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Aspiring Chinese luxury car company Qoros has released fresh sketches of its first production model, a compact sedan, that is due to be unveiled alongside two concept cars at next year’s Geneva motor show in what will be the fledgling brand’s world debut.

Said be distinguished by “desirable elegance”, the Qoros models are being developed with the Chinese and European markets specifically in mind, with the young brand hoping consumers in both regions will be drawn to Qoros’ style fronted by former Mini design director Gert Volker Hildebrand.

Qoros says long wheelbases and short overhangs will help create the perfect proportions for the three new models, with a consistent frontal ‘brand look’ being highlighted by a vertically slotted radiator grille with a chrome upper edge and bar in the lower air duct. Illuminated LED strips at the top edge of the headlight clusters stretch into the quarter panels that sit above 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels in a theme mirrored with the car’s tail-lights that feature illuminated horizontal LED bars.

Inside, a three-spoke steering wheel is joined by an integrated centrally located eight-inch colour touchscreen that controls the car’s infotainment system.

Qoros was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Chery Automobile, China’s largest independent car manufacturer, and global industrial holding company Israel Corporation.

The Geneva motor show kicks off in March 2013.

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    Hehe those tail lights are monstrous. If people still aren’t warming to Korean luxury, why would they buy Chinese luxury?

  • Guest

    Anyone who buys chinese cars should get screened for dementia. Chinese made stuff are all about copying and cut as much corners as they can so make as much profit as they can. Its just their culture. Cheap and nasty

    • $29896495

      You do have a point, but this is designed by the guy who did the Mini. It’s obviously going to be thrown together in China, but remember, the driving company, is Israeli  Just doing what a lot of companies do, and that is go to China to get it made. Whether it will be any good, who knows, but it will be interesting.

      • Guest

        It would be putting ur life at risk buying any chinese car. They would be the first one to laugh if something is to happen. “Suckers i got you money mate”

    • Asdfawef

      Sit down and look around your room, your home, your office. Then count how many items are made in China. Do take a look at the parts in the computer, the monitor, the desk phone, the cabinets, tables, your iPhone, iPad, the chair you are sitting on, the lights, light bulbs, the remote control, the alarm, the pen you are using, the paper it’s written on, your USB stick, your external USB drive, your wifi modem, your 3G/4G smartphones, the clothing you are wearing, your LED TV, Bluray player/recorder, food items such as Chicken-in-a-biscuit, frozen veg, apple juice, ingredients in the food and heaps of other items. If the China products are made out to kill you, you would be dead a long time ago.

      • Guest

        Cars are total different game mate – we are talking big money here
        Would u buy chines made houses if it was available?
        Are you chinese? Has the communist propaganda finally convinced you?

        • Lu

          someone defend China and he is convinced by communist propaganda”..
          What do you know about communist propaganda anyway? they tell you their products are the best? then how come China has become the largest market for BMW VW and the like?..
          Chinese cars are not that good, but it doesn’t have anything to do with “made in China”, it’s the company those set the standard that matters.

          and if one is buying Chinese, doesn’t mean they are being brain washed, it comes down to price/performance ratio. spending the least amount of money to get the best deal.

          If China can launch a maned space mission, they can make cars. Currently they just don’t want to…for some reason…

    • Android

      Like the iphone, go samsung! Lol

  • Just saying

    There’s a few cars going on in this one design. The old copy and paste as Guest mentioned. In saying that, the sketches aren’t ugly, IMO. But it’s what’s under the skin that counts.
    Designing an exterior is the easy part.

  • Altezza

    Separated at birth: The rear end and the interior screams VW Passat.

  • Ash

    Bring the Qoros to North America, yeah baby!

  • China_Rocks

    Qoros= the new BMW

    • Iggy

      yeah like Proton Waja was the “Asia’s answer to BMW”

      • China_Rocks

        Why compare an economic superpower like China to a industrial minnow like Malaysia?   Besides, Qoros is led by a dream team of European and Chinese designers/engineers/managers that should do more than an adequate job creating a car that drives like a BMW, but priced like a KIA.

