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The 2013 Ford Fiesta sedan has been unveiled at the Sao Paulo international auto show ahead of the city-sized four-door’s international launch early next year.

The updated Fiesta sedan inherits the visual, mechanical and specification upgrades applied to the 2013 Fiesta hatch, which was officially revealed in Amsterdam in September.

The new-look Ford Fiesta sedan will bypass local showrooms, however. The slow-selling sedan was discontinued down under earlier this year, and Ford Australia’s Sinead Phipps confirmed the local division has “no plans to bring it back”.

Phipps said Ford Australia tried to make the four-door catch on, but said the sedan – which accounted for less than five per cent of total Fiesta sales during 2012 – ultimately didn’t resonate with local customers.

Ford Australia is now focusing its efforts on the updated Fiesta hatch, which is due in local showrooms around the middle of 2013.

While Australians have not warmed to light-sized sedans, the elongated four-door body style is particularly popular in markets like Latin America, India and the US, which all have a preference for more spacious vehicles.

Like the 2013 Fiesta hatch, the sedan adopts the Blue Oval brand’s new Aston Martin-style chrome-edged trapezoidal grille, along with a reshaped front bumper and bonnet and revised headlights.

The upgrades continue inside, with the 2013 Fiesta sedan sporting new display screens, revised centre console and armrest, a repositioned gearshift lever and new trim materials.

Revisions have also been made to the chassis, suspension and electronic power assist steering system, with the goal of giving the updated model a sportier, more dynamic feel.

The 2013 Ford Fiesta sedan will be offered with a 1.6-litre four-cylinder flex-fuel engine in Brazil, and is set to inherit a range of other low-capacity engines for other international markets, including the new 74-92kW 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol and the 70kW/200Nm 1.6-litre diesel.

Systems found in the new Fiesta hatch – such as stop-start engine technology, Sync in-car connectivity and Active City Stop autonomous emergency braking – are yet to be confirmed for the sedan but are expected to feature in certain markets.

  • tiddy

    It’s not a bad looker but the wheels look like they’re too small. 

    • Paul

      And the rear looks like it has been squashed between 2 buses

  • JD

    now if they were to invert that front aston martin grill, it would look much nicer

  • Monk

    Having seen the previous model on the road, it is strictly for blind drivers… hideous!

    • Zaccy16

      Yeah very very unproportioned! thank god they had the common sense like mazda to get rid of it so are eyes might repair from the awful sight!

  • IfItAintARotorItAintAMotor

    Thank god for this news.  There is not much worse in the design world than a sedan which is basically just the hatch version with the boot glued to it…

    • tiddy

      Gotta agree, although I think the current Focus sedan could be an exception to that. 

  • Peanut

    Can someone pass me a tissue.

    • Paul

      Aww Peanut, don’t cry in your kleenex  

  • Don Quay

    No great loss if it isn’t on sale locally again. These small sedans always look rather frumpy with their big bums. The Fiesta hatch is a great looking car and I saw a Mazda 2 sedan earlier today and I couldn’t help thinking it was rather out of proportion compared to the hatch’styling. I think the old Toyota Echo was probably the worst and the later Yarises (Yarii?) aren’t much better.
    The hatchbacks and small wagons are much more versatile, practical and stylish than their sedan equivalents.

    • Golfmother

      Correct small sedans waste of space , stupid yanks love sedans over the hatch , once you have  a hatch or wagon you never go back .

      • Nasal Explorer

        What you say is true, although some of the mid-size and large sedans look okay, with proper proportions.

  • Wile E Coyote

    Not keen on the severed eel head look 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=678179642 Dale Foster

    Thank **** it isn’t coming here, ugliest thing i’ve seen on 4 wheels for a while.  Current model looks the goods.

  • gt86.com.au

    Ford is goind Down Down Down
    might fast with Ugly products like this. have they been collaborating with the BMW 1 series team?

    • Wile E Coyote

      Nuh I prefer angry birds over eel heads.
      Brand styling themes clearly do not always translate for the small version but seriously some committee must stand back and say this looks good lets go to production .
      How can that happen in such large companies investing millions and surely they must not have asked their target market before committing.