by Matt Brogan

The Ford F-Series has set another all-time sales record in 2008 as the best-selling pickup truck, this time in Canada.

It’s the 43rd year in a row that the vehicle has been the most popular seller in the country with the much loved truck recording a sales increase of 13.5 per cent over the previous year’s record sales.

Ford believes the main reason for the sales record was, in part, the September launch of the all-new 2009 Ford F-150, which recently was named 2009 Motor Trend Truck of the Year.

“2008 was a year of challenge and opportunity for Ford of Canada,” said David Mondragon, president and CEO, Ford of Canada. “However, our new vehicles, fuel-efficient powertrains and our industry-leading lineup of crossovers and SUVs helped our market share grow in the fourth quarter to levels exceeding last year’s fourth quarter market share.”


“In 2009, our revamped showroom will feature vehicles with great Ford quality, safety and fuel economy such as 2010 Ford Fusion, 2010 Lincoln MKZ, and the all-new built-in-Canada 2010 Lincoln MKT,” said Mondragon. “We are very excited about the spring launch of 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, with expected fuel economy of 5.7 L / 100 km, which will make Ford the producer of the most fuel-efficient mid-size sedans and SUVs on the planet.”

Despite this apparent upturn in sales, December figures on the whole didn’t look quite so promising for the brand with Ford Canada’s overall sales decreasing 5.8 per cent to 14,290 units. Total truck sales were also down some 5.4 per cent at 11,069 units and total car sales of 3,221 units mark a 6.9 per cent decrease as compared to last December.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Obviously no news on the street today!!

    I got the feeling when I was in Vancouver the Canadians were more into the “truck” than the yanks. GMC’s all over the place.


    nice to see ford advertising what the truck SHOULD be used for.16.9X28 tractor tyres,caravans etc.NOT dropping the kids off to school everyday.thats whats got the u.s. in such a pickle over gas prices

  • Menzes

    Google F650 now thats an awesome beast,stuff the hummer.

  • Marcus

    No why can’t we buy them in Australia ?

    Ford Australia need a kick up the ass for being so lame….

  • Alex

    Yes Marcus, that’s exactly what Australia needs (insert sarcasm). That’s the last thing Ford Australia need, it would sell terribly in these times! I’ve seen them about anyway so the people that really want one seem to get a hold of one when they want it. Apart from anything, they cost way too much and one would be a tasteless idiot to buy one.

  • Mark Greenburg

    The reason you’ve seen them about is that the F-Series was sold in Australia by Ford from 2001-2006. The vehicles are also in extremely high demand and they would have no trouble selling them if they brought them back in. They managed to sell over 2,000 a year.

  • Old CarAdvice Reader

    I probably don’t think Ford Australia should bring the F-150 onto the Aussie market, (Unless the “world financial crisis” suddenly goes away and fuel prices stay under $1.00per liter). Just to see a new F-150 on the roads here would be a real eye-catcher but if there’s too many on the street, the SUV mothers in their Toyota Landcruisers would start complaining about they’re “feeling unsafe driving their SUV kids to school with huge gigantic trucks” around them. :)

    But the F-150 is an awesome vehicle, the best in its class. If any person is going to be negative about it, they should do their research before they criticise something they know nothing about. This truck has the best towing, handling, chassis strength in its class and it has a 5-Star safety rating (So don’t be fooled by the video getting around the internet of the ’97-’04 model doing poorly in an offset test). On Ford’s new F-150 mini site,, they compare it to the Chevrolet Silverardo, Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra. The results speak for themselves. The Tundra is shocking, if I was a fat yank over there I would definitely stick with the Ford.

  • Mark Greenburg

    Let’s face it – this truck is not “all-new” it is simply an overhauled 2005 F-150 (new grille, headlights, tail-lights, etc). Ford have a habit of doing this – the “new” Explorer is just a facelifted previous model. The “new” heavy-duty F-series is essentially the original ’99 model, and so on. Perhaps this is why Ford is in a better position than Chrysler and GM – they fool the public into believing old models are new, rather than actually bringing out new product.

