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  • Tex

    I’ve got to say this actually looks fantastic. If they get the steering right they could be onto another winner.

  • jr

    Looks great !

    • Gimp

      yeah until you look inside and see the hideous, ugly interior

      • Zaccy16

        yeah the outside is an improvement over the last gen in some angles but the interior is normally toyota, awful

        • Harry

          It’s not any worse than the X-Trail’s, Tiguan’s or CRV’s, and the fact is none of those are truly awful themselves.

          • Norm

            Yes the interior is worse than those cars…but no one will care.

          • Tlz69

            i quite like the interior. it looks modern

    • Norm

      Holden and Ford take note. 

      This is what Australians are looking for in the packaging of their family cars in 2013.

      Upright fuel and space efficient vehicles with a bit of ruggedness thrown in.

      If you want the doom and gloom headlines to stop – and we do – build what people want.

      Territory lite anyone?

      • JoeR_AUS

        Perhaps why they sell Kuga and Captiva…

        • Norm

          I’m taking about what local manufacturers build here as they’re “Aussie cars” 

          The Kuga & Captiva remain their imported offerings in the segment. I’m taking about company defining vehicles as the Commodore and Falcon once were. Purpose designed and built here for the Oz market and Australian conditions.

          Would a vehicle built here on this kind of platform with RWD/AWD options and with – for example – the ecoboost/ZF drivetrain – suspension tune for our conditions  – find favour with the public? I reckon it might. And if it looked like a handsome local design well that would be a bonus too.

          • JoeR_AUS

            It is all about volume. The Commodore still out sells any SUV as do other sedans. So, unless Holden was going to export an SUV, which it would need to do to get the volume, it wont happen.

            Again, the next model Kuga will use Ecoboost and will enhance the Ford range.

            The Commodore would do better if it used a 2 to 2.4L lItre diesel or LPT engine but I guess a lot of people like the variety of cars available in Australia and do not want a large sedan car even if it is inferior to drive as most SUV are compared to a sedan.

  • Maximark2601

    I will trade my Xtrail for the Rav4 diesel automatic next year. After owning a few different brands I’ve realised it is safer to stick with the reliable Toyota even if they’re consider as white goods on wheel by many people..

  • O123

    I really like it, Toyotas got a hit. Just please use the radio system shown here not the one jammed into the corolla.

  • Doctor

    Toyota has probably got this one right like it did with the first generation model.
    Do we know if (in Oz) the 2 litre will be FWD manual only?

    • jr

      Front drive 6spd man or CVT

  • F1orce

    Automatic tail gate is nice

  • Zaccy16

    Will the 2.0 be enough? if it has only 102 kw it will be too slow

    • Guest

      Is that even relevant in purely city driving doing light duties? Even 200kW isn’t going to make much difference in that driving environment.

      • Zaccy16

        People complain about the cx5’s 2.0 when it would probably be lighter and has 12 more kw than this

        • Guest

          Then maybe they should have ponied up the cash for the larger version, otherwise, why would you bother with a larger capacity motor if the base one is adequate?? 

  • hambo

    If it’s a bit wider and longer that the Forester then this could be my next car.

  • Golfschwein

    Good Grief! I can’t believe I actually like this!

    • Frank

      I can’t believe it’s not not a Toyota! or b*tter!

  • Bc

    Looks fantastic will be in the list of cars to try when I trade my 2010 rav4 in next year.

  • subfoz

    Look like Toyota will be onto a winner hear, great to see 3 differant engine engine options and a 6-speed auto Diesel option..

    Its a yes from me Toyota well done..

    • klowik

       This will sell heaps..esp it now has 6 speed auto and diesel…

  • horsie

    its a shame toyota lost track of what the RAV4 actually is. A small, cheap soft roader. 
    Now its Mid Sized, expensive sheep

    • Phil

      Expensive? They haven’t said anything about pricing.

  • VTiR

    The back design screams Mitsubishi to me. Whilst it’s better looking than the current model, I can’t help but feel Toyota are simply copying design elements from everyone else in order to become a bit more modern. 

  • Dave

    2013 Nissan pathfinder is much better

    • Bilgrim

      That’s more of a Kluger competitor. X-Trail is closer to the RAV4.

