Almost 4000 fewer people passed through the turnstiles of last month’s 2012 Australian international motor show (AIMS) than the Harbour City’s previous show in 2010, as a number of key manufacturers bypassed the event.

Taking over the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 19 to 28, this year’s show saw more than 40 new models unveiled but only 135,050 people pass through the doors – 3950 down on 2010.

Despite the figures, AIMS event director Russ Tyrie told CarAdvice the event went “very well”, with the exception of a power outage on the last day caused by an issue with the power grid that meant around 1000 people that were cued up could not buy tickets.

“It was the last two hours of the show’s final day, affecting only Halls 4 and 5.”

Although 27 manufacturers made the decision not to attend this year’s show, Tyrie said of the brands that did make an appearance, the reaction was “very positive”.

Tyrie also expects post-show research will match pre-show expectations that around 30 per cent of attendees came to the show because they were in the market for a new car.

Ford Evos Concept

With the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento now on holidays around Hong Kong, the Middle East and Europe, the Aston Martin One-77 back in the hands of its owner, and the Lexus LF-LC Blue concept set to make an appearance at tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup, car enthusiasts are left to start planning trips to Melbourne for the 2013 show, which runs from June 28 to July 7, 2013.

Tyrie said organisers hope to have as many brands as possible attending the event, telling us to “watch this space”.

  • OOOO

    Aaah. It’s all Fords fault.

    • Schah7

       OOOO just confirms your I.Q & mentality.!

      • OOOO

        If you couldn’t see the sarcasm in that post, then that just confirms your IQ and mentality.
        If you need me to explain.
        The amount of Ford bashing on this forum is rediculous. It’s become a trend, spawned by the morons who think they are a better class of people because of the type of car they drive.

        • Schah7

           Should ‘ave put lol after my comment. Ah your comment #2 is spot-on.
          Didn’t mind one bit “your need to explain”.
          I guess I reacted just like ya said, “Ford bashing on this forum is ridiculous”
          Nice to know I’m not the only one out there, feeling the same. Cheers.

          • UMWHAT

            should’ve or should have*

        • UMWHAT


  • Pete Petrass

    Now that each city only gets it every two years one would at least expect all of the brands to turn up.   Not really worth going otherwise and it is not really a motor show with only half the brands.


      Yep – this would be my biggest problem as well

      And then even when the brands turn up, they don’t have their best stuff e.g. VW not bringing out the new golf…

      • Monk

        You would go to a motor show to see a new Golf??? That’s kinda missing the point – but at least you are one less person I have to push out of the way to get a clear view of the Sesto Elemento et al.

        • guest

           It was easy to see the Sesto Elemento – I even got inside it with my cameras. Shame that the stand-operators went belly-up right after the show… I’ll call that one a loss, but a win in getting some unique photos.

          I got in the Jaguar F-Type as well, very nice car, I wouldn’t mind one.

          And the AMG people can have my money any day – they have me sold on that E63 with the decals. If I can sell a few more photos of famous people, I might be in one. They really know how to sell those cars – I suspect they saw the very exotic camera gear I had and figured I might be in the market for one soon.

          For me, the show was reasonable enough, but more brands, especially Ferrari would have been nice.

  • F1orce

    My main complaint about the show was the sheer number of little brat children!

    Like these 5-12yrs old kids were everywhere! Seriously wtf??

    • Jober As A Sudge

      So just like every other motor show ever held in Sydney. When i was a kid i got lost at every single motor show i got taken to. Back then it wasn’t just a glorified showroom.

    • bruzzer

      i dont see any problem with that, its a show for all people including families not just for people like you. My son loves cars…its a perfect place to take him, i enjoy it and he enjoys it and continue the family tradition of motor enthusiast.

      its not like you are stuck in a plane and have nowhere to go.

      on another note the show was disappointing, i walked away feeling short changed.

  • phillip

    Too many brands missing it’s become a joke. 


    Viva La Lexus!  

