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The production version of the Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet has been teased in an adrenaline-charged video ahead of its anticipated international launch in 2013.

Previewed in near-identical concept form 18 months ago at the 2011 Worthersee tuner show (pictured), the Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet is set to become the quickest and most powerful open-top Volkswagen in history.

Propelling the flagship all-wheel-drive convertible is the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo from the standard Golf R that produces 199kW and 350Nm (188kW/330Nm in Australia in its ‘hot-climate’ tune), helping it sprint from 0-100km/h in 6.0 seconds.


Appearing almost identical to its hardtop hot-hatch brother, the Golf R Cabriolet scores a sporty body kit with large front air intakes, black grille with R badge, smoked headlight and tail-light lenses, twin central tailpipes and 19-inch five-spoke Talladega alloy wheels.

Like the less powerful Golf GTI Cabriolet, the Golf R soft-top is no certainty to head down under.

Volkswagen Australia says the car is not part of its program planning, and is waiting on more details from head office in Germany before making any further decisions. Although seemingly unlikely, if it does get the green light for Australia, the Golf R Cabriolet will not arrive before 2014.

Volkswagen Australia currently offers only one Golf Cabriolet variant, the $36,990 118TSI model. The five-door Golf R hatch is priced from $49,990.

  • Henry Toussaint

    Can’t all engines take our Heat? why is there a ‘Hot Climate’ tune?

    • Amlohac

      I have no idea. Turbos dont like heat at all. Maybe thats why?

      Bit odd really, they newer R will apparently have the full power on tap.

      To be honnest, most people wanting an R and wanting more power put aside the $1000 to drop a chip in it. 230kW and 410Nm POW.

  • Madein_oz

    I hope we get it!

  • Tex

    Um, why are they still trying with the Mk6 when the Mk7 has been revealed…?

    • Kd

      Because the MK6 Cabriolet just came out, so chances are it will continue for a few years to come

      • Tex

        Surely they can whack on the new front and call it a Mk6.5?

        • Golfschwein

          I realise you’re probably just having a tease, Tex, but it wouldn’t be that simple, as the Mk 7 is wider. But if you’re talking about a new front that LOOKS like the Mk 7, yeah, different matter. They made the Mk 3 cabriolet look like the Mk 4 by doing exactly that, just as Ford made the old XF ute look like an EF by way of careful grafting. It’s an old trick that many have used.

  • Monk

    Golfmother is unusually silent – having some private time?

    • Golfmother

      Busy stuffing money into the bank as xmas madness takes hold .

      • Monk

        Come on, you could have thought of something funnier than that…

        • Dom

          Saving up for that engine rebuild

          • Golfmother

            Never heard of a GTI engine rebuild , one tough monkey is the 2L turbo .

          • Dom

            You must be deaf

  • ShamWham

    I would trade in my Mini Cooper S Countryman for this… Fun in the sun… They would sell probably better than the hatchback.

    • Amlohac

      Oh so someone DID buy a Mini Countryman! You’re a rare one

  • Jazrod

    Hasn’t got the trademark rear exhausts . . . weird. 

    • Golfmother

      Well noted, thats a bit weird ,  could be just a GTI from behind .

  • Brayden Cresswell

    That advert will never make it to Australia.

  • BigBoyLemonade

    Is that engine note dubbed? I’ve never heard a golf R sound that good.

    • Dom

      That’s the sound of a Golf running properly. I can understand why you wouldn’t have heard it before as it is a rare sound!

      • BigBoyLemonade

         My mates Golf R doesn’t sound even half as good as this

    • Golfmother

      Maybe as with the new mk7 GTI/35 and  R they are switching motors to the current EA888 GTI motor , they do have a different sound , i found the old mk5 motor EA113 had a deaper growl .

  • Zaccy16

    Looks very good, hopefully it comes down under

  • http://www.ooyyo.com.au/ Brian L. Gilman

    Nice… Looking forward to taking one for a spin around the city. This should be a nice seller..;)

  • Aventadore

    the standard hatch Gti looks like a chicks car. the standard R looks a bit more masculine. unfortunately this one looks even more girly than the Gti. all you women out there, please apply within

    • Amlohac

      Hence the lady driver in the video.