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The wraps have come off the all-new Porsche Cayman at the 2012 Los Angeles auto show, with the German sports car maker unveiling a larger, faster and more efficient third-generation entry-level coupe.

Like the original Porsche Cayman that launched in 2005, the new model is again based on the latest-generation Boxster convertible, sharing its basic underpinnings, powertrains and sharper design.

Arriving in Australia in late April, the 2013 Porsche Cayman will be slightly more expensive than the old model, with the entry model starting $400 higher at $115,500 and the sporty Cayman S priced $2900 above the previous car at $150,400. The optional seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission adds $5300 to the price of both models.

At 4380mm long, 1801mm wide, 1295mm tall and riding on a 2475mm wheelbase, the new Porsche Cayman is 33mm longer and 9mm lower than the old model and has grown 60mm between the wheels. Despite its stretched stature, the new-generation Cayman is up to 30kg lighter than the model it replaces, depending on the specific model and equipment level.

Powering the entry-level Porsche Cayman is a mildly uprated version of the new Boxster’s 2.7-litre flat six-cylinder. The engine generates 202kW and 290Nm – up 7kW over the old car’s 2.9-litre motor but down 10Nm. The result is a six-speed manual model that is one-tenth quicker from 0-100km/h (now 5.7 seconds) and a PDK version that’s three-tenths sharper, stopping the clock at 5.4 seconds. The new Cayman PDK is 15 per cent more fuel efficient than the old model, consuming 7.7 litres per 100km on the combined cycle, while the manual is 13 per cent cleaner at 8.2L/100km.

The Porsche Cayman S features a reworked version of the old car’s 3.4-litre flat six, which, like the base model, runs a slightly higher tune than the Boxster S. Producing 239kW and 370Nm, the new model generates 4kW more power than the model it replaces and an identical peak torque rating. The new Cayman S manual is two-tenths quicker than before, now reaching triple figures in 5.0 seconds, while the Cayman S PDK races to the mark in 4.7 seconds. Fuel consumption in the manual falls from 9.6L/100km to 8.8L/100km, while the PDK improves 13 per cent to 8.0L/100km.

Like the Boxster, the third-generation Porsche Cayman features an electromechanical steering system and is available with Porsche’s Active Suspension Management system, which continuously regulates the damping force for each wheel according to road conditions and driving style.

Also available for the first time is adaptive cruise control and a keyless entry and engine start system.

Australian specifications will be revealed in full closer to the launch of the new Cayman, due in the second quarter of 2013.

2013 Porsche Cayman manufacturer’s list prices:

  • Porsche Cayman manual – $115,500
  • Porsche Cayman PDK – $120,800
  • Porsche Cayman S manual – $150,400
  • Porsche Cayman S PDK – $155,700

  • Dave W

    I reckon the designer at Porsche are the biggest bludgers in the world. lol

    Boss: “I need a new design for the next gen car”
    Designer: “Right away boss!!” *Photocopies the previous design sheet and emailed it to the boss, done.*

    On the plus side, your 1990 Porsche still looks the same as a brand new one. lol

    • Daniel

      Oh HOW original…

      Porsche is iconic (I’m not even that big a fan, but it’s true) and one of the main things to thank for that is that they don’t constantly re invent what they’re aiming for. They have a very aerodynamic basic shape that they don’t mess with, rather improve on. And improve they have, the Cayman always looked awkward but I think this looks great. 

      • Zaccy16

        I agree, and the interior is a whole new design over the original

        • $29896495

          yep love the interior, outside is looking a little sharper. I think it’s mostly nose and tail though. (I know they recon. every panel is new, but really?)

          • Zaccy16

            yeah its very hard to see how all the panels are new!

      • Fagina

        A great design is a great design….you just don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.
        How often do Apple change the look of their iPhone or Macbook Pro ?
        You get a winning philosophy and defining image and then it’s evolution not revolution.

        • Dave W

          Great design? Please… Aston Martin has a great design, Jaguar has a great design, Ferrari has a great design. 

          The Germans make great cars, and they’re not bad looking cars either, but they’ve always been more bland than sexy. Just look at the backside of this Cayman… Rear lights that creased into a spoiler? Come on…

          • Fagina

            Come on Dave….it’s a totally pointless exercise to argue which cars look better.
            It’s personal preference.
            BTW, Aston, Jag, Ferrari do make some nice looking cars but they also make some ugly ones. So I’m not sure such a sweeping generalization is wise.

