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The Renault DCross has been unveiled at the 2012 Sao Paulo motor show in Brazil, showing fans of the French manufacturer a rugged new SUV concept.

Seemingly based on the Renault Duster (pictured bottom), the bright green four-door Renault DCross concept sits high off the ground, has a matt black rear end and chunky roof rails that flank a roof-mounted spare tyre.

Renault DCross Concept

Pronounced side skirts and skid plates front and rear add to the tough-looking exterior.

The DCross’ slender grille and headlights are joined by narrow front fog lights, larger squarer side mirrors and wheels sporting a green highlighted spoke.

Renault DCross Concept - 3

With details on the Renault DCross thin, we can only hope the funky off-roader concept eventuates into something more of a production possibility in the near future.

Renault Duster

  • Dev

    the front looks a lot like a VW

  • Thomas

    Modern Man – Make sure Renault Australia bring this one in and I’ll buy it.

  • tiddy

    Just not sure of that matt black stuff… the rest forward of that looks pretty good

  • Claude_dfraud

    P*ss off Renault…no-one’s interested in your poofy cars.

    • Golfschwein


    • Guest21

      Good onya Claudy.
      I don’t like em either.

    • UGO

      and your name is Claude…. haha

  • Golfschwein

    I like it, although it’s hard to know if it’s surprisingly large or surprisingly small.

  • grumpy

    this looks like theyre cheapo brand dacia duster sold in europe ,dressed in a new set of clothes with a higher price probably.the matt black rear end is awful.

  • Peanut

    I think it is a factory second. They forgot to paint the back part of the vehicle.

  • Claudio

    GolfschweinTop – it’s small. +- same size as Hyundai’s ix35

    grumpy – you are right. it’s a Dacia Duster. Dacia’s models, here in Brazil, receive Renault’s logo 😛 
    agreed with you.. this black rear is awful. also didn’t like the spare tire on the roof