  • Clem

    New 2.2-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel will produce more than 300Nm of torque. Personally, I think is not enough. You need at least 420Nm to be competitive.

    • F1orce

      Hahaaaa who needs over 400Nm anyway?

      I never see anyone towing anything with their rav4 or any other SUV for that matter

      And they said over 300Nm

      So it could be 301 or 800Nm

      • ch

        It’s got 110kw and 340Nm of torque.

        • Sumpguard

          The extra torque in a diesel makes up for what it lacks in kw’s. It will be interesting to see how it performs in the real world. 

          ….and F1orce that torque means everything when you start climbing hills or stick 5 people in it!  It’s not just about towing.

        • Don Quay

          If that’s correct, it not very impressive for a 2.2L turbo diesel. Most other manufacturers are getting 120kW or more and at least 340Nm from a 2.0L engine. For example, the Ford/PSA 2.2L in a variety of tunes produces power of 126-148kW and torque of 370-450Nm. Need to do better Toyota. Apart from that, I quite like this car.

          • Dave W

            But that’s one of Toyota’s secret in their reliability. Besides, using older tech that they’re already familiar with, ie. They know the strength and weakness, they also don’t push their engines as hard as other manufacturers.

          • JooberJCW

            Completely agree, they could match output, but sticking to their brands value of reliability they won’t push it.

          • Don Quay

            Well certainly a lower state of tune will produce less stress on the engine, but I’m not aware any particular problems with the Ford/PSA engines or BMW or others. But then I really don’t follow diesel engines that closely and I only used the Ford/PSA as I could get those figures easily. Toyota are a very conservative company, but still, I had the impression that this was a new diesel engine and I would have thought a little more was possible. We shall see.

          • Dave W

            I agree with you somewhat Don Quay. I could argue that Toyota cars last forever but then apart from a few exceptions, I don’t particularly want to keep a Toyota forever either.

          • Sumpguard

            For once I actually agree with you Don. *runs for pills* 

                It seems well down on torque. Hence why I said it will be interesting to see how it drives. Maybe they are going for some exceptional  economy.

               FTR my 2.0 ltr has 135kw’s and 392nm.    

          • Noddy_of_Toyland

            Quoting your cars’ factory power figures is such a wank. Put it on a dyno and see how much it produces real world, because with modern Hyundais and Kias, their power and fuel economy is seemingly pulled from thin air.

          • Sumpguard

            I’d actually agree with your comment re-petrol powered versions but not the diesel. Having owned a few diesel powered vehicles of various brands and knowing the weight of my car I’d say they are pretty close to the money. 

                But don’t let me interfere with your fantasy about wanking 😉  Having read many of your posts in the past I am certain you’d know all about thin air!  That area between your ears!! 

          • Don Quay

            You should always agree with my pronoucements. Everyone, including you, would be much better informed and happy if they just listened to me and did as I told them. Oracles of my immense intellect and infallible knowledge are never wrong.

          • Sumpguard

            …..and there it is.

      • Jonty

        You’ve got a talent for arithmetic.

    • Golfmother

      Whose diesel is it , subaru or did toyota finally manage to do their own .

      • Jon

        Toyota has already done their own diesel engines before – please inform yourself before you comment, or you’ll just end up looking rather ignorant. Also, lighten up.

        • Golfmother

          Well who knows , toyota have no expertise at small diesels , pathetic is the word i would use .

          • Jon

            Oh wow, bring in the qualifiers: you’re talking about ‘small’ diesels now? Unfortunately, you are wrong again. Toyota has being using small diesels in the Corolla for decades in international markets. The Yaris and preceding Echo also all have had diesel models. Pathetic is the word I would use to describe your fact-checking before you post your woefully ignorant comments.

          • Don Quay

            I have very little interest in diesels, but even I knew that their European models you mentioned use diesels. You’re quite right, it isn’t hard for others to check. I find that boogle thing on the interwebby quite useful.

      • The Real Wile E

        I have said previously that if Toyota wanted a diesel they could get it and this is proof. A few were posting that Toyota could not do diesels.
        Good chance the engine is a Yamaha .They have been doing diesel for years and winning some recent awards so should be pretty good.

        • Dave W

          You’re absolutely right. Apart from their great motorcycles, and (believe it or not) their various musical instruments, they also make great engines.