  • Old CarAdvice Reader

    Yes Mark, Ford claims it’s an “All-New” model but really it isn’t because Ford don’t need to replace the existing P2 platform as it is competitive enough already. Although it has a 10% improvement in rigidity over its 2008 predecessor, it’s still an 11th generation (2004-) model.

  • Andrew M

    Did you know there is a commercial side to the auto market??

    do you think that someone that might buy one of these to safely and easily tow a horse float or bobcat is an Idiot??

    you are just ignorant

  • Oz.

    hahaha Andrew M… I thought you would come up with a good response to Alex’s comment.

    But it is true how the F150’s are good for towing large trailers, just look at the comparisons they have done against the Silverado, Ram & Tundra on Ford’s website. The Ford has trailer-sway control which the Chevvy and Toyota don’t have.

  • Andrew M

    Hey OZ,
    long time no see……..

    Its not only good at towing trailers, its bloody awesome at everything it does.

    I love the adverts they have done over the years to promote it.
    No B/S, just unreal things they put it through to prove its strength

    What exactlly is trailer sway control by the way??? i noticed it mentioned on the F series, but Im not sure exactlly what it is. Perhaps ive heard of it by another name…..

  • Oz.

    To describe the F-150’s “Trailer-sway control” is when the vehicle brakes from one side to the other depending on which side the trailer is swaying. The Dodge Ram has another kind of Trailer-Sway Control when all brakes come on simultaneously as opposed to the Ford’s way by keeping the momentum. Go to, then click on “Semi Corridor Towing” and it shows the comparisons.

  • Andrew M

    fair enough.

    i was always told to accelerate your way out of the sway.

    I dont mean that in a reckless sense, but a smooth right foot should do the same.
    I thought braking made it worse. Perhaps the swapping sides thing with the brakes is what makes it a treat.

    I dont see how the Rams would work though.
    try coming down a hill with the trailer starting to sway, how is further 4 wheel braking going to help??

  • Oz.

    how is further 4 wheel braking going to help??

    It must cause a crash when the trailer rolls onto its side and that stops it from swinging around.

  • Andrew M

    can you re-phrase that…
    I cant tell if you are taking the P*ss or not.

    of course when it rolls it causes a crash…..

  • Tex

    Crikey! Now to all the doubters out there I’ll tell you what these trucks are really all about!

    You wanna pull some major sh*% out of a godd@%$ swamp in a hurry before it sinks then you need something with a bit more neddy than the average ‘cruiser! We have one at the ranch that’s done it all- and I mean feats that will blow your balls right out of your wife’s hand! It’s pulled pines through the creek, up the canyon, boulders… yeh boulders to lay around the driveway! Unbogged landcruisers, jeeps, a hummer and poxy Hiluxes.

    And yes, it will pull a sailor out of your sister. Make no mistake gents, there are jobs for these trucks!

  • john Dique

    We do import a lot of F-series into Australia, because Boart LongYear, the world’s biggest drilling company,buys them by the 100 for exploration and mine site development, using the F-250 and 350 in V8 as support vehicles.

    F-series have been the top selling truck in their class in the U.S. for 43 years, and have the best re-sale value holding ability of any vehicle ever made, anywhere…
    Most likely[and this is straight from the horses mouth, shire councils will go back to F-trucks soon, because and I quote{You have to wring the F*****g necks of the jap trucks to get anything out of them….]
    So does the rural ambulance services, and a lot of cashed up miners, so they can tow their kids horses in a float to the beach…..
    Ford will be on top globally in a few years, because Gordon Gecko knows wot he is doing….Their SHARE PRICE WILL BE BACK UP TO $40 WITHIN FIVE YEARS….like it was in ’97, when there was little war, and lots of mining development.
    Read “Driving like crazy” by P.J.O’Rourke if you want to understand the actual reasons.
    If you don’t just by an F series, and head off to the mines like Wolverine.

  • Dave

    Why dont Ford bring thse into Oz? for that matter why dont Holden bring in the big Chev utes as well. We saw the suburban, why not the rest of the rest of the chevy truck range? The is a market for these models. We saw the suburban, why not the rest of the rest of the chevy truck range? i am sure they are great at what they do.