Renault has been spied testing its Clio-based baby SUV in southern Europe ahead of the all-new model’s anticipated launch in 2013.

Rumoured to be called the Renault Captur after the striking, high-riding crossover coupe concept that debuted at last year’s Geneva motor show, the prototype looks set to draw heavily from the design of the all-new Renault Clio IV five-door hatchback, which goes on sale in Australia in mid 2013.

Sporting the new family headlight, grille and badge layout developed by Renault’s new designer, Laurens van den Acker, the ‘Captur’ crossover promises simple, urban-friendly styling to compete with the likes of the Ford EcoSport, Holden Trax and Opel Mokka.

The Captur shares its basic underpinnings with the new Clio and its Renault-Nissan alliance cousin, the Nissan Juke, and as such is expected to feature the engines already used in those models.

A range of fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines will be offered depending on the region.

Our spy photographers believe the Renault Captur will only be available in front-wheel drive – unlike the Juke, which comes with the option of all-wheel drive.

The Captur will be the first of three new SUVs from Renault to launch in the coming years, with larger models based on the next-generation Nissan Dualis also in the pipeline.

  • al

    SUV is rubbish. Never bought a SUV, never will. Bring back the good old wagon if you need some space.

    • 80’s Robot

      I agree. It’ll be much better for everyone else if people bought wagons instead. I have real difficulties seeing past SUV’s in traffic, too.

    • Henry F

      Well said Al. I’ve been looking for a small-mid size wagon for some time for a young family and really struggle to find a wide range of options. The closest to the right size (for around $40-45K) are the Opel Astra, Golf, 308 & Octavia wagons..

      I’m sure they’re all fine, but I do have a preference for a Japanese marque. It seems there used to be so many more options years ago..

      • Modern Man

        The Japanese dont like Wagons.

        it is either a tallboy box type thing (Rukus etc) or an SUV (Rav4)

        Wagons have been mainly designed for the euro market hence the proliferation of euro in this segment.

        i would recomend walking into Skoda and Chec’ing out their range of wagons in fabia (inc the Roomster-this thing is brilliant albeit quirky) and the octavia.

        You wont be disapointed. Better warranties than the Japs as well.

        • Henry F

          Thanks MM. I have checked out the Octavia and think it’s a good car. I have some reservations about the auto/DSG (after hiring a Passat recently), however perhaps I can get past the joltiness at stop/start. I think there might a new model coming out next year?

          I think Japanese manufacturers used to make good-sized wagons – I remember the reasonably sized Mazda 6/626, Camry, Magna and (smaller) Liberty. They’ve either stopped making them, or they’ve grown to the next sized class.

        • Zaccy16

          Theres one exception to the Japanese don’t like wagons is that the new Mazda 6 Wagon looks fantastic in my opinion

    • Zaccy16

      I agree too, i used to own a first gen territory but had enough of not being able to see behind me properly and the high fuel consumption and also the high loading lip, my current Mazda 6 Wagon is much better in my opinion than a SUV by far

      • ABCDEFG

        I can’t see how a current 2.5L Mazda6 wagon with 10.5L real life fuel consumption saves a lot over the 2WD Territory with 11.5-12L real life. Plus the Territory is more comfy, goes quicker and cruises effortlessly.

        • Zaccy16

          I don’t have a current gen i have a 2005 with the 2.3 and its real world figure we are getting is 9.9 l per 100 km and in the territory we will getting 16-17 in the real world! I liked my territory except for the size and fuel consumption


    But but if a SUV kisses with a sedan, the sedan will go under the SUV. Plus the SUV will experience a lot lower G-force than the sedan as SUVs are generally much heavier than sedans. Knock on wood. But the penalty is the high fuel consumption on the SUVs. Like they say you can’t have them all. 

    • 80’s Robot

      That’s why I think people should downsize from SUV’s, so nobody is at a massive disadvantage in a road incident. A small (and safe) car crashing into a small car would be much better than an SUV crashing into a small car. The solution? Get rid of the SUV!