      • subfoz

        The current RAV-4 and many other Toyota vehicles have been avaliable with a Diesel engine for a while in Europe..And to add Toyota have been making Diesel engines for decades..

        • The Real Wile E

          Yeah Toyota on its own has been doing diesels since 1957

    • JoeR_AUS

      Just to expand a little on this, You also need to consider weight of the vehicle, gearing and how well the auto and tip in throttle is calibrated as this will all have an effect on drivability than just pure NM values.

    • gruntmeter

       totally agree pls have a look at cx5 diesel torque is way over 400nm, this is 2013 not 1983 … u need torque to compensate for the weight and help with overtaking out of tight situations for example and when loaded with cargo etc. unless ur over 400nm u r not competitive and for me its a turn off, like having a testicle chopped off after driving the V6 2009 rav, i dont believe in going backwards.  and if u really want to laugh look at 2013 forester still with 4 speed auto what a joke they are on weed bad.

      • Graham1310

        I couldn’t agree more. Toyota Prado 3.0 Litre turbo –  diesel engine is dinosaurus. A 340 Nm torque to haul 2.2 tonne vehicle plus trailer is a joke.

        BMW, VW and MB have a turbo – diesel engines with the same capacity but almost double power and torque than Prado.
        This is a technology that Toyota yet have to embrace.

        • Holli

          Is that why we see so many of these towing caravans through out Oz :(

          Must have too much power for this type of driving, or is it there fuel consumption, reliability or may be they just don’t have any real world driving

  • GregR

    Car Advice – you have done it again! 
    11 photos and only one of the interior. This is not a beautiful, elegant supercar – so multiple exterior shots are superfluous. It’s a practical family unit and so we need to see – for example a rear seat shot and most importantly some views of the luggage area especially the deal-breaker new top-hinged door. The 200k sold so far would have been substantially greater if the side-hinged door had been changed on previous versions.
    This is now a significantly serious contender for the second car replacement in our family – it ticks all our boxes; well done Toyota.

  • Ray

    The world’s first road-biased off-roader? No way, Jose.
    The first was American Motors Corp AMC Eagle: An all-wheel drive using a monocoque (compact) Rambler body. It sold reasonably well in the USA, especially in snow & ice territory.
    The first ‘best-selling’ road-biased 4WD was the Subaru station wagon.

  • MisterZed

    Hmm, so previous RAV4 had LED tail-lights, now they move back to normal bulbs? Right…

    • F1orce

      How many SUVs in the rav4’s segment have LED rear lights?

      • MisterZed

        At least two – Outlander (since 2006), and X-Trail (since the 2nd. gen facelift a few years ago). I don’t know if the new 2013 Forester has them or not, but the new 2013 CR-V doesn’t either (no surprise there).

    • JD

       They are saving that for the facelift

    • Neil

      If the greatest complaint from the widely-known-to-be highly critical MisterZed is a lack of LED tail-lights, I guess this RAV4 isn’t too bad then.

  • Altezza

    Since Toyota already signed agreement with BMW for exchange of diesel engines and hybrid system, new RAV4 could benefit a BMW diesel engine. That is a possibility.

  • Kd

    Corolla’s abortion on wheels

  • Mohammed Smith

    get rid of the cumbersome shift gates …. just keep it long-L shaped … all the bloody toyotas keep persisting with that awful gate pattern

    • Robbiesinclair

      The gate pattern means you know what gear your in, with out having to look twice, they have used it in many previous models, and I believe it works great. Rev and forward plus 1-6 are easily selected. Same as a manual, you know where every thing is.

      • Sumoisadog

        I would like one with gr-fe updated petrol 6 – approx 220kW and six speed auto – it would be much better than XT Forester..

        • F1orce

          Well they said the current rav4 couldn’t handle the 200kW of the V6

          But that statement comes from the 2wd American V6 rav4

          The AWD version had no problem managing that power..

          Though it’s a shame they dropped the V6 from the lineup as that was a pretty bad a$$ SUV

          • Don Quay

            I don’t quite agree with that. The RAV4 has an on demand AWD and from what I have read, if you floored it, the front wheels couldn’t handle the power and then the AWD kicked in, the traction control cut the power, the AWD dropped out, the power came in again and the AWD cut in again as the power dropped from the TC and on and on it went. Toyota aren’t known for the subtlety of their ESP/TC tuning.

