by James Stanford

Toyota has shaken up Australia’s small car class, announcing a super sharp $19,990 starting price for its next-generation Toyota Corolla.

The new strategy matches the price of the all-new Nissan Pulsar and undercuts all the Corolla’s other major rivals.

The Ford Focus is the next cheapest key small car, with a recently reset list price of $20,290, the Mazda3 costs $20,330, the Holden Cruze is $21,490, the Volkswagen Golf is $21,990 and the Hyundai i30 is $20,990. None of these prices include on-road costs.

Toyota trimmed $1000 from the price of the previous Corolla to slip under the $20,000 barrier with the new car. It is the first time a new Corolla has sat at the $19,990 price point since December 2001.

Before the price was announced, an official from a rival car company told CarAdvice that he would be shocked if Toyota reduced the price of the Corolla to $19,990.

“They don’t usually lead on price,” he said. “It would be bad for us.”

The $19,990 Toyota Corolla is the entry-level Ascent version. The next model in the range is the Ascent Sport, which is $1500 cheaper than before and now costs $20,990.

Toyota has cut the price of the Levin SX by $1100 to hit $23,990. The Levin ZR tops off the range at $28,490.

These prices are for manual versions. Adding an automatic transmission costs an extra $2000.

The only other listed option is the panoramic sunroof, which is available only on the Levin ZR, for $1500.

Capped-price servicing is also part of the deal for the new Toyota Corolla, with a set price of $130 for up to six scheduled logbook services in the first three years or before the car has covered 60,000km.

Standard equipment across the entire Corolla range includes seven airbags, electronic stability control, cruise control, Bluetooth phone connectivity and a six speaker sound system.

The Ascent gets 16-inch steel wheels, projector headlights, phone and audio controls on the steering wheel, manual air conditioning, six-speaker sound system, 60/40 split rear seats, driver and passenger seatback map pockets and driver and passenger vanity mirrors.

Stepping up to the Ascent Sport adds 16-inch alloy wheels, a reversing camera, tinted windows, front fog-lights and chrome grille highlights.

The Levin SX gets the same gear as the Ascent Sport, but also comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, satellite navigation, a sports grille, sports instrument on a carbonfibre-look cluster and front sports seats.

The CVT-equipped version of the Levin SX also gets steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles.

Buying the range-topping Toyota Corolla, the Levin ZR, means you get HID headlights and LED daytime running lights, chrome grille elements, heated auto-folding wing mirrors, climate control air conditioning, part leather seats, a self-dimming rear-view mirror, electrically operated lumbar support for the driver, keyless entry and start, and heated front seats.

The Corolla runs a lightly revised 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine. Power is up by 3kW to 103kW at 6400rpm, but has to rev 400rpm higher than before to unlock it. Torque has actually dropped back by 2Nm to 173Nm but the peak is reached 400rpm lower at 4000rpm.

The engine has variable valve timing but does without direct injection. It does have a new two-stage intake tract including a short version for low engine speeds and a long version for higher engine speeds.

Don’t expect stunning performance from the new car, with the manual achieving a 0-100km/h time of 9.7 seconds and the automatic doing the same run in 10 seconds flat.

The standard gearbox is a six-speed manual, while the automatic option is now a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which constantly changes gear ratios and has no step changes in regular operation.

When fitted to the Levin models, the CVT also has seven steps, which can be flicked between with the paddles.

The official fuel economy average for the manual stands at 7.1L/100km (down from 7.3L/100km), while the more efficient CVT version manages an average of 6.6L/100km (down from 7.4L/100km).

While sportier small cars like the Focus and Golf are fitted with independent rear suspension, the new Corolla makes do with a cheaper and more compact torsion beam set-up.

Toyota says the MacPherson strut front suspension has been substantially revised with new upper supports, modified springs and revised dampers.

The new Toyota Corolla has a revised electric power steering system with a quicker ratio.

Its boot volume is 280 litres, while Toyota says rear passengers have 20mm more legroom thanks to a thinner front seatback.

Toyota says the new Corolla is significantly quieter in the cabin thanks to a range of noise reduction measures.

Interestingly, a new cowl insulator and bonnet insulator are fitted to all models except the entry-level Ascent model.

The new Corolla is actually slightly smaller than the outgoing model, measuring 30mm less from nose to tail for a total of 4245mm. It remains the same width at 1760mm and is 55mm shorter, measuring 1460mm tall. The wheelbase remains at 2600mm.

Toyota has managed to trim some bulk out of the Corolla and the base model is now 50kg lighter for a total kerb weight of 1250kg.

  • John

    Not bad pricing.

    • Elantra

      It’s called competition. Thanks to Hyundai and Kia

      • Sumpgaurd

        Absolutely . If the Koreans hadn’t ruffled their feathers it would not be getting  a price cut. The reality is however that Hyundai are now selling their cars on their merits and not just on price. 

           That Toyota can suddenly cut this car’s price is an admission they have been ripping off buyers up until now. 

