by Jez Spinks

The 2014 Ford Falcon has been briefly teased in sketch form at the 2012 Sydney motor show as Ford Australia tries to provide assurances about the large car’s future.

Ford showed an image for just a few seconds as part of its media day presentation.

The company isn’t releasing the image for publication because it claims the sketch is quite detailed. We can report, however, that the picture suggests clearly that the new-look Falcon will embrace Ford’s new global design language that is seen first in the new Ford Mondeo that is also at the show (and pictured below).

“I think it’s fair to assume that we’re pretty excited about the 2014 [Ford Falcon] program,” Ford Australia boss Bob Graziano told CarAdvice at the show. “And what we wanted to do was just tease a little bit about Falcon without giving too much away.

“It is an important vehicle I our showroom and that’s why we thought we would put it in the [2012 Sydney motor show] program.

“This is all about design, and where it’s going in the future.”

Speculation about the future of Ford’s manufacturing operations in Australia have intensified this year.

Of the three local car makers, with Holden and Toyota, Ford has given the shortest period of a guaranteed production presence locally. Earlier this year it announced a co-investment with the Federal Government that would lead to upgraded versions of the Falcon and Territory for 2014, with a manufacturing commitment only until 2016.

Ford Falcon sales have plummeted in the past two years, and although Graziano says Ford is still committed to the Falcon the company couldn’t predict where sales would be by the 2014-2016.

“It’s tough to see where it will settle [by 2014-2016],” he said, “but it’s starting to moderate at the levels where it is right now.

“[But] the thing we’re really excited about with Falcon and Territory is the breadth of powertrain line-up right now. With Ecoboost, EcoLPI, six-cylinder and FPV with their eight cylinders. We’ve got diesel power now in Territory.

“So we’re excited about where that vehicle and platform is going in the future.”

Ford says it still believes improved fuel efficiency is the key to keeping the Falcon relevant.

“Absolutely [fuel efficiency is answer for large cars],” says Graziano. “We talked about it being a slow take-up initially. And if you look at our F-series trucks, there is experience in the US that it took a couple of years that people really got it and got their heads around it that you could have a six-cylinder engine in this big truck.

“And that now represents about 40 per cent of sales.

“And we’re now seeing an improvement in EcoBoost on Falcon month in month out as people understand they don’t have to trade off performance.

“I get better fuel efficiency, I’m lowering CO2 emissions, which from a consumer point of view is ‘my pocketbook’. I don’t have to trade off my large car, I can keep that and tha’t s what I need in my family.”

  • MisterZed

    “got their heads around it that you could have a six-cylinder engine in this big truck” – Um, Mr. Ford Man… the F-Series has *always* had a 6-cylinder engine available in it. Back in the 90s it was a 4.2L V6.  A V6 is nothing new in big trucks.

    • Troll No. 47

      It is when you consider that the ECOBOOST V6 is outselling the n/a V8 variant in the F150.

    • Zaccy16

      yeah he was a bit confused with that statement

  • Peanut

    The candle still burns and has not been extinguished just yet.

    • Dave W

      If the new Falcon is going to look like that red Mondeo, I think the candle could still burn brighter. Otherwise that Mondeo becomes the one that will help extinguish the light.

      • Dave W

        I personally think it’s an exercise in futility for a couple of reasons.

        1. SUV is the future, not large sedan. You can see it clearly when even Lamborghini wants a piece of that pie. Why not adapt to the market instead of persisting in a continually shrinking large sedan market? Just like everything else, you’ll die out if you don’t adapt.

        2. Our market is too small. Europe/Asia/America all have easy access to a large home market to sustain their business. What do we have? NZ? Indonesia?

        The way I see it, the government payout is only enough to buy time for the assembly plant workers to re-train and prepare themselves for a different job by 2016.

        • Buntz

          Territory is a successful SUV. The beauty is.. it’s built off of Falcon. So both vehicles share technology and development. Meaning the sales of both are relevant. 

          • Dave W

            Fair enough, but there’s still issue #2. Not to mention Ford pushing for global platform.

          • Joker

            My guess is, Falcon will be cheaper to build in the coming years thanks to the Mustang Chassis that Ford Aus. have been co-developing with America. As I’ve said before, I believe the next gen Falcon will be a compromise between Aussie Built and a Global platform i.e VE Commodore. Expect (in my opinion) a local designed/developed top hat (body) sitting on a Global platform- potentially next gen ecoboost engines too.  

          • Buntz

            With One Ford… they should be able to build more of the car with global ford parts… making it cheaper to build, but better quality. And yes… exports are needed. but I think Ford is gonna do something about that.

          • Dave W

            But the problem is, people just aren’t buying large sedans like they used to, and as petrol price keeps rising, the V8 variant sales numbers will only get smaller. Not only that, majority of large sedan buyers seem to gravitate more towards Holden Commodore.

            As for exports, we’re facing a similar problem that the Japanese are having with our currency being strong against the US dollar and Euro. We have to charge higher for our exported cars.

