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One of the meanest performance sedans in the world, the Porsche Panamera, has turned good and joined the NSW Police force.

Plastered in blue chequers, high-vis and sporting a light bar, the white Porsche Panamera able to achieve a top speed of 259km/h has been provided to the NSW Police by Porsche Cars Australia to assist with community engagement and police promotional events.

The free Panamera loan car is part of Porsche’s corporate social responsibility program and is the first time Porsche Cars Australia has made any of its vehicles available to law enforcement.

Porsche Panamera - NSW Police 2

With the intention being to create curiosity and draw people towards the car giving police the opportunity to engage with them on local issues, the 220kW/400Nm $201,400 Porsche Panamera will not be used for chases.

Porsche Cars Australia managing director, Michael Winkler said, “This is the first time we’ve made available a Porsche to any police force in Australia and the curiosity factor alone of a Panamera in police decals should help the NSW Police achieve awareness and engage people in its community programs”.

Porsche Panamera - NSW Police 1

An initial six-month loan, the fully marked Panamera’s duty could be extended by a further six months should the NSW Police see a strong benefit – or just get used to driving a Porsche over a Holden or Ford.

The Police Porsche will be the responsibility of the Harbourside Local area Command Crime Management Unit in Sydney’s north, so keep a look out.

  • Zahmad

    At least they didn’t have to pay for it…

    • Damian

       Porsche Australia probably has more money than the NSW Government…

  • Angry Young Man

    I don’t know. Kids these days! They get it all! Night out in King’s Cross. Drunken fisticuffs. Driven home by police in a Panamera Paddy Wagon. Waaah!

  • Frank

    That’s right, it’s nice to see that my hard-earned tax dollars are spent
    on sh!t like this! This state government like all the others don’t seem to have
    their priorities right.


    Expenditures like this aren’t going to fix NSW’s crime problem.



    • sam123

      Maybe you will read the article next time Frank!

      ” The free Panamera loan car is part of Porsche’s corporate social
      responsibility program and is the first time Porsche Cars Australia has
      made any of its vehicles available to law enforcement.”

      • Captain Nemo®™

         Sam,Josh,3D4 and others You’re all right but not everyone visits car websites or are enthusiasts.   Plenty of people will see this on the road and think “Oh great my tax dollars are being wasted”

        • 3D4

          Of course that is the possibility here but before you comment on something don’t you read what about the article actualy is..? Preventing you don’t look like idiot in front of others…

          • Sumpguard

            ” Preventing you don’t look like idiot in front of others…”

            ….and you reckon he’s an idiot!

      • afican migrant

         shoot first, ask questions later, eh!

    • Josh

      It’s great to see that your hard worked brain can come up with sh!t like this post…. did you even read the article before posting?

    • trololololol

      The porsche is on loan for FREE to the nsw police! (see how i made the free part in capital letters?)

    • 3D4

      You can’t be serious you N00B

    • Able


      • Frank

        In reply to you Able, and everyone else above that replied to me:

        I read the article. Maybe I’m also reading between the lines.

        Don’t be fooled. Porsche and the NSW Police can publicise what ever they want.

        Ever heard of the saying “Nothing in life comes for FREE”

        Some way or another we’ll all be paying for it.

        By the level of name calling here; NOOB and facepalm, its any wonder you guys are fooled into believing its for FREE. Just because it says so, doesn’t mean it is!

    • Kon

      Dear Frank,
      God bless you, like all of us we feel raped and pillaged by governments. It’s easy to miss it when someone actually gives them something for free. Kon

  • Chathurawatawala

    Why can’t they give v10 or even v8 they are all supercharged as well. In Sydney morning hareld said that has the worst performences ever, they Said that it has the performance as Toyota aurion or the holden Commodore. This is very disappointing with the Australian fedaral police. That they can’t afford good version of Porsches!

    • AJS

      Once again. The car is on ‘loan’, they didn’t choose it it was offered to them. Please read the article correctly.