    • Norm

      I think that’s do do with litigation in the U.S?

  • Blitzkrieg

    Sigh, this is the first toyota ever that actually looks
    pretty good

  • Mathew_rakesh

    Hey nobody seems to be concerned abt the hinged rear tyre. That gave the old one the quintessential SUV look. Its a pity that more and more SUVs are doing away with this feature

    • gruntmeter

       i have a 2009 rav with the hinged tyre and i like the look of it gives it a muscular kind of look but in terms of practicality do u know how many times the wind has slammed it in on me and trying to open it when someone has parked behind you or opening it against strong wind it is a major hazard and pain in the ass.

  • Johan W

    wish it comes with electronic park brake/foot brake..look less clutter i.e. CRV

    • Kremes

      Actually, I for one wish that it retained a traditional hand brake. It is a very valuable safety tool when you take the car off road. Especially if the car has a manual gearbox. I know, those who only stay on the road might never actually realise how useful that hand brake lever is and how much it can help when reverse-recovering a vehicle. Electronic or even foot operated brake and manual gearbox don’t match…

      • Johan W

        SUV/AWD i.e. Freelander 2 2013 and Discovery model had been using electric park brake. I guess it (electric park brake) works quite well in extreme environment.

  • 42 = The Answer

    “The Toyota RAV4 was arguably the world’s first road-biased off-roader” – I’m pretty sure Suzuki beat them to this when they released the Vitara in 1988-89?!

    • Okaben

      1973 – The first Subaru with on demand All-Wheel Drive released, combined with symmetrical drivetrain, provides exceptional control, balance and traction.

  • Awiguna

    Love the look….cant wait for the comparison test between this car with the new 2013 Subaru Forester, Honda CRV, CX5 and Tiguan

    • gruntmeter

       im eye balling the new 2013 xtrail that looks pretty hot.  all these cars either fail in looks or engine dynamics and power, they have one but not both.  can they get their act together for example put the diesel cx5 engine in either honda rav or forester and then i would be having a good day.

  • Al Tungupon

    I thought that by removing the spare wheel from the tailgate to accommodate a top hinge opening would spoil some of the RAV’s sense of sportiness, but thank goodness they seem to have done a great job. It’s also a plus that Toyota has finally awaken in the gearbox department, ditching ancient 4-speed autos in favour of 6. I’m just unsure though if the diesel engine will already be from BMW, as I don’t recall them producing a 2.2-litre version of it.

    • Sumpguard

      Perhaps it’s a new donk? If anyone can afford to develop a new engine it’s Toyota.

  • Jimmybarnes49

    I think Toyota is over priced as always, also I would own a X-Trail than a Rav4 any day, but the 2002 model NOT the 2012 model

    • JamesB

      X-Trail over RAV, seriously? Get sober and think again.

  • GH2345

    Toyota RAV 4  European / UK  models are available with the two diesel engines. Both engines have 2.2 litres capacity. The first one  2.2 D-4D  has 110 KW (150 hp)  and produce a 340 Nm of torque @ 2000–2800 RPM while the 2.2 D-CAT has 130 KW (177 hp)  and produce 400 Nm @ 2000–2800 RPM.
    I am not sure which diesel engine will be available here in Australia. 

    With the regards to the discussion about the torque I have to say that even 340 Nm is a plenty of torque for the small and relatively light SUV. Toyota Kluger 3.5 litre V6 engine has  a 331 Nm of torque  and from my personal experience – it is more than plenty for a 2 tonne SUV.

    The best selling Australian small SUV, Volkswagen Tiguan has  2 litre TDi  engine which produce a moderate 103 KW and 320 Nm @ 1750 – 2500 RPM. I think that Toyota will steal many sales from the competitors next year.

    • F1orce

      The Kluger is fitted with the ubiquitous 3.5L V6

      It’s always gonna feel more powerful than a 2.0L diesel..  

    • gruntmeter

       i thought x trail is the best selling SUV as per this year, you may want to google this.  in america can you believe the Honda crv is ranked no 1 ?  forester used to be ranked 1 here but now im sure its x trail.

  • Mark51

    I hope that the new Toyota RAV 4 will have Bluetooth Audio Streaming included in the  standard package.