        • Iggy

          I understand that you are emotionally attached to anything from China and that’s nice, but if you detach yourself from those emotions and look at the history of Chinese cars that were produced and in-fact anything that was produced in China, you will find that the quality/design/dynamics are not there yet. BMWs and other luxury brands did not become good by building a good first car, it took them years to perfect it and its an ongoing pursuit.  With years comes experience and corporate culture that is deep in the company’s values that cannot be achieved with hiring of some ex-engineers and designers. I am not saying Qoros will not be a good car ever, but not the first model.

          • John

            I wouldn’t bet against Gert Hildebrand and Klaus Schmidt.

  • Dave W

    I have little confidence in China producing high quality products. I’m not saying they can’t, I know they have the ability to make high quality products, all those smartphones, tablets and other electronic products are the evidence. The thing is, those aren’t their own products.

    The Chinese usually go for quantity over quality, or they go over the top with luxury. We’ll see how they do with this car. That said, in another article it was stated that they’ll roll out new models and variants almost every 6 months, so it looks like they’re still going for quantity.

    • Guest

      Most of chinese junk is quantity over quality. How do u think they make money? Buy cutting cost as much as possible. This includes cheap n nasty labour

      • Dave W

        Don’t worry mate, with the push to scrap weekend and holiday rate, soon our labour will be cheap and nasty too.

    • The Real Wile E

      Japan originally produced junk products and the world laughed at them (say 50 /60 years ago).
      That is hardly the case now.
      I see China doing a Japan only faster
      China may even end up the top of the tree in vehicle design and quality.
      God knows they have the money to buy their way there if they choose and this Qoros is just a toe in the water.

      • F1orce

        Hahahaaa dude before cars the country needs to improve their products, in house products..

        China doesn’t even make anything, the bulk of their valuable exports are foreign investments from American, European, Japanese & South Korean companies, I.e Toyota, Vollswagen, Apple, Samsung etc etc etc which take advantage of advanced cheap labour in masse.

        For example the Iphone counts as ‘Chinese exports’ but reality only 0.1% of each cost of Iphone goes to China, despite them doing all the manual work.. Such as labour and assembly.

        The components and suppliers of Apple make around 20% of the revenue, of whom are mostly of Japanese, South Korean and some American & Eurobrands.

        China just ain’t there, not only is it very hard to get there, but a population of a billion, its all about quantity and not quality.. That’s how they roll on China

        • F1orce

          Even Foxconn the Chinese sweat labour shop is owned by Taiwan!!!

        • John

          Have you heard of Lenovo, the  #1 PC maker in the world?   Huawei #1 in telecom equipment?

          • Dave W

            Again, in QUANTITY, not quality. I used to use Lenovo laptop at work and I played around with a Huawei phones at a phone shop. Both product have the same old Chinese cheap feel to them. Granted the Lenovo is better now.

          • Dave W

            Plus Chinese products usually have some weird names that doesn’t sound cool and sometimes hard to pronounce.

            Besides, right now China is still associated with cheap knockoffs or low quality products. Any products with Chinese sounding name will automatically be categorised as such by consumers in Western countries.

        • The Real Wile E

          Hey dude like your xenophobia seems to be impairing your ability to comprehend what I posted.
          I am talking about China NOW but being like the way Japan was 50 /60 years ago you know when is started to develop post war. ie Junk products to start with.
          Be sure China will copy the best,they will buy the innovation.Hell they have the technology to put a man on the moon.
          So tell me what is the god given reason that China cannot ever be able to produce quality.
          Please explain?

          • The Real Wile E

            The above was in response FW orce

  • guest

    here is some facts you may be interested; China current has a 18 millions cars sales annually market with about 50 % of them made by local car company and rest mixed up of joint venture by big brand (like VW, GM etc) and import. Meanwhile, China export 1 millions car to other countries annually with the trend of increasing each year. So, regardless, you like or not, the Chinese made car will flood the car market of world. it is only a time issue. People will vote with the money in their pocket, but not their mouth.

    Car making is not a very hi-tech if you compare it with some other like air craft or space ship. It could be improved quickly by heavy investment. In fact, some OZ car parts company has been taken by Chinese already.

  • Dave W

    Asbestos chassis?