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Honda has introduced a new efficiency-focused diesel engine that will power not only European Honda Civic models, but for the first time, local variants as well.

Debuting in Australian-delivered variants of the Honda Civic hatch from mid 2013, the 1.6-litre Earth Dreams Technology turbo diesel will only be available with a manual transmission.

The new 1.6-litre i-DTEC unit produces 88kW of power and 300Nm of torque at 2000rpm, while emitting 94 grams of CO2 per kilometre and using 3.6 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres on the European combined cycle.

Honda i-DTEC Engine - 2

Project leader for the new engine, Tetsuya Miyake, said Honda’s approach for the powerplant was entirely new from the ground up.

“There were no benchmarks for us because those targets would have been too low. We were determined to establish a benchmark of our own that our competitors would have to follow,” Miyake said.

The new engine will be built alongside the existing 2.2-litre i-DTEC engine at Honda’s European manufacturing facility in Swindon, England, on a newly installed purpose-built diesel engine production line capable of producing up to 500 engines per day.

Honda Civic i-DTEC - 1

While Honda says the 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine will find a home in the all-new Honda CR-V before its Earth Dreams Technology philosophy is applied to future powertrains, Australian-spec CR-Vs are likely to solely be powered by the 2.2-litre unit – available with an automatic transmission – to take on the likes of the Mazda CX-5 diesel.

Honda Australia expects that once the Civic diesel arrives locally, the sales split will still strongly favour the petrol variants, forecasting that of the 1400 Civics it hopes to sell per month, only around 100 will be diesel-powered Civic hatches.

Honda Australia director Stephen Collins says he vows to “make the premium between petrol and diesel models competitive”, no doubt looking at the relative premiums of rival diesels like the Mazda3 and Volkswagen Golf.

  • K c

    No automatic for the Australian market is going to hurt them…

    • ABMPSV

       I agree people will buy i30 CRDI.

      • UNHAPPY

         Well, Im not buying the CRDI premium because I cant get it in a manual here in Australia. Ill buy a Diesel Civic when its out.

    • Dave W

      What are you talking about? The article says we’ll only get the 2.2 diesel with auto. That means NO MANUAL.

      • Able

        Herp derp that’s the CR-V.

        • Dave W

           lol My bad!!

          Looks like some of us only focus on the start of the article while others on the end of the article.

    • Rocket

      Nothing beats a manual clutch when you want to have fun but in todays city traffic you have to push the clutch pedal in about 100 times to move a kilometer on the freeway. Honda has a great heritage but what the hell are they thinking lately. Dont mind the looks of the Civic hatch as it looks different from the rest of the pack.

      • Phil

        Other countrys have traffic much worse than ours, yet no one in them has a problem pushing a clutch in. They have fewer fat people too.

        • Luke Brinsmead

          LOL, true. Countries like France and Italy come to mind.

  • F1orce

    300Nm from 1.6L is very good

    • ABMPSV

      I could only find Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.6 JTDM 16V  320Nm, Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi 2WD 320Nm, Renault Mégane Energy dCi 130 320Nm with more than 300Nm. Yes Honda is very good but no auto :(

      • F1orce

        I thought in EU (where this engine is aimed at) the majority, great majority of vehicles are sold with a manual transmission.

        So no probies..

      • Phil

        Meh, I (and I’m guessing most of the people of here, considering how everyone carries on about manuals all the time) would most likely get the manual anyway, if I were in the market for the diesel Civic. No point complaining about not getting something that I would buy by choice anyway. Regardless, if Honda thinks that bringing the auto could be justified profit-wise after they start selling the manual, they’d be dumb not to bring it.

        • Phil

          *would not buy by choice

  • Mark

    I wonder if they offer the Civic 1.6 diesel in Auto form in Europe?

    • Phil

      The current 1.6 and 2.2 Civic Diesels in the UK are manual only.

      • F1MotoGP

         Same in Germany starting price for 2.2 diesel is 19500 € and top of the range is 27800 €.

  • O123

    one step forward two steps back. No auto is a big fail

    • Mark

       No auto, manual only….re-read the article!

  • Able

    FINALLY Honda! I’m a little annoyed that they’re doing the 1.6 and not the 2.2 but 3.6L/100km is excellent, and hopefully they give it more equipment than the VTi-S manual (no cruise control is the biggest fail ever). A VTi-L CDTi would be an excellent idea Honda Australia as it’s very well equipped.

    • Vti07

      VTI-L is only the mid spec in the UK (equivalent to ES).
      With the VTI-S,cruise control was deliberately omitted. Check out the NZ site, their equivalent model does have cruise.
      They should bring out the top spec EXGT and price it reasonably (HID, navi, glass roof, keyless start, radar cruise etc).