  • gruntmeter

    have improved the dash in many ways such as illumination and gauges
    replacing the 1983 looking LCD’s which u cannot read on sunny days.
    kudos for this jump into 2000AD. but the design configuration and layout
    look bizarre and slapped together like a jigsaw done by rainman.  if
    the diesel engine does not match cx5 torque which is over 400nm, then
    that in itself is a blatant failure. i own a 2009 V6 and love the grunt i
    drive conservatively and fuel consumption is acceptable when offset
    with the power availability.  will see sit and drive and then look at
    new x trail.  can anyone believe the new 2013 forester still has a 4
    speed petrol auto and no auto diesel ?   are they on drugs there ?

    Like Reply

  • gruntmeter

    can someone pls tell me does it have DRL’s available day time running lights because if not i am running in the opposite direction, as it is already dated, this is and should be a standard feature on all cars, thanks to audi !!

    • Dave W

      You like your car with mascara? Or you have trouble spotting cars without DRL?

      Saw a few cars with a some of the LEDs or whatever they use for DRL gone out, ugliest things on the road.

      I curse Audi for those damn DRLs.

      • gruntmeter

         wake up and smell the future or head back to little house on the prairie and milk a goat.

  • Andy

    The Toyota Prado was the most popular 4WD/SUV in August 2012, with 1790 sales, with the Mazda CX-5 making it a second consecutive month of impressive sales since launching, with 1413 units shifted from showrooms.
    Other 4WDs/SUVs to break the 1000-unit barrier included the Ford Territory(1076) and Toyota Kluger (1047). The Hyundai ix35 (971), Subaru Forester (989), Nissan X-Trail (957) and Toyota RAV4 (945) all came close.

    • gruntmeter

       toyota is crapping on everyone year to date figures just released see below.

      Toyota – 197,007

      Holden – 105,938

      Mazda – 94,332

      Hyundai – 83,792

      Ford – 82,800

      Nissan – 72,417

      Mitsubishi – 54,786

      Volkswagen – 50,152

      Subaru – 37,194

      Honda – 32,193

    • gruntmeter

      Here are november sales of SUV as you can see no prado mentioned here this month as follows and as i said X trail is up there.

      The top-selling SUV
      for the month is the Mazda CX-5 (1637 sales), followed by the Nissan
      X-Trail (1326) and Dualis (1293), then the Ford Territory (1296).
      Awaiting a new model, the Toyota RAV4 dropped 30 per cent for the month,
      with just 1101 sales.

  • Graham1310

    Toyota is getting concerns with the proliferation of turbo – diesel SUVs available in Australia. Mazda, Hyundai and particularly Kia made a quantum leap in terms of turbo – diesel technology. It appears that Toyota is struggling with the technology. Yes, Toyota vehicles are reliable but Mazda and Hyundai are reliable and cheap to maintain too. Volkswagen Tiguan is very close in term of price and German’s Pumpe Duse diesel technology is the best.
    It will be a big mistake if Toyota doesn’t bring here a Toyota’s latest D-CAT (Diesel Clean Advanced Technology) Toyota D-CAT produces the lowest harmful emissions of any modern diesel, surpassing EURO IV standards and is on pair with the Mazda, Kia, Hyundai  diesel engines.

  • F1orce

    I prefer the Honda CRV

  • gruntmeter

    is it worth getting diesel when you factor in the cost of servicing which is double that of petrol ?  im just wondering with on going maintenance, spare parts, etc and if anything goes wrong the massive dollars involved will never be met by the fuel saving.  Not to mention initial outlay is 4K more.  any thoughts ??

    • PatrickS

      It is a valid point however the turbo – diesel engine consumption is much lower than petrol. If you are doing 15.000 km per year go for petrol.
      Diesel cars are much more driveable due to high low RPM torque and if you have a boat or off-road driving on the back of your mind – an oil burner would be a good choice.

      • gruntmeter

         thanks a lot yes i do btw 12500 and 15000 kms per year and do not ever tow anything and unlikely to be going on hefty outback adventures.

        • ParticS

          Go for a test drive before you buy. You might be surprised with the turbo-diesel perfomance and grunt. It really depends which engine Toyota decide to supply here.
          The latest  2.2 DCAT turbo – diesel engine with 130 KW  and 400 Nm @ 2000–2800 rpm will be my choice unless more than 3K price difference.

