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Pricing and specification details of the Infiniti G37 Coupe and Convertible have been released ahead of the rear-wheel-drive two-door models’ arrival in Australian showrooms from late next week.

Two variants of the Infiniti G37 Coupe, the $75,900 GT Premium and $83,500 S Premium, are joined by the sole $87,900 S Premium variant of the G37 Convertible in the three-pronged Japanese luxury sports car line-up.

Infiniti G37 Coupe - 1

While new to our market, both cars have been available overseas for a number of years, with the G37 Coupe entering production in 2007 and the Convertible joining it in 2009.

Both the Coupe and Convertible G37 are powered by the same 235kW/360Nm 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) and feature a seven-speed automatic transmission with adaptive shift control, downshift rev matching and magnesium paddle shifters as standard.

Targeting responsiveness and comfort, the Infiniti G37 combines a vehicle-speed-sensing steering system with double-wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear.

Infiniti G37 Coupe - 2

A viscous limited-slip differential and Infiniti’s Four-Wheel Active-Steer System (4WAS), which electronically alters front steering gear and rear suspension links for enhanced agility and stability, are also available for the G37 Coupe. Lightweight 10-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels are standard fitment on the base GT Premium Coupe, with the Convertible’s standard 19-inch alloy wheels also available on the hardtop as part of the S Premium package.

Sitting inside the wheels of all S Premium grade models are 355mm front and 350mm rear brake discs with ‘Infiniti’ embossed aluminium four-piston (front) and two-piston (rear) calipers.

Infiniti G37 Convertible - 1

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bi-xenon headlights, integrated fog lights, and LED tail-lights feature as standard on both the fixed roof Coupe and drop-top Convertible, with a reversing camera, rear under-body diffuser, and large chrome-finished dual exhausts available as options.

Inside, both cars receive a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat and eight-way power-adjustable front passenger seat, with leather upholstery fitted to all model grades. A seven-inch high-resolution colour touchscreen display, 30GB HDD navigation system, and iPod/USB and Bluetooth connectivity with audio streaming also feature.

Infiniti G37 Convertible - 2

While the G37 Coupe keeps its occupants entertained via an 11-speaker Bose sound system, the Convertible scores a 13-speaker Bose Open Air Sound system that automatically optimises equaliser settings for open and closed roof situations – taking 25 seconds to switch between with the three-piece retractable hard-top roof.

Standard safety equipment includes driver, front passenger, side and curtain airbags, seat belt pretensioners, front seat active head restraints, and dual pop-up roll bars (G37 Convertible only).

Other options available under the Coupe’s S Premium and Convertible’s $2000 S Premium Monaco Red package include Monaco Red leather upholstery matched to red-stained Maple wood trim, sports-tuned suspension, tyre pressure monitors, a 14-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with thigh extensions, rear spoiler, and red ‘S’ badging.

The new Infiniti G37 Coupe and G37 Convertible will take the luxury Japanese brand’s local line-up to four cars joining the currently available Infiniti FX SUV and Infiniti M sedan.

Infiniti G37 Pricing:
Infiniti G37 Coupe GT Premium – $75,900
Infiniti G37 Coupe S Premium – $83,500
Infiniti G37 Convertible S Premium – $87,900

  • F1orce

    Those are driveway prices, right?

    • $29896495

      WOW, that seems expensive. have to wait two years and buy a second hand one 75% off.

      • MisterZed

        Um, you can already buy grey import G37s for around 50k. Nearly new.

        • Kampfer

          So? It’s like saying you can buy a used BMW for 70% of new car so why buy a new one? If a grey import that’s used and (mostly) without history can sell for $50k I’d say $70k  for a new one is fair price.

          • MisterZed

            I was responding to Huw’s comment that he would have to wait 2 years to buy one 2nd hand for 75% off. I’m saying that he can buy one *right now* for 75% off – a grey import. A while back there was a G37 convertible on Carsales advertised for about $46k – about half the cost of a new one. I think it might have been a 2010 model?

          • Kampfer

            OK, missed that, but 75% “off” is under $20k. A decent R34 turbo will cost more than that.

          • $29896495

            Thanks Mr Zed I got it. Kampfer they can be had for 15K – or less for a tatty one. A good one might cost considerably more. But no where near the numbers being asked for brand new. Guess it depends what you want.

          • AutoMoto

            Huwtm, the ones that “can be had for 15K” are the previous gen models (not this current model) which are at least six years old. For this current model, you’ll be generally looking in the 20/30-thousands, for even “a tatty one” and then some, for good condition.