        • Zaccy16

          Exactly, the i30 is a much better car than this

          • Kaas

            Prove its “much” better than corolla.

            I think Hawks are chokers… am I stating facts? or am I sharing an opinion.

          • Guest

            Hyundai offer 5 year warranty… Toyota?

          • TG

            This message is for Guest below, since there’s no option to reply to his/her message.

            Yet another consumer who falls for marketing dribble and needs educating. Warranty doesn’t mean jack sheet anymore, Australian Consumer Law Consumer Guarantees are in place now. Go learn about it!

          • Zaccy16

            the hyundai is alot more with the times with the i30, and next year is are year!

        • Kaas

          Not really sumpguard.

          If you know Auto industry, a big chunk of engineers are allocated to study cost down on materials, components, sourcing etc that happens after car hits the production line, the cost savings are then passed on to the next model which allows them to reduce cost.

          Also, the prices you see here in Australia are AFTER Toyota Australia puts their hands on it… meaning its the local marketing/offices that are responsible for the prices you see most of the time.

          I’ve heard producing a car like a Corolla cost much much much less than 20 grand AU and the retail price is determined by MARKET price.

          Why would you sell a car for 15K if competition is selling for 20-21K?

          Perception also suffers that way, people will wonder why so cheap.

          You price your car close to competitors or equal them….. please know marketing side of things… as well as engineering.

          • Sumpgaurd

            You can keep telling yourself that Kaas and yes I know the industry. I worked for toyota in manufacturing years back.  Toyota’s engineers have been cost cutting for decades. The cars have seen very minor advances in that time frame with each model. Not to mention that toyota have always had a policy of despeccing their cars and charging heaps for options. 4 speed auto anyone? 

                 For too long they priced on arrogance. Now they are pricing on threat and you are truly deluded if you do not believe that Hyundai/KIA are having an impact on toyota’s decision making. They operate in the most price sensitive segment in the industry with the corolla and now there are several better options.       They have no option but to lower prices.   ………..please know greed side of things as well as external threats to business.     

          • Dave W

            I completely agree. People are starting to realise that cars are getting more reliable, and you can only play that reliability card for so long. We can see how Mazda 3 is selling more and more, and now the i30 sold more than Corolla last month. Toyota really can’t ignore that fact.

          • John

            If what you say is correct can you please then explain the pricing of the 86, which could easily sell in similar volumes at a price point of the mx5, but Toyota didn’t do that, instead they decided to allow the masses to be able to access some driving pleasure at an affordable price and followed up with affordable servicing. Your explanation….?

          • JooberJCW

            How many Mx5’s were sold in September? Simple Microeconomics state if you price too high you simply lose on sale quantity.

            All the people I talk to always rave upon how cheap the BRZ/86 is for what you get. IMO that is whats making this car sell like hot cakes. Push the price to the 50k mark and you put yourself in direct competion with many other hot hatches and sport coupes which probably offer more.

          • $29896495

            You do realize there was a world recession? Prices of everything usually resets after one of those. Usually lower. Some companies are trying to maintain high prices, not only in cars but other products as well, by saying we’l give you this and that if you buy. Subtract that, say for example the drop in service pricing and what ever other little nick knack is around at the time and you’d find prices have lowered across the board. 

            Think about the rash of new models which have come out with lower than previous prices. It’s obvious whats going on. 

            You can’t have capitalism unless people can afford your product, if you gradually made it to expensive, you have to drop, it.

            But to avoid a back lash, you do with a new model

    • $29896495

      That'[s not so great, it puts in the mid twenties on the road. To much, needs to start in the teens on the road like many of the others, despite what is written above.

  • Mike

    Good to see Nissan and Toyota both going under the twenty-grand mark. Hopefully this pushes other brands to follow suit. It would be great to see the next Mazda 3 start from this price point too.

    • John

       Can buy mazda 3 from $19,990 drive away now.

      • GIG

        This should be the starting price for SP20 base model, currently the pricing of Mazda is relatively expensive.

        • Amlohac

          Compared with what though? You do get a fair bit in a mazda

    • Phil

      Crapolla has always been under 20K in the real world. If you’d walked into any Toyota dealer at any time, they’d have offered you a base Crapolla for $20K or less DRIVEAWAY.

  • Hung Low

    The front looks ok but the rear is hideous! Same bland engine with no performance variant. The interior looks much better though and it will sell in droves as usual!

    • Zaccy16

      Yeah the back makes me want to puke, the said it has a ‘highly revised engine’ 3 kw more and less torque!

      • Nasal Explorer

        Err . . . I do believe the article says the engine is ‘lightly’ revised, not ‘highly’ revised. Does that help your anger a little bit?

        • Zaccy16

          Sorry my bad, I must have read that somewhere else

          • $29896495

            Levin in Japan means screamer with hypo  engine. here its just options. typical local Toyota! By comparison to what else is around Corolla has become a step DOWN.

