October 2012 Australian New Car Sales Figures

1 Toyota 18,584
2 Holden 10,239
3 Ford 8,379
4 Mazda 7,738
5 Hyundai 7,576
6 Nissan 6,662
7 Volkswagen 5,559
8 Mitsubishi 5,334
9 Subaru 3,203
10 Kia 2,977
11 Honda 2,852
12 Suzuki 2,034
13 Mercedes-Benz 1,927
14 Jeep 1,687
15 BMW 1,605
16 Audi 1,268
17 Great Wall 840
18 Lexus 683
19 Isuzu 611
20 Land Rover 580
21 Renault 485
22 Volvo 411
23 Peugeot 406
24 Chrysler 247
25 Skoda 215
26 MINI 200
27 Porsche 136
28 Citroen 131
29 Fiat 106
30 Opel 105
31 Dodge 90
32 Ssangyong 70
33 Chery 65
34 Alfa Romeo 60
35 Jaguar 56
36 Proton 50
37 Maserati 15
38 Infiniti 13
39 Aston Martin 12
40 Bentley 8
41 Ferrari 8
42 Lamborghini 8
43 Lotus 3
44 Rolls-Royce 2
45 Saab 2
46 Smart 2
47 Caterham 1
48 McLaren 1
49 Morgan 1
50 Hummer 0

(units sold – market share)

Light Car Segment Winners :

  1. Mazda2 (1,351 – 12.9%)
  2. Toyota Yaris (1,300 – 12.4%)
  3. Hyundai i20 (1,118 – 10.7%)

Small Car Segment Winners:

  1. Mazda3 (3,342 – 16.1%)
  2. Toyota Corolla (2,977 – 14.3%)
  3. Hyundai i30 (2,898 – 13.9%)

Medium Car Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Camry (3,379 – 54%)
  2. Mercedes-Benz C-Class (658 – 39.2% of medium car segment over 60k)
  3. BMW 3 Series (484 – 28.8% of medium car segment over 60k)

Large Car Segment Winners:

  1. Holden Commodore (2,449 – 47.1%)
  2. Ford Falcon (1,391 – 26.8%)
  3. Toyota Aurion (931 – 17.9%)

Upper Large Car Segment Winners:

  1. Chrysler 300 (220  – 70.3% of upper large under 100k)
  2. Holden Caprice (93 – 29.7% of upper large under 100k)
  3. Mercedes-Benz S-class and Bentley (8 – 19.5% of upper large over 100k)

People Mover Segment Winners:

  1. Kia Carnival (462 – 47.1%)
  2. Hyundai iMax (108 – 11%)
  3. Honda Odyssey (106 – 10.8%)

Sports Segment Winners:

  1. Hyundai Veloster (356 – 25.1%)
  2. Toyota 86 (335 – 23.7%)
  3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe (176 – 12.4%)

Supercars (200k+) Segment Winners:

  1. BMW 6 Series (19 – 19.8%)
  2. Maserati / Porsche 911 (15 units – 15.6%)
  3. Aston Martin Coupe (12 – 12.5%)

SUV Small Segment Winners:

  1. Nissan Dualis (922 – 23.9%)
  2. Subaru XV (799 – 20.8%)
  3. Hyundai ix35 (742 – 19.3%)

SUV Medium Segment Winners:

  1. Mitsubishi Outlander (1,524 – 17.2%)
  2. Nissan X-Trail (1,498 – 16.9%)
  3. Mazda CX-5 (1,190 – 13.4%)

SUV Large Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Prado (1,257 – 14.2%)
  2. Ford Territory (1,227 – 13.8%)
  3. Holden Captiva 7 (1,137 – 12.8%)

SUV Upper Large Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Landcruiser Wagon (968 – 81.3%)
  2. Nissan Patrol Wagon (222 – 18.7%)

Pickup 4×2 Segment Winners

  1. Toyota Hilux 4×4 (979 – 21.7%)
  2. Ford Ranger (672 – 14.9%)
  3. Holden Utility 4×2 (596 – 13.2%)

Pickup 4×4 Segment Winners

  1. Toyota Hilux 4×4 (2,424 – 21.1%)
  2. Mitsubishi Triton (1,889 – 16.4%)
  3. Nissan Navara 4×4 (1,742 – 15.1%)

  • MisterZed

    Chery, Geely, Ssangyong, and Proton – just give up, pack up, go home. No idea why these brands persist year after year, seriously how much profit can you make selling fewer than 100 cars a month?  I’m pretty sure that when Hyundai started here in ’86, they were selling more than 65 cars a month that Chery are selling now.

    • Amlohac

      I like this comment x1000.

    • Tangelo

      These companies provide work place for people from their company belongs…. Maybe  yes or not?

      • JooberJCW

        lol maybe a cover job for Chinese spies

    • Zzzzz

      Don’t forget to add Alfa, Jag, Dodge, etc. to that list.

      • MisterZed

        Dodge is part of Chrysler/Jeep, and their one remaining model – the Journey, sells better than the entire model range of the brands I mentioned. Jaguar, as well as other luxury makes, can sell in small volumes because of their higher profit margins. That would be like arguing that Rolls should go because they only sell a handful of cars a year.