          • MisterZed

            Sorry Huw I didn’t read your comment properly – I thought you said 75% of it’s original cost, not 75% off. 

          • $29896495

            Either way, it’s a big saving buying either as a grey import, or even a in a few years a second hand car. (Just don’t think they’ll hold their value – but what car does) I do think it’s great to have another coupe on the market, though by comparison, this seems obscenely over priced. Not comparing to the Z, either, that’s another car which is rudely valued by it’s maker.

          • $29896495

            By the way MrZ, you were right. As far as the price of these things goes, I think we’re all coming at the same conclusion from different angles. But in the end whether its a good grey for 45k and I’ve seen them around that price on Carsales myself, or a bad one for less. It still means the same.

      • Zaccy16

        very expensive, its got the same basic engine than the cheaper 370z

  • Zahmad

    Doubt it…
    Liking the convertible taillights better…

  • Joez

    There are some unique qualities to ‘Japanese luxury cars’

    Something about them makes them special

    • Jamie

      What ?

  • MisterZed

    Big time fail on pricing. You can get a grey import G37 coupe for like 49,990…

    • JD

      damn now we cant grey import for half its price

      • MisterZed

        You never could grey import yourself. You can still buy a grey import from someone else though.

        • Nick

          But soon you won’t even be able to buy a grey import unless it is already in the country, as the govt does not allow parallel importing.

          • Dave W

            Maybe you can since the brand and car name is different. I know it’s just technicality but lawyers thrive on that. How many crims got away with technicality.

    • Dave W

       That’s like the brand new price in Japan. lol I’m in the wrong business!!

    • Import BMW?

      How much can you save on a 2 year old 3 series? How much more would you save if it was a grey import? I think they’re doing very well; there’s clearly a big market for the car if there ar already so many around.

      • MisterZed

        You can’t get a current shape 2-year-old 3-series, because it’s been out for less than a year. 

        • Import BMW

          Maybe ignoring the point I’m making?

  • Tex

    Well, to put it frankly… if people are happy to buy a 2004 Nissan Skyline 350GT for $30,000 used that the Infiniti still represents great value. Remembering the new model launched in 2007, even though the design was more evolutionary instead of revolutionary.

    $75,900 RRP to get into a GT Premium, which is only slightly more than the 370Z for $72,500 in the same 7sp Automatic.

    Starts to then look really cheap compared with the BMW or Audi club, that would charge you a bomb to have a 3 series or A5 that can do 0-100km/h in sub-6 seconds.

    • matt

      agreed, the pricing on the  370Z needs to be fiddled with now though

  • Hyper

    When can we expect a review?

    • Passer by

      Ask anyone that owns one, they all seem to rave about how amazing they are! Try having that conversation with a 3 series owner, I’m sure they’d happily talk to you about the merits of their cars handling finesse… If they had any idea what there car was actualy designed for…

  • Showtime

    I sat in one of these at the Sydney Motor Show this year. Nice snug seats and the interior is quite nice except for the cheap dials that look like they were taken from the Tiida.


    Front end looks like a VF bogan-dore.

  • F1orce

    How much does an equivalent C-class & 3 series cost?

    • LN

      Mercedes benz C350: $100k
      Lexus IS350: $65k
      Audi A5 (3.0SC) coupe: $83k 
      Not sure about the BMW 3 series…

  • AL

    Wow, Infiniti has set up it’s own demise with their pricing.

    • Noddy_of_Toyland

      And its such a old model! Still looks good I guess

  • Acfsambo7

    Is this related in any way to the 370Z? Seems like it is an Infiniti version of the 370Z.

    • Dave W

      More importantly, why would anyone buy this car instead of the 370Z which is slightly more powerful with 245kW and 363Nm?

      • Tex

        Because they need the practicality of 4 seats…

        • Dave W

          Fair point. But it’s such an ugly car… Worse still if people can see you in it when you’re driving the drop top. lol

          • Passer by

            Looks are subjective… Plenty of people buy Commodores and they’re not exactly the last word in… well anything really

  • Gfhggh

    $87,900 phail$70,000 phail
    $60,000 phail
    $50,000 phail
    $40,000 may be
    $30,000 win

    • Kampfer

      You do know RRP for Nissan 370z is $68k – $78k right?

      • Asdfae

        You do know RRP for Nissan 370z is only slightly more than the 86 in many other countries?