          • Garrywhopper

            I’m guessing your just stupid

      • Kaas

        Its not a sports car.
        100% of its market buy it for price, looks, ease of use/maintenance, practicality etc.

        You complaining about kWs and torque on brand new 19-20K cars show you dont get it.

        • $29896495

          Where the 3 kw comment is important is on the Levin. That is meant to be a performance car, it’s just options, with the same old motor.

          • Kaas

            The levin is actually less sporty because its heavier.

            Its not a performance car, but a simply ecu tune to crank that extra 3kW (lol).

            Corollas and performance car… should never be used together…. unless they bring in the 4WD V6 Blade…..

            Corollas are everyday a to b cars that are cheap and trendy, affordable… youth of both sexes can appeal to.

          • $29896495

            Here maybe but not a real Levin, That and the Sprinter were separate offshoots to the Corolla. Giving different bodies and performance engines. They are just names here.

        • Zaccy16

          Its not a sports car but the power and torque figures are much too high in the rev range for good drivability

          • JooberJCW

            The current corolla is fine for A-B, this new one’s peak torque kicks off 400 revs lower, so its even better for A-B.

          • Zaccy16

            yeah but a turbo would give it much needed low down torque like vw tsi engines

          • $29896495

            This is for Zaccy, turbos are fine in their place, but a car like this just needs a bigger engine or a more advanced one. Do you realise Toyota had a 1.6 which put out the same kw and slightly lower torque back in the mid to late eighties. They are just giving us the rubbish engine/s. A turbo isn’t needed, just a good power train.

  • Damian

    Toyota should move to a multi-link rear end like its main competitors.  Sure, a torsion beam may work well enough, but the Corolla’s handling characteristics could be better…

    Pricing is sharp, but nothing ground breaking.

    • Daz

      The intended market will never know the difference between the two set-ups. Why bother?

      • Damian

        Why bother?  To usurp the class benchmarks (VW Golf and Mazda 3) both of which achieve their excellent dynamics through a multi-link rear end.  Customers won’t know the difference until they drive the aforementioned two competitors.

        • Andrew

           Does anyone compare vehicles by driving them anymore?  If they did then I can’t explain how the noisy tinny Mazda 3 sells so well.

          • Zaccy16

            Unfortunately people will see ‘new corrola’ and not bother lookingn at the much better competators ie. mazda 3, focus, golf, i30, astra. The mazda 3 sells so well becuase of its value and how well it drives, the corrola could not match it in some corners

          • Dave W

            The average drivers can’t corner well enough for it to matter, even the ones in GTI.

        • Bob.

          Europe and Japan have independent rear setup, I don’t understand why for the Australia market they deleted it and kept torsion beam. Yes it might be cheaper but considering almost all if not all its competitors have independent rear setup its crazy they haven’t added it to the Corolla.

          Toyota are quite behind in terms of technology globally and even worse for Australia bound cars…  

          Engine is poor too… I thought they would have brought out a 2.0l by now

          • Dave W

            Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that’s because we get the leftover engine that they used in the last gen Euro Corolla.

          • sean t

            2.0 l engine in a Corolla/ What for Bob?

          • $29896495

            Well obviously the vast majority of geriatrics and geriatriclty minded who might buy these things wont care. the thing is though, lighter though it might be, it is slipping further behind it’s competitors. But that’s the way Toyota does things.

          • Bob.

            It is a competitor to the likes of the Focus, I30 etc etc which all use 2.0l on higher models… I think the Levin models should have had a 2.0l to give it some more than the Ascent varieties.

            Turbo-charging does seem to be the future though, hopefully in the next 5 yrs Toyota do the same and we see them turbo-charing their existing 1.0l, 1.3l and 1.6l to replace the NA 1.8 and 2.0l for cars like the Corolla.

            I read another article that says Toyota left out independent rear suspension to keep costs low… how is it that Mazda etc can have a more advanced multi-link system and only cost 1 grand or so more.

            I know it all comes down to the buyers of the cars and most Corolla buyers wouldnts know the difference buy as Huwtm said they keep slipping further behind it’s competitors and seriosly the Corolla hasn’t changed much mechanically/technically in the last 12 years.

        • Force-15

          As far as I’ve heard basic models of the Mk7 VW Golf will come with a torsion beam, yet no-one’s complaining about that here are they?

          • Zaccy16

            Because the higher end models have multi link when the corrola doesn’t have it in any version

          • Phil

            Unfortunately people will see ‘new Golf’ and not bother looking at the finer details between models in the range. The Golf sells as well as it does because of how well some of the models drive, the lower end models could not match the higher end ones in some corners.

          • Vti07

            I’ve read another CA article where it says Golf models under 90kw will feature “modular lightweight suspension”.

        • Kaas

          do you even know how many buyers of these cars appreciate handling?

          almost a 0.05%.

          and the people I do see trying to drive a Mazda 3 around a roundabout at 100kms look like tools.

          the hoons and driving enthusiasts dont buy mazda 3s and corollas.