            Not only that, some other regions have their own V6/V8 large sedans. The Europeans would rather buy BMW’s 5/6 series or Benz’s E-class or the Jags; the Americans would also rather buy their own home grown Ford Mustangs, Chrysler 300, etc.

            Asia isn’t a big market for large sedans unless it’s a prestigious/luxury model which makes the European cars the default choice. That leaves NZ, Africa and Middle East.

            As for the SUV, as good as the Territory might be, it has a  gazillion other SUVs to compete with overseas.

          • Buntz

            Dave. It might surprise you… but Germans prefer imports coz they’re cheaper.

  • dave

    Ecoboost is a great engine with V6 beating performance and decent fuel economy to match. LPi is even better! Falcon has great engines + ZF 6 speed = incredible car. Built for Australian roads and its people… cant get better than that.

    • Phil

      Built for Australian roads and it’s people? Whats special about Australian roads? Whats special about Australian people?

      • 12incher

        Nothing. Aussies need to get out more and see how others around the world live. Above all they need to get over themselves. Lucky country my ass.

        • tiddy

          I would be interested to know, what country you do consider lucky, if it’s so bad, leave & close the door as you go.

          For some people the grass is always greener 

          • 12incher

            Actually why don’t you tell me why you consider Australia as the lucky country?  The Dole?, unstable corrupt government pulling the wool over your eyes?, Endless bureaucracy?, speed cameras everywhere? overpriced cars? speed limits were I can walk faster? constant winging and sooking?  What’s so lucky about it? Go on a trip overseas then talk.

        • Shak

          We are pretty damned lucky all things considered. Currently there isnt one other developed country that can hold a candle to our economic performance, and our standard of living is still one of the highest in the world. 

          • 12incher

             Really? lol News Flash buddy a lot more countries are doing better than Australia. What’s the use Aussies are narrow minded fools who swallow everything their government and media force feed them. Hook, Line and Sinker. Yeah very lucky indeed, That’s why everyone is packing up shop in Australia and moving offshore.
            Enjoy the overpriced, 3rd world lifestyle your slowing slipping into.

          • $29896495

            We’re not all sheep 12in

          • Moanotherbeer

            Absolutely right! Australian in general are still snobbish thinking it’s the lucky country. Paying more than twice for a C63 AMG and you call it lucky country. Adios Bubba. Teh rest of teh world is catching up and Asutralia will do trade to NZ only.

          • $29896495

            God where are you from Moanotherbeer.
            Your statement makes no sense! By the way “teh” does not spell THE 

        • Aussie and proud

          if you don’t like Australia or Australian’s you are free to leave anytime

          • 12incher

             Left 10 years ago, best thing I ever did. I live free now no restrictions on my life.

        • Buntz

          I think you need to get out and stay. Don’t like Aussie… don’t stay here.

          • 12incher

             lol typical reply. “Dun like it get outz, and stay outz, and stop drinkin my vb” Left 10 years ago, best thing I ever did. Aussies have no class, no style, and are the laziest race on earth, brainwashed by their government.

          • tiddy

            I think you have very clearly summed up your attitude & if I didnt know better, your comments would lead me to think you’re Gina’s love child.

            Yes you’re entitled to your opinion as am I, but if all you’re going to do is run down the place, maybe keep it to yourself.

            As a matter of interest, you left 10 ten years ago, you haven’t mentioned where is the Utopia of which you speak.    

          • Homer

            Ha Ha again I agree with you. Aussie clerks and operators want to make the same money as their engineers thinking they have union behind them. they do the absolute minimum with minimal responsibility. And to stay “get out of this country if you don’t like it”, hell force them to get out as it belongs to teh aborigineese anyway

      • Daniel Dacey

        Actually if you are asking that question, you don’t know much about cars. Do some research on why the original US imports fell apart on Australian roads. Have a look at some of the testing the Australian army has done over the years. Look at a recent report on how the Mercedes civi 4WD’s fell apart.

        Look at some Euro cars from 80’s and 90’s to see how they handled the sunlight here. Look at some articles on how things like airconditioning systems and cooling systems have to be respecced for Australian imports.

        See how many vehicles you can find from all manufactures that do testing here, because of our conditions. You will find a heap of them over the years.

        Yeah actually Phil Australian roads and conditions really are special.

        • Golfmother

          Phil is right try eastern europe/russia , damn worse than here and they have extreme cold and hot , no different , that was the myth holden used in the 50’s to build their market , bumkum these days .

          • Daniel D

            Please feel free to show the evidence.

          • Golfmother

            Get on a plane , worse than here , falcoon would not last the distance , 60 years of communism left the east with roads you would not be game to put your falcoon on .

          • Fairlane

            Its not the roads but the size of  the dust particles in the Australian outback which are finer than any in Europe.

            These finer dust particles work there way into bushes and bearings and destroy them quicker.

          • Golfmother

            Get outa here , so there is coarser dust in africa , russia or south america , and of course the  ford car co has identified this problem and compensated with superior bearings and bushes to say mercedes , bmw etc etc , have another smoke .