          • Dave W

            Maybe so, but at least they made the effort to evolve their design.

            There’s so little change in Porsche design that it doesn’t even qualify as an “evolution”. Watch Top Gear season 18 episode 4 I think it was. The one where they also did mobility scooters.

        • $29896495

          Apple about every 6 months.

        • Norm

          Yes a great design IS a great design. This isn’t one of them. 

          The 911? All time classic. Beautifully evolved and iconic.

          Lovely elegant interior on this one though.

    • Guest23

      I think you need your eyes checked.

      • Dave W

        Lighten up boy, it was a joke.

    • B.Mused

      its called brand DNA – you can recognise a Porsche from 5 miles away – the other gimmicky brands with out of control design departments have unrecognisable cars until you see the badge. I worked in design and engineering for 25 yrs it’s much easier to do a clean sheet “no holds bar design” than doing an evolutionary design that needs to include recognisable brand cues. The exact opposite of most armchair design experts think …

    • Jack

      Mate I completely agree that the designs are generic, but the minute you drive a Porsche, all of that is forgotten. Had a mates 2010 911 Turbo for a weekend and I can easily say that it was the best car I have ever driven and ever will.

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    I think it looks awesome, and the new Boxster is already a cracker, this should be great to drive.

    • Zaccy16

      yeah porsche are making fantastic cars at the moment! and the porsche engineers should be congratulated by the fuel consumption of their new flat 6 engines!

  • Morris

    The rear tail lights look a bit too far apart. Other than that, this looks fantastic.

    • Dave W

      The shape of the rear lights looks the same as Golf’s front lights. lol

  • JJ

    Fantastic looking car, but as usual it’s $100k more than in europe or the states.

    Not worth it.

    • porsche lover

      Thank you Julia Gillard and Co for LCT and Stampduties … what else would we do with our money?? (not!!)

  • money must come easy

    US price for the S model – $63800.

    Porsche are the undisputed champion of price gouging Australians.

    • Glenn

      Everyone else tries to compete with Porsche at price gouging, but Porsche steps it up every time.

      • Jax

        Would you try to get the very best price for your house or car ?
        So then we shouldn’t be so judgmental of others.
        Everyone tries for the best price but not many can charge a premium because their product isn’t good enough.
        To put it into perspective, the cheapest Ferrari is half a million. Makes the Cayman look like a bargain.

        • Golfmother

          Correct Jax , love the whiners , cant afford it get a corolla , always price your product at the price the market will bear .

          Nice , looks the business as usual , Hail VAG .

          • IRONGAV

            The Australian Government makes more off each car sold than Porsche does – take off the 33% LCT and we’re not looking too bad. Still, every Cayman holds the stigma of “he couldn’t afford the 911″

          • $29896495

            I don’t think there’s much stigma when you are coughing up 150 K. 

          • Mr Irony

            Thank you Jeremy Clarkson.

        • Phil

          Who’s being judgemental? Everyone’s just stating facts here. You act like you’re high and mighty, but in actual fact, you’re the only one judging others here.

    • Jamie

      Ferrari are much worse… check it out.

    • Browneye69

      The Poms pay £40000 ($61000) for a base model Cayman. There would barely any LCT on that price and also much less stamp duty. At that price I would already have one in my garage.

      Thanks for the gouging Porsche. (and BM, Audi and Merc, Rolls just dropped some of their prices a couple of hundred grand so it shows how much they were inflated)Where’s the senate enquiry regarding price gouging on cars? It costs our economy hundreds of millions a year in extra debt to finance this blatant rip off of the Aussie consumer.

  • Asdf

    I like this quite a bit. Hopefully, one day in the next 7 years I get to own a Porsche. 

  • Igor

    Very nice….much better looking than the original.
    More hunkered down, aggressive and fatter.

    • Jax

      Check out the pics of the grey one at the LA Show….that’s one sexy beast. !!!

  • Monk

    I just keep seeing MR2 in those headlights and it puts me off.

    • Punkster

      The MR2 was a blatant rip-off of the original Boxster.
      Yet some folk actually think Porsche copied Toyota…hahaha.
      I love this car…it’ll scoop a bagful of awards as usual.
      I’ll take mine in white.