          • gfys

            I’m a driving enthusiast and I brought an SP25 – Good, honest, naturally aspirated  2.5L with a decent power output, all the features I wanted, best in class interior (at the time) and P-Plater exempt. 

          • Kaas

            SP25 is nice but overpriced….

            for the price you paid for it, could of bought a slightly bigger car with more power perhaps?
            But small cars are trending now so…

          • Zaccy16

            Great choice, my grandmother has one, (under my instruction she bought a sp25 luxury when it first came out) great handling, lots of features, good quality, great sounding and quick engine, great alrounder 

          • ZasZ

            Check your dictionary what is the different between brought and bought…!!! Your spelling is shocking.

          • Nasal Explorer

            Is there a difference between a hoon and a driving enthusiast? You seem to lump them together.

          • Kaas

            Definitely difference.

            I dont think I lumped them together purposely and as a statement.

            My point was, people who like cars for sublime handling and sports performance dont look at Corollas/Mazda 3s primarily… hoons also… they like cars they can fish tail out of a shopping mall car park.

            My sister drives a Corolla and my cousin drives a Mazda 3, both females.. they like their car for many things and handling and sports performance isnt it…

            pretenders will always try to bag corollas for its lack of sportiness when the car isnt even a sports car….. having a “sports” badge mean the corolla comes with a spoiler… thats not for performance… but a way to charge you an extra $1000 dollars on top of the price… easy $900 profit for the dealerships.

          • JooberJCW

            Exactly, if Toyota wanted to make an awesome corolla they can, its their strategy position not too.

            Play it safe and offer an adequate package, if sales really hit the fan then they will react.

    • Blahblah

      The megane rs and the last gen civic r have torsion beams, and yet are much better in the handling department.

      • David

        It seems many people have fallen for the marketing behind multi-link rear suspension.

        • Popper

           Could you elaborate on that?

          • David

            The Megane RS, Civic Type R, etc. show that having a multi-link rear suspension setup is not a be-all end-all for good handling, unlike others here seem to claim. Nor does the use of multi-link rear suspension guarantee better/excellent handling. It seems that the marketing behind it has blown out of proportion its importance.

          • $29896495

            Last Type R, didn’t get raves about it’s handling my friend. It went from fully independent to a beam and testers felt it was not as good ride and handling wise. You are right good set up makes all the difference, but a good independent set up will always beat a good beam axle  It’s just a fact of life.

          • David

            The Megane RS tops its class in terms of handling, so clearly manufacturers still have some way to go in terms of perfecting multi-link setups. The issue remains that the clever marketing behind multi-link rear suspension (‘Control Blade’, anyone?) has caused people to become almost excessively dismissive of the torsion beam and overestimate the benefits of multi-link at its current stage.

          • $29896495

            David this for your last statement, Clearly a well sorted independent rear end is going to to beat a we sorted beam axle. You can have good in both, but you have to admit, if you had your choice between the two taking into account that they would both be the best that they could be you would take the independent. No matter how you slice it, IRS has more flexibility, and offers a better ride and is more controllable. Beam saves money, IRS gives a better result. It’s just the way it is. By the way, control blade is a great rear end to have, under you when hitting the twisty bits.

          • David

            There’s no doubt about the potential associated with multi-link setups and it’s great to see more manufacturers adopt such technology in this segment, but people shouldn’t, upon hearing the seemingly magic words of multi-link rear suspension, automatically assume that a car has better handling than those without it. Regarding the ‘Control Blade’, I must say the people at Ford – both in engineering and marketing – sure were clever in coming up with that.

          • $29896495

            I would assume that most people would test drive a car first then decide, no matter what the blurb said

          • David

            I would hope so.
            However, a simple browse in the comment threads on this site would show you that many people not even in the market for a small car – or in the market for a specific make and model such as the Corolla, i30, Focus, Golf or Pulsar – have opinions and preconceived ideas about these cars’ handling, design, build quality, etc., without ever having the desire or cause to test drive them. I don’t think you have to be a potential buyer to be affected by the marketing behind a product, and when you have an interest in cars, like any of us here do, and seek out news and information about cars, it’s hard not to come across the marketing.

  • Machine head

    Nothing to see here.
    Same angine as previos gen…. Simply old tech…
    1. Where is direct injection
    2. Where is stop-start
    3. Electric parking brake
    4. Start-stop push button on all ranges
    5. Independent rear setup

    Toyota us toyota – bland and boring

    • Guest

      they dont need that. itll still sell.

      • JooberJCW

        yep, and make a much better margin per sale than its competitors because of the exemptions of technology.

        Hence why they are the top revenue earning car company in the world.

    • RenaultSport

      What about that 1980’s interior ohhhhhh my…

      What a horrible car indeed!

      • Zaccy16

        yeah green interior lighting! very outdated

        • Guest

          Do you think Toyota needs you to buy?

    • Zaccy16

      Exactly! the mazda 3 came out in 2009 and is more advanced than this! it is actually great to drive as well!

