The Jaguar XFR-S has been unveiled at the 2012 Los Angeles motor show, signalling the British luxury sports car maker’s intent to take on the Germans in the super sedan power battle.

Long rumoured to supersede the XFR at the pinnacle of the brand’s executive model line, Jaguar says the new XFR-S is its fastest, most powerful and most agile sports sedan in its history.

Sharing its 404kW/680Nm 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine with the sizzling XKR-S coupe, the Jaguar XFR-S almost mirrors the 412kW/680Nm output of the BMW M5’s 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 and outmuscles the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG’s 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 by 18kW and 50Nm.

While it matches the XKR-S with an electronically limited top speed of 300km/h, the eight-speed auto rear-wheel-drive four-door lags two-tenths behind its coupe sibling in the dash from 0-100km/h (4.6 seconds versus 4.4), and is a further tenth short of the benchmark laid down by the M5 and E63 AMG, which both stop the clock at 4.3 seconds.

At this stage, Jaguar says it is still assessing the suitability of the XFR-S for our market, although the British super sedan looks a safe bet to join the local line-up during 2013.

Jaguar Australia has confirmed it will initially bring one example here for public relations use, with the big cat set to strut its stuff before fans and potential customers.

The unique bodywork of the Jaguar XFR-S is designed to improve airflow to the engine and brakes and reduce drag. The front-end sports a deeper front bumper with larger lower intakes, vertical vanes and a carbonfibre splitter. Broader skirts and distinctive ‘aero blades’ ensure air runs smoothly from the side of the car to the rear, where it meets a deeper bumper, carbonfibre diffuser and a boot lid spoiler (don’t be alarmed, Jaguar says two different designs are available).

The 20-inch lightweight ‘Varuna’ alloy wheels are wider than those on the XFR and are wrapped in specially developed Pirelli tyres.

Jaguar says extensive revisions to the suspension have increased lateral stiffness by 30 per cent and aided steering precision and responsiveness. The spring rates, adaptive damper tune, active electronic differential and stability control systems have all been recalibrated to enhance the car’s high-speed, on-track ability.

Along with the French Racing Blue hero colour (pictured), the Jaguar XFR-S is available in Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Polaris White and Italian Racing Red.

The cabin is upholstered with Warm Charcoal leather and features exclusive carbonfibre-effect leather across the seat bolsters and armrests. The seats are embossed with ‘R-S’ logos and – along with the Dark Aluminium dashboard – can be optioned with contrasting red, blue or ivory piping and stitching.

Jaguar’s new audio partner Meridian is responsible for the standard 380-watt, 12-speaker surround sound system, and also offers a high-grade 825-watt, 18-speaker unit as an option.

Jaguar is yet to announce pricing for the XFR-S, but if it is introduced to Australia it’s expected to be cost around $225,000-$250,000, slotting between the $189,900 XFR and the $299,000 XKR-S.

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  • Steggles

    At first glance from a side profile i thought it looked like a ford falcon.

    • super_hans

      I thought the same thing, the rear wing, colour and wheels certainly remind me of an XR6

    • Monk

      Glad I’mn not the only one who saw it – and yet I didn’t see that in any previous XF.

    • Dave 555

      Imagine this in the V8 supercars championship series!
      Would possibly be used in Roland Dane’s team.

    • G

      It looks like how the Falcon should have looked – except the wheels, they look like they came off a tarted up AU series.

      FPV needs to take a lesson from the styling – aggressive yet somehow understated as well. Not as garish as the falcon.

    • Andy Whitby

      Just me or ar the Mirrors the same ?

    • Louis

      And that is perhaps the only way the Falcon could be saved – if the next model were ‘reinvented’ so that it would be able to compete and be marketed internationally as a high-end/luxury vehicle, perhaps under it’s own brand, Falcon. That’s the only way the Falcon, let alone a V8 sedan, could be viable right now. But obviously, the risk associated with such an endeavour would be too high.

    • Crummydore

      Just goes to show how nice the latest Falcons actually look!
      Of course its the blue that’s making us all look twice.

      By the way, I now know what I want for Christmas…

    • Mohammed Smith

      Exactly …. I looked twice thinking …. another GT-HO teaser!

    • Schah7

       Its a shame cause when it comes to exterior styling this Jag leaves Merc & BMW for dead.

  • David

    Jag don’t have the engineering ability to take on the M5 or E63.  Looks nice enough

  • Turbodewd

    I also thought Falcon when I saw it.  Not a bad looker.  Cant wait for the 2014 Falcon instead  ;^)  The final inline six turbo…

    • Frostie

      Gotta love Inline-6 engines. Especially with turbos.

      • Schah7

         Love the Turbo Falcon 6 engine. Simply brilliant “local” engine but much prefer the compact more modern V6 layout.! We might just get it with the 3.7 litre v6. sometime.

        • NimrodAUS

          Nah, the Inline 6 sounds nicer and has more torque. But the V6 is more compact, uses lesser fuel than the I-6 at lower RPMs (but more at higher RPM) and heats up slower than the I-6.

  • Devil666

    Yo Tim, E63 has 700nm (5.5 bi-turbo V8 has been on sale for a while now).

    Performance Pack sees the E63 bring an extra 120nm over the Jag.

  • Bc

    Car advice you owe me one new keyboard.

    • Noddy_of_Toyland

      Gross. Learn some self control.

      • Luka

        Or at least some discretion. LOL

    • Jober As A Sudge

      That’s not what the “insert” key is for

      • Bc

        Before jumping to conclusions I was talking about drool minds out of the gutter gents.

  • JJ

    I wonder if they realise just how similar it is to a Ford.

    That’s going to seriously hurt sales in Australia.

  • Bk

    First look it does look like The Falcon
    For the price of around $200.000 i don’t think it can hurt the  Falcon..

    • JJ

      I think it’s more about the fact an Australian will go to purchase this $200k car then realise… hey this looks like a Ford taxi. I’ll pass.

      He/she then goes to the local BMW/Porsche/Audi/Etc dealer.

  • Asdf

    Is it just me or does anyone else prefer Jaguars without the Racing treatment? Okay, maybe the rims and some of the interior treatments but that is all. Jaguar really does not do performance styling well in my opinion. As others have noted, this looks too much like a FPV Falcon.

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Each to their own i guess…personally i like the styling though those wheels and colour need changing

  • Robj

    the only thing like a Falcon is it is blue, and not Ford Blue at that…

    • Jbor

      It’s more like a Commodore.

      • Schah7

         No one else seems to think so.!

        • matt

          sorry dude i though commodore at first glance too

  • Force-15

    The only downside I see with this car is that it’s not available in British Racing Green. But I can’t afford one anyway, so what does my opinion matter?

  • Mohammed Smith

    Very nice …. although loud. The driver will no doubt be challenged by all comers at the lights.
    Imagine being in one with your gal … and then getting shmoked by a Nissan GTR.
    Someone’s not getting any squeeze tonight !!!

  • Priceless

    This or the recently revealed RS6? 

  • Vladi

    Considering Ford own Jag, and in the past a bit of badge engineering has occured, bean counters have more than likely again intergrated parts, thus you end up with one car that looks like another, by the way who’s supercharged 5L v8 is in this thing ??? GT RSpec miami

    • matt

      ford do not own jag, the indian’s do, tata motors.

  • Goog74

    This car would need to live up to the claimed performance…. it looks too much like a Holden Commodore from the front and a Ford Falcon from the side for me to part with $225k +