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by Jez Spinks

The Ford Territory, Australia’s first and only locally built SUV, has reached a sales milestone of 150,000 units.

Ford Australia announced the mark today, eight and a half years after the Territory first went on sale in 2004.

The locally built soft-roader hasn’t been able to match the 28,447 sales peak of 2005, its first full year on sale, though the Territory has averaged nearly 1500 units per month since its release and it remains one of the country’s most popular SUVs.

It continues to be one of Ford Australia’s most notable success stories, with the local car maker able to amortise development and production costs by basing the large SUV on its Falcon large car. It was still a $500 million project.

Ford’s biggest mistake with the Territory was delaying the availability of a diesel engine until 2011, years after the fuel had already proven to be popular with SUV/4WD buyers.

Sales of the Territory have returned to an upward curve since the vehicle was fitted with a 2.7-litre V6 turbo diesel in April 2011, a development move partly financed by a $232 million federal and state government investment.

The future of the Territory, as well as the Falcon with which it shares its platform, remains uncertain. Ford Australia has only committed to local manufacturing until 2016, and both locally built models are out of step with Ford’s strategy of selling one type of vehicle globally rather than specific models for specific markets.


  • MisterZed

    Um, the Territory sold 23,454 in 2005, not 28,447.  More BS from Ford.

    • PG

      It’s not Ford quoting that number in this article. 

    • Ari

      I can’t believe people are still buying this cumbersome gas guzzler

      • GuessMyGuess

        150,000 disapointed customer!

        • Buntz

          Kind of like all the people that read your comment. Ignoramus.

  • Bk

    Good one Ford…

  • Dave W

    I wish Ford Australia would focus more on this car than the Falcon. Yeah I know, heritage, history, blah blah blah… but this SUV is the proven money maker and if Ford had only provided a diesel engine, there would’ve been more people still at work in the plant now.

    • Fxcvbc

       It’s a proven  money maker? How much profit have they made on Territory before Government incentives?

      • Dave W

        Well, it sure makes them more money than Falcon has in the last few years. And as the articles stated, if Ford gave it a diesel engine much earlier, it would’ve been a real success story.

        • Fxcvbc

          Any product would make more money than Falcon considering Falcon is not profitable. This doesn’t make Territory a “proven money maker”.
          150,000 units over 8 years is a very low figure and Ford has to offer fairly large discounts to shift them – open the weekend papers and you’ll see dealers offering $5K+ discounts. Toyota produces more than 150,000 Klugars/Highlanders in every single year – and has never offered a diesel.
          I find it remarkable someone would think it’s a “proven money maker” when it is a low volume car produced in a high cost environment and sold at discounted prices – but I could be wrong, in which case, I await the (pre- government handout) profit figures.

          Also the article does not state Territory would’ve been a real success story if it Diesel had been avaliable earlier. In fact the article says Territory has not been able to match its best previous sales numbers from 2005 – a year that was long before the Diesel came, so in actual fact, Territory is selling worse with the diesel option now that it has in the past without it.

          • MisterZed

            Exactly. If diesel had been available since day 1, the sales would probably have been roughly the same – the diesel would simply have substituted petrol sales. I don’t think anyone back in 2005 would say “a soft-roader that’s not available with diesel? I’m not buying it!” (OK, well, maybe like 3% of people).

          • Buntz

            Umm Falcon is not profitable? So you have insider information from Ford do you? You’ve seen the numbers.

            If you don’t know what you’re talking about, or it’s validity… then shut up.

  • Norm

    Territory was a great piece of local design and engineering. 

    That said – the performance turbo models indicated a mindset at Ford which indicated they were looking entirely the wrong way with it’s development.It needed to be on a crash diet from the day it was launched.

    • Golfmother

      Yes, but its birth goes back probably 12 years when fat and lardy was the go , probably done pretty well to soldier on this long with lousy economy .

      • SterlingSilver

        shut up idiot.

        • Golfmother

          Love the way you keep changing your name as you chase me .

    • DanielD

      Why at least LPG wasn’t an option on Territory from the start I will never understand.

      • Andrew M

        The reason they cant do a Factory LPG Territory is because the tank would have to be placed under the 3rd row seating.
        It was/is the manufacturing standard that LPG tanks can not be placed under passenger seats.
        There has been aftermarket fitment on Territories, but aftermarket fitments arent assessed the same as factory standard fitments

        • Karl Sass

          True, although they could offer it in 5 seats only. I’m not sure how much of the target markets want 7 seats, or just take it because it’s standard. Although it would have the same issue as the LPi Falcon, with Ford not bothering to change outdated public perceptions of LPG.

  • DanielD

    The Territory is a very good car which is let down by some quality and build issues and a car manufacturer that hasn’t properly supported it or its customers. Thats the reason how you end up with rust in the tailgate, broken window clips, dodgy ball joints and numerous electrical glitches. 

    I had one for many years and we as a family loved the car, but hated the Ford ownership experience. A final dodgy experience with the local Ford dealer sealed our cars fate and we replaced it with another brand. My wife stills loves the Territory as a car and I am sure if we were confident Ford would stand by the product and the customer a new one would be in the driveway. Falcon suffers from the same lack of proper support from Ford.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Territory would have been much more successful for Ford if they had invested more in the car over the years, to keep it more contemporary with the competition and if they had actually learn’t how to support their customers. Here is a hint Ford, your customers aren’t the dealers.

  • Dcinet

    I bought a 2011 TZ Diesel, and in general it is a great vehicle. comfortable for long distances, with plenty of luggage space, and good towing ability. I agree with DanielD. Ford do not foster a customer relationship of any kind. The ICC has that many issues is laughable, and the factory recall/update only made it worse. All you get from the dealer is a shrug of the shoulders.. Not to mention the many thunks and clunks of the drive train. Should be a lot more customer focused.

  • Ari

    Lots of Territorys out there with lots of faults by the sounds of it

  • GuessMyGuess

    only 150,000 sheep?

  • MisterZed

    Complete fabrication from Ford Australia. Ford Territory in *Australia* has only sold 135,636 to the end of November 2012. They must be counting *production* (which includes NZ and SA exports), not Australian sales.

  • Grungylad

    well count me as an owner of two. brought a ts back in 2005 and now have a sz brought in 2012. Best cars I have owned, yes agree on the quality of the fittings but have not had any major issues.

    Car loved by the kids – wife has a evoque which the kids hate, now that cost 75k I think so 20k less for the sz titanium dives better than the evoque, just as quiet pretty economic on diesel.

    Personally from someone who actually owns one of these I think they are fantastic value.

  • SterlingSilver

    I’m sure you would, and receive daily. No chasing here, one can’t help but stumble upon your ignorant garbage. I’m just trying to read about the latest car news and all I encounter is a halfwit lunatic hell bent on garbaging aussie cars.  Just immature garbage. Get a f*****g life.