      • $29896495

        Have you taken a look at the 2014 Mazda 3, I’m afraid it’s going to make some cars coming out now doing rough copies of the current 2, corolla and i30, in particular  look very old fashioned. Don’t think it’s an advance over the Opel, still a lot of Japanese in it. Looks wise.

        • AutoMoto

          Don’t forget the Golf.

          • $29896495

            yes and the Golf

  • Tom

    The back looks strange, there’s so much nothingness in the middle of the boot. At least it looks mildly interesting compared to the current model.

  • TG

    James Stanford writes: “A new model, the Levin ZR tops off the range at $28,490.”

    James, the outgoing 150 series is available in a Levin ZR, it’s not a new variant. Toyota fails for making leather standard in the ZR, should be an option to shave the price of it by at least $1500.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    280 litres, is that a typo? That retro digital clock looks odd stuck up there.

    • AutoMoto

      I think it might be – previous articles and articles from other sites have put it at 360 litres.

      • Alborz Fallah

        It’s not. Toyota measures the boot up to the top of the rear seats, where the luggage cover sits. 

        • Luke Brinsmead

          Isn’t that how all hatchbacks are measured?

          • Alborz Fallah

            I believe so, but it was just for reference so you get a better idea of why the figure appears low. 

        • John

           Alborz, do you know if it has a full-size spare?

    • Latin Fish Names

      280 litres!  What, a Golf class car with a Polo sized boot.  Got to be a typo.

  • gutlessblunder

    let me know when they get around to installing an engine in this thing…

    • Nasal Explorer

      I think you’ll find it’s already got one. 1.8-litre unit. Standard equipment, not an optional extra.

    • Guest

      You can install yourself if you like.

  • Anthony Mindel

    Am interested to see what the new Corolla sedan will be like,as that is Toyotas biggest seller worldwide.

    • Kaas

       USA is the main reason why Corolla Sedan sells well…

      Funny, because americans have seen the new Corolla “Auris” and they want it…. but since they have the Matrix over there, Toyota wont bring a hatch Corolla…..

  • mattyman

    Their interior styling is still stuck in the 90’s. How bland. I suppose the price and the ‘toyota factor’ will be enough for some.

    • Crummydore

       Really…. stuck in the 90’s – your kidding right?

      Show me something from the 90’s with a dash like that in this class of car…. it has flair.

      I will give Toyota some credit there.

      • Mike

        Correct. And if you compare this to the goofy spaceship-style of recent Fords and Hyundais, it looks even better.

    • Guest

      You make me laugh.

    • Smoothcall

      When your mum picks you up from school later today in her ’95 Seca I’d suggest you have a closer look at the interior – this new one has really moved the game on from that…

      • $29896495

        90s is to recent and infact those dashes weren’t bad. The Dashes Toyota are referencing are from the 70s early 80s – just so you know.

  • Rocket

    The Levin SX sounds like a bargain if you are happy with average performance.

  • pixxxels

    Styling-wise, its obviously a huge improvement over its staid predecessor, but from some angles it just looks a little weird. Like, its so slightly out of proportion that you only notice it occasionally. 

    Anyway, good pricing. I doubt it’ll be class-leading but lets hope it doesn’t drive like a dog. 

  • Edward

    Looks fantastic from the front and sides. From the rear, it looks like an i30

    • Sumpgaurd

        Yep. But last time I posted that someone jumped all over me for it. Brace yourself!

    • Zaccy16

      i think its a i30 on steroids from the back!

    • Blair Waldorf

      The i30 itself is extremely close to the Alfa Giulietta, to the point I’ve confused i30s for the Giuliettas.

      • Zaccy16

        Are you on something? the alfa is nothing like the i30!

        • Pro346

          Got t o agree with zaccy the i30 looks nothing like the Alfa!

        • Dave W

          Heh, someone also said that new Mazda3 rendering looks like Giulietta… I wonder what else they’ll say looks like a Giulietta… The Corolla? Civic?

  • M.

    The rear could just as well be a Hyundai! The whole design is too sharp and angular, although they’re still sell like wild for no apparent reason. 

  • Gangman PSY

    Still reckon Hyundai has tried much harder with the i30. Who would have thought that the Japanese would need to now be cheaper than Korean cars in order to sell well.  Hyundai would be sitting back and laughing their heads off at this mediocre ‘new’ model.  Honda’s attempt with the Civic is just as laughable… and the Nissan Pulsar waiting for even more laughs.  Hyundai has now left all Japanese direct competitors behind and going after Golf and Focus. Although not quite there yet, a bronze medal is not too bad in the mega competitive small car segment.  Sure the Golf/Focus may have the best driving, but to get such excellent quality, refinement and build with 5 year warranty, fixed price servicing, 91 unleaded fuel with a brilliantly refined 6 speed auto. You can’t lose. I have the Elite and for $26k, to have auto lights, wipers, folding mirrors, sensors, camera, seat warmers, climate air, start/stop, Navigation, 7″ Touch screen, B/Tooth, iPod etc etc.  Best value and quality balance money can buy.