    • AJS

      Also, it clearly states ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Program’, obviously the standard V6 Panamera is nice but not overly excessive. As for performance like an Aurion, and Commodore I’m pretty sure thats not comparing apples with apples. Panamera is obviously in a different price range targeted at different socio-economic groups. 

    • Dominique Vøn Hütch

      I’ve driven the v6 Panamera, it has noticeably better performance than an Aurion and Commodore. I’d say the straightline performance feels similar to an SS off the mark.  It gets all of its available power down, and the PDK it lightning quick.  Roll on accelaration  would be eclipsed by SS and clearly beaten by stock XR6T.  Handling and braking is superior to those two, even though it is heavier.

      • ABCDEFG

        It’s all in the head. The Toyota Tarago whops the Porsche Cayenne V6 easily.

        • Dominique Vøn Hütch

          I was talking about the Panamera and Aurion, not Cayenne and Tarago – what’s in your head?

      • Sydlocal

         Dominique Vøn Hütch, the base model V6 Panamera is actually lighter than a base SS going by manufacturer’s quoted kerb weights. Only by 17kg though!

        • Dominique Vøn Hütch

          Hmm ok, well that’s less weight over the front where the Porsche has dropped the two cylinders – maybe that’s why it feel quicker to turn.

  • Chevrons

    A pity that Sydney’s clogged roads will see it go no faster than a snails pace :)

  • Ben

    I actually saw this in North Sydney yesterday afternoon and it certainly captivated my attention! Haha!

  • Joe

    …at least the NSW revenue raisers can lay claim to the worlds UGLIEST Police Car……

  • Rousa

    This car would not come near the F6 cop cars, even they are wasting our tax. Should just be in XR6 turbo’s only.
    All this one does well is get your attention

    • JJ

      Why would you want them in slow Fords?

    • Sydlocal

       Just as well then that this car was free and “getting the public’s attention” is the reason for its existence!

  • Legnab

    Good to see nemo amd his big brained mate frank goofing off again  , enthusiast BAH .

    • Frank

      Legnob, you’re welcome.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    An expensive (but clever) way to get the public’s attention.

  • Zaccy16

    A turbo panamera would be a fantastic highway patrol car! it would make our police look good!


    From the Police’s Commodore SS to this pig heavy 220KW thing is a huge down grade.

    • Sydlocal

       Are you calling the Commodore SS a pig heavy thing too ABCDEFG considering if you use the official manufacturer’s kerb weights the V6 Panamera is actually 17kg LIGHTER than a VE SS. I would also hazard a guess that with all the extra “police goodies” that would be fitted to a proper police spec SS over the “liaison” police goodies on this Panamera that the SS would be even heavier again…

      Nice story you have there though!

      • Legnab

        Rofl good one sydlocal , forgot how heavy the VE is .

        • Legnab

          Sydlocal, I want to touch your bottom

          • Legnab

            Garry floppy , you need proper care in an institution , addiction to the nether regions .

  • john

    I’m happy for the police. Now they have a comfortable place to sit while they stuff their faces with donuts. Porsche won’t be happy when they get their car back and see the state of the interior!

    • Sydlocal

       Gee, did you think of that comment all by yourself? 😉 TIC

  • Poison_Eagle

    Pigs in a Porker.

  • JamesB

    M5s are the scariest police cars, but this comes close.

  • qikturbo

    I think that all police should be driving cars such as the Prius,hybrid Civic etc they should set the example!
    What a waste,eventhough it will not participate in pursuits,a a good hot hatch could probably out run it.The RS 265 Megane would certainly out handle it.  

    • UMWHAT

      but then no one would pull over for them because they can’t take them seriously 

  • macka

    those markings are excellent, does anyone know if they are being trialled on any other nswpol vehicles?

  • Andy

    I saw in it Richmond yesterday, It drew my attention, that’s why I googled it and came here, which, I suspect, is why half of you have come here aswell. The fact is, it worked, created community awareness, and that is why we are all writing about it!!!!!!!!