    • MK

      It is an indication how profitable (overpriced) car sales are in Australia.

  • Guest

    Great Wall is doing well and I’m starting to worry about those death traps are more and more on the road.

    Initially I doubt that many people would buy them since they aren’t cheap, but this is really a surprising turn of events.

    For French car makers…well, you know you are in trouble when you are selling less than Lexus which is a premium brand.

    • Kampfer

      A new GreatWall is much better than those 20-30 years old rusty “death traps” that still on our streets. We should require a mandatory annual/bi-annual RWC check on all cars older than 10/15 years old. Most of the “death traps” will be gone from our road.

      • Phil

        NSW has annual checks on cars over 5 years. Makes no difference at all, go over the borders into other states and the average age/condition of the cars don’t change.

        • $29896495

          That’s a ridiculous statement. Do you realize most cars around that era are ancap 4 rated and galvanised. 

          • Phil

            What on earth are you on about? It’s a fact that NSW has annual checks. How on earth is it ridiculous statement?

            What cars are ancap 4 star and galvanised? Are you talking about cars that are 5 years old? So what if they are? It’s a ANNUAL check so cars get it at 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, and every single year they remain registered.

          • $29896495

            Wake up phil, I was referring to kampfer. Read what he wrote then read my post. I can tell you that any Euro in particular is Galvanised, and because of your rego checks has at least the basic safety requirements. If you don’t think cars of that era, had 3/4 star ratings you are wrong. What do you think, every one was driving Model Ts ten years ago?

    • Kampfer

      “really a surprising turn of events” – May be those GreatWall cars are surprising good compare to those used cars the owners otherwise have to buy with the their budget… GreatWall aren’t “great”cars (everyone know that if HiLux drop their price close to GreatWall no one will pick GreatWall over HiLux), but no as bad as some people think.

      • $29896495

        Actually had a look at a Great Wall some one purchased last year and it was surprisingly tight. Panel gaps were good, interior was neat and well made. Paint was very good, and according to the owner it drove well. He had had no problems. So, on one hand they may not be brilliant, but if the do the job for a certain segment of the market, how can you criticise. (well they aren’t the safest) but a lot better than some old buckets kicking around.

    • Thomas

      Looks like Lexus dealers have demoed a few vehicles this month. 

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    Lexus need to launch the new IS fast. The NX must have good design too if you’re going to pick up sales in their segment. 

    • Neil_Way

      Agreed. They have half the sales of Audi while remaining 1,000 behind BMW, not least mentioning the huge gap between itself and MB. New IS will need to be a smash-hit.

    • F1MotoGP

       Lexus really need a new IS. First 9 months of 2012 Lexus sold 1777 IS models.
      Audi sold 2170 A4, BMW 4421 3 series and Mercedes 6380 C class.

      • Tex

        You must remember though that development costs for them must be less though – They offer the IS250 and IS350 in 4 different specifications, and an ISF. Look at BMW, Audi and Mercedes and see how many combinations they offer… The IS does extremely well for 2 x Petrol engines and no Hybrid.

        • Phil

          Trim the C class range down to just the C200 and Merc would still get as many sales. The vast majority of C class sales are from just the C200 & it’s a similar story with the 320i in the BMW 3 series range.

  • Darryl

    Sure the Triton 4×4 Pickup (don’t you mean ute – this is Oz!) number is correct? In the Winners and Losers article, total Triton sales are shown as 1481. 

  • Phil

    How much longer is Hummer going to be included in this list?

  • pal

    Hi  Alborz Fallah, it shows 90 sales for Dodge and 106 for the Dodge Journey.

  • Doctor

    How many unsold Saabs are there? At 1 or 2 sales per month there must still be stock to last beyond 2013. Mustn’t be easy to sell a “new” car that’s over 2 years old and with no factory warranty.

  • Golfmother

    Craprice heading south fast , 300c is going to bury it .

    • Super Char

      Another nail in the Aus car industry coffin.  Even America are making better cars that Aus, that is saying something.  Prehaps Holden and Ford should give up, pack up and import like most other manufacturers.

    • Dave S

      Relax, it is a single month of Caprice sales after a competitor has been released. Lets not forget the many that get badged as Chevrolets and got to the Middle East or the ones going to the US as Ploice cars.

      • pal

         I’ve been keeping a close eye on that. The Caprice seem to be selling slightly better than the 300 but the Closely related Dodge Charger of the 300 is smashing them both in the middle east.

      • $29896495

        They are also going to release the Caprice to the US public along with the Commodore

    • Bent6brigade

      300c a cool looking ganster car.But in youtr book isn’t it DYNO. Tech.

    • 3D4

      Caprice – not bad from the outside, hillbilly standard interior (in my opinion it’s really bad for representative limo)

      300C – hillbilly limo tweaked by gypsies

      • Golfmother

        HAHA  i like that gypsies , your right both have shocking interiors , no accounting for taste buying either .

