Coming off the back of official 2013 Toyota RAV4 teasers, leaked images revealing the final shape of the new compact SUV have surfaced one day before its reveal at the 2012 Los Angeles motor show on November 28.

Previously only teased, the images leaked onto CarStyleBlog of the new generation Toyota RAV4, due in Australia in early 2013, show what appear to be brochure shots of both the sharper exterior as well as the much-refined interior.

2013 Toyota RAV4 - 3

In keeping with the current Toyota family face, the new RAV4 will mirror the all-new Corolla’s wraparound headlight design and angular grille at the front, while the rear sees this form continue with tail lights that narrow down into the tailgate towards the rear-mounted Toyota badge.

2013 Toyota RAV4 - 4

Inside, two levels of specification show one with cloth seats and plastics spread liberally across the dash and centre console, and one sporting a more premium trim with leather seats, leather dash accents and faux carbonfibre highlights on the doors and gear-shift surround.

2013 Toyota RAV4 - 6

Two seating rows with room for five passengers and a significant amount of cargo space in the boot can also be seen.

2013 Toyota RAV4 - 7

As revealed earlier in the year exclusively by CarAdvice, the new Toyota RAV4’s engine line-up will include a turbo diesel engine for the first time, along with a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol.

2013 Toyota RAV4 - 9

CarAdvice will bring you more details on the 2013 Toyota RAV4, as well as other key news, live from the 2012 Los Angeles motor show.

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  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    Oooh not liking that. Just a Corolla on stilts!

    • Fxcvbc

       Sadly, Australians seem to love the hatch on stilts idea.
      Just look at the Subaru Impreza – always a slow seller untill they gave it stilts, increased the price and called it the XV. Australians now snapping up 1000 or so XVs every month. Or the Skoda Fabia – non-existant sales untill they gave it gigantic front foglights, put it up on stils and drastically increased the price & called it Yeti.

      • terri7

         Can’t see why it is seen as a sad trend when the ageing population prefers cars with a higher seat entry point for ease of access. We will only ever buy an SUV for this reason. Lower entry cars are just too difficult-taxis for instance.

        I was going to look at the XV one day, and sat in what I thought was one.
        Descended right down into it, and found it very, very low. Thought that this is a disappointment, and extricated myself out. A salesman then approached, and I said that I thought the XV would have been much higher.
        He said that it is, and that this was the Imprezza!

        No way would I get anything like that.

      • Richard

        The Yeti is not based on the Fabia 😉

    • Zaccy16

      It looks horrible but slightly better than the old one

      • Lolwut

        Lol Zacc16

        biggest toyota troll on the caradvice forums.

        if it had a Mazda badge, a poster would be on your bedroom wall with white stains on it.

    • Ari

      Why are Toyota’s dashboards looking dated now even before they are released ?

  • Pete

    Not bad.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    It’s…ok I suppose, but not a designer’s masterpiece. At least now it has some Toyota design cues to keep it in-snc with the rest of the modern models.

  • Sumpguard

    I prefer the current one and that isn’t much of a compliment.

       The rear looks a tad Mitsubishi while the front looks as bad as the new corolla. 

      The interior of this and the corolla look cheap!

       At the end of the day it doesn’t really mtter what I think. The toyota faithful will flock to it. Baaaaaa! 

    • Greenbay P

      Yeah well it’s much better than the dreadful and utterly useless KIAproducts

      Only from sitting inside KIA cars I could easily tell they’re rubbish

      No need to waste time driving one

      The other day I saw one of the new KIA CERATO spewing blue/black smoke while it was driving. Not a good sign at all

      • Greenmatt

        My sportage has been great.

        • GreenWithoutEnvy

          Mine has been fantastic too. Infact I also saw the new RIO has taken another auto site’s car of the year gong! Go KIA.

          • Khiev

            KIA wins a lot of awards due to the features they have at the price they sell it.

            Do you ever wonder how they still make profit with all these “accessories” and features?

            I’ve personally seen a KIA dismantled and I know WHY they can… but do you?

      • Sydlocal

         Nice story….

    • vrx26

      Yeah you are right,  the face actually looks like the first gen Outlander. Nothing remarkable. but since it’s a Toyota it will still sell. Can Japanese car companies pirate those people designing Korean cars so they can learn a thing or two about designing good looking cars. 

  • Altezza

    Looks good in my opinion. The pics don’t do justice until I see it in real life. The new Corolla however looks great on road when I look at them.

    • Dave W

      I’d have to agree. This doesn’t look bad at all. I also saw the new Corolla on Princess hwy couple days ago and it actually looks pretty good apart from the chromed lower front grille. I wouldn’t mind at all if Toyota makes a new Sportivo based on it.

  • terri7

    Looks OK to me, but in the flesh is the real test. I like the new Corolla design. RAV4 doors look wide so entry should be easy, and plenty of cargo space which we want.

  • Vins

    It’ll probably CRV a hard run of the money

  • F1orce

    The new Corolla looks very nice in person. The interior is also very comfortable and stuff.

    This looks like a Corolla SUV

  • Zaccy16

    Who made the interior? apes perhaps, it looks very badly built but exterior looks slightly better than the old one, first and second gen were decent though

    • Lolwut

      LOL again, Zaccy16

      getting his $5.50 per hour fee to troll Toyota in Australian car forums.

      You must have eagle eyes or a 3000×2000 HIGH DEF image of the interior where you can measure the gaps between the panels so you can judge the “built” of them…

      Toyota are known to have the best “gap” control between panels amongst mass production  OEMs btw, they are willing to sacrifice horse power to save cost, but not “built” quality of parts customer sees….

