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Pope Benedict XVI has taken delivery of a brand new ‘Popemobile‘ based on the Mercedes-Benz M-Class luxury SUV.

The new Popemobile represents a significant trade-up for His Holiness, who has been riding in the back of the customised G-Class that was originally built for his predecessor Pope John Paul II in 2002.

Daimler chairman and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Dr Dieter Zetsche, handed over the keys to leader of the Catholic Church, continuing a partnership between the German car maker and the Vatican that spans nine decades.

“It is an honour for Mercedes-Benz to be accompanying His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on his future journeys with our new Popemobile”, Zetsche said at the handover ceremony in Rome.

“For more than 80 years now, popes have been able to rely on the quality, safety and comfort of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles.”

Taking nine months to go from concept to production, the new M-Class Popemobile features a more spacious dome with a new throne, along with larger bulletproof glass panels and illumination in the roof lining to improve onlookers’ view of the Pope.

The dome is now easier to enter and exit and boasts a taller internal standing height despite the overall vehicle height being lower to aid its ease of transportation by air. Like the trade-in model, the new M-Class Popemobile is finished in diamond white paint and features the Pope’s coat of arms inside and out.

The first Mercedes-Benz used by a Pope was a Nurburg 460 Pullman Saloon, which was provided for Pope Pius XI in 1930. Other models charged with the task of transporting the Holy Father over the years have included a 300d Landaulet Cabriolet, a 600 Pulman Landaulet and a 300 SEL.

Retired Popemobiles are displayed at the Vatican and in Mercedes-Benz’s museum in Stuttgart.

  • Howtm

    Sexy ute, lol.

  • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

    I’ll have one in metallic red & fitted with spinners…..oh & a jason recliner in the back

  • Sam

    I never understood the need for bullt-proof glass in a ‘Pope Mobile’.   Can anyone else see the irony?

    • S_hunt144

      Given that their have been assassination attempts on previous popes, I can totally understand.

      • Dsfgfg

        But why need bulletproof glass when he has total faith in Jeebus to save him?

        • Fxcvbc

          Who said he had total faith? It is impossible for a mortal to have total faith in anything. The purpose of faith is not to cheat death on earth, it’s about having eternal life spiritually.

          • Dsfgfg

             When your 80 years old & still a virgin because of your dedication to Jeebus, I’d call that total faith.
            As for cheating death on earth, many Roaming Catlicks seem to think they’ve cheated death on earth with all their “confirmed” “miracle healings”.

      • Ellipsis

        But isn’t everything God’s will? Why do they need the science behind bullet proof glass to protect him? Hmm….?

        • Fxcvbc

          And how do you know it was not God’s will for there to be bullet-proof glass installed on the vehicle? Hmm….?

          • Ellipsis

            Because bullet-proof glass came from Science. If religions had their way of book burning and suppressing the facts, bullet proof glass would never have come about and the pope would be left unprotected. It’s not God’s will that it exists, it’s the determination of scientists that made it happen.

          • Ellipsis

            The irony is, he’s using something to protect himself that wouldn’t exist if not for the science the church tries so hard to disprove. If they had faith in God to protect him, they wouldn’t need scientific advancements such as bullet proof glass for protection. If the Church had their way, science wouldn’t exist, ergo bullet-proof glass wouldn’t exist. Proving, the invention of bullet-proof glass is not God’s will.

          • Fxcvbc

            You’re making the mistake of confusing God’s will with the Church’s actions. The Church has done many questionable things throughout history, as have many people used ‘God’s will’ to excuse questionable actions.
            Science and religion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You’re living by the same dichotomy you condemn.

          • Ellipsis

            They are mutually exclusive though – 
            Two completely different ideologies that do not work together. 