  • tsport100

    If it wasn’t for free tickets I wouldn’t go at all, although I was keen to take a Holden Volt for a test drive. Didn’t quite get around to trying the Ford Self Parking demo. The rest of the show is like visiting a car dealership full of shopping trolley hatchbacks!

  • Wile E Coyote

    For me too crowded and too expensive (admission and parking)
    You can’t get close to the exotics.A lot of brands missing which indicates they too think its a waste of money.

  • FiestaGod

    Ditto the above comments.

    Too many “ordinary cars” that you can see in any dealership on a Saturday afternoon. And repeat models – how many damn versions of a Corolla do they need to show?!

    I would rather pay an extra $10-$15 to be able to see cars like the LF-LC and One-77 up close, get inside them and have a look, and talk to the reps and listen to the videos etc.

    Not interested in going to a Motor Show to buy a car – interested in the exotic cars, new technology, demonstrations and displays that you can’t see normally.

    In my opinion they would be better to shrink it, have every manufacturer but only 2-3 cars from each – make them yet to be released models, or super cars/exotics … create some excitement and something to talk about. It would be more successful.

    • Monk

      Agreed.  I remember going to the Motor Show prior to the release of the Audi R8 and they let you sit inside it.  Unfortunately one of the only times I will sit in a supercar unless my numbers come up tonight – but memorable and the sort of interaction that I would like for my money.

      • Phil

        …. go to the dealers and sit inside them. The larger Audi dealers will have a R8 in stock and will happily let you sit inside it for FREE.

  • Jack Lewis

    Ford (Smart Drive, Focus ST, Evos Concept, Mondeo) was the only stand worth visiting.

    I love Mazda, so it was nice seeing the updated 3 MPS, but otherwise, a disappointing show. :-(

  • Dave W

    It wasn’t as good as last time but I still enjoyed it. The Lambos, One-77, LF-LC, EVOS, army of AMGs, as well as some of the hot hatches were all the highlights.

  • Guest

    Wonder how may of them will show up next time if the government doesn’t save Australia auto industry.

  • Phil

    I just go to the dealers. It’s free, not crowded, the good cars are not cordoned off, I can get REAL prices, free coffee instead of $10 cofffee, fewer/no annoying children and I can take (most) cars for test drives.

    • Dave W

      But there’s one advantage of the car show, you can compare the interior of the cars, and how it feels to sit in them when it’s still fresh in your mind.

      I walked back and forth between the Evo X and WRX when I was there.

      • Phil

        Many car dealers are in blocks. Go to somewhere like Church St Parramatta and you’ll get as many brands right next to each other as there are at the motorshow.

        If your concerned about interiors, I wouldn’t recommend either the Evo or WRX. Both are awful inside.

        • Dave W

          You still have to deal with the slimey salesman though. lol

          Yeah the interior is awful, but they offer excellent bang for back performance though.

          • Monk

            But it’s fun makling the dealers beg for your money.

  • 3D4

    They wanted to say “watch this empty space…” No?

  • Christes82

    Motor shows in Australia have most definitely past their used by date. I attended this years show with a free pass and even then I wish I had stayed home.

  • Unidexter Hopping

    The age of the car is over.., just buy a corolla and be happy.

  • Saltypigeon

    Lexus was the worst of the show. Just one concept car? Why bother showing up at all.

  • 12incher

    Waste of money and time. 

  • D Is For Drive

    IT WAS SO BORING, my dad wanted to look at a Chrysler and a Volvo neither of which were there. 

  • Norm

    It was more a random motor gathering than a show. Brands not turning up is really poor. 

  • Abc

    This is going to be my last AIMS. So disappointing and really SMALL.
    It would be more interesting to see more concept cars, not the daily products I can see on the road.
    Honestly the motorcycle show was more interesting when I watched the stunning riders jumping up and down.

  • Willy

    If BMW and Mini don’t show, I don’t show. Simple. If its not good enough for the luxury Marques, it’s no good for me. I have more exotic cars in my apartment building than this years car show.