        • Kampfer

          You do know that 86 price here is one of the cheapest (if not THE cheapest) in the world? Even cheaper than 86 in Japan.

          370z is not the only overprice car here in Australia.

          My point was how ppl expect G37 cheaper than 370z. As ppl won’t expect A3 cheaper than Golf.

          • $29896495

            In my opinion, the 370Z is seriously over priced. As for your example, the 86 in the US is actually much cheaper than here. But that’s par for the course.

          • Zaccy16

            in my opinion the 86 is one of the only correctly priced down under ‘sports cars’ on sale

          • Dave W

            The 86 is around 1.99 million yen (AU$23k)in Japan. About $25k in the US. Around £25k in UK.

            So yeah, it’s cheaper than the UK, but that’s about it. It’s certainly not cheaper than Japan.

            Nissan 370Z (manual) AU$48k in Japan.  This Infinity coupe AU$49k in Japan.

            On an equally interesting side note… Noticed how the Japanese don’t sell their cars at higher price in their own home country, unlike Holden here?

          • Kampfer

            1.99 million yen is the RC model (unpainted bumper, no aircond, no radio, steel wheels without cover… pretty much stripped car for motor sport). Our base model spec is between Japan’s G and GT model which is between 2.41 million and 2.79 million yen ($28k – $32.5k) + orc. I know in Hong Kong Toyota selling 86 G just under AUD$40k + orc.
            US price is before tax (depend on State) and + orc. 86 is pretty much the only (sport) car that on-road price is similar between OZ and US.

            Me too can’t see how 370z cost so much more than EVO, STi, 135i etc…

            Fact still Infiniti won’t (can’t?) sell G37 cheaper than 370z.

          • Passer by

            God forbid car companies actually make a profit. Why is it that car dealers/manufacturers get attacked for “their pricing” in this country when it’s the ridiculous taxes that kill the pricing. Average margin in a new car these days is 6 or 7%, the mark up on a pair of jeans is closer to 300% to 500% (even more on high fashion brands). Ric Damelian can probably back this up. Why is full reatil classed as a “rip off” in Australia? Ask for a discount in Chanel, see what happens.

  • Gfhggh

    Who would splash out $87,900 for this thing when there are many of these in working class suburbs bought for $15,000 as 2nd hand imports from Japan.

  • qikturbo

    Infiniti are trying to take us for suckers.Being a new brand it’s going to try to sell it hard as an alternative to BMW,Audi and Mercedes Benz.It should fail convincingly with that pricing.
    $87,900….”Tell them they’re dreaming…”

  • Martin

    I feel like I’ve seen this car already around the streets of Brisbane but with Nissan Skyline badges. Looks ok but the styling doesn’t scream premium. Hopefully the next generation looks more premium. Saw a new navy blue Luxury Line 3 series this mornng and man does it look expensive.

  • Chir0nex

    Looks so ugly! Never liked the G35/G37 or Infinity’s generally fat and bulbous look! 

  • GIG

    NISSAN should learn a lot from TOYOTA,esp how TOYOTA define, design and develop their LEXUS.

  • Nada

    You mean i cant afford a glorified nissan! (insert sigh)

  • Ben10

    Lexus needs the IS350C

    The IS250 convertibles are very popular around here compared with German convertibles

  • ToniZ

    The G37 is pretty much a fully specced 335i equivalent

    As the 328i and down are a tier lower than than the IS350, 335i & G37

    Does Mercedes even have a C-class which can compete with 335i, IS350 & G37??

    • Fxcvbc


      • Dfgsfg

        Yeah, too bad the 335i craps all over the C350 and the others.

  • Altezza

    For that G37’s money, I’d rather put bit more money and wait for the next gen 335i coupe (which it maybe badged as the new 4 series).

    • F1orce

      How much is a ‘bit of money’ ?

    • Kampfer

      335i sedan is $100k+ on road so “435i” coupe will be more than “a bit more money” by most people’s standard. 

      On the other hand 328i is “only” $65k + orc. So “428i” coupe will price very close to the G37. Even I’ve yet to see the new BMW 4 series coupe I think it’s be hard for G37 to completes with 428i. 

      Also F20 135i coupe will be here sometime next year may even under-cut the G37 on price. While I know F20 is a full size smaller, IMO it’ll kill the G37 (even more so, the 370z) in our market. Which serve Nissan right.

      My $0.02…

      • Passer by

        Serves Nissan right? For what? Put your claws away and drink your milk.