    • Shak

      The Caprice and 300 are two cars which shouldn’t be compared. Yes from the outside they match in dimensions, but if you’ve ever sat in one the space is appalling for an apparent ‘limosuine’.

      • Bigjv

        Shak idk u think what you are on about, Caprices have some on the best foot room on the market especially rear leg and shoulder room.

        • Darryl

          He means the 300 don’t you think?

      • $29896495

        I assume you mean the Chrysler – and lets face it, it is a Commodore.Falcon competitor  Hence the space compromise. Just looks big because it’s shaped like a brick.

  • GrassHopper

    Have anyone observe that most of Hyundai Veloster driver is women? I observe it’s about 90%

    • Tex

      Your point?

      • Don Quay

        It’s a girly car!

        • Tex

          I think my biggest gripe is that it isn’t a SPORTS car. It is afterall an Accent with a different body; unsure what is sporty about that?

          • Guest

            Nah, the power and torque wise, Veloster Turbo is sporty enough. 150kw is more  than 145kw of Toyota 86. 

            Of course, I would choose Toyota 86 over Veloster since it’s RWD, but Veloster Turbo is certainly a good alternative.

          • Tex

            I would like to think though that a true SPORTS car doesn’t have an un-sporty engine in any of the range.

            Like saying the Megane should be a hatch, and the Megane 265 classified in the Sports Car category?

            The 86 is a driver’s oriented car – it was designed from ground up to be sporty focused.

          • $29896495

            Other than the turbo it’s just a four door hatch with an ugly body they forgot to put one door in.

          • Guest

            Tex, you are clueless. Renault does classify their Megane 265 as “Sports Car”, even though they have standard Magane which is not sporty at all.
            Both Veloster Turbo and Megane 265 are sporty enough as Toyota 86, regardless their variants. So, stop being such a tool.

            And design is subjective matter, but I do like designs of both Veloster and 86 like many of the people who bought them and that’s why I’m considering them for my next car as well.

    • Darryl

      To be that observant you must be in the passenger seat because your wife/girlfriend is driving.

  • Devil666

    Who is buying Toyotas – and why? I don’t want to have to wear my cream pants and boating shoes  every time I run down to the corner store for some milk. Oh wait, a tight left hander! “Throw out the port-side anchor!” 

    • BIGJV

      At the motor show last week, I sat in a MY13 Camry Atara just for the lols, and tbh it was actually a nice car.
      It had a nicer interior with less cheap plastics and a more sophistacated stereo than the C200 Merc. Has nice leather seats and a stitched dash. And thats coming from a big toyota hater. The camry deserves its 3.4k sales this month and is actually the months top seller. +1 for local manufacturing

    • Phil

      Then don’t wear your creams pants and boating shoes. Isn’t that an easy solution?

      • Darryl

        And don’t drink so much milk

  • Captain Nemo®™

    Wow Skoda sales are in the toilet 409 last month 215 this month.  So much for the Broomster,Yukki and Fabia beings the cars that were going to lift sales. Time to ditch the Octavia before the warranty runs out me thinks.   

    • 3D4

      Brainless organisms can’t think!

      • Captain Nemo®™

        Now now don’t run yourself down bud.

        • 3D4

          Well before you drop such a bombshell, try to think.. Styling may be not up to everyone’s taste. But every time I hear about skoda, there is so many negative comments from especially people never drove one.. On the other hand people who own them or used to rent them in Europcar never said anything bad about it.. It’s just a fact..

          So if you really want to look like a troll with no brain and only half testicle you are doing a great job.. Bud

          • Golfmother

            Its ironic but Able seaman Nemo’s  wife has an Octavia RS , maybe she is jealous of her superior car and wont let him near it .

          • Captain Nemo®™

            So speaking the truth makes me a troll……okaaaay. such an odd universe you live in bud.  And personal insults like you’re making prove you’re the troll.

          • 3D4

            waste of time

    • JooberJCW

      Lol with names like that you can see why… A similarity to a broom, Yucky doesnt help.


    Its interesting that nobody has pointed out OPEL’s first month of sales, at 105, seems a bit disappointing considering they have some pretty nice cars

    • Popper

      I had a look at them, and they do seem nice enough. Too many nasty plastics inside, though. But the biggest issue is that they are overpriced by a fair margin …

    • Sam

      Might be due to a lack of awareness for the moment.

      • Doctor

        Or maybe because of the awareness of the previous models sold here with Holden badges. Not many would buy another one.

        • $29896495

          Not through Holden for sure. Service is S–T

  • Doctor

    Where is Mahindra – I saw a new wagon (can’t remember its name) in the next street yesterday. The people there also have a Pikup which  is about 2 years old – must think Mahindra is OK.

    • Darryl

      Maybe sales are included with tractors and other farm machinery.

  • shane

    are we not having new car sales figures for november?

  • converted

    I have both an x200 and a v200 Great Wall with a combined mileage of 35000 km and am perfectly happy with my purchases.
    I will admit that I bought on price for the X200 but I was happy enough to then buy a V200 12 months later.One thing that I and all other owners I have spoken to have agreed with is VALUE FOR MONEY !!!