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Jaguar has confirmed the highly anticipated Jaguar F-Type sports car will be priced from £58,000 in the UK, positioning it perfectly between the Porsche Boxster S and the Carrera Cabriolet and suggesting a starting price in Australia of approximately $190,000.

Jaguar global brand director Adrian Hallmark made the announcement at the car’s 2012 Paris motor show unveiling, confirming earlier speculation suggesting the entry-level Jaguar F-Type V6 would be priced between the $133,300 Boxster S and the $254,600 Carrera Cabriolet.

A $190,000 starting price would also position the F-Type around $50,000 below the entry-level Jaguar XK Convertible, which starts from $243,000 in Australia.

The F-Type is a pivotal model for Jaguar, which has lagged behind its sister brand Land Rover, which itself is enjoying something of a sales bonanza with the Range Rover Evoque.

Hallmark outlined JLR’s grand plan for prestige English brand when he said, “Jaguar has embarked on a very ambitious investment program that is designed to take the brand from a successful niche player to a really strong global premium brand over the next five to 10 years.

“We have a clear vision for what Jaguar should be. We have an enviable heritage and we have a unique DNA in Jaguar. That’s built on three pillars that have existed from the very beginning: innovative technology, seductive design and inspirational performance.”

The Jaguar F-Type is the first two-seat sports car Jaguar has produced in over 50 years, since the iconic E-Type first rolled of the assembly line in 1961. To say that it’s been a long wait is something of an understatement.

Hallmark calls it “The first breakthrough product in the new era for Jaguar and the company’s return to the sports car segment – the segment that we helped to create 90 years ago this month”.

Jaguar will be hoping the all-new F-Type will make the same kind of impact that Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons made when he created the legendary SS Jaguar 100.

Lyons followed up with the equally successful XK120 – famous for being the fastest production car in the world at the time. Its nameplate denoted its top speed: 120mph (193km/h).

The iconic E-Type Jaguar evolved out of the success of the most famous racing Jaguars, namely the C-Type and D-Type, which dominated motorsport in their day.

The E-Type captured the mood and the spirit of a whole generation. It re-framed the sports car and demonstrated the essence of Jaguar’s DNA: innovative, seductive and performance.

The E-Type was a tough act to follow and a considerable challenge for Jaguar director of design Ian Callum and the engineering team that was charged with developing a 21st century Jaguar sports car in the midst of strong global competitors that occupy the sports car segment today.

The F-Type is indeed the spiritual successor to the E-Type, as well as Jaguar’s other iconic nameplates that so clearly defined the Jaguar brand throughout its history, as Callum explained when he said: “This car is not an E-Type, this is F-Type. This car is for now. It’s got it’s own character, it has its own time and its in its own place. It’s very much a Jaguar.”

The unique horizontal tail-lights were inspired by the E-Type, however, as were the twin centrally mounted exhaust tips on the 3.0-litre V6 F-Type and F-Type S. Interestingly, they were actually manufactured by a specialist Italian exhaust manufacturer.

With F-Type, Jaguar expects to introduce the brand to a whole new generation of people that is yet to experience a proper Jaguar sports car.

Pricing for F-Type in Australia will be finalised closer to its local launch in the second quarter of 2013.

  • Acfsambo

    190K is too expensive, would be better if it started at Boxter money say 150K, and even then that’s too expensive (then so are most euro performance cars).

  • Nick

    58K UK should be under 100K Oz usual obscene Jaguar AU Pricing

    • Bill

      and the $58k is on road cost with 20% VAT which works out at around $95k on current exchange rate.  So if Jaguar wonder why they cannot sell enough cars viz MB and Audi then they seriously need to look at their pricing.  Particularly as the depreciation on these continues to free fall for the first 4 years…

    • Zaccy16

      Yeah we always get too high prices in aus!

