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by Jez Spinks

The price of the Citroen DS3 hatchback has now dropped by more than $10,000 in 2012 after further cuts ahead of an expected switch of local importer for the French brand.

Ateco Automotive has reduced the entry point to the DS3 to $24,990 driveway, with the more powerful DS3 DSport variant getting the same cut to be priced at $27,990 driveway.

It follows a move by the importer to sharpen the value of the flagship version of the C3 city car range in February, when RRP pricing for both models was cut by $6000 to $26,990 and $29,990 respectively.

Metallic paint and parking sensors are also now standard rather than optional.

Responsibility for the Citroen brand is expected to change hands within months, with local Peugeot distributor Sime Darby set to pair up the French sister brands that globally come under the PSA umbrella.

The Citroen DS3 DStyle continues to be powered by a 70kW/136Nm 1.4-litre four-cylinder, with the semi-hot-hatch Citroen DS3 DSport still utilising a 115kW/240Nm turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder.


  • Al

    good pricing. Anyone know the reliability of Citroen’s these days?

    • Nmrenwick

      I have a DS3 and find it reliable, well built and an absolute joy to own and drive. 

    • Fredsmith

      that was exactly my first question lol

  • Wlle E Coyote

    30% price cut is huge.Seems as though our strong dollar is slowly filtering through.Now all we need is MB,BMW et al to follow…fat chance eh

    • Jackpoor

      MB, BMW never let their money flow back to our pocket ^.^

      • F1orce

        Germans, just like Americans are very greedy..

        • Kampfer

          and we let them by keep buying their cars…

  • Dave W

    I’ve seen one or two of these on the road, they were all driven by a girl.

    One thing a car owner hate, price cut on their car model which automatically also lower the resale price of their car.

    Anyway… Where’s the DS3 R? Why isn’t it on sale here?

  • Martin

    Finally some financial sense by the distributor. Citroens are not a premium car so why try and charge like they are?

    • F1orce

      They’re semi-premium, just like Volkswagen (In Australia)

      • Golfmother

        Bit like lexus never quite made it in the luxury stakes in OZ , well beaten by the germans and the brits .

        • Nick

          I think its more to do with the stupidity of the Badge snob Australians than it is to do with the quality of the cars

    • Kampfer

      Citroen is changing distributor. It drop the price because the current distributor has given up on them… The price drop is not good for the new distributor.

      • Tex

        Exactly. This is Ateco giving it up to Sime Darby before taking over the distribution.

        Probably a way of getting rid of old stock too…

  • Nmrenwick

    I am a male and I have a DS3. I love it. It is reliable and well built. I fortunately only paid 25 anyway as it was a dealer demo but optioned up. It also has the older, more powerful engine. It is a great and stylish car. No wonder it was Top Gear Car of the Year when it came out.

  • filippo

    If they were to import a base model manual DS3 (the current base model is auto-only), Citroën could have an even lower starting price, plus more sales.

  • Mohammed Smith

    nah … definitely a chic’s ride ….. match it to the colour of ur stilettos! lol.

    • Golfmother

      Or the purple interior in your XR6 , now that is yay .

    • Chevrons

      I don’t see Sebastian Loeb winning WRC races driving a Citroen DS3 wearing stillettos.

    • Nmrenwick


  • Jj

    That’s the right price to compete with the Japanese otherwise it will never get the sales volume they want.
    Don’t try to be premium brand as French cars are not.

  • Sanjay

    Citroen DS3Sport…you are sexy as hell but not powerful enough! Needs at least as much power as the Clio RS197 to be competitive in this mini hot-hatch market.

    If it did have such power, it’d be a serious cracker in that price-band…Veloster Turbo would have no chance.

    • Daniel c

      Veloster Turbo still has no chance!!