The Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top concept has been unveiled at the 2012 Los Angeles auto show, revealing the Korean manufacturer’s take on a convertible version of its quirky three-door sports car.

Based on the 150kW/265Nm 1.6-litre Veloster Turbo, Hyundai says the C3 (for ‘convertible three-door’) Roll Top combines the open-air freedom of a drop-top with the style of a coupe and the functionality of a tailgate.

The Hyundai Design North America team drew inspiration for the Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top from fixed gear bicycles (‘fixies’) – not in the single-speed and no-brakes sense, but in terms of their minimalistic design, highly customisable nature and youthful appeal.

The C3 Roll Top features a canvas roof that opens to either the windscreen or the tailgate. With the roof back, the Veloster concept acts as a ‘light convertible’, while with the roof forward it becomes ute-like, capable of swallowing bikes, surfboards, kayaking gear and other bulky objects that typically have no place anywhere near a coupe or a convertible.

Embracing the fixie theme, the concept sports a white body with a matt black grille, red mirror caps and roof, 18-inch black front alloys and striking aqua wheels at the rear.


The Veloster C3 Roll Top’s roof was inspired by the billboard advertising found on rolling soft-side trailers, while the cargo floor features an artistic mosaic of broken skateboard decks.

Hyundai says the C3 Roll Top is strictly a concept car at this stage, although the Veloster wouldn’t be the first coupe to get the ‘light convertible’ treatment if it is approved for production. The Fiat 500C and the upcoming Citroen DS3 Cabrio both feature a similar fixed-pillar, soft-top construction, giving them a point of difference in the fashion-conscious city-car segment.

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  • Iggy

    so let me see what do we have here:
    Hot Hatch, 2 door coupe, 3 door coupe, convertible, Ute, and a mini SUV….what did I miss?

    • Opelman

      Reminiscent of the Citroen Pluriel

    • $29896495

      The dust bin. 

  • Dave W

    That’s just stupid, down to the colours… as only American hipsters could come up with.

  • Tex

    They called it C3 after the Citroen C3 pluriel, right?

    • youbadgesnob

      of course they did.

    • Noddy_of_Toyland

      I would have thought Citroen would have something to say about that, but I guess it is just a concept.

  • The Belligerent Bat

    why feature a typical hipster doofus loading his fixy into a car instead of just riding it. thats not the image I would want to associate with such a awesome value for money car

    • Bane

      It’s actually an integral part of an art installation he’s created for an exhibition in a downtown abandoned soup kitchen. He’s just moving it there, from his studio, today.

  • Mohammed Smith

    you don’t want this … you’ll pull no chicks in this mankini accessory!

    p#&fters car …. for manscaped f&gg%ts.

    • Muhfakkir Al Saud

       this car has more power and torque than a gt86 numb nuts

      • Luke

        I don’t think he mentioned anything about the ‘gt86′ in his comment.

  • GIG

    this just make it easier for the thieves to steal my bags or sth…

  • Tangelo

    Is this a some kind of idiot test?
    Q1 Do you like this car? then describe what do you like it?, if not what is wrong with it?

  • Asdff

    So you can fit 1/3 of a bicycle in. Whats the point of all the pics? How is showing that a bike doesn’t fit good advertising?

    • TheRealThomas

      Not even the front wheel fits