            I have driven on eastern european roads and they are worse than here ,and we are talking tar and dirt , not off road , which a falcoon would not cope with any way .

            Myths of fords invincibility on dirt hahahhah .

          • Fairlane

            I don’t want to get out of here I have no problem with living in Australia.You should get out of here,your the one who seems to have a problem.

            Ever hear of Bulldust Golfmoron?

            I am not talking about the BS you seem to sprout alot of.

            I’m talking about real bulldust that has a partical size down to the size of cigarette smoke,which can enter under air pressure through the construction joints and into the cabin ruin bearing and bushes.

            I bet you were not driving a golf around eastern Europe?

            What were you driving?


          • Golfmother

            Failane we were in a skoda octavia circa mk1 2003 , tough bugger , dust is dust any where fine coarse what ever, its in every continent .

            ” GET OUTA HERE ”  as in seinfeld , lighten up .

            Yes and i know the dust your talking about remember it well on the birdsville track with my father ,seeks in to every nook and cranny , and guess what they have the same in the deserts of africa and russian asia .

      • Sydlocal

         Australian roads are so “special” Phil because most of them are absolute rubbish. All you have to do is drive the embarrassing goat track that is the Pacific/Bruce HWY (our so called National HWY ) any distance out of a capital city (especially the Bruce north of Rocky) to know that! The Aussie built cars can generally handle/stand up to these road better than most imported cars as they are specifically tuned for them. Drive anything like a BMW etc on them and you are constantly carrying out wheel alignments every few months etc to stop your tyres from scrubbing out too much. This is from personal experience re the BMW.

        Australian people are “special” because we are fighting with the other lover of big cars, the US, for the most obese/fattest nation on earth which means most of us don’t fit in smaller cars!
        Is that a good enough explanation for you?! :-)

        • Sumpgaurd

            I agree with Sydlocal given I was on that Bruce Highway yesterday between Cairns and Innisfail. It truly is a disgrace! 

        • Golfmother

          Rubbish i have seen worse roads in russia , get over it , tuned for OZ conditions , man they sucked you in , myths to con the herd into buying the big 6 , okay if your fat and lardy , you will need a falcoon .

          • Tom

            Go away, sure the roads may be worse in Russia, but they’re still pretty bad here. 

          • golfarelame

            australian roads are worse!! hes never been on any remote roads here. he drives a girly golf!! wouldnt even make it

          • golfsarelame

            go back over there them you moron!! you get over it yourself. you’ve never been out in remote areas of australia. you’d be the city sliker type. i know this as you own a golf!!! golfs cant survive australian conditions!! why you hear so many have issues with DSG???

          • Golfmother

            Dozer i know out back roads quite well , and i know where falcoons cannot go ,where  its strickly 4wd  and thats only for imported hilux etc not even terry’s can go , on OZ pot holed tarmac and dirt any imported car can go , no special needs .

            Its a total myth that we have  special needs , marketing spin , and come in spinner .

          • Drac

            You mean small 6’s? I buy big 8’s!

          • Golfmother

            Good on yar mate , got an oil well for the future , you will need it .

          • Buntz

            Someone has a carrot someone don’t they Golfmother? Perhaps you go and remove it and calm down.

            Falcon is a fine automobile. More than capable of handling Europe.

          • Golfmother

            Falcoon is history mate , reposa in pace , all over red rover , 90’s tech wont cut it in the 21st century , get a cortina more economical .

          • $29896495

            Golfmother and Phil are right of course, as are the rest of you in some of your statements. Forgetting the patriotism for a moment, our roads have improved out of site in comparison to what was around when the falcon first appear with American shock towers, which collapsed. As for the fat nation comment, I’m a big guy and I drive and prefer medium cars, they have more room are more fun, just easier to live with.

            The ford guy is just making noise. He’s like a real estate agent trying to beat up the market. 

            Bottom line is “BIG” cars are dying in this country. 2014 Falcon will only be a facelift. It’s not a major commitment  Frankly how many of you drive the big Ford any way? Or a Ford at all, of any sort?

            Ford are mad if they don’t meet the market. People who want enormous cars are in the minority now. To keep some sort of car with a Falcon name, will probably mean, down sizing the car, which they should have done with the last new model, and most likely it will be a mish mash of OS bits. Holden have been doing it for years. Why can’t Ford, who has then only Australian designed and built car left in the Falcon 6, do the same, to survive.

             The writing was on the wall then. It’s in capitals now!

          • Buntz

            In reply to GM below me. 90’s tech? This tells me you really don’t know what you are talking about… and therefore your trolling is exactly that… trolling.

    • Zaccy16

      agree totally, the falcon is a good car and offering much better tech and engines than the commodore, the falcon deserves in my opnion to survive longer than the commodore

      • Captain Nemo®™

         You’re an odd one Zuppy a VeeDud fan-boy that also loves Falcons.  Is the Falcon back up for when the Polio is in the shop getting fixed?

