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by Jez Spinks

The 2013 Skoda Octavia has been photographed undisguised during a promotional photo shoot in Santiago, Chile.

The single picture of the new medium car from Volkswagen’s Czech brand confirms expectations that the design would be inspired by the Skoda VisionD concept car from the 2011 Geneva motor show. Only the Skoda badge has been covered up.

The Octavia has always occupied a bit of an awkward spot in the Skoda line-up, with the Golf-based model being too large to be a proper small car and too small to be a genuine mid-sizer.

With the Rapide stepping into that role, the new Skoda Octavia will increase further in size to become a fully fledged medium car when it goes on sale in Australia in the second half of 2013.

The new Skoda Octavia will again sit on a Golf-related underpinnings, the Volkswagen Group’s new MQB modular platform.

A range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines can be expected for Skoda’s new mid-size car, shared with the Golf and other VW Group vehicles.

The new Octavia is due to debut at the 2013 Geneva motor show next March.


Picture credit: Nicolas Willson/Carscoop for CarPix.


    Hofmeister kink….

    • bruno

      so last season

  • Unidexter Hopping

    Boring, but a nicer boring compared to Toyota.

    • Ellipsis

      That “nicer boring” is called understated. Too many people on this site seem to boring and understated confused.

      • Ellipsis

        seem to get*

      • Phil

        Being understated and being boring aren’t mutually exclusive. Too many people on this site seem to have the erroneous belief that they are. Regardless, whether something is boring and/or understated can be largely subjective. Perhaps those people who you think are ‘confused’, aren’t actually confused and just happen to find what you find to be understated, boring.

        • Kampfer

          I like cars look understated/boring. As long as the performance is not I’m all good.

      • Sdkljsdkljksdlkjsd

        You seem to forget that there’s a difference between understated and unimaginative.

  • Harry

    Looks very nice and is a big improvement over the current model. A bit like a previous-gen Audi A4, but that’s not at all a bad thing. If they keep the price level, I think I’d definitely consider it.

  • Robbie

    They finally fixed that oversized ugly grille! 

    • Robin_Graves

      Still looks like a late ’90s Toyota Avalon.

      • Guest

        U need to visit Spec savers!

        • Golfmother

          YEP i mean to say the old falcoon looks a yesterdays on the road these days , must be into the final countdown .

      • McFly

         you are kidding fella, it looks like the current jetta

  • Mad Max

    I liked the previous VRS wagon but the current one looked awkward with the new style headlamps and grille. I see that Skoda have ditched the one peice door pressings and gone with welded on window frames. In my opinion it gives the car a much more modern/current look.

    • Phil

      Agreed. It’s about time they gave the Octavia blacked-out B-pillars.

  • Zaccy16

    Looks like a larger rapid which is a good thing in my opnion

  • Martin

    Very nice and clean design. Modern with a hint at its VW origins. I like it.

  • 3D4

    where are the other pictures? rear? wagon?

    I have them on my computer but it won’t let me upload..

  • Wile E Coyote

    Still looks a bit eastern block but is getting there.

  • F1orce

    Who buys Skoda’s anyway?

    • Golfmother

      About 700,000 people across the world , expected to grow to 1.5mill by 2016 , mainly eastern europe and china/india .

      China will be good for them as the japs get the door slammed in their face .

  • Bent6brigade

    Looks better from Skoda‚a lot better.Also smarter than the upcoming mk7 golf.

    • Golfmother

      YEP better than any current OZ bomb , crummercoons look pretty dated now days .

      • Guest

        Seriously give it a rest

  • Gianni

    I must say, that looks fantastic! Much better than a boring Golf or Jetta. And they’re made by the same company! (Volkswagen-Skoda.)

  • Justin

    Front grill is so KIA

  • Mohammed Smith

    opinions are like a%#eholes …. everybody’s got one.

    • Golfmother

      Have a nice night capt happy.

  • Marcelito

    Nice , clean and simply elegant European design that no doubt will be a good value proposition…sure it won,t appeal to the cyberspace occupying falcodore crowd that never left the voop voop and probably never seen a Skoda up close but anyone who has been to Europe lately can attest to Skoda,s popularity across the continent. Skoda in Australia will only keep getting stronger and stronger just as it does in other markets despite the naysayers here. They have a good product and deserve to do well.