Nissan is set to unveil its highly anticipated Nissan Altima V8 Supercar next week via a live stream on YouTube.

Nissan’s V8 Supercar will make use of the company’s quad-cam, 32-valve, production-based VK56 series engine, which is used in its road-going application in the new Nissan Patrol.

With Nissan’s entry (and the privately-backed Mercedes-Benz entry) putting an end to the sport’s Ford and Holden duopoly, the championship is expected to get a ratings boost next season and potentially attract a new audience.

The Japanese company’s decision to re-enter competitive motorsport in Australia on such a high level has been the subject of much debate, with many wondering if it will have any real effect on the brand’s sales performance. The company’s Australian boss, Bill Peffer, told the media at last month’s engine unveiling event that Nissan is “not gearing up to burn rubber and money” and that its involvement in V8 Supercars will help it reach the number one importer status in due course.

CarAdvice will have full coverage of the unveiling next Tuesday at 10:30am Sydney time. Fans will then have the opportunity to ask racing director Todd Kelly questions about the car.

  • Yetiman

    Can’t wait, little bit tired of watching Ford vs Holden race.

    • Schah7

       Nissan & Merc have their 5 litre DOHC 4 valve V8’s. Ford could use their 5 litre DOHC 4 valve V8 also. Humm so where does that leave GM-Commodore? Oh of course they would use their 7 litre “noah arc” OHV V8 just to be competitive.

      • Bigjv1

        Everyone knows that the bigger the engine, the better :p Who cares about this fancy DOHC

        • Joel Carson

          Formula 1 uses DOHC. WHy don’t they use pushrod OHV? So you know more than this F1designer. Sound s like you should be Ferrari or Lotus team boss.

          • Fairlane

            There was a rumor going around saying that in inital testing the nissan 5.0 was 75hp down.

          • Schah7

             Exactly Joel these “Briggs&Stratton” boys think cause GM/Holden does it, its right & no one else has any idea.!
            Like er Ferrari, Lotus & virtually every other car designer/manufacture for that matter.

      • Karl Sass

        Why would Holden use an engine design that’s lighter and has a lower centre of gravity than a DOHC engine for racing. Silly buggers!

        • Schah7

           You sound So desperate in your answer Karl. Any so-call advantages don’t ever come close to the additional advantages gained by DOHC/4 valve.
          You/GM are the only [as you put it] “Silly buggers”

          • Karl Sass

            No need to get personal. You can turn out all the ‘noahs arc’ stuff, but the engine is lighter and has a lower centre of gravity, simple facts. I would agree that overall in a racing application a DOHC engine is probably slightly faster. Time will tell.

  • super_hans

    I still don’t agree with racing cars that dont at least follow the same drivetrain layout and engine configuration as the production model. I get that racing cars are far removed from their road going counterparts these days but at least try to make a connection (they could’ve raced the Infiniti M)

    • Sydlocal

       The thing is the V8 Supercars haven’t followed the same layout as the production model since day dot so nothing has really changed… :-)

      • super_hans

        Last I checked Ford and Holden still offered front engined, rear-drive V8s.

        • Sydlocal

           Last I checked Ford and Holden didn’t offer a 5L pushrod V8 with sequential manual gearbox and a solid/live rear axle and haven’t for quite some time. Or the approx 100mm shortened rear doors, wheelbase and lowered roof etc etc. I also haven’t seen a Commodore with a double wishbone front suspension either…

          Hence why I said it isn’t much different in the fact that just like with COTF, the current cars only happen to resemble what the public can buy from the dealer, just not quite to the same extent… 😉 😉 😉

          • super_hans

            I knew someone would push this point, as I said in my original post I’d prefer the basic drivetrain layout and engine of the racecar to resemble a car the public can buy, of course there will be differences. An SS Commodore or FPV GT have a lot more in common with their respective V8 supercars than a front wheel drive 4 cylinder altima, especially when the Infinity M already meets that criteria

          • Sydlocal

             I thought the multiple winks etc would have given it away that it was all said in jest!

            Using the basic drivetrain layout angle an AMG E63 for example has just as much in common with the current V8 supercar as an SS and FPV GT (RWD and V8)!! Actually, a Lexus ISF would have more in common because it has the same capacity V8 as the V8 supercars, unlike the Commodore, Falcon and AMG E63!!! That is if engine capacity can be considered as part of the basic drivetrain layout?! How about suspension configuration?  😉 😉 😉 TIC.

            Seriously though I understand what you are getting at, however I still think that realistically those days went many years ago. This is only my personal opinion and I don’t totally disagree with your angle either. Plus Tony Cochrane made sure that the production car series etc didn’t get too popular either. That man has ruined club and intermediate levels of motorsport in this country. I’m glad he is gone.

          • Andrew M

            Umm the FPV roadgoing version runs a 5.0L also.