      • Phil

        Neither of the companies copied each other. They don’t look that alike. 
        Yet some folk actually think Porsche copied Toyota or Toyota copied Porsche…hahaha.
        What did happen was that, at the time, Porsche had to hire former Toyota engineers to tear down, revamp and modernize the entire company, in order to make the Boxster a profitable business endeavour. Perhaps that’s where all the rumours stem from.

        • Golfmother

          In your dreams boyo .

          • Phil

            Nope, not in my dreams – in the New York Times.

        • Jonty

          Not engineers…executives.
          Please don’t make it sound like Porsche needs Toyota’s engineering expertise.Modernise the entire company?Not quite…Porsche already made hi tech & modern products.
          Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking brought in some retired Toyota executives to help  streamline the manufacturing process to make it more efficient and profitable.The MR2 mk3 looks quite similar to the original boxster.

          • Phil

            Oh, you’d better call the New York Times (where I got the information) since apparently you know the story better than they do. Here’s the direct quote, from the New York Times: “But to have any chance at making money on a $40,000 sports car, Porsche had to hire former Toyota engineers — again, almost unfathomable — to tear down, revamp and modernize the entire company.”

          • Mr Irony

            Is this a problem?

          • Phil

            @d29c93597fc89562acc9c631081d3626:disqus Apparently Jonty thinks it is.

          • Phil

            Sure, they have their similarities, but there are also many differences too. It’s a stretch to say that the MR2 was a “blatant rip-off”.

          • Phil

            I’m not the one who’s making it sound like Porsche needed Toyota’s engineering expertise – it’s the New York Times doing it. If you have any further issues, you can take it up with them.

          • Jonty

            3 replies to my post….are you on drugs?
            Settle down.
            Since when do we take newspaper articles as absolute truth ?
            I read the Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking interview, so it came straight from the horses mouth.
            Google it…it’s not so hard.

          • Phil

            Are you seriously trying to play the ‘newspaper articles aren’t absolute truth’ card? That does not mean that everything in newspapers are a lie, as you mistakenly.
            And if your source is so infallible, please quote it directly or provide it. Wendelin Wiedeking has done countless interviews, it is very difficult to find the exact one you are referring to.

          • Phil

            *as you mistakenly believe

          • John

            Um, Porsche actually did need Toyota’s engineering expertise. Engineering is a broad term that covers many aspects – it’s not just about “hi tech & modern products”. Porsche was humble enough to admit they needed help and has no hang ups about this part of their history, so I don’t see why you should.
            Wendelin Wiedeking brought in the ‘executives’ to teach “‘lean’ manufacturing, ‘constant improvement’ and other strategies that had made Toyota a world automotive superpower” and they “faulted most everything from initial planning to final assembly. When the dust settled, payroll was cut from nearly 9,000 to 6,800, parts inventory slashed by 82 percent, and the Zuffenhausen plant completely reorganized. Another outcome was Porsche’s first tear-down shop, where competitive cars could be taken apart and analyzed.” Source: HowStuffWorks
            Sounds like they were dealing with the whole company and more than just streamlining.Also, it is rather naive to think that the people who Porsche turned to for help were simply ‘executives’, especially considering that Wendelin Wiedeking himself was a mechanical engineer by training before he became CEO. Wendelin Wiedeking proves that having engineer expertise and knowledge and being an executive are not mutually exclusive.

          • Jonty

            I said no engineering input.
            Engineering as in car design…..engines, motors, suspension, steering….get it?
            Please read my post properly and take off your blinkers before making stupid comments.

          • Stevo

            John you’re an know all idiot.
            Since when is payroll, parts inventory & lean manufacturing called engineering.
            They brought the Toyota executives in to help make a better business model to make production more efficient.
            Bean counters not engineers.

          • John

            @803135be9d8ddcb638177f676ceb00e7:disqus You clearly have no idea what engineering means – a significant part of it is “the creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes.” Then clearly, Porsche did “need Toyota’s engineering expertise”, to quote you. “Car design” is only one aspect of engineering. Please inform yourself before making stupid comments.

          • Jonty

            Here, I’ll spell it out more clearly for you John since it seems you and Phil are one and the same.