        • Zaccy16

          No problems with my polo, no i don’t own a falcon but have owned one and did own a 2005 teritory, i have a sweet spot for falcons but not commodores!

          • Buntz

            You’re okay in my book.

          • Zaccy16


          • Sumpgaurd

            That’s just personal choice and not actually built on fact but opion Zaccy. Both the falcon and commodore excel in many areas but both fail in many too. An associate has an FE6 and the remote control for the SATNAV was invented by a moron. The car is horridly thirsty and on the low profiles it is noisy in the cabin despite being a “luxury” model. 

              The commodore is too heavy and is now a yesteryear vehicle. holden made a major error in not redesigning the headlight and taillights for the model upgrade. 

               however when crossing this country from one end to the other, very few cars can match them on our roads . Perhaps the only more comfortable car I have done the trip in was the 80’s  landcruiser but try buying one for Falcodore money.

               It is a shame but reality is that unless the commodore and falcon are downsized they will die. The interior packaging in front wheel drive small cars now is exceptional for 4 adults and they run on the smell of an oily rag by comparison and are optioned to the hilt. Why would you buy a Commalcon?.  

          • $29896495


          • Zaccy16

            Your right unfortunately Sumpguard, thats why i drive a polo and have a Mazda 6 wagon for the family

          • Buntz

            Which wheels are driven doesn’t exactly translate to economy.

    • peter

      exactly dave, just purchased an xr6 lpi ute.Fantastic  ute.Proud to be driving an Aussie ute.  $32500 on the road, less than what I paid in 1999 for my AU ute. 

      • Zaccy16

        great engine the lpi, miles ahead of the commodores gas!

    • Norm

      No question Ford’s engine technology is rising to the challenge. However the Graziano’s comments on “big cars” seem to fly in the face of evidence to the contrary.

      It’s what defines a big car to a family that has changed. Forever. To any local manufacturer caring to listen – the rear seat of a local “big” sedan is not a particularly commodious place. It’s a low and often dark and awkward space by modern standards.

      Any number of modern compact SUVs are a more efficient use of space and way easier to live with for a family. They don’t have to have offroad ability of course but right now that’s how they tend to come as a package. 

      I thought about a decade back I that Nissan almost by accident went very close to defining the new Aussie family car with the X- Trail. A simple – upright and rugged little wagon with relatively good fuel and space efficiency. Sure it’s not the last word in build quality but conceptually like many other cars of it’s type it’s struck a chord.

      Can we build an Aussie centric version of these cars? Absolutely – and we should.

      The local manufactures core models have to meet demand or the business case gets too hard to maintain local manufacture. Upwards is the new big.

  • Mick

    Make the right hand drive version suitable for overseas markets by moving the fuel tank, they could sell a few to the UK no doubt (500 a year is 500 more produced). Make a left hand drive version of it and it will sell in the US. This would be even easier if they used lighter panels (such as aluminium like the Commodore is going to), and update the 4.0L engine. The 4.0L engine is a beauty, but could be the crown in Ford’s engine range if it were lighter by using an alloy block, large improvements in efficiency going to direct injection, twin VCT, concentric camshafts and other more modern tech. A modernised engine like this, turbocharged (like the FPV) could easily put out 370KW+, something that would be impressive for international sales.

    • Phil

      WTF, who in the UK would want one? You tell a Pom about the fuel consumption of a Falcoone and they’d probably faint. They don’t like sedans anyway
      500 a year? Even if you could actually achieve that, why would you bother with such low volume?

      • Amenta101

        Then again, there’s always the Ecoboost Falcon

        • Michael Lock

          the EcoLPI would also be sort after as well since LPG has high use there.

          Anyway, why are we talking about Poms, friggin hell we have about 20% of the population now in Perth is FRIGGIN’ POMS. Why don’t we put 5 Poms in each of these 500 Falcons we send over to the UK and that will get rid of 2,500 Poms. Heck, we could even through in the Falcons for free as an enticement as it sure would be a cheaper way than Centrelink payments.

          • Andrew M

            I find your problems with Poms quite weird considering we are an english colony.
            They are also accepting of our culture unlike many other immigrants.

          • Golfmother

            AGREED  some big issues there .

          • Karl Sass

            We WERE an English colony.

          • twincharger

            Michael there a large numbers of new Australians on centrelink payments.Most English are blue collar tradesman going to Perth,not dole bludgers.Rioting in the streets assulting our police force.

      • Robin_Graves

        Falcons are already exported to the UK in low volumes for limo and hearse conversions. Coleman Milne for one.

      • Buntz

        Ummm… Cortina? Has enormous following over there. And Mondeo is very popular family car. So…. maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about. A pommy mate who lives here has an old Falcon, and an X-Trail. Loves his old Falcon more.

        • Golfmother

          No accounting for bad taste even poms make mistakes and buy falcoons .

          • Buntz

            If you love something… how is that a mistake? Your unfounded hatred, is a mistake. Your gross ignorance, is a failing. And your continued uttering of nonsense, is just sad.