    • Kaas

      look at sales of i30/Hyundai in general and compare it to Japanese OEMs.

      how much is Hyundai paying you.

      • Galaxy Mail43

        Not a cent dude.  Which Jap competitor is better than the i30 at the moment?

        • Kaas

          define better….

          give me definition and I’ll answer you back.

          And you liking it “better” doesnt count.

          • Gangman PSY

            Simple.  Budget $24-$27k driveaway. Which one you would put your cold hard personal loan on and want to own longer than the brochure lasts, with leading tech, looks good, quality, durability, reliability. Anything else SIR? 

          • JooberJCW

            All those a personal preference minus durability and reliability.

            Id say give 5-10 years and see how well these new Hyundais will last, the old ones were terrible and people remember that.

            My parents 2011 elantra is already exhibiting problems, passenger side seat belt on detection is playing up, driver side armrest glue is melting in the heat in a hot day and rough engine noises when putting a bit of gas to climb uphill. Lucky its still in warranty and will take it to Hyundai to fix up.

    • $29896495

      I have to agree, I’m no Hyundai fan but seriously what has happened to most of the Japanese. Other than Mazda (in some cases) they have become very ordinary. 

    • Amlohac

      Gangdam style and a hyundai.

      Your opinions will be henceforth be disregarded.

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    I like the blue model. The front works with the blue. The rear is a polarizing. Looks okay. Interior is big step up though, quite nice. would like to see if it is ‘sportier’ considering the emphasis was just that for this car.

  • ET199

    Very good looking little car, I reckon it would even look much better if they have designed the shark fin style antena like the BMW. As a previous owner of the i30 and a current corolla owner I would buy the corolla over the i30 any day for its reliability and built quality and resale value. I wish they have put the 6 speed auto like the i30 but I would be happier to buy the 6 speed manual anyway. I will upgrade this new model in a year or so, can’t wait.

    • SirRob

      If you “can’t wait”, then why are you waiting a year or so? :)

      Agree with your comment though re i30 etc.

  • Goodfa

    I thought the engine would have received a much bigger update than this.

    I am sure the sheep will buy it though .

    • Bob.

      Correct me if I’m wrong but this engine hasn’t changes much since 2001 when they released the 1.8 with 100kw. They have only since added dual vvti.

      Toyota are very slow in bring out new engines…. the 1.3 and 1.5 in the Yaris have been around for more than 10 years too.

    • Phil

      “I am sure the sheep will buy it though”

      Look around you – you’re just another sheep, writing that comment.

  • F1orce

    It looks very nice. Has very refined styling.

    Unlike the new Golf which looks like it was designed for 70+yrs seniors

    • Golfmother

      HAHAHA  should have gone to spec savers , mazda 3 kills this for looks .

    • Luke Brinsmead

      More like it was carefully designed for a broad market, not just to attract younger buyers in Europe like the new Auris was designed to do.

    • Golfmother

      I actually like the front except for the fog light housing is over done , its the rear that is horrible over style , they just dont know when to stop , its a disaster .

      Kia have a german designer for good reason , restraint .

      Mazda are the only jap makers with with an adventurous flair that actually grabs you , they are the leaders at the moment in foward thinking design .

      The germans may be bland but they are safe designs that last the distance .

      Good on mazda for moving foward with the  6 and the renderings for the 3 look great .

  • Dave W


    • Dave W

       Weird… Why couldn’t I reply?

      Anyway… I would like Direct Injection and stop-start but why would anyone want an electronic parking brake and Keyless start?

      rear setup is also pointless unless the car is a sports variant, which
      the Corolla doesn’t have. In a 100kW car, independent rear setup is
      almost as useless as the big wheels, bodykit, and sports seat that you
      find in the Levin. Now that car I don’t mind calling a pretender.

  • Dave W

    OMG… I can’t use the word “but-ton” because it contains the word “bu tt”.

    Are you serious? lol

  • Drac

    28k for the top ‘sports’ model and they can’t put a proper exhaust tip on it?

    • Noddy of Toyland

      What does it matter?! It’s a 100kW 4-cylinder for god’s sake.

    • JooberJCW

      lol, i thought you would have learnt now, anything sport in Toyota world is adding body bits and faux leather here and there :)

  • MisterZed

    WRONG Caradvice, the Lancer is also $19,990.

    • $29896495

      yeah right MrZ, you can’t listen to these guys for price advice, they seem to be hopeless.

  • O123

    just look at that radio system, 1999 

    • $29896495

      Just look at the dash in general, and compare it to say, a Mazda 3 or a Civic and you can see how far off the mark they are.

  • Still a hairdressers car…

    Did they get three different committees to design this? Front looks like they wanted something sporty and knew what they wanted – it looks good. Second group comes in to do the sides, gets scared the front is too sporty so they make it as boring and generic as possible. Finally the last group comes in to do the rear, a couple different people must have got their way and then it seems they forget the badge so they just sort of put it where they could.

