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    Once again a VW Group product………

    Anyway, a superb car & review, would be my daily drive if i had the coin, cannot think of anything better.

    You can buy them for GBP35,000 in UK [2nd hand]

    Till then, back to my NANO



  • http://deleted Alex

    Frugal One, you can’t buy the Speed version for 35,000 pounds, only the standard one and even then, you would be lucky to have a choice of even three different cars for that price and they would all have well over 100,000 miles on the clock.
    The thing that I always like about this car is that somehow the Rolls Royce Phantom is currently styled to look like a car you should be driven in, not a car you should be driving but this is a drivers car and is styled that way. it’s almost as quiet and comfortable as the Rolls Royce Phantom too and I think it would take a lot for me to get a much, much more expensive RR over this fantastic car.
    Fuel consumption is pretty impressive but like I’ve said before, love those wheels. I would still buy the coupe before this though as the standard Flying Spur is a very wafty car and I feel the Speed pack changes it too much, I’ve read the same thing in a lot of other reviews aswell.

  • Crouchy

    Alex – At 400K do you really think the buyer of this car cares about fuel economy???

  • Alex

    Actually Crouchy, yes. It’s not about being able to afford petrol, because even though everybody complains about it, I think it’s still very cheap for what it is and does but no one, no matter how rich wants bad range in a nice comfortable car. I would hate to go out for the day and have to fill the thing up five times and I don’t think many would want to.

  • Mitch

    its not that thirsty, the VE SS uses 14.4 l/100km and it produces less power and has alot less weight to pull around.

  • Frontman

    Good article, well written and simple non cliche’ed explanations giving both information and passion.
    Rating A- (leaving room for you to improve ;-))
    Thank you & keep up the standard.