  • Ben

    There’s no recording of this presentation? 😛

  • Troll No. 47

    Time for you to eat humble pie Jez, you’ve been trying to hound the Falcon to death for years.

    • Poison_Eagle

      WOOO HOOO!!!! Thats also the sound of Legnab filling his nappy with sorrow.

      • Golfmother

        “WONT PREDICT WHAT SALES WILL BE 2014-2016 ” , less than they are now sub 1000 a month , new mondeo will put the last nail in .

        • Zaccy16

          yeah your right, the mondeo is going to be even bigger than the current nondeo! so very close to falcon size

          • whatsocurring

            The writings on the wall… the next Mondeo will be the new Falcon. Built here in Australia and tuned to Australian driving conditions.

          • Golfmother

            Wont be built here .

          • Zaccy16

            If it tuned for here and built here that will be good but i doubt it unfortunately

          • $29896495

            What do you mean close to falcon size? It’s already falcon size. Ford just needs to change the name and go on a big advertising push. People like the Mondeo, and calling it a Falcon, what could be wrong with that?

    • Golfschwein

      I’ve read the accusations against Jez for a long time without commenting. Could a little self reflection on the part of the accusers be warranted? Paranoia, wherefore art thou?

      • tiddy

        For some people golf, it’s shoot first & as they cant or dont think, thats as far as they get. 

      • Hung Low

        Pretentious, hypocrisy, now adding Brown nose to the list! Tisk Tisk porky!

        • Golfschwein

          Ah, well, you see, that’s the difference between you and me. In the company I keep, the upbringing I’ve had and  with the training I’ve had, we call this an ‘affirmation’. Affirmations are positive, being nice to people, that sort of thing. You, with the company you keep, the upbringing you’ve had and the training and personal development that is so obviously non-existent….call it brown nosing . Vive la difference.

          • Hung Low

            You are still proud of you carnival heritage I see!

  • Petebillyrod94

    from the teaser it seems the 2014 Falcon might look like a Mustang or even a bloody Taurus!

    • Pauly

      Nothing is wrong with that. They are both good looking cars :-) Ford’s future in Australia will be very interesting.

    • pixxxels

      So what, the Taurus is one of the best looking large cars around. 

      • golfsarelame

        well its still looks better then any lame golf!! i’ll give it that much!!!

    • Karl Sass

      I reckon it looks a lot like the Mustang. Here’s hoping it shares more than just the looks with the stang’ post 2016!

    • $29896495

      Think it will echo the Taurus. Looks almost one for one when you look at the Taurus head on.

  • 42 = The Answer

    They really need to push the EcoBoost and EcoLPI a lot more than they’re doing at the moment!

    • Tom

      I hope so, I’ve nothing but praise from new owners.

  • Jez Spinks

    To Troll No.47, I’d be more than happy to eat a big slice of humble pie if Ford ever confirms it will build the Falcon beyond 1st January 2017. For now, they’ve only committed to 2016 despite another big chunk of cash from the government (and to be fair they’re not alone in that regard as far as our local car makers go), and the fact they’re bringing out a new-look Falcon in 2014 was first announced at the start of this year and doesn’t guarantee that model will last for more than two years. Don’t think I’ve been a lone voice suggesting the future of the Falcon is suspect – at least as a genuine locally built Australian car. And considering Falcon sales slumped 37 per cent in 2011 and are already down 28 per cent in 2012, it’s difficult to report on the car in a positive manner beyond the fact it’s a good car to drive. Rgs

    • Robin_Graves

      Unfortunately I don’t think the falcon is going post 2016, I was talking to a guy that works for ford in product development. He was pretty tight lipped but I got the feeling its all over which is a national disgrace.

      • twincharger

        Eco boost and Lpi have yet to make there way into fleet sales Robin.Hyundai ,Mazda and Toyota are selling all the fleets.As good as Ecoboost is the diesel in Territory would of been a better option for Falcon.
        Im like a dog with a bone  about the 50% spike in LPG prices.Apsolute disaster for Falcon and Commodore.

        • Sydlocal

           Not quite twincharger. Fleet sales make up a very small amount of total Mazda sales. Mazda has one of the smallest percentages of fleet sales out of the top 10 selling manufacturers in Australia.
          With Toyota and Hyundai you make a very valid point. Along with Holden they are the fleet kings.

          • twincharger

            My local government has purchased Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla sedans.Hilux and Ranger utes.

          • Sydlocal

            How many 3s did your LG buy? I doubt it would be in the hundreds etc like hire car companies etc. Would it be more than 10-20?
            I didn’t say they don’t sell to fleets, I only said the number of fleet sales is quite small. Mazda don’t even have a special salesperson or department specifically for fleet sales like Toyota or Holden do because the number they sell to fleets is so small. Just because your LG buys a few Mazda3s doesn’t mean that all LG etc must be buying them too. Maybe their fleet manager scored a good deal?

          • Zaccy16

            The amazing thing about the 3 that most sales are by private sales, just shows how good of a car it is

          • twincharger

            Sydlocal would say somewhere between 10-20 as you say.Would also guess the resale of 3 will be good.

