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An even hotter version of Volvo’s new hatchback is on the way, and the Swedish manufacturer says Australia is a prime candidate for the new model, dubbed the Volvo V40 Polestar.

While the Volvo V40 R-Design, unveiled at the 2012 Paris motor show, is all about sporty styling enhancements that can be combined with all available powertrains from the 82kW D2 diesel to the high-performance 183kW T5 turbo petrol, the Volvo V40 Polestar promises to bring more serious power and performance enhancements.

Speaking with CarAdvice in Paris, Volvo R-Design program manager Sanna Johansson suggested Australia would be among the first markets in the world to get the Polestar-enhanced V40, revealing: “It’s definitely in our plans, especially for Australia, in 2013″.

The initial version of the Volvo V40 Polestar will get software upgrades only, but a more powerful version is expected down the track as part of a wider performance strategy for the company.

“At the moment, we are are only talking about software downloads for the V40 Polestar, but we do have plans for a more powerful version that would see further performance enhancements for the V40, entailing more than just software downloads,” said Johansson, who wasn’t prepared to talk about timing for the project.

Volvo says it is working on a global performance strategy that would see greater involvement with Polestar, which is also Volvo’s racing partner in the Swedish Touring Car series.

That could mean Polestar versions of each model in the Volvo line-up, although with the plans still in their infancy, Johansson was reluctant reveal more details at this stage.

The Volvo V40 R-Design will head the local line-up when the all-new compact hatch launches in Australia in the first quarter of 2013.

  • Amlohac

    And they said they would never put this car into production.

    That 5 pot engine sounds amazing.

    • JooberJCW

      Yeah, after hearing the Focus RS’s crackle and pop, I hope they continue on with this with future models.

  • $29896495

    I’m really liking the look of the new Volvos, and some that have just passed, just as important what they are doing on the road, is pretty cool. Even though some have said they have given up on the C30, I wish they’d keep it and give it the new styling. 

    • Jacob

      Looks better than the new BMW 3 series. And pretty much all Volkswagen cars. 

      • $29896495

        They certainly do!

  • Whatthe

    Very promising, but Volvo seem unable to combine performance and economy. Will be interested if the car can be reasonably economical.

  • Dave W

    What’s the point? They’d just fall into the hands of slow as Volvo drivers… Just kidding! 😉

  • Xristo303

    Hmmm I was hoping this would be the awd polestar that’s been talked about. It’ll probably cheaper getting the T5 r-design and then getting the software tune later.

    • Amlohac

      Is that the one they tested on top gear?

  • visalus

     I agree. The ranger is so much better, and I know cause I own one.

    • Amlohac

      lol wut?

  • Benson

    Wish Volvo priced their cars more resonabily. Would love to get an S60.

  • M-Life

    I second that emotion, Benson.  I think Volvo really need to be in line with VW with their pricing, instead of Mercedes and BMW.  I’d love to get a new V40 but I really can’t see that it would be offered for less that $40k – any more and I’d rather get the new Golf GTi.

    • Amlohac

      Do volvos still tank when you re-sell them?

    • Luke Brinsmead

      I disagree, if you sit in a Passat and then a S60, the S60 feels a bit more special to justify the extra.