Mitsubishi is expected to launch the next-generation Mitsubishi Triton ute in 2014, six months before the all-new Mitsubishi Pajero large SUV is scheduled for release.

Mitsubishi has also confirmed that the next-generation Triton will be developed and designed independently without any partnership with Nissan, as had been rumoured.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) president, Osamu Masuki, confirmed at today’s Sydney motor show that the next-generation Triton is already in the works and that the popular ute is expected to debut in 2014. It remained unclear as to when during that year the vehicle would be ready, which may mean the Pajero’s release gets pushed to 2015.

So far this year over 14,000 of the Thai-built Triton 4×4 and 4×2 variants have been sold in Australia but the model is facing tough competition from newer rivals such as the Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 and the Volkswagen Amarok.

As for the Mitsubishi Challenger SUV, Masuki confirmed that an all-new version is under development as part of the Triton family. He admitted that the Triton-based Challenger sells best in Asian markets as well as Russia. It remains unconfirmed as to when the next generation Challenger will be unveiled, but we suspect it would be in 2015 following the Triton’s launch a year earlier.

The decision to stick with a ute based SUV is a different approach to Nissan, which earlier this year unveiled a new and softer Pathfinder model which shares little with the Navara ute.

  • jekyl & hyde


  • Tangible

    There is no decent domestic (Japan) market for these cars any more.
    The main markets are Russia, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America now.So I hope MMC put all they have and make bigger, quieter and refined all better totally new Pajero and Pajero Sports.It’s icon and halo car of Mitsubishi anyway.
    And I really hope new Pajero gets 3.5 V6 Turbo diesel as some rumour site said.

  • Abdulaziz Yousef Aleisa

    Good work MMC,

    We need strong reliable vehicles as the Pajero! it is a powerful SUV for offroad and onroad use must of the new SUV are actually CUVs, there for it is not selling (what is the point of manufacturing an SUV Cannot be used for OFFROAD!!!! ) that’s why many payers think they want the SUV because it is BIG! and cool looking not because it is half offroad and half on road!

    What I am going to do with a quit bigger SUV (CUV) if all the payed amount gone to a onroad use?? that’s WRONG   and this how car manifacturers are making more money by selling low cost (CUV + Fake 4WD/AWD) for high prices because a MOM or a Mom like! want to Look cool riding an SUV like (CUV) 

    Please keep it as it is MMC! you are doing a great job good thinking know in our market your numbers are growing there for please don’t listen to those week hart (wana be like…) customers keep it real!! 

    Example of a FAKE SUV = Ford Explorer (2012) Hyundai Santafe…
    Example of a Real SUV = Pajero/Pajero sport – Toyota LC/LC Prado – JEEPs – Nissan Patrol/ Pathfinder…

  • Gugulimagooli

    Pajero is a great SUV, but the looks are very outdated, the current design would have been fantastic 10 years ago, but these days with all the Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, even hundai and kias, the look of pajero is boring and old style. It is time for a new design Mr. Masuki.

    • Gogo

       I would not say that Pajero looks outdated. It is mussle car, for a real man. Mitsubishi should follow this line. They could update the car with new engines and maybe some intreior design improvements. Big changes are not needed. For example, the new Pathfinder is something which they do not have to do. This is not the legendary model of Nissan anymore. This is more Hyundai, KIA or Lexus.

      • outback_dreamer

        I have been driving my Pajero NW for a year and agree the shape is a little old however I find the depth of the boot areas very handy of the fridge and camping gear.  The car is not exciting however very reliable. Love it. 

    • paj owner

      l would like Mitsubishi to redesign the rear door to a 3/4 and reposition the spare wheel so when you have a trailer connected you can access the rear of the vehicle a bit easier and not hit the door on the drawbar of the trailer.

      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

        Good point about the rear door paj owner. IMHO Nissan Patrol rear door is a beauty. Also like to see MMM do away with that weird plastic cover on the Paj and go with something conventional that allows shovels etc to be attached

  • Davo

    Bring on the new Triton my ML has been fantastic its been around Aus never missed a beat towing a caravan (2.1 Tonne).It out porformed my mate Hilux towing and off road. I hope they put in better seats the new model.

  • red centre

    I had my triton for 2.5 yrs. I would  trade and up date my current triton really, its been very reliable and suits all my off road and on road needs i.e. size, power and economy. Looking forward to seeing what develops with the proposed 2014 model. the triton could do with developing the outside appearance just a little so that we don’t get stuck with the same looks, I think pajero is caught in this mode.

  • Bryan

    Finally, a new Pajero! I wonder if Mitsubishi will offer a diesel V8 in this one to keep up with the other large 4 x 4’s out there?

    I wonder if they will option the Triton with the shorter tray again? I know that the longer one is better for carrying pallets and things but it ruins the proportions of the car and [I don’t think] looks as good as the original shorter tray.

  • Gerdi

    Hi,thank you Mitsubishi for your relaible vehicles. I myself are driving my fourth Mits product.Started with Colt Rodeo 3.0V6 A/T,Pajero iO,Clubcab and now again a Rodeo 3.0 A/T(South Africa) I used to sell Mitsubishi products for 10 years.Engines are very relaible.You don’t change winning recipes.Pajero shape are a bit outdated,but still good looking.I like the new Facelift Triton launched here in SA.Will one day have my own.Thank you MMC

  • Nathan

    I’m pretty excited about this new look Pajero. I currently drive an exceed, 2012 model and out of all the cars I’ve ever owned, the Pajero is the most reliable on and off road vehicle on the market. The first time I had driven a Pajero was in the police force and from that experience I new I had to get one. My three children ride very comfortably in the back seat with room to move and perfect height for them to see out their window. The towing power is incredible and the comfort is second to none. I am one very happy motorist. :)