The global president of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) says his company currently has no plans to create a small sports car to rival that of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

Speaking to the Australian media at the Sydney motor show today, Osamu Masuki, said that Mitsubishi engineers are very keen to make a small rear-wheel drive sports car but the financials need to add up.

“Our engineers are very, very keen to make that (sports car). Our engineers are very prominent to investigate new technologies, but to use that technology they are not that good to bring the revenue or make money.” He said lightheartedly.

Mitsubishi has a rich history in sports car development, with the iconic Lancer Evolution now in its tenth iteration and still regarded as one of the best driver’s cars in its class. The company has also built models such as the front-wheel drive FTO sport coupe and the most serious of all, the AWD Mitsubishi 3000GT (GTO) which was built from 1990 to 2001.

Masuki admits that Mitsubishi is looking to use as few platforms as possible to create as many models as possible and therefore needs to justify the development cost and return on investment of a sports car.

“We have to identify if it is really feasible economically, we are thinking of just sharing just one platform to achieve various models.”

Nonetheless, there’s still a possibility that a business case could be made in the future. Even if Mitsubishi has to do all the work itself, which is unlike Toyota and Subaru as they shared the development cost and resources for the joint venture.

“I won’t say no to a small sports car but at the moment we have not decided on any particular model”.

Do you think Mitsubishi needs another sport car or is the Lancer Evolution enough?

  • Vti07

    The 2.0 v6 mivec in the fto has a nice roar at high rpm especially with aftermarket exhaust.

  • Sally

    bah, what happened to Nissan’s rival?

    • Kyle

       It’s called the 370z. What about it?

      • JooberJCW

        no. 370z is not a budget sports car. its RRP is beyong the 50K mark.


    “Our engineers are very, very keen to make that (sports car). Our
    engineers are very prominent to investigate new technologies, but to use
    that technology they are not that good to bring the revenue or make
    money.” typical baby gloomer mind set…those 70 yrs old  japanese engineers of course would be more interested in luxury no-fuss MPV rather think of building a cheap exciting sport car…Japanese population is aging but the rest of the world is not! no wonder the japanese car industry going downhill since 90’s

    • AndyGF

      Ditto… Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • $29896495

        well put

  • save it for the track

    No mention of the Starion in this story? Surely the Starion was closer in size to what an 86 is now and was RWD. A 3000GT was a larger and more expensive vehicle than an 86. Not to mention that the basics from the engine in the Starion continued on through Galant, and into EVO. Granted the Starion was considered a GT (rather than a small sports car), but certainly closer in size than offering up a 3000GT. And in terms of small coupes that were actually sold in the Australian market, no mention of the FWD Cordia ? Remember FTO was only ever a grey import in Aus. I’m fairly sure there would have been more Cordias and Starions on Australian roads than FTO’s and 3000GT’s (and the few grey import GTO’s floating about) . No doubt there are likely more FTO’s available online for sale now than Cordia/Starion (most of which would have been written off).

  • Noddy of Toyland

    And the Eclipse, just retired in the USA? That car looked great but was far too heavy.

  • O123

    I really dont think mitsubishi has any idea what they are doing. Mazda seems to be the only jap company really pushing the boundaries.

    • trololololol

      Well worldwide they are down sales wise, its only here in aus that they are making positive year on year sales results. So….pushing the boundries of financial failure but not much else…….

    • Kaas

      define pushing boundaries…

      globally Mazda hasnt progressed much… in Oz.. yes but thats like 10% of there market.

      • HSC marker

        You mean “their”?

      • $29896495

        How are Mazda pushing the boundaries  They have some very nice sedans, the aging MX5, they dropped the RX8. What’s new and innovative in the sports segment from them?

  • mitsubishirocks1

     Mitsubishi needs to listen to the customer and stop trying to copy what Nissan and Toyota are doing. e.g. making electric or hybrids cars The people want affordable sports cars that make you feel like your a genuine sports car driver. If only this president was as good as the president back in the 90’s when Mitsubishi’s was at the top of its game…

    • SaderX

      True, but I don’t see the problem as big as people keep talking about it. There is no wrong in making hybrids/ electric cars, as you don’t just throw $50 in and expect a brand new working system by tomorrow, since it take a lots of time and money to get it right and petrol price will rise, the only question is will it become “The Problem” within our life time, as it had proven that people are downsizing in both car and engine size, so I don’t see the problem when they are just getting a head start compare to other company. Just hoping that Mitsubishi will start climbing on this well that they dig themselves in to or I should say all Japanese car company, as I can see Toyota whom had dig the deepest started to climb with their 86 release.