            I also fail to see how Tony Cochrane ruined other levels of motor sport.
            All he did was push one single category in a direction to make it more sustainable and popular.

            He didnt take anything away from any sort of club racing, I dont know where you get your ideas from
            Thats like saying the bild up of state of origin to todays popularity has taken away from club football

  • Golf

    Hope both Audi and BMW will join….

  • PKeane

    the only reason Ford cant use their 5 litre DOHC V8 is because GM dont have one and we all know V8 Supercars pander to what Holden want……..

    • Horsie

      all engines are tuned for parity anyway , and maybe the pushrod engine is more reliable

      • DoubleBlue

         Push-rod ohv valve more reliable Hu. Well GM/Holden is about the only one that has to prove THAT point cause NO other manufacture uses it. They have ALL long more on from it.

    • Mad Max

      GM run a DOHC V8 in the top level Corvette and could run this if they really wanted to. However it would require a fair bit of work to make it competitive and at the end of the day what would they gain? The current engine benefits from all of the work done in NASCAR and because of this it’s realativley cheap. All of the teams look at cost vs benefit and changing to the DOHC Ford or Chev engine will cost a lot and for what benefit?

      • Schah7

         The Corvette had a DOHC engine about 20 years ago but they[GM] had no idea on how to develop it because they have had no experience on how.

  • Rocket

    Nissan must be delusional if they think this will increase their sales in OZ. Falcon and Commodore sales have been in steady decline ever since this V8 Supercar series started.

  • Konvou

    if you really want paraty there should be an equal number of makes racing ,,, noy 15 holdens,10 fords,2 nissans,2 mercs  … just my 2 cents worth

    • JamesB

      Isn’t it 4 Nissans?

      • Mad Max

        Correct. Rick and Todd Kelly, James Moffat and TBA

        • Monk

          That TBA is an awesome driver

        • Schah7

          James Moffat going to FPR with Pepsi backing sorry Mad[about right]Max

          • Andrew M

            Pepsi is apparently the Sponsor for cars 5 & 6
            FPR’s other cars will be 55 & 56 and it will be
            #55 Bottle O……………… Reyonlds
            #56 Monster Energy …….Chaz Mostert who has had a blinder in the development series.

            The #56 REC isnt owned by FPR, it is a customer entry owned by Charlie, he has named dropped a few possibilities, none of them were Moffatt, and he pretty much said it was Mostert that impressed him most

          • Schah7

             Sounds more like “Silly Season” with sponsors than it does drivers.!

          • Andrew M

            Because it is the sponsors going crazy this time around.
            Even Vodafone are doing the Bolt, it will be 888 Redbull sponsored next year if you havent heard.

            Jim Beam are also said to be not returnng to DJR

            The only unchanged entry as far as driver, sponsor and team go might be the Bottle O Falcon and Maybe HRT

        • Andrew M

          Rick, Todd, Moffatt and Caruso is said to be the Kelly racing Nissans, Moffatt will take the Norton Sponsorship with him

    • Andrew M

      It will actually be 14 Holdens, 7 Fords, 4 Nissans and 3 Mercs.

      Parity has nothing to do with quantity of entries, its to do with individual performance, other wise where do we draw the line on numbers, do we then say each team must also have a set number?

      • Andrew M

        There is also a rumour growing that it may be 15 Holdens and 6 Fords as Paul Morris is said to be considering taking his REC back over to Holden to link up with LDM

  • Kieran

    This engine looks like a nice upgrade for your new V8 Nissan Patrol. LOL.

  • Dave W

    Is it possible to buy one of these race engines and plonk it inside a production car?

  • Tim

    Baby steps by those who control racing. I stopped watching when they started, effectively, forcing teams like Nissan and Mazda to put sandbags in their boots, then banned them outright. Since then , we’ve been stuck with Black & White Cabs -v- Yellow Cabs. Boring as…

    I’d like to see mainstream racing here become more open, with teams from Nissan racing GTR’s, teams from Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, BMW etc all racing their best. They can include a category for naturally aspirated V8’s to suit the present Super V8’s if they wish, within the Open category. I’d just love to again watch the Big Race and see a works GTR blow a taxi into the weeds down the main straight. Wonderful sight indeed.

    • trololololol

      The exact idea you suggested existed years ago. But the GT-R’s where so dominant that they banned them… i dont know how it would work again. But if you like seeing lots of diff cars competing i would recommend going along to watch one of the major Targa events that are held in various states. It is mostly road rally time trial stuff but some of the cars are incredible!

  • Rickdingo

    whats the fuss about? all the cars are basically identical under the non standard exterior panels…..and performance criteria has to be the same…… how hard can it be for anyone to bolt a few panels on ?

    • trololololol

      Gee you must be fun at parties…..