      • Golfmother

        Who cares it a foreign owned company , cant make a profit , then pack up and go , no more subsidies .

        • twincharger

          So Australia can not subsidies there car industry.Buy its ok for Germany to do so and have the second highest tarrifs in the developed world.

          • Golfmother

            When will you turkeys understand that mercedes/bmw/audi/vw are german owned , not american .

            Our makers are american owned , alien , foreign ,get it .

          • John

            That still doesn’t mean that they aren’t Australian companies. It’s more important that there are thousands of people who have jobs who design, engineer and build them here.

          • twincharger

            Why does it matter what the origins of a car company is.Your a conservative free marketeer,dont we all now belong to the global community..Isnt 70% of our mining industry foreign owned.
            Holden had a long history in Australia before the GM takeover.Also recent advertising from Toyota would suggest that Toyota are here to stay in Australia.

          • golfsarelame

            toyotas not american!! I’d rather a boring camry them a lame golf

          • Hung Low

            Only a real Turkey would think that ridding of all foreign investment in Australia would be a positive for the economy. Clueless as usual Bungle!

          • Buntz

            Germany is also foreign you ignoramus. And if I recall… they were on the opposite side to us in both World Wars, unlike America. And the two American companies and one Japanese are the only to employ Australians here.

            Now go DIAF

    • golfsarelame

      they’ve been wanting too kill the falcon of since the XD

      • Don Quay

        I think what he meant to say was, ” They’ve been wanting to kill the Falcon off since the XD.”

        See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

    • falconforums

      Well then why don’t you simply state those facts from a
      consumer point of view Jez Spinks.  Would
      it be so much to ask that you leave speculation alone and comment on the
      product as is?  For every negative word
      based on speculation you could be spending it telling the truth about its
      driving dynamics.  Any fool can see Ford
      are not going to spend this amount of money for a car that comes our 3rd
      quarter 2014 to be gone in 18 months. 
      How about you use some commonsense and if you can’t do that some respect
      for these manufacturers and Australian jobs. 
      The sensationalistic nonsense you and your media friends indulge in does
      no one any good what so ever.  What is
      your point? To be able to say in 2017 we told you so.  Well bloody good effort, you win. 

      You have stated here that when Ford say they will build
      falcon past January 2017 you will eat pie, well you could have equally said
      Ford have not said they won’t be making the Falcon past January 2017.  You simply don’t know so it’s just sensationalistic
      rubbish that undermines every marketing dollar Ford spends on the brand.  What is your roll here seriously, and by “you”
      I mean the media in this country.  You
      collectively need to wake up to yourselves before it’s too late.  We want commentary on the product as present
      not your guess on the future.  You can
      report that when it happens.

      • falconforums

        That should read 18-24 depending on when in 2016

    • Troll No. 47

      Nice try Jez, but unfortunately for you, your history betrays you. You’ve been perpetuating this line since Ford chiefs gave you the “talk to the hand” treatment at NAIAS in 2010 when you were writing for Drive although then the story you concocted then and continued to perpetuate was that the next generation Falcon was going to be a Taurus – with no facts to back it up. Then, as your Taurus idea became less of a sure bet, you started your current line of harping on about the Falcon’s existence post-2016 in every single article you write about the car, including this one. Do you really think they are going to spend precious R&D dollars on a car that will only last 2 years? Not likely, but don’t let some logic get in the way of your continued vendetta against Ford.

      • Ezz

        Its hilarious when an opinion writer thinks they are a journalist. Sensational indeed.

      • $29896495

        Don’t think there’ll be a  lot of R&D involved with a face lift. I’m predicting a new front and rear, which has undoubtedly been in the pipeline this this body was released. Some interior changes but I wouldn’t expect much because the interior is pretty good.  

        Problem they have is doors, and the problem the car has, other than size, is the glas house or turret. The doors are the most expensive thing to make major changes to, so the openings and bits and pieces will stay the same. That means a face lift.

  • save it for the track

    They need an effective marketing Department. of course some old school attitudes still hold sway out in many of the areas with our ‘special roads’. Seriously though, in terms of dust sealing the Commodore and Falcon are nothing special. Where they have it over other popular vehicles is in the stability control calibration, which is far superior to a Toyota product on an unsealed Aussie road. (as an example) A Commodore or Falcon can still be driven with some verve without the electronic nanny’s interfering too much, unlike a Camry.

    • Don Quay

      You’re probably correct on all those points, but really how many people go for a fang on an unsealed road nowadays? Dirt roads are getting harder to find every day, even in rural areas. I’m not talking about drivng from the main road up the driveway to the house, I mean the roads between towns and localities. I think the amount of traffic on dirt roads vs sealed would be pretty insignificant. 

  • Eagle Rock

    Ford again produces a very good engine and a good looking car, if  you lot winch about the car you have never owned  or driven  a FORD !!

  • Never Again

    After sales service, or should I say the lack of it drove me
    away from the blue oval and I will never go back!