      • UNHAPPY

         TOP SPEC. Diesel manual, Id buy one then.

    • Zaccy16

      yeah 3.6 is good but the new golf bluemotion is even better!

      • Able

        The Golf Bluemotion doesn’t have 88kW/300Nm.

        • Luke Brinsmead

          True, but with less fuel induction comes less combustion with similar tech.

          • Able

            I’d rather have the extra power and at least 40Nm more torque, not to mention a 6-speed manual, and use the 0.4L/100km more fuel thank you.

      • Niger121

        Hey body

  • Vti07

    It seems like the article is not that clear. Looks like the Civic hatch diesel 1.6 L will be manual only whereas the 2.2L Diesel CRV will be available in automatic. Currently, the Civic hatch available in the UK with a 2.2L diesel in manual only.

  • save it for the track

    Accord Euro wagon with the 2.2 diesel would be good.

  • Igor

    Earth Dreams Technology.
    Haha, how do these people think up these names ?

    • Golfmother

      Wet dreams more like it .

    • Unidexter Hopping

      Yes, one from the dumb names dept! I laughed when ASUS described thier laptops as ‘heart touching’… What is it with Asian marketing?

      • Dave W

        Lost in translation mate. Heart touching could very well mean “cool”.

        Let me give you an example. Telephone in Chinese is literally “electric words”. So you can see how the meaning can get mixed up… specially if they’re too cheap to hire a proper translator who understands the nuances of both languages.

      • Luke Brinsmead

        Trying too hard perhaps?

  • Pauly

    Honda’s choice of naming their technology is almost like Japanese lost in translation to English.

    Earth Dreams Technology
    Super Handling All Wheel Drive

    Anyways back onto the Civic. Not offering an automatic is going to hurt sales in Australia. But atleast Honda Australia are trying to offer it regardless. Maybe when the face lifted model comes out in 3 years time or something they will offer an automatic?

  • Gibbut

    put that motor in a jazz and im first in line!

    • Zaccy16

      agreed, it would be a perfect engine for the jazz but they need for a civic a 100-125 kw diesel to compete with the golf tdi 103 kw, golf gtd 125 kw,mazda 3 mzr-cd 110 kw and focus 120 kw tdci

      • Richard

        The have the 2.2l diesel for that.

        • Zaccy16

          yeah but are they bringing it to aus? or just europe?

  • Unidexter Hopping

    I wish this engine was a 1.8 with 100kw or so, had no DPF and offered an auto. Honda is right, this will be a niche seller.

  • horsie

    Diesel Civic = Winner 
    great work !!


    Diesel + Auto = boring.

    • horsie

      read the article. the civic diesel is manual 

  • Doctor

    I’m curious as to why people are so enthusiastic about small diesel cars when the petrol versions are pretty economical and cheaper to buy and service. Have you all heard about such things as DPFs and AdBlue?

    • Robin_Graves

      DPF’s are not an issue if choose to not ignore a warning light.  Does the Civic use urea injection?  I dont think there are many mainstream diesels in Australia that use urea injection is there?

      • Vti07

        The Mazda diesels possibly use adblue?

        • Zaccy16

          the cx7’s diesel did but no current mazda diesel uses one, but mazda claim that the NoX emissions of the new skyactiv diesel are so low it doesn’t require ad blue

    • Dave W

      Maybe some people prefer the turbo-like torque.

      • F1orce

        Lol diesel have so much technology crammed to make them go. And even then they are sluggish!

        Turbochargers can be used for Petrol cars also!! But most of the time they’re not needed..

        Natural Aspiration FTW

        Infiniti G37 is naturally aspirated and it will blow every diesel out of he water including ‘sporty German diesels’

        Which are everything but sporty

        • Golfmother

          ROFL  , dreaming again .

    • Luke Brinsmead

      One word, torque.

  • Clem

    Not good enough. Mazda diesel 2.2L produce 420Nm.

    • Bogan

      Not good enough? Ur mothers ass can produce 1250Nm. Is that enough?

      • Nasal Explorer

        That’s one powerful donkey. Normally you’d only expect about 1 horsepower from your mother’s ass.

  • ZAP

    Honda read our previous messages from yesterday ?

  • 42 = The Answer

    Equals Mitsubishi’s 1.8L Diesel torque figure and even that engine choice is a manual only affair!

  • Aus_poppa

    I don’t know how any Australian importer can make a business case to head office for importing a manual only diesel into Australia.

    Manual only diesels – indeed manual only petrol engines – are condemned to a niche market. Just watch the take up of diesels soar once there are diesel autos available over the next few months in Mazda6, Subaru, and Mitsubishi.  

    • Luke Brinsmead

      Which Mitsubishi models?

      • Aus_poppa

        The new Outlander offers a diesel automatic