    Horribly unrefined, mishmash design.

    This is why Mazda have been doing so well. Their designs may not appeal to everyone with the big guppy mouths, but the designs are cohesive, generally pretty refined and well thought out. This is also one of the main reasons why Kia and Hyundai have been moving places. It’s also one of the reasons why Honda have been going downhill. Lack of consistency between designs.

    Expect far better from Toyota. Sack your confused design team and hire some real Japanese designers that have a cohesive, know-what-they-want image in their heads that will put out some genuinely desirable designs!

    • Guest

      Thank God you’re not working for Toyota! Otherwise they should have filed bankrupt!

    • JooberJCW

      So are you saying the outgoing corolla is desirable? it must be to rank as 3rd last months new car sales.

      • Still a hairdressers car…

        I’m saying Toyota get by far too easily on their name alone and don’t try very hard to actually improve their products. Other companies are actually constantly trying to innovate and improve their products. Their sales are based on the hard work they put in and the true merits of the cars. Toyota’s sales are almost all made up of the misconceptions people have about their reliability and build quality – it doesn’t matter how outdated they are, or how bad they look.

  • Sanjay

    I think it looks great, a real step forward for toyota’s design. now they just need to bring back a sportivo model with a 200kw rip-snorting twin scroll turbo engine in it (and multi-link IRS). shame it’ll never happen…its almost like the rest of toyota has been completely insulated from the effect of the GT86.

  • Waggaclint

    Doesnt really matter what everybody thinks, as im sure Toyota will sell these bye the Boat Load the average person will buy them just on name alone and im sure just about all of them will be happy with there new corolla…To ad im sure Toyota now more about making money and how to sell cars than all us hey…

    • $29896495

      You see that’s just the problem, complacency. Toyota’s and the public’s. For a brief period around 86 to 90 Toyota showed what it could give us if they wanted. Then for some reason just fell back into old habits.

      It’sd like the very old days when the Corolla ran round with a 1.2 lt for years while everyone else had a 1.5 or 1.6.

      • JooberJCW

        It’s not really a problem for them though, they are just exploiting what the market wants. If society demands fantastic exciting cars then Toyota will change their tune.

        As Wagga said, people will buy these by the boatload and be happy because it works for them for A-B and and being more affordable. Sure there are better cars out there, but the strong Brand value makes people think a Toyota is a safe and responsible choice.

      • Dave W

        Using “old tech” actually gives the Corolla several advantages, durability, cheaper to maintain and repair and pretty much any decent mechanic can repair it without having to find a Corolla specialist repairer. For people who just want a car for commuting, that’s very important.

        It should also be cheaper for Toyota to manufacture but unfortunately that didn’t translate to the price of the car.

  • Monk

    Speaking of the competition – photos of the new 3 have leaked online – available to view on another “drive” site.
    It will take a little getting used to in some respects (esp the rear), but I like – a big improvement from the goofy smile of the current model. The 3’s stint near the top of the charts will continue.

    • Kaas

      saw it and looks nice.

      The corolla and the 3 look nice…. it’ll come down to price and marketing. Both will be top 2 in there segments.

      • Amlohac

        The Mazda will always and forever be more than the toyota, fairly sure Mazda put themselfs up a peg on the “quality ladder”.

        My personal opinion, the tech in the Mazdas seems to be light years ahead of what the corolla is packing (the skyactive stuff anyway). So thats another reason it will cost more. I think people realise you do get a bit more for your money.

        People who just want a shopping cart will generally go for the cheaper more boring stuff on offer anyway, and theres pleanty of those people around to warrant it. Toyota will sell more than enough!

        • JooberJCW

          I agree, the bits and pieces of a mazda do look a margin ahead of what is offered by Toyota. I’m sure this is on purpose by Toyota as they may want to target a good Margin for each of the products itself. Plus they probably want a gap between the Toyota Brand and Lexus, IMO even the luxury Toyota models are not so great when you compare the base model lexi.

          • Dave W

            Actually, Lexus operates separately from Toyota now, and they  report to Akio Toyoda directly.

          • $29896495

            I don’t think it’s a problem of Lexus, It comes down to the designers and and some one deciding that like corporate grills, Toyota would have a corporate dash board style, and body style. Someone has it wrong, and they are just moving forward with it. They could do a good interior and exterior once upon a time, maybe that will come back when the designer is encouraged to commit harakiri.

            When the body influence is Hyundai, and the dash a 69 – 70 Corolla something isn’t right in the head, with the man in charge of design.  

            (Then you have period mechanicals, as well?)

          • Dave W

            I assume you’re replying to Joober?

          • $29896495

            you assume correctly

        • Kaas

          in your head Mazda is ahead, but from engineers who know how the plastic bits are made and how the “tech” you speak of are about 50 cents a head per unit in comparison to the Toyota bits…. Mazda is same “quality” as Toyota.

