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The current-generation Volkswagen Eos is likely to be the last, as the car’s German manufacturer admits it is leaning towards a larger soft-top design for its future flagship convertible.

Volkswagen head of design Klaus Bischoff told UK publication Autocar he believed the days of folding hardtops were coming to an end.

“The Eos will not be prolonged when it comes off the market,” Bischoff said.

“Retractable hardtops are disappearing from the market now, and to be honest that’s not something I mind.”

The Eos is the odd one out in Volkswagen’s current three-pronged convertible line-up. Unlike the Golf Cabriolet and Beetle Convertible – spinoffs of hatchbacks that feature soft-tops roofs – the Eos is a standalone model with a five-piece folding hardtop.

The Eos was originally introduced in 2006 as a belated successor to the Mk4 Golf Cabrio. At $49,990, it starts $13,000 higher than the Mk6 Golf Cab. Sales of the two are roughly neck and neck so far this year, with the Eos trailing the Golf by 28 units (663 to 691).

To October, the Eos has comfortably outsold a number of its key competitors, including the Audi A3 Cabriolet (251), Mazda MX-5 (120), Mini Cabrio (222), Peugeot 308CC (76) and the Renault Megane CC (96).

Bischoff hinted the model that replaces the Eos could be a larger convertible, one that could potentially compete with the upcoming Opel Cascada.

“There’s definitely room in our line-up for a larger convertible, so why not do it?

“The problem with such ambitions is that all our existing factories are at full capacity, so any new additions means building new factories.

The Beetle Convertible made its public debut at this week’s Los Angeles auto show. The soft-top will hit European showrooms during the second quarter of next year, but is unconfirmed for our market at this stage.

  • Howdydoody

    wonder if they can make the roof reliable in the next car?
    never met an owner with a good story about an eos

    • Henry Toussaint

       Someone I know had to have her radio replaced about 8 months after she bought it..

  • Ivarsrini

    My friend’s Eos stopped working after a while, lucky it was under warranty! Electrics in German cars unreliable but we still keep buying these due to their drive dynamics.

    • Fxcvbc

      VW is not representative of all German products. Also nearly every car from every country runs GERMAN BOSCH electronics.

  • Showtime

    Agree with the above comments. My in-laws had a Eos first-gen and the roof folding was very unreliable. It went to the VW dealer on multiple occasions to get it sorted, but when they would take it there the roof would fold up or down on the first try. This isn’t a VW-hater comment (I’m a fan of the Golf personally) but just someone’s experience that I know.

    • $29896495

      It’s probably these problems which are prompting the thoughts in VW about dropping it. They probably just can’t get it right. Sort of like their gear boxes and a few other issues that keep coming up

      • Maple Leaf

        If you want VW or Audi get an manual or go somewhere else.

        • Showtime

          My comment had nothing to do with the gearbox, but the folding roof.

  • Norm

    The gearbox is an easy fix…hello ZF?

  • The Real Wile E

    Pity the unsuspecting consumer did not realise the roof was a problem.
    Not what you would expect from a large car co like VW or is it?

    • Golfmother

      Just looked on VWWATERCOOLED forum , one person logged a problem with roof , minor adjustment to hinges , looks like baggers just spreading myths again .

      • $29896495

        what you don’t understand, is, it’s VW themselves. According to them, it’s been unsuccessful. That’s why they are dropping it in favour of the canvas roof. They had to many problems, allegedly. 

        • Golfmother

          Yes in the US it never really happened , sold more beetle convertibles , and they are getting the ragtop too , maybe cost priced it out of favour , i wonder if the frenchies are still selling many of theirs .

      • Jober As A Sudge

        Yet many stories of problems with DSG and 1.4TSi problems on VWWATERCOOLER forum too. I suppose they are all “myths” as well?

        • Golfmother

          SLOBERING JUDGE is there any vehicle you like , just another whining complainer .

  • MisterZed

    VW have sold nearly 700 Golf cabrios this year?! Wow. I just checked past figures, and the most they ever sold was 289 in 1997.

  • Pro346

    What a p.o.s

  • JJ

    Funny. I’ve owned 3 different VW’s and never had a single problem other than a squeaky door seal… which was my own fault.

    Continue to buy VW. Good, realiable, quality cars.

    • Block

      Were any of them an Eos?

  • F1orce

    Why are Volkswagen so unreliable?

    What’s the main root cause of the problem? 

    • Golfmother

      Why are toyota’s so boring .

  • Dove

    I have a VW EOS hardtop convertible. I luv my EOS!! The vehicle handles wonderfully. Top works great. Only problem is I have a bit of leaking where the roof….connects . I believe the oil should do the trick.  Any comments on where I can purchase the oil in B.C. Canada or state of Washington – other than a dealership?