The Volkswagen Taigun concept has debuted at the 2012 Sao Paulo international motor show in Brazil, giving the world its first look at the German manufacturer’s upcoming new-generation baby SUV.

Tipped to enter production in either 2013 or 2014, the Taigun will sit below the Tiguan in Volkswagen’s global showroom, targeting the likes of the Ford EcoSport, Holden Trax, Nissan Dualis and the Subaru XV in the compact crossover market.

At 3859mm long, 1728mm wide, 1570mm tall and riding on a 2470mm wheelbase, the Volkswagen Taigun concept is 568mm shorter, 81mm narrower, 116mm lower and 135mm shorter between the wheels than the Tiguan, making it similar in size to the Mini Countryman.

The Taigun’s tiny 1.0-litre three-cylinder direct injection turbocharged petrol engine produces 81kW of power and 175Nm of torque, motivating the 985kg four-seater from 0-100km/h in 9.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 186km/h.

Efficiency is also impressive, with the concept’s combined cycle fuel consumption rated at just 4.5 litres per 100km.

Volkswagen says the Taigun’s relatively torquey engine, high ground clearance and lower-body protection also gives it some off-road ablity.

The designers describe the styling as “independent, confident … logical and clean”, combining the bold horizontal lines already seen in the Tiguan and Touareg with strong wheel arches for a mature attitude and a chunky stance. Short overhangs and LED lights contribute to the modern look.

The cabin teams spaciousness and practicality with an emphasis on technology designed to appeal to smartphone and tablet users.

The boot swallows 280 litres of luggage and expands to 987 litres with the rear bench folded down, while a series of stowage bins add to the Taigun’s practicality.

A touchscreen panel dominates the minimalist dashboard, while the combination of crisp white, blue, yellow and satin chrome upholstery and trim bring light and life to the cockpit.

The Volkswagen Taigun is tipped to start below $25,000 when it reaches international markets in the coming years.

  • Crummydore

    Tonka tough!

  • Pauly

    Sigh… No option of AWD and no other engine options? Pass!

    • Monk

      So – a VAG Jimny without the redeeming feature of offroad ability?
      Obviously it will sell well to those who crave a pointless fashion statement.

      • Karl Sass

        That’s a big market unfortunately. 

      • Igomi Watabi

        I’m actually a bit of a Jimny fan. It’s offroad ability with some civil road manners might have been a good thing. And the styling of this thing is spot-on, I like it. So, yeah, opportunity lost.

  • Marcuspetraska

    another little car with offroad styling but no ability to do so… *sigh*…

  • Monk

    More sighs here than a K-Pop festival

  • Zaccy16

    Looks  cool in a weird sort of way, engine sounds good but it should have the option of 4×4

    • JooberJCW

      With that little petrol engine and torque theres probably no point of 4x4ing in this car.

      • Zaccy16

        yeah your probably right

      • Igomi Watabi

        see reference above to Suzuki Jimny. Dud car day-to-day maybe, but great off-road and a little engine.

  • Dave W

    The name is as creative as the design. What’s next? Naugit? Guntai? Guanti?

    • Mike


  • Charlie

    Looks a bit like the Jeep Compass.

  • O123

    This thing is gonna sell!

    • Dom

      Can’t see the appeal

      • JooberJCW

        On an assumption, if the UP sells well, this should too.

  • Golfschwein

    A pleasing little thing. Of course it’ll sell!

    • Golfmother

      Sure will sell , when you look at that holden trax junkster , this is light years ahead , love the interior .

      • Zaccy16

        Exactly, this is in a different league compared to the trax

        • Zacysmother

          B1 and B2 above, are you thinking what I’m thinking? VW and gay sex time

          • Zaccy16

            You can’t even spell my name correctly!

      • Chris

        Disagree about the interior , a bit too storm trooper for my tastes , thought that VW would know a bit more about restraint , the exterior though is nice though .

  • Legnub

    Front end looks kind of like the Grand Vitara , overall it looks allright , hope they improve the interior in the production model – too much storm trooper going on . as for the hidden rear door handle , well , it’s been done and abandoned by others already , now it’s VW’s turn .

  • Golfmother

    Ohhh oh more VAG, I will blindly say this is brilliant, class leading, innovative and other boring words.
    I am a robot, I am a robot, brrrrhhhh, brhhhhh, neeerrrttt neerrttt, ssshhhhhh

    • Golfschwein

      If you’re a robot, can’t you program yourself to avoid VW articles altogether?

  • Golfmother

    Nemo  another new name , very original .

