Toyota has produced its three-millionth vehicle in Australia as the Japanese car maker continues a year of production milestones.

The three-millionth car, a Toyota Camry Hybrid, marked the production achievement at a ceremony at Toyota’s Altona plant in Melbourne.

Following the production of the first Australian-built Toyota in April 1963, it took Toyota more than 29 years to produce the first million cars, 12 years for the second million, and eight years to reach today’s three-million figure.

Toyota's 3 Millionth Car

Toyota Australia’s executive director of sales and marketing, Matthew Callachor, highlighted the Toyota Motor Corporation’s long-standing bond with Australia.

“It was here in Australia that Toyota first tasted international success – the first country outside Japan to produce Toyota cars and to build a Toyota engine manufacturing plant,” Mr Callachor said.

Currently the Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid and Aurion are all produced locally, for both domestic and overseas markets.

So far in 2012 Toyota has celebrated 25 years of Australian production of the Camry with 1.8 million vehicles built since 1987, becoming the first local car maker to export one million vehicles, and selling one million hybrid vehicles worldwide in 2012.

At the start of the month, Toyota Australia reaffirmed its commitment to the local automotive industry, unveiling a new petrol and hybrid engine plant in Melbourne.

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Are they all yawning in that pic?

    • guest

      Oh what a feeeling

    • CAM09

      NO they are just EXCITED they drove a TOYOTA to work insted of a VW product so they made it to work and didn’t break down! HA HA HA HA!

  • Xczr

    Impressive milestone

  • Anon

    So Toyota had made 3 million shopping trolleys in Australia so far, what a news. 

    • Sydlocal

       I am sure the thousands of Australians who are employed by Toyota would think it is pretty good, shopping trolleys or not. Not everyone are enthusiasts like us. Whilst they are not my cup of tea, there are people who just want relatively cheap, comfortable, quiet and reliable transport to get from A to B with minimum fuss and the Austrailan made Toyotas, as boring as they are, fit that brief better than most other cars on the market. Plus supporting Australian workers is an added bonus…

      • Ben

        Are you implying if Chinese car companies start to manufacture relatively cheap, comfortable, quiet and reliable cars in Australia and getting a handout from the local&federal government, we should love them no matter how boring their cars are?

        • Sydlocal

          No, I am not saying we have to love them, it is our right not to. I am saying that whilst you or I may find these cars boring because we are enthusiasts, remember that we are in the minority. I thought that was relatively clear in my comment. There are more people out there who don’t really care about things like steering feel and direct handling etc.  All they want is a car to get them where they want to go with minimum fuss which is what these Toyotas do best. Who are we to deny people a car that suits their needs?
          As a side note I think you would find that the amount of money in Government handouts to the Australian car manufacturing industry would still be less than the cost if all of the workers (not just the manufacturers but the parts supply companies as well) didn’t have a job and were on the dole. Plus it also stops a lot of engineering expertise from leaving the country.

          • Guest

            Yes, you are implying we should support Toyota for the sake of the local manufacturing industry, no matter how boring their cars are and how much tax payers’ money was thrown in.

            By the way, There is many far better options than Toyota for the shopping trolleys. For instance, 4 cylinder sushi take away(aka Camry)is starting at $34,000 and that’s expensive than Mondeo and very close to Falcon G6 EcoBoost.
            However, you are right. It’s consumers’ choice to keep being ripped off by Toyota. I totally agree on you that. 

          • Lolwut

            Anon you dont grasp Sydlocal’s point.

            Please take IQ test to see if you are over 100 IQ points.
            Because I sense you are way below the average.

            You being angry that Toyota sells more vehicles than Ford doesnt matter. You think they are boring, but the buyers of the car isnt affected by your thoughts.

            In short, Toyota knows their market… and you dont matter.

          • Sydlocal


            I just want to know why you are only singling out Toyota considering that Ford/Holden get even more hand outs from the goverment? I only used the Toyotas as an example as this is what this article is about.

            I also don’t disagree that an Ecoboost Mondeo/Falcon etc is a better choice and haven’t said otherwise. The point is that even though the Toyota twins may not be an option FOR PEOPLE LIKE US, there are many other people/compaies out there that are happy with them, including fleets like hire car and taxi companies etc. The sales prove it. Either way I very much doubt Toyota would miss our sale, they have more important customers to worry about.

            If you still don’t get it there is no hope! I can’t help it if some people can’t read/comprehend/understand what an average person can…

    • Dave W

      I’ve seen many of those shopping trolleys being driven with more skills and better attitude than some of the 3 series, Golf, Falcon and Commodore I see on the road.

      It’s not the machine that matters, it’s who’s behind the wheel. I would rather share the road with these shopping trolleys being driven by decent drivers than those “cool” cars being driven by selfish pricks with inflated sense of skill who think they’re king of the road just because of what they drive.

    • CAM09


  • MisterZed

    It will take Toyota another 40 years to reach the 4th million, seeing the way local manufacturing is going at the moment.

  • Golfmother

    Why are they not wearing safety cardigans .

    • Lolwut

      Because your mother was wearing one and they saw how ugly it looked on her and decided not to wear one themselves.