          Toyota simply opts to be more conservative because chunk of their market likes it that way.

          Look at the GLOBAL perception and actual GLOBAL quality charts and customer satisfaction lists.

          Toyota > Mazda

  • MisterZed

    They really need to enlarge the engine to 1.9L already. How long has this 1.8L been around…

    • TG

      1.9? Starting to sound like a Starfire there. 😉

      I’ve said it time and time again, where is the Valvematic? How about the superb 2.5 litre 2AR-FE?

      Toyota Australia, run by a bunch of old fuddy duddys with very little, if no idea.

      • MisterZed

        I’m assuming they are stuck at 1.8L because of certain rules in Japan or Europe which tax cars that are 2.0L or over – a 1.9L would allow them to squeeze more power out of the engine while still being under the 2.0L threshold.

  • kiagirl

    WELL read all  the comments agree yes  / no with a lot ………….what bears is thats its a Corolla by name that has been around since the 60’s and through the generations the car has been sold father to son shearly by recommendation, some 14 months ago went to trade my Corolla ,in on another treated as if they had gold or rather thats the deal !! bought a Kia Sportage  good or bad ?? tim will tell  and as a women driver I am happy with purchase  , but dealing with salesman can be something else at the Kia yard they had a sales lady ……….clever I guess 

    the point is that they really believe in the Toyota  cult effect  80% of people will buy shearly on the NAME well established  were I live I note more and more Hyundais Mazada’s & Focus driven by young people and the olds ……… me

  • klowik

    people bought corolla are not performance conscious. They just want something long established, reliable brand. Toyota knows this and they just need to do tricks with their 10 yrs old tech to make it look new. Toyota never put any advanced safety tech on this cheap models. The car can be produced on the cheap. Toyota just sell you the reliability and brand name.

  • Guest

    Fridge on wheels… That’s all Toyota aim to be… An appliance in the auto industry.

    • trololololol

      Oh wow “guest”! Last i checked toyota (like every car company on the planet) make cars that are a transport device. But not your car…. Your car must be able to fly to the moon, camouflage itself as a walrus and have cookies pop out of the glove box!!!! What it doesn’t??? Then your car is a transport device…..

  • MK

    Still 6 months/10km services?

  • KiaK9

    went to the motorshow today…they had one on a turning stand where you couldn’t even touch it…O…M…g…

  • Ted

    Why not a 2.0 litre engine, rather that continue with the 1.8. Also, GDI however as the current i30 is not GDI (at this stage) then the Corolla followed. maybe when the i30 goes GDI, then the Corolla will update (may have to wait another 5 years for that with the new model)

  • R10RRK

    Thank GOD the Germans still know how to make proper cars !
    This is clearly a budget car, cant even be sniffed with the 1 series and Audi in terms of driving dynamics.

    If I had the choice between this and walk for the next 50 miles, I would walk it !

    This car would rot in the UK I cant see this coming here !

    • Adf

      well too bad its just about here. if you don’t like that, please feel free to walk back where ever you came from. 

      • R10RRK

        Man comments where he wants and when he wants !

  • Bad News

    The rear End looks worse that an AU Falcon

    • Zaccy16

      and thats saying something! the au was hideous!

  • Phunken

    Wow this is the first Corolla(mini Tarago, which is a good thing) launched I’m actually impressed and not mind actually having. Not saying its ontop of the hatch small car tree of desirability but now I won’t be embarrassed cought driving one. Well done Toyota. Hope Honda shake off its conservative image soon if Toyota can try than anyone can. Can’t wait for the new Cerato though…

  • mk

    what about the sedan?

  • levinboy

    Nice looking car.. corolla rule!!!

  • my 2 cents

    and how much is a golf the corolla is just a basic car that dose its job well if u want a sports car dont get a corolla I have the new corolla (2013 model) its ok on the flat up hills its not great but who gives a…for me its a work car it will be use and abuse for 5 years then iI will sell it for half what i payed and get a new one :)

  • Virgo_1218

    good and nice shape ,and improving performance as well in more cheaper price…….

  • Snoopy54000

     I know.I checked it out not long after it hit the Australian Market in 2009.You can pick them up on the used market for not much more than the crappy light cars such as Micra and Yaris New amongst others now if you know where to look.

  • Snoopy54000

    The Boot is smaller than a Current Ford Fiesta if one cares to do the measurements.

  • king solomon


  • Waterloo Canada

    Corolla hatchbacks are not sold in North America, all we get over here in Canada and America are the sedan versions. In Canada the only colors we are offered are white, silver, and grey. Very, very few come in the sport models, so we almost never see a red or blue one, all of the Corollas I see, about 98% of them, are silver or grey. Maybe that is why people are buying the Hyundai Elantra instead, because there they have color choices and a hatchback version is available.

  • Neatness

    Not bad anyway! Highly competitive. Thanks to Hyundai and Kia companies.