  • Peter

    Yes, it is just over $100K in the US for the V8. Which means that it should start at under that here.  It cheeses me off, Jag whinges that it doesnt have the market share, but then jacks up the price (it isnt all in taxes) for us colonials.  But still, when it comes out in a coupe I’ll be interested…  This will cruel the XK over here, the back seats are worthless in it anyway so the F-Type is really a direct competitor, it seems a better car for less money.

    • Zaccy16

      Yeah it is a great car but pricing is a issue

  • gt86.com.au

    don’t like the handle bar in the middle of the dash. Stops you from seeing your companion in a mini. Other than that, nice car but too pricey as anything that reaches our shores.

  • Stan89

    We now are getting thoroughly ripped off compared to other countries…even New Zealand is notably cheaper than here…for example: Bmw M3 drive away price here $170k…in in NZ its $128k…Our government and its pathetic attempts to protect our hopeless domestic car companies are a real nuisance!

  • MM

    Would have preferred it started closer to $150k (preferably below). Agree with comments above – we can thank the Aus Gov various taxes for crueling the price further…still can not wait to drive one. With the 911 convertible closer to $300k – perhaps $190k can be considered a little more reasonable.

  • Nick

    MM its far more to do with restriction of trade than Tax, if they were to remove restriction, we could import them ourselves, and prices what equalize, bit of a kick in the nuts for the unfortunates who have already been gouged. However this money would then be spent on other goods and Aust would gain tax revenue and benefits to Balance of payments. This would give them Billions to prop up local manufacture, like they do overseas. Be great if one of the car websites would call a spade a spade and highlight how obscene the Australian pricing is, but I guess they are like our Pollies, protecting their interests.At leased they let us comment, if we keep commenting, it will get back to importers and they may have to act.

  • rubbery numbers

    Yeah though it’s not just the evil government, it’s the car manufacturers too.  There is no reason why Jag couldnt sell this at (say) $150K and make as much if not more than it does selling the car in the US for $100K.  But it wont, because it doesnt have to.  The extra $50K per car makes up for the loss of the slightly higher volume in sales (after all how many 2 seaters would it sell even at $150K?), also if it was $150K probably no-one would buy the XK at $250K even though the XK has pretend seats in the back (good only for dogs or amputees).  By the way, I’m only guessing about the numbers, they might be out some.

    • Zaccy16

      very good point, the xks seats are like the 911’s, useless!

  • Henry Toussaint

    Please make a I4 Turbo with a starting price of 100k

  • Gaza

    would be cheaper to buy a 2nd hand MX5 and weld the front end of a Nissan 350Z onto it from a scrapmetal yard. Then get a crappy front spoiler online at EBay … and there you have it … the “successor” to the E-Type. That would cost you sub-$20k ….

  • O123

    rear is stunning front not so much. Way to expensive, should be boxster priced

  • Francis

    Great looking,  must be less than a Boxster at entry level or in todays market baby boomer sales will go to the new MX-5 which looks fab

  • Hildaandstanley

    I have been waiting indicative pricing and my thoughts were if it is much more than  a Boxster S then that will be a better buy ,not so good looking but they hold their value . The jags I have bought have all depreciated far too much too quickly . Why not buy discounted XK ?

  • Gurney

    just buy a new nissan 350Z instead. 50k and better looking.

    • Phil

      List price for the base model 370Z manual is $68,640 on road costs rising to $77,990 + on road costs for the auto convertible.

      • Jack

        Weird where he got the 50k figure from. Sure the 370Z is cheaper, but I don’t think Jaguar intended for the F-Type to compete with the 370Z, Gurney.

  • Cor 1

    190k. For a start, what would that make the v8 cost, at these prices they make the m3 look good value.

  • plumplum

    £58,000 is about A$90,000… Plus GST call it $100,000.
    Australian Luxury Car Tax on THAT is just under $13000. Add freight and dealer costs, about $5,000?? So in Australia there is going to be an approx A$70,000 slug??? For what? Plain Greed.