      • Golfmother

        Obviously you enjoy the sad life of a toyota driver , so i will get mummy to knit you one , purple might suit you .

  • Showtime

     Well done Toyota. Maybe start making the 86 here? :)

    • AtHome

      Toyota don’t make the 86 anywhere Subaru makes it for them.

      • jr

        Subaru dont make them either Fuji Heavy Industries do , the largest single shareholder og FHI is Toyota Motor Corporation.

        • Sydlocal

          Technically that is correct but also FHI is the owner of Subaru so AtHome is correct also depending on how ‘technical/petty’ you want get.
          What do you class all of these other companies that come under an larger umbrella considering this is the case for the majority of manufacturers around the world. For example, who makes an Aston Martin DB9 this week? 😉

  • Dadfasdf

    Is that good or bad?

    • Fairlane

      If Aussies are getting some income from employment it can only be a good thing.

      Good on you Toyota Australia.

      PS make the Aurion RWD.

      • TG

        Forget the Aurion, where’s the Mark X?

      • Doctor

        You do realise that the Aurion is a V6 Camry?

  • F1orce

    The Camry is the best at what it does..

    • Ben

      yep, being #1 shopping trolley of the world since…meh, white goods are just white goods. 

      • Jack

        Yes, that’s the Camry alright – the car of choice for anonymous people…

        • Dave W

          And you know what they say about men with big engined cars? Was it something to do with midlife crisis or compensating for something? Or is it both of them? I can’t remember.

          • Jack

            I was poking fun at Anon’s username.

      • Dave W

        What do people buy when they need a washing machine? A washing machine.

        So what do you suggest people get if they need a cheap to buy and service, reliable medium sized car to get from A to B?

      • Lolwut

        White goods = useful.
        95% of car buyers want useful cars as opposed to “exciting” “expensive” dream machines.
        Again, please take IQ test, you seem dangerously on the low side.

        • Fxcvbc

           Crapry isn’t all that useful. It requires frequent service intervals (and seemingly frequent recalls too). No wagon or hatch or 7 seater or 4WD or diesel option, towing capacity well down on other Oz cars, Hybrid model has further reduced bootspace and almost non existant towing capacity.

          • Sydlocal

            That bit about the recalls is interesting Fxcvbc. Did you actually check the facts or just think that they have had more recalls due to the media highlighting them? If you actually go to the official recall website, you would find that since 2006 the Commodore has had 14 recalls, the Falcon has had 7, the Territory has had 5 and the Camry/Aurion twins have had 3. I am not that good at maths, but to me it looks like their recalls haven’t been as frequent as the other local large cars. Having said that, recalls are not always a bad thing.

            Tow capacity is another thing depending on model. The Commodore Omega and Falcon Ecoboost, off their own websites, have a maximum tow rating exactly the same as the Aurion and some other medium sized cars like the Mondeo (diesel versions) and new Mazda6 diesel (petrol 100kg less) with other medium cars like the Subaru Liberty only 100kg less.

            No argument about the service intervals, however their fixed price is pretty low clawing some of that disadvantage back. Plus the better fuel economy of the Camry would more than make that up that extra cost of the 9 month service interval over an average of 20,000km per year. Still doesn’t change the fact that you would be more bored driving a Camry than the other Aussie cars!

            WRT boot space, luckily the normal Camry/Aurion has a larger boot than the Commodore! You are right about the Hybrid though, it is tiny.

            Don’t get me wrong, I would much prefer a Falcon/Commodore over a Camry/Aurion, however we still have to be fair/impartial and not let a good story/bashing get in the way of the facts.

            Facts are a wonderful thing!

  • Doctor

    Obviously Toyota has included the AMI production figures from the 60s and 70s in the 3 million. I wonder what the total AMI production was.

  • twincharger

    Well done Toyota,make another 3,000,000 now.

  • Shak

    Congratulations Toyota. While i personally dont like their cars, you have to applaud what they have achieved and all of it here in Australia. I’d rather they make cars here, employ Aussies and put some money into our economy rather than employ no Aussies and tip no money into our economy. 

  • Lindsay0414450226

    That’s a lot of cardigans.

    • Dsgfd

      Is that your phone number?

  • Brian L. Gilman

    Congratulations Toyota!!! Nearly fifty years on and still going strong… whether you like them or not, Toyota looks set to stay in Oz for a long time to come. Not everyone likes them, but then again not everyone’s supposed to.. Non the less Toyota have reached number “1” again and again, despite all their problems with recalls that kept the company in a bad light. It just proves that in the end they have a winning formula that works… Good quality cars & great marketing.. And no matter what we want to think or say, good or bad, the sales figures speak for themselves… And of coarse, who can deny the benefit of having Toyota’s manufactured in Oz, great for the economy, great for Australia…;)

    • Jack

      Well said Brian, while Toyota are not my choice of vehicle, they are certainly progressing in this country, which, unfortunately, cant be said for Ford and Holden. While other manufactuers are scaling back, Toyota is about to add the Rav 4 being built at their plant. Well Done Toyota.