            Religion wants people to believe a bunch of fairy tales in a constantly contradictory book written over 2000 years ago, has little relevance to today’s society and is not open to any sort of criticism or change. It tries to say this is the be all and end all and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.Meanwhile science encourages criticism and failure because it means if that idea was wrong, we can theorise a new one and test it. Then when you have a successful experiment, it’s tested independently by scientists all over the globe as they attempt to replicate your findings. Once they’ve concluded the same, ONLY then can it be considered fact.

          • baronzemo

            @9f66866905a33ae83af06e2888132912:disqus , have you even read the “2000 year old book?”Bet ya haven’t. so how can you say it is contradictory? Your just another biased somebody.

          • zej

             You cannot judge a system (be it religious or government) by it’s abuse. Something done in the name of democracy or the name of Christianity or Islam that is contrary to itself does not invalidate the worldview.

          • dilligaf

            Then it would be God’s will if he took a bullet too, is it not?

          • Fxcvbc

            If he did indeed take a bullet, then yes.

      • Sam

         I don’t. 

    • Zaccy16

      hahaha, he knows that hes a phony and theres nothing to save him!

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Nurburgring time?

  • Ansophia58

    They really need to protect him from CRAZY people

  • Showtime

    What’s the 0-100km time? Fuel consumption? We need more info!

    • Car2012

      Good point. It would be good to know what type of engine is underneath the bonnet. Probably specially build by AMG. I’m surprised that the Jason Recliner doesn’t have a full racing harness just in case they have to make a quick getaway.

      • Zaccy16

        funny if the engine was the base ml’s 2.1 diesel

  • Silver Streak

    The last popemobile was horrendously heavy, like five tonnes or something. That 2.1 diesel is fantastic, but I don’t think it’s quite up to moving that much Popemobile 😛

  • Shak

    Wow, i didn’t realise how many religious sceptics were on this site. I’m not Catholic but even i can respect other people and their religions. Just because you choose not to have faith does not mean you have to degrade others who do. 

  • HJP

    I am disappointed to see how posters associated the car the Pope uses with the religion, obviously they are irrelevant and they showed no respects.

    • Golfmother

      We lost our respect years ago when we realised all the wars , wealth, poverty and nasty kiddy stuff was bred by this lot , nice car by the way .

      • Jonesy

        That’s a very simplistic way of viewing history.

      • Shak

        So the entire religion is bad based on the acts of a select group of its adherents? What a brilliantly informed and non-bigoted view you have.

        • Golfmother

          Sorry shak i meant to say we lost our respect for all religions not just the popeophiles .

      • Igor

        Ah so the two world wars were caused by religion & the famines & corruption in Africa that’s resulted in poverty is also religions fault?  Nope!
        ….& what about the communist purges of Russia & China that resulted in the murder of 50-100 million…religion?  Wrong again because Mao & Stalin’s regimes were both atheistic.

    • Dsgdfg

      A Mercedes-Benz associates well with this religion. What would expect from the Roaming Catlicks?

      Donate to assist children suffering from sexual abuse or fund the distribution of condoms in Aids plauged Africa?
      Enjoy brand new Luxury from Mercedes-Benz?

  • Kd

    I’m surprised that Mercedes wants to be associated with a known group of organised kiddy fiddlers

    • Zaccy16

      yeah i wouldn’t want to be associated in any way with the catholic church!

    • Golfmother

      ROFL  love that Kd .

  • Weatherbey

    As usual, there’s always a ton of inane chatter about “religion / anti-religion” in these kinds of articles. What I’m personally interested in is the custom work that’s gone into a vehicle like this. Would be interesting to know what kind of measures they put into such a car vs. the royal family vs. the one Obama rides in …

  • B.Mused

    gotta love that ejector seat … 

  • Sup_dawg

    They see me rollin, they hatin’……..

  • Karl Sass

    Would’ve been much cheaper to use a divvy van lol

  • Morbo

    The current ml can carry one driver and four children. How many pure unadulterated children can this vehicle carry?

  • william

    no seatbelt??? for the pope.