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The Subaru Liberty Exiga seven-seater will be offered with extra equipment, extended aftersales support and a bonus clothing voucher for a limited time.

The 200 special edition Subaru Liberty Exiga wagons are fitted with carpet floor mats, a rear cargo tray and reverse parking sensors, and score a one-year warranty extension (for four years in total) and four years roadside assistance.

The $37,990 Liberty Exiga 2.5i also comes with a $500 voucher from Columbia, while the high-grade $42,490 Liberty Exiga 2.5i Premium gets a $750 voucher.

Subaru Australia launched the upgraded 2013 Liberty Exiga in July, adding a seventh seat as well as revised door mirrors and redesigned alloy wheels.

The local division last week revealed the specifications of the updated 2013 Subaru Liberty sedan and wagon range, with a new petrol engine, dynamic enhancements and revised interiors headlining the upgrades.

  • Quivive

    200 special edition! I doubt Subaru have sold 200 in total! I would be checking the build date if I was buying one of these.

  • Anon

    because Subaru knows their new Liberty looks horrendous. Still I don’t want it. 

    • davie

       I believe that this model shares much of its chassis with the previous 2008 model Liberty wagon?. The dash appears to have come from the old model Impreza/Forester.

  • Trickster

    Go buy a Citroen C4 Picasso for less……

    • Zaccy16

      yep i agree, and it has more space and doesn’t look as unproportioned as this!

      • TheRealThomas

        You mean *disproportioned*

        • Drive

           You knew exactly what he meant yet you had to play teacher…….

  • Wayne777

    While the standard Liberty sedan/wagon isn’t pretty, this Exiga version is certainly up there with the ugliest cars produced in the last 10+ years. Unitl Subaru gets some decent designers I won’t go near them no matter how well they may be engineered.

    • Ben

      Who knew Hyundai would make a better looking sedan/wagon than Subaru just 5 years ago…

  • Chest Rockjaw

    I wonder if they sold any? Lame effort from Subaru. Tinny, plastiky cars with poor fuel consumption that look awkward… Good AWD though.

  • Golfmother

    I have seen one , thought they had given up on this bread van .

  • The Real Wile E

    A Columbia clothing voucher… hmm…a straight jacket voucher would be more appropriate .

  • filippo

    Personally I applaud Subaru for believing that not all Australian families want to drive a truck. Let’s hope that Peugeot, VW, Opel and Ford also consider importing their 7-seat wagons. 

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

      the problem is that at 37,990 it is the same price as other SUV 7 seaters that have more space.
      Sure, they use a bit more fuel but when practicality reins supreme this is what most will buy.
      Bonus is they dont look ugly and akward

      • filippo

        Don’t assume that just because an SUV is higher, that it also has more space. The third row in the Exiga looks a lot more accommodating than a Territory, Outlander or Captiva.

        • Drive

          I doubt it. A flat floor means no leg space. This would be for small kids only.

      • Drive

         Sorento and Santa Fe diesels use less fuel than this.
        The only thing I like about this is it has a proper windows for the 3rd row.
        No air for rear passengers is a deal breaker.

    • Norm

      It has to be possible to do this concept in an attractive package?

      I agree there has to be better non SUV options in the market for families. 
      People lumping around town in huge 4WD off roading based vehicles that are 2 tonnes and over just because there’s “room for the kids” is madness.As above the C4 Picasso looks good but who doesn’t at least pause for thought when buying a French car in the Oz market? The C3 Citroen Picasso is another fab little transporter they should bring in. New Kia Rondo looked good at the Motor No Show as did the family set up of the VW Caddy.We take what we can get until Ford and Holden realise that we want them to build upright fuel and space efficient vehicles…with RWD…purpose built HERE for this market.Put the Territory on a major crash diet – lower it a bit – RWD with the new range of Ford drivetrains and we’re getting somewhere. 

  • Aranciata-Oz

    An assault on the visual senses of any person with eyesight even slightly better than Stevie Wonder’s. This beast, and I meant beast, encapsulates how lost Subaru has been since the high brow days of the Zappatinas-designed Gen 4 Liberty/Legacy.

    Exiga? No, it should be Executed.

  • Christie 76

    There is more leg room in the rear of these than the back seat of a land cruiser. Had a Toyota landcruiser that chewed through fuel with no leg room in the rear for anyone other than a small child, minimal boot space. My exiga has more leg room in the rear, uses 3 times less fuel and has more boot space

  • Stephen

    Having considered this car 6 months ago the space in the 3rd row isn’t too bad at all, and better than that found in many of large 4WDs that I sat in.   It may be best for kids, but at 178cm I was quite comfortable, especially as the 2nd row can move back and foward as required.   Head room was quite good too. 

  • Stephen B

    Not to be seen as promoting Subaru, but having test driven the vehicle I can vouch that they have a system that is designed to bounce the air off the roof or something along those lines.  It does work, based on the feedback I got from the 3rd row as we drove along.   It may be a somewhat odd shape, and even if it may not be as economical as it could be etc, it is a hang of a lot easier to park than large 4WDs etc and that would be a selling point for many.   it also rides like a ‘normal car’ which would be an attraction for some.   Horses for courses I think.