  • Bruce Wayne Jnr

    I’ve been asking my local Toyota dealer when I can buy one.  Initially they told me January now they are saying official release in Australia isn’t until 22nd of February.  Been looking at the new CRV as well but the fuel consumption is so high compared to a diesel


    Well// we have a 2006 Rav 4 CV.. its not too bad but the clutch is a disaster! makes driving in city traffic horrible.. don’t know if thats us or the car, but now that i see a NEW model on the near horizon.. maybe waiting a few months isn’t a silly thing!
    The Diesel is the ONLY way to go , as long as they bring the GOOD one !!! ( Are you Listeneing Toyota???)

  • Rex

    having had 5 Toyota diesels 80 series turbo and 3 100 series for a total of 850,000 80 series weak conrods and 3 rebuilds.
    100 series bloomin wonderful still have 05 Sahara.
    Had 92 Estima 2.2 diesel which did a dam good job.
    have a 2002 Rav 250,000Ks.
    Also have SX6 Rav 2010 very good with 110,000 Ks
    I have wanted diesel Rav for years now I am feeling very lucky to be near the front of the Q

  • Biopesticideindore

    Great look with high power all wheel drive…..

  • Ron McCoombes

    Aussie Ron
    Having owned several Toyota’s from late 1970 model 45s tray back, 3 – 60s,manuals 1 – 80s, Prado, currently 2000 model 100s Turbo with power chip. all diesels and Auto’s. plus 2010 RAV 4 – V6 petrol.  Auto. Wif’es car 22,000ks on clock.Fuel tank removed last service under warranty; replaced 4 kinked O rings in Tank from installation in the factory. Not happy with its overall performance.heavy on fuel. I prefer diesels any day against petrol.engine’s..
    REASON.Diesels are more economical on fuel and maintenance; provided you change the oil and filters every 5000 klms. Diesels are less likely to breakdown. Again its the way you drive and maintain your vehicle.They are an expensive outlay. I bought the GXL 100s Turbo with Power chip 2nd hand in 2007 154,000ks, now at 215,000 ks I have replaced 2 x 12 volt batteries and the original Alternator and 3 drive belts.Timing belt was changed at 150,000ks before I bought the vehicle. I get 1150 ks out (145lts both tanks on trips. (Approximately 10lts  left when I filled the tank) Towing 3 ton trailer about 950ks. depends on the terrain travelled. I will be looking at the the 2013 RAV4 2.2 Turbo DCAT diesel if they bring that motor into Australia.If not maybe a Diesel Turbo Hyundai Santa FE. From the early Toyota’s tray backs to the 100s Cruiser wagons are a tough, reliable, durable work horse.I doubt I have spent $10,000.00 for repairs on the 7 vehicles.
    As I have stated, I am not impressed with the RAV4 V6 as I feel it is going to cost me money after the warranty ends in 6 months. My background is 6 yrs Military and 40 yrs in heavy civil construction company’s, and heavy low loader transportation with a wide range of equipment and vehicles and types of terrains. I found the old 4 cylinder Land Rovers went places the Rock hoppers (Toyota’s) couldn’t go. All vehicle’s have there limits. Of course everyone has their own opinion and experiences with what vehicle they prefer to own and drive.The same as air pressure in the tyres, and the style of tyre that suits them. If you compare the tyres of today and the old Military Mud and Snow tyres they used. We never let the tyre pressure down, and these tyres stood up to some torture off road through the bush, mud,sand, rock,fording rivers and creeks.under load and towing an 2.5 ton Artillery gun. Most of the vehicles were petrol engines, 4 or 6 wheel drive. It does not matter how good of a driver you are, or whether you have a 4 – 6 – V8 or V12 cylinder engines in the vehicle. Once you lose traction and go down to the chassis. You either dig or winch the vehicle out if you have a winch fitted. If you are travelling in a remote area by yourself and get into trouble. Its along walk to get help. Always be prepared for the worst at all times off road. .  .

  • Warragul

    I have heard that diesel engines will keep going when petrol engine will not under smokey hot conditions and can occur in bushfire conditions, anybody got any ideas. I have a 3DT hiace van and it goes like a rocket regardless what load you have, Ralph