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The first official images and details of the 2013 Honda Civic have been released ahead of the updated small sedan’s unveiling at the Los Angeles auto show on November 29.

The upgrades, which apply only to North America and do not affect the Honda Civic sedan sold in Australia, come little more than 18 months after Honda launched the ninth-generation Civic in the US.

The updated Civic will seek to boost the appeal of the Japanese car that was widely criticised by US automotive media at the time of its original launch in April, 2011.

Honda says the 2013 Civic will benefit from “a host of safety, feature, comfort, chassis and interior styling enhancements” as it targets a younger market with a more premium product.

The Honda Civic sedan now gets a sportier front end with a larger, black honeycomb grille with a chrome border along the lower edge, clear-lens headlights, a reshaped bonnet, and a horizontal chrome bar through the lower air intake.

Redesigned alloy wheels freshen the Civic’s profile, while the rear features a new boot lid, L-shaped tail-lights, and a remodelled bumper and mesh-vented diffuser.

Full details of the North American-specification 2013 Honda Civic will be confirmed in Los Angeles later this month.

Honda Australia’s Melissa Cross told CarAdvice there were no upgrades planned for our Civic sedan, which launched locally in February and was upgraded with the Thailand-sourced Series II in July.

  • John

    The Yanks don’t like their cars subtle, from the look of that.

    • Realist

      This looks heaps better than the one we have at the moment in Australia. The one we have here has stupid looking bulges in both the headlights and the taillight which patrude awkwardly from the lines of the body work. This style looks heaps better. As long as is gets a cleaner better quality interior to go with it then this will be a great car. Like every one else who cares about Honda I’d also love to see the Coupe made available here as it would add some street cred sorly missed in the current link up!

      • Sam

         Ageed.  The current Civic Sedan is an awful looking thing.

  • F1orce

    It looks American.

    Mission accomplished. Well done Honda.

  • davie

    When the latest civic sedan came out in the USA, it was criticised as being bland and not really improving on the previous model despite being a completely new design.

    The aussie civic was launched later, so they had the opportunity to see how it was recieved first in the US. Aussie one has better front styling than the USA model.

    If anything, the US civic now looks more like the aussie one.

    • Crummydore

      Spot on – the Aussie version was a relief compared to the US one.

      This upgrade looks great… more like a Euro Accord.

      If they could get it to drive like the Euro all would be great!

      • c3vzn

        What? The Aussie version is identical to the current U.S model. 

        • Crummydore

          No it isn’t – have a look at some shots for comparison.

          The Aussie version is better detailed and has boot lid lights etc….

        • Crummydore

          Mind you, I am picking at straws here – they are basically the same, however the base model US civic’s front is much plainer.

          We should get the same looking car as this US model late next year.

  • JD

    It looks way better now. They finally got rid of the 2002-2004 Toyota Camry tail lights. 

    • 42 = The Answer

      I was going to say the same thing! It’s something that lets down the car visually so much

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    Its an improvement, though the bar was set really low, so not hard to beat. Seriously Honda, just make a UK Civic sedan and make it a global car. Theres your design problem solved.

    Interestingly, the tail lights look similar to the 2000 model US Accords.

  • RB26

    If only they start bringing this model to Oz as well…the current model is such a dissapointment compared to the model it replaced.
    And when will Honda Aust bring down the type R sedan…? Sigh…

    • Able

      The new Type R saloon doesn’t even exist because the Civic isn’t sold in Japan any longer.

  • Galaxy

    I don’t think a cosmetic upgrade will make up for the outdated 5sp auto, SOHC engine and overall lack of excitement.  Once upon a time a CIVIC was as much a talking point as the Golf is today.

    • Vti07

      At least the US get the 2.4 L version in sedan and coupe form.

      • Vti07

        China market get HID headlights and beige interior option. Even USA doesnt get HID AFAIK.

    • M.

      I always laugh when I read criticism on the ‘outdated 5 speed auto’.
      Drive the new civic and you’ll realise the auto transmission is fantastic. Super smooth gear changes, minimal gear-hunting (especially up hills etc). 6 speed isn’t necessary in a car of tha size. The Koreans over-spec everything these days, just so it looks good on paper.

      • Edward

        I think the main concern is that after 3-5 years it will become seriously outdated technology. People are already picking enough about their phones, but they only keep those for around 2 years and cost considerably less.

        My first brand new Civic in 2005 was a 5 speed manual SOHC. Its a bit odd that 7 years later in the next decade im still hearing about the same thing.

        That’s not my problem with this car anyway. I sat in one in a shopping centre and instantly felt that it was a dreadful place to be in. A lot of interior parts were also the same ones from my 2007 Type R.

        If i was to buy a new car, it needs to feel new. Everything about this car, from the styling to the technology… its all old news.

      • Galaxy

        More gears does not mean rough changes or gear hunting.  Go and drive a Civic and then drive an i30.  The Hyundai 6 speed is a delight vs Civic’s 5speed. Always picks the right gear and cruises effortlessly with low rpm and great fuel economy. Honda is having real trouble selling the Civic in Oz.  Fact is VW has taken over Honda’s aspirational position of the 90s here. Does VW spec their 7sp DSG because it just looks good on paper?  Damn it Toyota, why did you drop the wonderful 80s 4sp auto.

        • Hyundai Veloster Turbo

          I’ve heard that the 6speed hyundai boxes are totally sealed for life and the fluid can’t be replaced /topped up. Can someone find out if this is true or not?

  • Petexxy

    It Looks Korean-right?? Kia Cerato??

    • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

      Kia Cerato looks better than this. 

  • Martin

    Urgh those tail-lights are circa-90’s Korean. Geez Honda you could have been a bit more adverturous and went for full LEDs with the original design to really give it some visual appeal.

    • F1orce

       Tell me now, how many cars in that class have full LED tail lights?

  • Gavin

    Its looks are more aligned with the new North American Accord now.

  • MisterZed

    I’m not a fan of black painted alloy wheels because they look dirty – they look like they’ve always got brake dust on them. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/collin.siu Collin Siu

    It looks more mature, should age well. Australia should get this here too.

  • Thoffie

    The American car buyers should thank Hyundai for this.

    • O123

      Id just get an i30 then.

  • C M Gui

    How about bring back the HATCHBACK?
    Hatchbacks are in vogue in the USA now – witness the Subaru Imprezza, Mazda 3, Ford Focus, etc.

  • 6.4, em2 driver

    Honda, I love this design, its pefect for a young professional/small family. Please bring this form of civic to the U.K. We wouldnt mind having the coupe back too. I own a  2003 (em2) coupe and I want to upgrade but the civic hatchback design is not for my taste and the accord is labelled as an old mans car. The gap between the two is too large, this would do nicely.

  • NoCivic

    Love this new look inside out. Main problem is, by the time it reaches our shore, it will be outdated ^^ Thanks for doing such a great job Honda Aus! I am a civic fan but I simply cannot see myself in the current model car. Totally disappointed.