    • Captain Nemo®™

       Bungle as i have said many times before you’re the only one who trolls CA under several different user names. Maybe you should have chosen Liz Taylor instead of Golfmommy.

      • Golfmother

        Your boyfriend twin banger is trolling along with you tonight i see , or is it legnab so many names you must get confused .

  • F1orce

    I don’t know what to call this.. Doesn’t look like a car, nor does it look like an SUV..

    This is as useless as the BMW X6

    German’s are the masters of useless niche.. Or do VW’s plans involve making this the top selling car, errr SUV?..

    • Guest23

      …& F1orce is the master of mindless drivel…

    • Golfmother

      Might be more usefull than  a Rukus , and that is one ugly car, F1orce .

    • Asdfasdf

      Yet another useless car, but these are hardly restricted to Germany:

      Honda HRV? JAPAN
      Honda Z? JAPAN
      Suzuki X-90? JAPAN
      Daihatsu Terios? JAPAN
      Holden YG Cruze ? JAPAN
      Subaru XV? JAPAN
      Hyundai Tuscan? S’KOREA
      SSangyong Korando? S’KOREA
      Pontiac Aztec? USA
      Ford EcoSport? USA
      Peugeot 3008? FRANCE
      Citroen Aircross? FRANCE
      Fiat Palio Adventure? ITALY
      Skoda Yeti? CZECH

      • F1orce

        The Subaru XV is at least agile & nimble

        The X6 is fat, useless, overweight & ugly

        Typical German traits

        • Asdfasd

          AHAHAHAHA, so if you wanted a agile & nimble car, you’d go for the Subaru XV? A small 4 cylinder car on cheap tyres that weighs 1420kgs and has raised suspension?
          I’d like to see you drive one and keep up with a GERMAN BMW 118i or even a X6. X6 is a stupid car, but read any review and you’ll find it showered in praise for it’s agility. Care to reference a review that says otherwise?

          How about all the other NON GERMAN cars in that list? Can’t defend any of them, yet can only come up with two German cars to justify your ridiculous claim that all German cars are “fat, useless, overweight and ugly”?

          Go back to salivating over the Hyundai i45 or the “elegant” Corolla.

        • Jack

          so you like to make brainless comments about typical German traits. The only thing that is clear to me is that the commentator is brainless.

      • Golfmother


        holden craptiva
        holden trash

        • Golfmother


          I had one good experience with a Korean. It turned out she had a gear stick, I’d never operated a manual before but once I had a go i loved it, the feel as it enveloped me, I’d never go back it converted me

      • Igomi Watabi

        How does the Honda Z remotely fit into this list?

  • save it for the track

    Taigun – anagram of Tiguan What’s next a VW Flog?

    • Mike

      Yes, followed by a VW Loop and a VW Patass.

  • twincharger

    Vw are now the masters of uglyness and bad styling these days.What you recon rolfmother..

    • Golfmother

      Twincharger/barry the lawnmower driver/aka 6 pack , this runs rings around the holden trax/trash for looks , maybe daewoo needs some new designers .

      • F1orce

        HAhahaa TRAX/TRASH, that’s priceless right there!

      • Karl Sass

        The only way you can justify this is by saying it’s better than a Trax lmfao!

        • Golfmother

          Dont need to say more , Daewoo vs VW,  no contest .

          • Robin_Graves

            Actually the Daewoo is probably slightly more reliable and a whole lot cheaper.

  • Captain Nemo®™

    Another polished turd from VeeDud that will break down and fall apart just like all the other junk they build.  At least with the raised ride height the tray-truck drivers will not have to bend down so far to attach the tow hook. 

    • Karl Sass

      Should come with a winch on the front of it lol

    • Golfmother

      Second mate nemo , damn it we all still waiting for ours to fall apart/explode .

      The only cars i see on twin charger/barrys tow truck are crummers and daewoos .

      Sorry your twin charger or is it legnab now , so many names .

      • Dom

        Lucky you get rid of your VWs before the warranty expires so you don’t have to experience their failure! What is it…4 Golfs in 10years? Smart move

      • Igomi Watabi

        now be honest. When was the last time you really saw a Daewoo on a tow truck?

  • John

    Why does the website even bother with comments? They just get overrun my morons! 

  • Unidexter Hopping

    It needs a boot capacity of 100 litres to be a true VW SUV.

  • Jack

    Unlike in AU, off-road ability is almost completely irrelevant in Europe and urban areas of the USA. So, yes, it’ll sell … pretty much everywhere …

  • sahil

    This car is useful all off roading …………