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The Toyota Camry became the top-selling Australian-made car across the country last month, beating its locally built rivals for the first time in almost 18 years.

Toyota sold 3379 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid models throughout Australia in October, easily accounting for the next best locally manufactured vehicles, the Holden Commodore (2449), Holden Cruze (2251), Ford Falcon (1391) and Ford Territory (1227).

The only other time the Toyota Camry has outsold its compatriots was way back in January 1995, when the third-generation ‘XV10’ Camry (below) outsold the likes of the EF Falcon, the VR Commodore and the Mitsubishi TS Magna.

The Camry was denied the overall number one ranking in October by its sibling, the Toyota HiLux, which managed only an extra 24 sales for the month. October was the HiLux’s sixth month out of the past seven at the top of the national sales charts, with the market-leading Mazda3 claiming the crown in September.

The Toyota Camry is the dominant medium car in the market. Its nearest rival in October was the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which achieved 658 sales, while its closest contender in the sub-$60,000 bracket was the Mazda6 on 440 units.

Toyota Australia has sold 20,499 Camry models across the first 10 months of 2012, which, impressively, puts it 15,125 sales clear of the second-ranked Mazda6.

Sales of the Camry are up 23.1 per cent for the year compared with 2011, following the launch of the seventh-generation sedan in December last year.

The October result (up 24.0 per cent over 2011) was buoyed by the introduction of a zero per cent finance offer on Camry and Aurion models at the beginning of the month, as well as an aggressive new advertising campaign emphasising the car’s locally manufactured nature.

The Aurion enjoyed its third-best month for the year in October, recording 931 sales.

  • MisterZed

    lol, old school “Garden State” plate. I haven’t seen one of those in years.

    • Tom

      You obviously don’t live in Victoria as they’re still aplenty

      • MisterZed

        A car would have to be nearly 20 years old to still have the Garden State plates, and most cars that age have been re-registered so they have the newer plates on them.

    • Adfadfasdf

      The new school is “Vic – stay alert stay alive”.

  • Kampfer

    So 0% finance deal works for Toyota.

  • Guest

    Offering the cheapest price among the mid-size car(even cheaper than Hyundai) + 0% Toyota finance + no serious competition from the local manufacturers(Cruze is awful and small, Commodore is a waaaay too expensive, Mondeo is a joke, Falcon is good, but again too expensive).

    So, Camry champions the market.

    Holden needs to bring a car from somewhere(or develops by itself) to fill the gap between Cruze and Commodore. Not like Mondeo, but a decent looking, affordable family car. If they keep the price under $30,000 like Camry and if they built that car down under that will outsell Camry anyday.

    • F1orce

      Toyota sold over 80% more cars than Holden last month.

      The problem with the upcoming Malibu is that its essentially the same as the EPICA or epic fail which we all know how that ended.

      • Guest

        Then let the Holden go bankrupt. 

        That company simply can’t meet the demands of the market. 

        At this rate, it’s going to be pointless to pour taxpayers’ money into that giant dinosaur which refuses to give Australians what they want.

        I seriously hope other companies put poor Holden out of business and take their factories in Victoria and SA and start a new Aussie car company with a new management.

        • TG

          New Aussie company? Nahhhh… we’ll just be like Europe and have Chevrolet instead. Bogans will rejoice.

        • Aussie and proud

          how about we send the company you work for broke, then you won’t have a job, how would you like it
          There is no way we could ever start our own car company. It’s time you came into the real world and where is the evidence the Malibu is a re skinned Epica? Maybe do some research before you shoot your mouth off.
          I agree Holden is slow at reacting to the market, but ford have some of the best cars in their segments yet they struggle to sell, maybe it’s because half wits like you talk down the Australian industry

          • Sydlocal

             Ford’s biggest problem is their very ordinary marketing department and customer service, or lack there of! As you alluded to there is nothing wrong with their product range.

          • Andrew M

            Ford had a bit of a boost this month, perhaps a result of their new marketing campaign which started recently??

            I must say its been the best out of their office in a very long time

          • Guest

            Ford does have a problem just like Holden. Mondeo isn’t enough to fill the gap between the mighty Falcon and Focus.

            Here is a deal, would you buy $28,000 Camry which is built in Australian and has better fuel economy or $33,000 Mondeo which is import from somewhere in oversea.

            You know you would choose Camry. Period.

            This is why Toyota is doing better than Ford+Holden. The managements of those two companies are idiots.

          • Leesyd

            I’d like to tick the like box a million times. TG and Guest should be given a taste of their ignorance. These people are more boganish than Ford or Holden drivers anyday. We should just be greatful that society doesn’t allow them to make important decisions or we could end up being Spain, Portugal, or any number of stuffed up countries.

        • 56th

          Its not “essentialy the same”.  Its a completely different car.

      • Mr Irony

        Malibu is based on the Opel Insignia platform . Nothing to do with Epica. Do you do any research?

        • F1orce

          I know. But the EPIC FAIL perception will still come with the Malibu.

      • Dave S

        How is the malibu essentially the same as the epica, apart from being a FWD medium sedan. They share nothing. 

    • JD

       Holden is importing the Malibu which is between Cruze and Commodore in size

      • Leesyd

        Saw the Malibu at the Syd car show – Really would surpise me if it had any success in Aus. Think it will be a dud like the epica (unless it sells for under 25k drive away 

  • save it for the track

    What makes Modeo a ‘joke’? Certainly not reviews in various mags and on various websites. As an example TopGear gives Camry 11/20 and telsl motoring enthusiasts to stop reading now. Whereas Mondeo gets 15/20. I wonder how a multi vehicle comparsion with ecoboost falcon and Mondeo vs camry and aurion.

    • JooberJCW

      The only joke, is that its due for the new model which looks awesome by the way.

  • Andrew M

    It looks like cheap credit reigns supreme

    Toyota started this a couple of years back with 2.5% across the range, it worked well for them back then.
    Since then just about every other manufacturer has tried it on with similar success.
    I was surprised to see toyota take it to 0% though, but it lokks like it worked a treat for them

  • Phil

    If you add Ewwrion sales to the Crapry as they are the same car, it’s been the top seller  many times.

    • Andrew M

      Then add Territory sales to Falcon cause it also is basiclly the same car awsell

      • Phil

        Falcoone is a 4WD wagon now?

        Nonetheless, add the sales together…..oh they’re still ranked right down with combined sales.

  • Labryz

    I never thought I would say this but give me a hybrid Camry in wagon form and I would seriously consider it.

    • Golfmother

      All i see at taxi ranks are camry’s and prius , another market the crummercoons have lost.

      • Labryz

        I think that is a good reflection of the longevity of the cars.

        If taxi fleets are buying them then you can assume they would hold up to some punishment.

  • Wile E Coyote

    GM and Ford almost went to God during the gfc and in Oz they are on the brink.
    Being in survival mode means very little product and service investment and no flexible pricing to take on competitors.
    The prognosis does not look good for them but great for Toyota.
    In the UK for example where things are still tough many businesses are thriving today because the competition went broke during the gfc.
    Local GM and Ford need to convince their big head owners to fight back.And as taxpayers we deserve more from the govt handouts to them.

  • Adfadfasdf

    And that’s excluding the Camry V6.

    • Mr Irony

      No such thing currently sold.