by Jez Spinks

A new world record for the number of people crammed into a Mini has been set in the UK, with a group of 28 gym members squeezing into the tiny hatchback.

The latest Guinness World Records entry for the popular feat was established by the same team of twisting and contorting all-female gym members from East Sussex who managed one less In 2011.

Faces were squashed against windows, four people were packed into the boot, and heads and feet were left hanging out of the windows as the 28 ladies used every conceivable space in the Mini to break the record.

Fortunately, the 28 ladies only had to endure the confines of the Mini for five seconds.

  • Fairlane

    Goofmother can fitt 28 guys in his Golf.

  • Notoldengland

    looked like a BMW to me

  • Mark

    28 gym members yes…but how many regular fat asses can they fit?

  • carbine

    I’m sure they’d be able to fit 1 or 2 more in if they removed their clothing…

  • Mr D

    Too bad if you’re in the middle and you get a cramp.

  • Hung Low

    The world record of 22 in the original mini is more substantial IMO!

  • Dave W

    Quick!! Someone break another useless world record by squeezing as many people as possible in a Corolla.