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The all-new Skoda Octavia has been spied lapping the Nurburgring in Germany ahead of the utilitarian Czech liftback’s international launch in 2013.

The third-generation Octavia, which is destined to go on sale in Australia during the second half of 2013, will grow noticeably in all directions as it steps up into the medium-size class to go head-to-head with the likes of the Toyota Camry, Mazda6 and Ford Mondeo.

The new Octavia will sit above the incoming Skoda Rapid small car, which will debut in Australia at next week’s Sydney motor show before going up against the Mazda3, Toyota Corolla and the rest of the competitive small-car class in the first half of next year.

Built on the Volkswagen Group’s new MQB platform – the same one that underpins the all-new Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf Mk7 – the 2013 Skoda Octavia promises to take a generational leap forward in terms of driving dynamics and passive safety.

The Octavia will also borrow a range of turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines from the new Golf, promising enhanced performance and improved fuel efficiency.

A detuned version of the new Golf GTI’s 162kW/350Nm 2.0-litre turbo petrol powerplant is expected to find its way under the bonnet of the high-performance Skoda Octavia RS.

The prototype’s psychedelic camouflage does a good job of disguising the car’s key styling details, although it’s clear the new model will be longer, lower and sleeker than ever before.

The styling of the 2013 Octavia will take inspiration from the Skoda VisionD concept that showed off fresh, sharp lines at the 2011 Geneva motor show.

The Skoda Octavia liftback will be joined future down the track by a more versatile wagon body style.

  • Legnab

    unreliable junk. much better cars out there than skodas

    • Milsie

      What a well informed and well thought out comment… Thank you for sharing your worthless opinion.

    • Milsie

       Forgot to say:

      From a current owner of 2 Skodas. Now into my third year of trouble-free motoring…

    • Dave W

      It’s basically a reskinned VW and I thought you love your VW?

      • Barry on the tray top .

        Just our resident ghost legnab , who drives a crummerdore and cannot bear the thought of some one owning a superior car to his , you know him as sapper nemo .

        • Dom

          Hmmm….we have imposter Legnab spouting Legnab style ramblings plus the real Legnab posing as a tow truck driver.

          • Barry on the tray top .

            And you dom win the prize , now tell us who is the imposter legnab .

          • twincharger

            Who are you im Barry.I know your upset about your Golf engine exploding,dont take it out on me??

        • Captain Nemo®™

           BZZZZZZT wrong again Bungle as i said previously you’re the only who trolls CA under several user names. 
          Disqus shows your little trail of various names Spellbound,Rooster,Julia,Bungle,Legnab and now Barry on the tray top.  Your poor spelling also helps people know when you have a new name.

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Bad punctuation there sapper nemo , back to school sooky .

      • Zaccy16

        skodas are much better than they used to be and this one will be good!

    • ZAP

      So you’ve driven a Skoda ??

    • 3D4


    • Finnmark

       Then why do Skoda Octavias continue to be the top rated car in their class in the JD Power surveys? I hope you are enjoying driving your beige Kia Magentis

  • L1011

    It will be interesting to see how Skoda positions the new Octavia, given the current one is only slightly bigger than the new Rapid. Let’s just hope that camouflage is hiding something interesting.

    • Peter

      unlikely.  while they are meant to be great cars, I reckon it will look better with the camo on.

    • Zaccy16

      yeah hopefully but probably generic skoda, that isn’t a bad thing!

  • Barry on the tray top .

    One car i have never had to tow to the mechanics , ultra relaible are skodas .

    • Robin_Graves

      You need some help for that multiple personality disorder.  If Skodas are so reliable then how come rental companies are dumping the steaming piles because they keep breaking down?

      • Barry on the tray top .

        Dobin you still grinding , why does all this drama only happen in OZ , skoda is ultra reliable in UK/ german reports , not so ford , please explain .

        • Zaccy16

          yeah skodas have tried and tested tech and are reliable

      • Finnmark

         Well isn’t that an interesting comment. In Europe they don’t seem to have a reliability problem….maybe some Australian drivers just can’t cope with anything more sophisticated than a XD Falcon or HZ Kingswood. Funny that also Europcar had Octavias….and if they were so unreliable why did they then get some Superbs and new Fabias??….oh dear is that another Toyota recall I hear or do you need an oil well to run your Mazda CX5 diesel…..

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Skoda always got a decent write up but unfortunately they were hit with the ugly stick! Look forward to seeing how the new model turns out

  • 3D4

    It definitely grows in size. Considering the mule riding on current model RS version 18inch wheels it looks bigger. I reckon Skoda has to make such change to better fit Rapid between Fabia and Octavia and to prevent canibalism between those two..

    • 3D4

      I meant canibalism between Rapid and Octavia..

  • Homer

    That paint scheme is a shocker

  • Unidexter

    I have found it cheaper to buy a Passat wagon over a 118 Tsi Octavia wagon if speced the same… Crazy but true. The new one better be good value and look less boring.

    • Robin_Graves

      Either way you lose until VeeDud can fix their woeful reliability.

      • Barry on the tray top .

        Funny dobin , ive been mulling over this, maybe VW only send the duds to OZ and places like america where VW sales are soaring up 47% again last month , they send them the good ones .

        Ford US sales are stagnant and yet honda/toyota/vw are all sky rocketing , might be good build quality and reliability .

        • Robin_Graves

          So JD Power, Autobild and evry VeeDud owner I’ve spoken to are all wrong, we should listen to a saucepan salesman from Adelaide who has a multiple personality disorder, right?

          • Finnmark

            Interesting comment re JD Power survey….who has won again in their category….and have rated 1st or 2nd in the last few years…..Skoda Octavia…..funny that.

        • O123

          Well VW sales are up in OZ as well. Skodas are engineered for eastern europe and are very reliable. 

  • Able

    Really looking forward to this new Octavia! It looks to be a lot bigger than the current one (a good thing if you ask me) and it also looks more, dare I say, sportier too. If Skoda Aus don’t deviate much from their current pricing I think this will be a real winner and why not? Skoda is an honest, unpretentious brand that deserves much success.

    I’m onto my second Skoda (a Yeti 103TDI 4×4 manual) and I just love it!

    • Jim

      Agreed, Skoda is a very underrated brand, much overshadowed by its sibling VW.

    • Zaccy16

      agreed, im looking at a yeti too!

  • Norm

    Keen to see the wagon. I still think the Yeti and the Superb wagon are the pick of the current range. If the wagon can liberate space like the Superb does could make for an interesting package.

  • Antrio

    Hopefully this one won’t look like a bad Chinese knock-off of an Astra.

  • Mark

    The profile photo looks a bit like my MY05 Liberty.

  • Joel

    I was too distracted by the stickers on the car. Why would the Czech’s put huge “Car Advice” stickers over them?

  • Aussie

    Hope they can make these things look stylish and aggresive. The current Octavia is completely ho-hum.

  • gt86.com.au

    Good Cars, but really need to do more with the styling. The way they are priced in Aus one would almost always pay an extra 1K or so and get the VW equivalent where available..
    e.g. polo GTI and Fabia RS..