    • Big Mac

       Same.  Plus the fact that the G6 I own has had four issue, two major ones.  I can tell you there is nothing special about the suspension built for Aus. roads.  My rear suspension bushes failed after 13 months. Complete replacement including radius arms and strut tower bushes.  Ford should be ashamed.

  • BK

    who says its all about how many falcons are sold a month.

  • Robin_Graves

    Does everyone realise the red car in the picture is a mondeo? The sketch of the Falcon was not released for publication.

    • Golfmother

      DER .

      • Robin_Graves

        People were commenting on what it looked like, unless they were at the press release, they are looking at the wrong car.

        • Golfmother

          And prey tell us about this radical new falcoon with totally new underpinnings new body, new engines , no nothing but a wand waved over the lights , who cares it wont sell any way , last hurray , just new taxi .

          • golfsarelame

            i cant wait too see what happens too your golf when it gets in a crash!! no matter how safe they say a golf is it will never bet a falcon in a crash!!!!

          • Golfschwein

            Why not You Tube it and see for yourself? Tell us what you think. 

          • dave

            Your right, ANCAP crash each car into an object (seen in crash vids) of equal weight to the car being tested. If a FG falcon and Golf were to have a head on i know which car i would like to be in.

          • dave

            plus according to RACQ and NRMA it was the safest used car, with evidence collected from real life crash reports.

        • Karl Sass

          It’s on another site.

          • Robin_Graves

            Yep, found it – thanks.  Not really much to go by.

  • Darryl

    Bob Graz you might be excited about the breadth of powertrain options right now, but you need to tell us the public all about it, so it gets into our heads. Frankly we’ve heard more about Mazda’s Sky-Activ stuff than anything you make. I still reckon Alan Mullaly sent you here to shut up shop.

  • Steve Wardle

    Volkswagen Golf, Front wheel drive, cheap to manufacture, just an over priced German buzz box, proper German made car, Rear wheel drive.

    • Gtr-xu1

      Excellent comment Steve.

    • golfsarelame

      I dont have a problem with front wheel drives. i just think a certain person should shut up baging a car hes never driven!!! oh he doesnt like the falcon but yet like golfs!! back in the day hatchbacks where considered a girls car!!! a golfs nothing special

  • BenSpec

    All this ‘it’s a national disgrace to end Falcon’ stuff. If it’s not feasible, then it’s not feasible. What we’re all after is affordable motoring, yeah?

  • trololololol

    It ain’t over till its over…..

  • chazRendeZvouslateralus

    So are they actually going to advertise this falcon? Dont think ive seen a falcon in a tv ad since early BA – and that was in a conmodore ad!!

  • JamesB

    1. Bring in diesel version.
    2. Bring in NA Coyote engine for XR8.
    3. Invent a Australian brand. The red lion has proven it successful no matter what rubbish they make.

  • big mac

    If they keep producing cars the way they do (falcon), I am sure they will be gone in a few years. I have a 13 month old G6 that has been back to the local dealer 4 times now with major issues. Unacceptable in this day and age compared to manufacturing in the rest of the world. The excuse I was given in the most recent issue (rear bushes, radius arm bushes and strut bushes) was they were a bit slack on the production line when the car was built. Apparently there is a customer contact exercise happening now

    • Golfmother

      Yes seems to be issues a plenty in that area , lots of terry cans seem to be giving owners much grief even in the latest rendition , still not fixed tut tut .

      • Dom

        Kinda like the Mk5/6 Golf in the early days. VW were a bit slack in dealing with DSG and twincharger issues

        • Robin_Graves

          MK7 has the front crossmember changed so veedud ‘mechanics’ can swap out blown motors and trannies each service – problem solved!

          • Golfmother

            Still waiting for the melt down , redlined it through the hills again today , bugger wont blow up , love that big turbo whistle as she screams through the gears , drives like a golf hahaha .

          • dave

            screams through the gears like a little girl who cant…

      • Buntz

        Sounds like someone is a Holden driver with insults like that.

    • Fairlane

      I think you are Ful Of It big mac,as Falcons don’t use struts

      • Buntz

        I think he means shock absorbers… not some actual inferior strut setup.

        • Big Mac

           I am no mechanic, but those big coils with shock absorbers inside had bushes replaced at the top the housing they are in

          • Buntz

            If you don’t like the excuses you are getting, I’d voice them to Ford.

  • peter

    ANCAP 5 star rating gives buyers a false sense of security. Too many imported cars such as Golf scoring high marks for saftey. Increase the crash testing to 100kl/h and lets see what is left of them, the Falcon does not get the credit it deserves for being a solid safe car.

