Pricing and specifications of the 2013 BMW 3 Series Touring have been released ahead of the first two entry-level models’ arrival here in February.

The F31-generation BMW 318d Touring and 320i Touring will be the first load-lugging variants to join the existing 3 Series sedan line-up in Australia, with the more powerful 328i Touring expected to take place at the top of the premium mid-sized wagon range from mid-2013. Sadly, BMW Australia says the 335i Touring is not on the cards for our market at this stage, but remains a chance to be introduced further down the track.

At $58,900, the new 318d Touring is $2500 more than the equivalent sedan and $4000 cheaper than the previous-gen 320d Touring. The new 320i Touring commands a $5000 premium over its sedan sibling and is $3300 more than the 320i model it replaces. By comparison, the Audi A4 Avant starts $400 lower than the 3 Series Touring, while the entry-level Mercedes-Benz C200 Estate is $1700 more expensive.

Both models team a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The 318d diesel produces 105kW and 320Nm (30kW/60Nm less than the previous 320d), while the 320i petrol generates 135kW and 270Nm – an appreciable step up from the old atmo’s 115kW/200Nm output.

The 318d Touring accelerates from 0-100km/h in 9.2 seconds and consumes a claimed 4.7 litres per 100km, while the 320i Touring sprints to triple figures in 7.5sec and burns 6.2L/100km.

At 4624mm long and riding on an identical 2810mm wheelbase to the sedan, the 2013 BMW 3 Series Touring is 97mm larger than the old wagon and adds 50mm between the wheels, designed to create more cabin space and storage.

The 495-litre boot is 35 litres larger than before, and expands to 1500 litres with the 40:20:40 split-fold rear seats pushed forwards.

The new BMW 3 Series Touring variants share similar specifications to their sedan counterparts.

The 318d comes standard with rear parking sensors, auto headlights and wipers, cruise control with brake function, dual-zone climate control, AUX/USB inputs and Bluetooth phone connectivity.

The 320i adds 17-inch ‘star spoke’ alloy wheels, front parking sensors, rear-view camera, electric driver’s seat with memory function, sports leather steering wheel and an interior lighting package.


BMW 3 Series Touring manufacturer’s list prices:

  • 318d – $58,900 (Modern/Luxury/Sport Lines: $3768.)
  • 320i – $62,600 (Modern/Luxury/Sport Lines: $3152. M Sport Package: $6844.)


Note: Overseas images of 328i and 330d variants shown.

  • Hung Low

    There is no LCT on these models because fuel consumption is under the 7.0l/100 threshold, but the greedy grubs at BMW have not reflected this in the pricing.

    • Daniel

      What do you mean? They calculate LCT based on the list price of the car, the list price isn’t affected by whether there will be LCT added or not. 

      • Subfoz

        Fuel-efficient cars (below 7l per 100kms) with a GST-inclusive value below $75,375 are not considered luxury cars.Otherwise the LCT applies to cars over the value of $57,466

  • Zaccy16

    I really like the look of this, looks better than the sedan in my opinion, more clean lines at the back, good value too in bottom spec

    • Zaccyexactlyexactly

      agree it looks better than the sedan

  • Ff_forever_8

    Australians should stop buying luxury European cars. Only way to stop us from being ripped off. My 2 cents…

    • Nc

      You sir are a idiot.

      • gg

        Nc, you are the idiot. enjoy paying up my friend

      • Englese

        Hey Nc, its ‘an idiot’ not ‘a idiot’. Clearly you’re AN idiot.

    • Phil

      What about Luxury Japanese cars? LS460 $68K in USA but $186K here?

      • F1MotoGP

        Yeah, I don’t know why he only said European luxury cars. We get ripped off on pretty much all luxury cars.

    • R10RRK

      My word ! I simply cannot believe some people. Do you understand the pleasure of driving mixed with luxury, safety and reliability? Clearly you have never been behind the driving wheel of any German luxury car to say that ! 

      I haven’t moved yet from London to Aus and whilst I own an M5, the only brand I will buy are going to be German made !
      Are you suggesting everyone to buy those Priuses, let alone not being covered in a plastic dash but also have no sense where the steering is pointing? No thanks, I love my family and would never compromise safety over anything !

      • Big

        R10RRk – just wait until you see the price on an M5 down under – costs as much as a 2 bedroom flat in notting hill.

        • R10RRK

          I am totally aware of it. I am shipping mine and managed to get a deal all for under $70K approx AUD so I am happy (there’s still some bits and pieces that needs ironing out because I have owned my car for less than one month)! Another way to look at it is that I will be earning roughly 2 times as much as now once I make my move next year. 

          Hands down to Aussies they know how to pay engineers (a LOT better than here)

      • Zaccyexactlyexactly

        because he has probably never driven a european luxury car.

        Ignorance is bliss for this guy because the benchmark is set at commodore and falcon.

        • R10RRK

          Sorry if I come across as that, but if commodore and falcon are are the benchmark then they would be selling like hotcakes globally ! 

          I think you mean the VW Golf is the benchmark and that’s accepted globally.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Adequate performance using just 4.7 litres is quite a feat of engineering. I’d go the diesel any day for that price.

    • Zaccy16

      Me too, or wait and spend the extra dough on a 328i

  • BSW

    no 320d. Disgraceful.

  • Piquetcon

    Really like the wagon, but how can they justify a $5k increase for the 320i wagon? It means the sedan is price competitive with the Audi and Merc, but the wagon is $2k+ more expensive. Also wish car review sites would understand LCT, there is not LCT until $75k if the car is under 7l, so why talk about it?

  • Bigs

    I love that Aussies get so excited about paying up for a base model Euro car. Seriously, if you lived in the UK you wouldn’t even consider a 320anything – especially at that price.

    • R10RRK

      I rather be driving a 320anything and enjoy ‘x’ times more sunshine a day/ week/ month. I am from London and its raining and gloomy as I type this now !