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The cat is out of the bag. The Jaguar F-Type, one of the most highly anticipated unveilings of next week’s Paris motor show, has been leaked online completely undisguised in full production trim.

The single official image, which was posted onto the Facebook page of prominent automotive spy photographer Chris Doane, reveals the front three-quarters of three uniquely specified F-Type roadsters, giving us our first clean look at the new compact British sports car.

As expected, the design of the Jaguar F-Type remains largely faithful to the Jaguar C-X16 concept, which previewed the production car just over one year ago at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show.

Retained are the twin side air intakes in the lower section of the front bumper, which sit either side of the chrome edged black mesh grille that sports a prominent Jaguar badge above a solid black bar.

The front splitter and bonnet vents have a high-gloss black finish, while a stylised vent behind the front wheel arch contrasts in chrome.

The full details of the Jaguar F-Type, including the rear-end styling and powertrain details, will be revealed in Paris in seven days’ time – barring any additional leaks.

The F-Type’s second public appearance will take place in Sydney at the 2012 Australian international motor show in October, where local specifications and prices are expected to be announced ahead of the car’s local launch around the middle of 2013.

The Jaguar F-Type will be available with the choice of three supercharged petrol engines from launch: 250kW and 280kW tunes of the brand’s all-new 3.0-litre V6 and an uprated version of its existing 5.0-litre V8.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=737660467 Kit Ho

    Looks a lot like the Ferrari California

    • Devil666

      It does look a lot like the California with that gaping mouth, but I think this car looks less froggy. I can see some vague SLS roadster resemblance in the front as well.

  • peddy.d

    I think i might have an accident.

  • wiggum

    for some reason, that front end looks Nissan-ish to me… cant put my finger on it exactly

    • Monk

      Agreed – hints of GT-R and 370Z in there.
      All in all, not as good as I would have hoped.  They got it 100% right on the other models, why fug it up on the most important one?

  • Kwinhosa

    Looks like a grown up Fiat Barchetta…

    • Rick

      I was thinking exactly the same. The silver one struck me straight away as looking like the Barchetta.

  • Zaccy16

    Looks good, the new supercharged v6 sounds like a good engine

  • Shak

    Looks goooooddd.

  • Javet3456

    really nice but utterly unoriginal and uninspiring

  • Peter

    hmmm, I loved the coupe (cx-16) which I thought was one of the best looking cars I’d seen (yes, I see a bit of the 370z in it, but also the AM Zagato), the convertible doesnt really tickle my fancy.  Then again, I prefer the coupe to the convertible in pretty much anything.

  • tiddy

    Where’s the guy who says that every other car available is cr*p compared to his Veloster. I cant wait to see how his Veloster is quicker, handles better & the biggest laugh is better looking than these Jag’s…lol. 

    • Legnab

      HAHAH hes out the back doing predelivery on a used getz .

    • teddy

      Probably the same place as the guy who says that every other car’s interior is not up to VW standards. LOLOLOL

      • Legnab

        Touche , no VW are way behind audi , they are the benchmark for interiors .

        • Phil

          Lol. You’re so funny, Legnab.

  • Altezza

    A love child of Mercedes Benz SLS Convertible and Ferrari California. Looks nice in my opinion.

  • fSquared

    Yawn inducing for a toy of this caliber… Lost in translation from the original concept to this thing…