            My original post was about the MR2 & Boxster.
            In that context I said there was no engineering input from Toyota into the design of Porsche’s cars.(because their product was already modern}. Phil said Porsche hired Toyota engineers to”modernise the entire company”. Entire company ? So that must include their product too, right?But clearly this never happened & the articles you both mentioned don’t say that it did….& Phil, some newspaper stories are very accurate & some not so. .That’s a fact of life. It’s a gullible person who believes everything.I never said (as you’ve once again imagined) that everything in the newspaper is a lie.So I’ve made my point and stand by it.

          • Phil

            It is indeed a gullible person who believes everything.
            However, this is not a case of believing ‘everything’. No one here has told
            anyone to believe ‘everything’. I certainly have not? Have you?
            No, this is not the case of believing ‘everything'; this is the case of believing ONE thing – I’ve
            merely quoted ONE article, from a known REPUTABLE source (the New York Times no
            less, and the exact title of the article is ‘Porsche’s Baby Turns 16; Seeks a
            Bigger Allowance’ if you want to double check. And yet you have still failed to
            provide your source, even after I had requested it) and with MULTIPLE mentions
            of the same/similar information available from other sources on the internet. It
            is a foolish person to take the rather ignorant line of argument “Since when do
            we take newspaper articles as absolute truth”, when posed with such damning

            Also, sure, you might not have explicitly said that everything in the
            newspaper is a lie, but your actions certainly said it. You posed the question:
            “Since when do we take newspaper articles as absolute truth”, implying that you
            believed the article I quoted was giving false information. On what grounds were you questioning the
            truth of the article? Did you have any reason to believe that the information I
            quote from the newspaper was false? If you didn’t have any pre-existing reason,
            then it must be the case that you think everything in the newspaper is lie,
            until proven to be true.

          • Phil

            Also, in your ORIGINAL comment you didn’t say: “there was no engineering input from Toyota into the design of Porsche’s cars”.
            What you actually said was: “Please don’t make it sound like Porsche needs Toyota’s engineering expertise.”
            Firstly, Porsche did need “Toyota’s engineering expertise” in modernising their production processes. If you meant engineering input into the design of Porsche’s cars, then you should have been clearer in your message and actually said “engineering input into the design of Porsche’s cars” in your ORIGINAL comment. You can’t blame us for your own inability to convey your point. Also, I told you, if you had issues with the quote from the article – for example, regarding the use of the word ‘entire’ when they describe the extent of modernisation – you ought to take it up with the New York Times, as I am not responsible for their writers’ choice of words. Please don’t come running and complaining to me. I’m sure the people at the New York Times have email addresses which you can write to.
            Perhaps next time you should learn from your mistakes and spell it out in your FIRST comment, because you aren’t nearly as clever enough to be succinct in your comment and also convey the full meaning that you’d like to, all at the same time.

          • John

            @4d1268de0d0d1ff605af7d8f04235c56:disqus “Know all idiot”? What an oxymoron right there. Also, it’s not a crime to know stuff. I don’t know who told you it was, but they were wrong. You should try it some time.

      • John

        Well, they sure as hell are looking more and more like the MR2’s headlights now.

  • Mohammed Smith

    Looks fantastic! Regrettably underpowered to protect the 911 ….. what a waste!

    At $116K for the base, it should have min. 230kw & 400nm. Just make sure you throttle the dealer to throw in PDK at no extra charge ….. they will in this economy – trust me.

    • Igor

      I’d be happy just to be able to throttle the dealer at no extra charge.
      Don’t forget this car has a kerb weight of only 1300kg and Porsche factory performance figures are always conservative.

    • The Real Wile E

      You are right the base is underpowered and overpriced.

      I recall a shoot out on fifth gear that put this against the 135i coupe which is la lot cheaper and it flogged the Cayman.

      “Tich tich fancy a BMW beating a Porsche”

  • Keith Ryan

    lets not forget the exchange rate. EUR is 40% cheaper vs AUD over the past 3 years, but these prices keep going up ? its profit straight into Porsche

  • Poison_Eagle

    Smexy. nice interior too. 

  • Al Tungupon

    The Cayman S will practically make the 911 Carrera useless. It will have similar performance but for only around 2/3 the price. It’s also deemed to be better balanced given that the engine is in a better position.

  • Beauchee

    Please Porsche make me a Cayman 4 (with a 3.8 NA engine, 6 speed manual tran, awd) all for 65,000$ PLEASE !!!!!!!!!