      • Zaccy16

        One word, ‘recalls!’

    • Jober As A Sudge

      You are a clown. I’m no Toyota fan but please elaborate on how this looks badly built from those pictures?

  • Justin

    Interior though not ugly could be better…  exterior is a nice improvement on the current model. The wheel arches give it a more aggressive look… Will be a big seller for Toyota no doubt…

  • Wizz

    My fav rav4 was th facelifted 2005 Cruiser

    It was more agile, design has aged well and it drives well for an SUV

  • Joof

    Wasn’t it about two decades ago when it was ‘good’ (or at least OK) to go the whole asymmetrical dash board?  I will say it, this interior is HIDEOUS.

    What a move backwards.  Dashboard/door panel lines don’t meet (in fact they don’t even look like they were designed to sit together), angles here and there, stereo past the midway point and a whole lot of ‘modern’ colour schemes to make this interpretation of vomit semi-relevant.

    Whilst the exterior is appealing (if that’s possible for a RAV4) and the new corolla isn’t too bad (save for the rear hatch/tail light messiness) BOTH vehicles interiors suggest Toyota urgently need to replace their interior design team with a group that understand INTEGRATION…  Nearly every model of Toyota and Lexus has this same ‘trendsetting’ (read as vomit inducing) design theme…

    If it were the way to go, surely other manufacturers would have even partially emulated it by now, but predictably, they haven’t, and won’t.  And whilst I own a previous series (and much better looking) Prado, all the while Toyota dish up S%&T like this, I won’t be upgrading…  Where’s that number for Land Rover again…?

  • Bc

    It will sell like hot cakes.

  • Apple_r

    It looks like there is enough room for child-only 3rd row seats like Captiva. If it is an available option, it might be good alternative for some families who can’t afford a Kluger. 

  • Unidexter Hopping

    I like the exterior styling, not so much the dash. Still, if Toyota priced this aggressively, installed a 6 speed auto (not a CVT) and offered a 2.5 ltr 2WD version… It will hurt CRV sales.

  • BrisVegas

    pointless without a small turbo petrol or diesel.  If they stick an asthmatic Camry engine in this thing, it wont go under 10l/100km. 

    • Bc

      That’s why my 2010 rav4 got 9.3 last week averaged on a full tank mostly highway driving but it can be done with a light foot.

      • BrisVegas

        Are you pointing this out to show that your RAV4 is good on fuel?  9.3l/100km is pretty ordinary for a tank of highway cruising with a light foot.  A Falcon or Commodore would better that comfortably. 

        Good to see they’re offering a diesel.  Missed that on first read through. 

        • Bc

          No im not pointing out anything just that you said and i Quote ” If they stick an asthmatic Camry engine in this thing, it wont go under 10l/100km.” and I have done better then this multiple times of owing my Rav 4 and the falcon or commodore don’t even come into the same league when where talking about boot space which is one of the main reasons I bought the car.

    • Phil

      A diesel will be a part of the line-up.

    • jr

      First time ive seen the 2.5 Camry engine described as asthmatic. 7.8l/100km in a Camry , Rav4 wont be far off that.

    • F1orce

      The new 2.5L in the Camry is efficient and very refined.

      It compliments the Camry very well..

      • BrisVegas

        Yes, 133kW and 230NM is fine in a Camry.  Glad you like yours.

  • Thoffie

    At first look, I thought the picture was a Mitsubishi Montero

  • LN

    For a Toyota, the interior looks a tad better then the Corolla, the exterior however looks a lot like the Mitsubishi Challenger.

    As soon as this comes out, I can the Rav 4 dwarfing the crappy Dualis, crappy X-Trail and the CRV in terms of sales.

  • subfoz

    I actually think it looks pretty good, Im sure Toyota will sell em by the boat load,  Ill be interested to see the specs of the Diesel engine..

  • maz convert

    Will have to be good to be better than wife’s new mazda CX5 diesel. heaps of grunt and handles like a sports car. Wife had four ravs before the cx5 and an ardent toyota fan but is blown away by the mazda.

    • jr

      looks like you should have waited

  • Redback

    I particularly like the fact that the committee that designed the left side of the dashboard tried to hide their work from the committee that did the right side.  Obviously neither group spoke to the committee in charge of interior door design.

    • Joof

       Good to see I’m not alone on this one…

    • Latin Fish Names

      Yep, ugly dash.

  • terri7

    I’m intrigued by the dash, and would like to actually see it before deciding my view. The main dials look very good, and overall it may be a winner, unconventional looking though it is.
    To me, it’s already better than the poorly thought out CX-5 dash.

  • Brian L. Gilman

    I think it will be a not bad adversary to the CX-5, but in looks and interior design doesn’t impress me as much as the CX-5. will be interesting to see how it handles on the road and off.

  • John23

    should bring toyota fortuner in oz much better than rav4 

  • gruntmeter

    they have improved the dash in many ways such as illumination and gauges replacing the 1983 looking LCD’s which u cannot read on sunny days. kudos for this jump into 2000AD. but the design configuration and layout look bizarre and slapped together like a jigsaw done by rainman.  if the diesel engine does not match cx5 torque which is over 400nm, then that in itself is a blatant failure. i own a 2009 V6 and love the grunt i drive conservatively and fuel consumption is acceptable when offset with the power availability.  will see sit and drive and then look at new x trail.  can anyone believe the new 2013 forester still has a 4 speed petrol auto and no auto diesel ?   are they on drugs there ?

  • Stevo

    and you’ll be blown away when you have not been aware of the oil dilution issue, the potential engine damage, and depreciation.