    • Golfmother


      • Just saying

        Golfmother. I knew you were a woman. I find it hilarious that you spend so much time searching for Falcon and Commodore stories to rant hatred about them. It’s alright darlin’ nobody’s asking you to buy one.
        But to think and say that Falcons and Commodores wouldn’t last 5min on Russian roads is complete arrogance.
        Have you ever driven on the mountain roads of northern India?
        They are shocking. Landslides everywhere, the lot.
        If you think the Falcon and Commodore won’t stand a chance in Russia, then surely little Maruti Suzuki Alto’s, Hyundai i20’s and Ford Figos etc. Wouldn’t stand a chance in these mountains.
        Don’t let your hatred for a car get in the way of common sense.

        • Golfmother

          Another OZ bomb lover , no idiot would take a crummer or falcoon to northern india or any other sedan .

          The local OZ bombs are not built in any way better to suit OZ roads , that is just jargon to make loons feel special in their OZ built tanks .

          • Buntz

            If you believe that then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Unfortunately, even the dumbest people such as yourself have free reign to spread the vast ignorance they have through the medium that is the internet. Even worse is… people can read it.

          • Just saying

            Any other sedan you say? Are you sure about that? Goes to show you’re just making it up as you go along, purely out of spite. Although you do know alot, I’ll admit that. The only thing that would hinder a sedan in these mountains is an auto box, they wouldn’t last for obvious reasons. The cars themselves are quite capable. I’m seeing it here in the flesh. Call me a liar.

          • Just saying

            My main point was. If these little Suzuki’s, Hyundai’s and Fords and Tata Nano’s can get around these rough mountain roads. Surely a Falcon and Commodore could cop Russia. If I’m wrong I’d love to be proved so. But until then I cannot believe, especially from you, that these cars as weak as you think.

          • $29896495

            Actually I think one of the car magazines did it. The cars went ok. That was over ten years ago.

          • Turbodewd

            Troll alert!  Driver of small expensive euro with dodgy indicator stalk alert!

    • dave

      It does as RACQ and NRMA released a report claiming the FG falcon to be the safest used car, evidence backed by real life crash reports. Also when ANCAP crash a car, the car is crashed into (the box thing in offset crash) the object which is of equal weight (or resistance) to the car hitting it. For example the FG falcon crashes into an object of 1.7 tone, but Hitler golfs crashes into a 1.4 tone (or what ever its kerb weight is). Its to simulate a offset crash with the exact same car that is being tested. Its in the name of fairness but it gives the false impression that small cars are just as safe as large cars.

      • Turbodewd1

        Agreed, thats why ANCAP is a joke.

  • Trevor

    Ford!!!  give it up, stop pretending you care about the falcon!!!

    the only way Australia will believe you care is if you actually dared to advertise it on tv, dared to tell people about ecoboost, dared to tell people about ecolpi….

    ive been a ford fan all my life and im disgusted at fords treatment of the FG falcon, its such a great car!

  • Jason

    Just got a Ford Falcon XR6 FG2 Limited Edition. Great car. Same money as a Japanese car but more gear and better motor (I’m personally a big fan of the inline 6).

    • Golfmother

      And no resale value , should have gone to spec savers .

  • target slip

    Local cars are set up to deal with local conditions.

    One example;

    Locally tuned ABS/ESP is tuned to perform optimally on both sealed and unsealed roads. Japanese & German cars are tuned for sealed roads and snow, unsealed road performance is just an outcome. “What difference” you say? Shorter braking distance. An Australian developed vehicle aims for more tyre slip while braking on gravel, this strategy take advantage of the gravel wedge that develops in front of the tyre contact patch.

    As a European engineer working for a local car company, I find it a bit sad/strange that Australians (including journalists) are so critical of what they produce. No one is forcing you to buy locally developed/produced vehicles. The government subsidies are tiny compared to other countries, look it up. 

  • Joe Rossi

    I have come to the conclusion that Golfmother is a winging pom and just spouts complete nonsense.

  • Eric Xu

    Ignore Golfmother, seriously. Ford Falcon is the best car for Aussie roads. I mean, they’ve even made a fuel efficient Falcon now, the EcoLPi. Only 2.0! It’s the only hope for Falcons and it’s a bloody big one! It’s going to turn the tables! A efficient Falcon! My dad used to own one. Go falcons! Commodore, well, to be kind lets say I don’t like it. At all, for that matter!

  • Eric Xu

    Seriously, what more do we Aussies want! Its perfect for us!

  • Sggilby

    Yes you seem very opinionated, im just wondering where you got such an inventive name from ’12incher’ – why dont you come over here and see what we do to people like you when you call us narrow minded.

  • adam

    Whats eco boost?

  • Millsy

    I want them to bring back the Ford Fairlane or LTD (I don’t even know which car is meant to be the current premium luxury model). I agree with the engines, they are very reliable from my experience. just a pity Ford doesn’t have the styling of the Holden Utes with reliable efficient and powerful Ford engines.


    Aston Martin’s Grill, Ford Mustang’s Hood, Audi A7’s Body Kit, Maserati’s rear end + tail lights and this is a pride of Australia ?! Ford AU, out of ideas mate ? Dont be a disgrace to the whole of AUSTRALIA.

  • Golfmother

    We dont need to see it , same baggy falcoon with some extra tizz , fail , rush yummy stuff .