The Opel Cascada mid-size convertible has been revealed ahead of its European launch at the beginning of 2013.

Rising to the top of the German manufacturer’s line-up, the Cascada combines elegant styling with a classy four-seat cabin and a series of advanced technologies.

At 4697mm long and 1840mm wide, the Opel Cascada is almost identical in length to the (likely more expensive) Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet and 54mm wider, promising generous interior space for four occupants.

The Cascada’s soft-top roof (available in three colours) can be opened at the touch of a button at vehicle speeds up to 50km/h in 17 seconds. Boot space decreases from 350 litres to 280 litres with the roof stored, but the 50:50 split rear seats can also be electrically folded to open up a longer and more accommodating load space.

Four turbocharged powertrain options will be offered initially: three petrol and one diesel. Two tunes of a 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol – producing 88kW/220Nm and 103kW/220Nm – are teamed with a six-speed manual transmission at the budget end of the range, while a 125kW/280Nm 1.6-litre unit offers more performance when teamed with either the manual or the optional six-speed automatic.

The sole diesel is a 2.0-litre engine that generates 121kW of power and 380Nm of torque. Opel says more powerful petrol and diesel engines will be added to the line-up further down the track.

The body of the Opel Cascada is 43 per cent stiffer than the brand’s previous-generation cabriolet, the Astra TwinTop, and works in tandem with the HiPerStrut suspension layout that was originally developed for the Insignia OPC performance sedan.

The Cascada also integrates a fully adaptive chassis control system, as well as a suite of high-tech safety and convenience features, including adaptive headlights, rear-view camera, blind spot warning, and the second-generation Opel Eye forward-facing camera with traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, following distance indication and forward collision alert.

Full prices and specifications will be revealed closer to the launch of the Opel Cascada in early 2013.

Opel Australia says it likes the look of the Cascada and is considering adding it to the local line-up, but has made no firm decision on its introduction at this stage.

  • AndyGF

    Best looking four-seat drop-top ive seen in a while… maybe even ever.

    • Zaccy16

      agreed, it actually looks in proportion, someting the horrible focus convertible, megane convertible and the list goes on

      • Phil

        Don’t forget the horrible Eos or Golf convertible. U-G-LY

  • O123

    Opel needs to stop pussyfooting around and bring this straight here. 40k for the base model sounds about right. While their at it bring the adam, meriva, zafira and mokka as well!

  • jon_leong

    This looks miles better than the Eos thing. Bring it in!

    • Captain Nemo®™

       Well said mate makes that steaming pile of dog’s mess the Pee-os look even more ugly and dated.  VeeDud should be very worried about this beauty. 

  • Shak

    Wow! The only thing they really need to work on is cutting down the amount of buttons in their interiors.

  • Crummydore

    Straight up this is a good looking car.

    If this is from what I understand the European version of the Cruze,
    then what a brilliant job from a design point of view they have assembled!

  • Blair Waldorf

    Amazing looking car! It has a very premium look and an interior to match. Interesting that dimensionally its as big as an A5 convertible.

    BUT the name kills it, ‘Cascada’ is a German electro-pop singer that people listened to when i was in high school, atleast Opel has some songs to play in the ads…

    • Force-15

      I heard somewhere that Opel used the name ‘Cascada’ because it is Spanish for ‘waterfall’.

      • Opelman

        Yes that is correct. It’s certainly not named after a pop singer LOL!

  • Pauly

    Not bad Opel! Definitly the best looking 4 seater convertible ive seen!

    Opel Australia! Get this car here now! And while your at it, bring in the Adam and the Mokka!

  • $29896495

    I’m not into convertibles, but really is the best example I’ve seen. Looks great.

  • Sam Moss

    The perfect convertible, beautiful design. Bring it here asap!!!

  • Kit Ho

    can’t believe how perfect the shape of the canvas roof is, and i can’t believe how many manufacturers get it wrong

  • Captain Nemo®™

    Awesome looking convertible makes the junk VeeDud dish up look even more mediocre than what it is.
    Should be more reliable than the Pee-os & Rolf too. 

    • Golfmother

      Yet to see an opel convertable that has not shaken itself to bits , VW are masters of a well built drop top .

  • twincharger

    Wow outstanding looks,been really impressed with everything ive seen from Opel so far.

  • Brian

    Not really feeling it. 

  • Kenaudandtoby

    One question I would like to ask you auto buffs, I notice Opel now have their own show rooms in Australia  are they still under the GM banner or have they gone solo. Now being the onwer of the first model Ford Focus Cabriole hard top which my wife is very impressed with.just dont let anyone rear end you because their is no one in australia that can put them back together so does that mean buy looking at the Cascada with its soft top is it the way of the future with convetiables.anyway being a FORD man all my life yes the Cascada will be getting a five star from me it has very beautiful lines & being German what more can you ask for ( Hal did they loose the war )

    • $29896495

      I’m a Ford guy, but not absolutely, and I’m definitely not a convertible guy, but this is a stunning car. As is the OPC, at this point my next car some time in the future.

      In regards to Opel, they are still under the wing of GM, but the gossip says for not much longer. Though with them putting out cars like these, some one my slap the yanks and wake them up. Which may not be a good thing.

    • Leesyd

      Unfortunately Opel is still under the GM banner. GM with the very poor decisions during the Bush years nearly destroyed the marc. Today Opels (esp the Insignia) are manufactured and sold by Buick in the US and China in the hundreds of thousands But Opel is pretty much restricted to Europe and Africa (woopee)

  • tiddy

    A beautiful looking car, inside & out, & it’s not often that can be said about any car, let alone a car in this price range.

  • O’hair

    That was a very funny nickname “Pee-os”