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Anthony Crawford

You can’t haul a computer desk around in an Aston Martin 4.7-litre Vantage Coupe or heaven forbid, the Roadster.

CarAdvice has been shooting a Full Throttle video on these two Aston Martins during the past week and as much as I enjoyed steering the Vantage box set, I can honestly say that it has not dulled my admiration for the super versatile and super cheap, Kia Rondo7


I have been trying to off-load a mint condition computer desk (which was off-loaded to me some time ago) for months now and only today found a home for it. Problem was, they needed me to deliver it.


Too easy, I told them, I’ve got a Kia Rondo7, which can transform into a bona-fide station wagon, by folding two rows of seats dead flat.

Suffice to say, the computer desk was an easy fit and delivery was completed without complication and in perfect order, this afternoon.

That’s the thing with the Rondo7 it’s not bad to look at. In fact, I’ve never had a negative comment about the styling of this affordable seven-seat people mover, especially if you go with the EX or EX-L, as we are driving.


Add to that, it’s unique ability to double as an airport shuttle or school bus, at a price near enough to one third that of the Chrysler Grand Voyager, and you have the perfect all-rounder for the budget conscious family.

Oh, I also discovered a new loose change holder today, hiding at the front of the centre console, not that this vehicle needed any more cubby-holes, but then again, I’m certain our six-year-old will find a use for it.


I can also testify that the Rondo7 has the quickest acting “fast glass’ electric windows in the business, that’s on all four windows.


The car is packed and ready for an early morning start tomorrow, as we journey north, from Sydney to the Gold Coast, for our annual summer getaway, complete with surfboard and umpteen bags of presents.

Stay tuned for an unabridged report on our trip during the first week of January.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the Crawford crew’s Kia Rondo7.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Does look OK on looks front but the interior has some cheap plastics. Given its price thats expected.
    Have fun on the Gold coast

  • http://carAdvice The Salesman

    Cupid Stunt
    Go and stick your head in a Mazda 2, and then tell me the Rondo has cheap plastics. Dare i say it here but, this is the Drive car of the year in the people mover category. And that against the likes of the Toyota Kluger.
    This has been brilliant Anthony; every Rondo customer I have had read your test while I get the car out for them to drive. (It just happens to be neatly presented on the coffee table, funny that)

  • Tom

    What is the difference between this and the sportage?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Twomey

    The Sportage is a softroader SUV, with AWD and the high suspension set-up of that sort of vehicle, while the Rondo is what Kia call a “urban recreation vehicle” sort of a cross between a station wagon and a people mover, so it has a lot of versatile load space, three rows of seats and a high hip-point, which means access is a lot easier than in a true car.

  • Tom

    Fair enough, one of my friends recently got a sportage for their ever growing young family. They are very impressed by it (much to my sarcasm).

  • GMauto

    Thats cheap plastic.. compared to expensive plastic??

  • Tom

    Generally, the cheap plastic is hard to touch, the soft plastic is considered the more upmarket stuff.

  • http://yahoo.com Sami

    I don’t understand how this car “Rondo” won an award???!!!
    It’s very “simple” and just ordinary car that I would not rave about it…
    If you compare it with the Renault “Grand Scenic” which has got 5 star EuroNcap,loaded with a lot of features and has got CLASS..
    So please get your facts right and don’t let the bribes making blind or purely STUPID..

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    The Renault Grand Scenic is how many thousands more?

  • http://caradvice.com.au anthony

    Sami, I’ll tell you how it won an award,that will be $9,000 more than the top shelf spec Rondo7 and,it comes with a better sounding audio system, and a five year warranty.

    Call it smart buying!

  • Shaye

    Hi haven’t submitted a review before but thought given my family bought a Rondo last year I could contribute. As a general rule I don’t really care about what a car looks like as long or what sterio it has as long as it is reliable, efficient and rates highly on safety. We love our Rondo and as we are a step-family with a baby and teenagers I have found the flexible floor plan great particularly as we are also renovating and doing lots of trips to Bunnings for long bits of wood/pipe etc… The 7 seats are great for car pooling kids to sport and its easy to park which isn’t my strong point! The only thing I don’t like is the foot control for the hand brake which I am now used to. I think the Rondo is the best value for money on the market and we are planning to buy a Kia for our second family car.

  • Jan van Gelder

    Just bought a KIA Rondo with 27000km on the clock it runs smoothly.
    The interior “cheap plastic” which has been mentioned is to my mind good enough to last.

    I had the windows tinted for $ 355 and a cruise control fitted which works just fine.

    There is however one negative I have to mention and that is its petrol consumption.

    KIA says that this car uses about 1 liter per 11.62km but in fact I only get 8.72 km per liter

    Can anyone explain this to me why there is a discrepancy of 2.9km to ONE liter of petrol???

    I am a normal driver who does not “Gun” the engine.

    Looking forward to your comments.

  • Charles Lacoste

    Jan that is very high. I’ve had a new one for a month now (automatic) and I’m getting 10.9km to the liter. I’d expect that to improve a little as it loosens up. My driving pattern is pretty normal too. Something must be wrong with yours. Actually very pleased with this car. Very spacious first two rows, but the third is really only suitable for kids. Cargo capacity is fantastic. And it’s very comfortable. Only real gripe is the stereo system sounds pretty cheap – looks great but the sound quality is average at best. I give the car 8 out of 10…

  • Charles Lacoste

    Some months down the road…further to the mileage issue…with almost 20,000k’s on the clock I’m pulling only a little better than the previous post. Usually 11-11.5 km per litre in mixed mode driving. However I’m happy with that given the size, comfort, and versatility of the car. It’s been flawless so far. Nothing has broken, come loose, etc. A couple minor grumbles though. The AM radio is almost useless. Range is very restricted…it flakes out long before FM stations do. During country trips, normally AM is all you can get, and this one often doesn’t get anything. I wonder if other KIA models have the same affliction because the audio units look similar. Another issue, again in the country, is it sounds fairly busy at 110kph. Really needs a fifth gear. Even better – a diesel and a fifth gear. If it had both features and a decent audio unit , for what I need in a car – it would be the ideal vehicle.