda!

      • pro346

        I guess you haven’t heard of of the 370z or a little car called the gtr…

        • Zaccy16

          Sorry I mean mainstream cars

          • Bjorn

            um no you didn’t mate you just wanted a good old internet sledge

      • jekyl & hyde

        and whats mazda’ s GTR ?
        murano >>cx9

        • Tex

          Hmmmm, Dualis is definitely better value and better AWD system, but it too is underpowered and doesn’t offer a Diesel.

        • Sydlocal

          Zaccy16’s comment was a little silly and not thought through well enough. The GTR is > than most cars out there, especially when factoring in bang for your buck.
          However pretty much all reviews have the CX9 > Murano. The Dualis and CX5 are in different classes, however most would have the CX5 >>> the Dualis. The Dualis is well equipped, however it is nothing special to drive and just as gutless as the CX5 petrol!

          • jekyl & hyde

            nope,the cx5 and the dualis are in the same class.if anything the cx9 and murano are in different classes (seats).

            dualis would outsell cx5 if nissan had stock in this country,its far better value.

          • Dfeef

            have you seen the build quality on a Dualis? not even in the same ball park as mazda

          • Sydlocal

            Nope, VFACTS have them both in different classes and that is what I was referencing, (whether we agree with them or not) sorry I should have said that. The Dualis is in the compact SUV segment with the Subaru XV, Kia Sportage and Hyundai ix35 etc where-as the CX5 is in the medium SUV class with the Xtrail and RAV4 etc. The CX5 is a good 22cm longer, 5cm wider with a 7cm longer wheelbase when compared to the standard version Dualis (the +2 is within the ball park but I am not sure if that is in a different class like the Captiva 5/7 due to seats). The CX5 is even wider with a longer wheelbase than the Nissan Xtrail with a length in-between the two but closer to the Xtrail (10cm shorter overall due to the Xtrail’s longer rear overhang). It is closer in size to the Xtrail/RAV4 than it is to the Dualis/ix35/Subaru XV/Skoda Yeti, hence probably why VFACTs categorise the CX5 as a medium SUV. Who knows what they think sometimes!

            Also WRT that last sentence, the same could be said about the CX5 WRT stock as with some models/combinations there is still a decent waiting list. The CX5 still managed to out-sell the Dualis by over 2,500 units in 2012 even though they missed out on the first few months of the year due to when it was first released and then a few months of availability shortages due to its popularity and back-log of orders stretching to nearly 6 months on some model combinations. They are struggling trying to keep up with world wide demand as it is selling much better than they had forecast.

            Value can also be subjective as Dfeef mentioned the quality of the interior fittings and driving characteristics/handling difference etc are like chalk and cheese. Having said that the Dualis is still quite well equipped though and worth a look if you don’t care for driving feel!

  • MisterZed

    Wow that is one old school truck in the first photo – I can’t believe Nissan are still selling that thing. It looks like it belongs in the 80s.

    • Icbetts

      Oh please. It was released several years ago and still looks perfectly fine and respectable.

      • MisterZed

        You are a nobody… your opinion doesn’t matter. There’s a reason i’m in the top 10.

        • DontcareifI’mbottom10

          You sound like a douche.

        • matt

          no thats what happens when you spam comment and “up” yourselves all the time

        • Rtrtgrt

          yes you are a TROLL! being top 10 is nothing to boast about unless you have no life away from you keyboard

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, this and the hilux are very outclassed by the bt50/ranger and amarok

      • MisterZed

        The only people who would think that truck looks good are a) Navara owners themselves or b) someone with a 20 year old truck, in which case anything is going to look good by comparison

  • O123

    80000 cars? What? Other than the navara I cant think of anything else that is popular in the nissan line up. GTR excluded.

    • F1orce

      Their small SUVs are everywhere..

    • The Real Wile E


    • Tex

      Dualis and X-Trail are big sellers for them… Plus the entry model Micras too.

  • Auger

    If only they hadn’t replaced the Pulsar with the awful, AWFUL Tiida. Good to see they are correcting their mistake but they would have sold even more if they had just left the Pulsar alone.

  • 03sprintrs

    I can’t imageine buying another X-trail or Pathfinder again as they are very average vehicles.

  • 42 = The Answer

    I wonder how many of the 16000 X-Trail’s were purchase by WA Police as speed camera vans?

    • bird3y

      A majority of those X-Trails would of ended up in Tasmania as rentals.

  • Sumpguard

    I had a D40 and it gave me endless grief. Never again.

        By contrast the D22 I had before it was fantastic if a little underpowered. Both need a styling upgrade. The D40 was a good truck when it came out in terms of styling but it is now a dated design.

  • nisbabe

    Hey, I have owned xtrails for over 8 years, I am on my third, started T30 petrol then T31 petrol now T31 diesel, each model has improved in ability and features and they are still improving. New CEO in Asia/Oceania region which covers us and he is looking to promote Nissans further – hence return of the pulsar…Can’t wait for the new generation of Xtrail, other models for 2013 include new patrol, Pathfinder, diesel Dualis, Maxima and a new micra based model as well…