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by Jez Spinks

A trio of Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG race cars will compete against Holden Commodores, Ford Falcons and Nissan Altimas in the 2013 V8 Supercars series.

Mercedes GT racing team Erebus Motorsport has announced today that it has formed an alliance with the Stone Brothers Racing outfit to take the three-pointed-star into the local touring car championship.

Erebus, which races the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 in Australian GT racing, has taken advantage of V8 Supercars’ new Car of the Future rules, which have been specifically created to broaden the number of participating brands beyond the long-established Ford and Holden.

Mercedes-Benz Australia, however, is stressing it hasn’t joined Nissan as the latest manufacturer to enter the series from 2013.

“This is purely and totally a privately funded effort,” said Mercedes-Benz spokesman David McCarthy. “There is no official backing from AMG or Mercedes-Benz Australia.

“There will be no Mercedes-Benz sales or marketing activities based around [the V8 Supercar entry].”

There have been long-standing rumours that Mercedes-Benz would become one of the new brands to expand the V8 Supercar series but the company has continually denied any intention to become involved.

Mercedes maintains the series is not yet right for the brand, though says it has given Erebus its blessing to enter with its cars owing to a long-standing relationship.

“Erebus is a good and loyal customer. That relationship is important to us and that’s why AMG and Mercedes-Benz Australia has agreed to what they are doing and giving them our blessing.”

The Erebus entrants will be Mercedes-Benz E-Class shells based over the Car of the Future platform that will also underpin the Commodore, Falcon and Altima racers.

The Mercedes touring cars will be powered by a modified, 5.0-litre version of the 6.3-litre V8 currently used in the SLS AMG GT3 race cars. Erebus is paying AMG to develop the engine and other parts of the car.

Insiders familiar with the Mercedes project claim the E-Class V8 Supercars contender will set a new benchmark in terms of engineering and safety within the rules, and be highly competitive.

“This will probably be the best-funded team [on the grid],” a source told CarAdvice. “Erebus is investing significant amounts of money [into the V8 Supercars project].

“Erebus, SBR [Stone Brothers Racing] and AMG have lots of [motor racing] experience and knowledge, and that’s all going to be brought to bear [in 2013] to be competitive within the rules.

Stone Brothers Racing is currently running Ford Falcons in the 2012 V8 Supercars championship, with drivers Lee Holdsworth, Shane Van Gisbergen and Tim Slade.

Nissan announced earlier this year that it would return to V8 Supercars in 2013, teaming up with Kelly Racing. Its contender will be based on the new mid-sized Nissan Altima due to be released into showrooms in the second half of 2013.

Nissan recently unveiled its V8 race engine for the 2013 championship.

The Japanese brand famously dominated the championship in the early 1990s with the GT-R before it was banned from the sport, effectively making way for the long-running Ford and Holden duopoly.

Will it be good to see Mercedes-Benz cars in the V8 Supercars series next year even if not an official manufacturer entry? Share your views in the comment thread below.

  • Petebillyrod94


    • JooberJCW

      Heh just like their market share these days.

    • Golfschwein

      Don’t fret, Petebilly. It’s the same bucket of bolts underneath the shell. Minus the engine, anyway.

    • Sydlocal

       No need to yell!

    • Jake

       If new manafacturers don’t enter now, what do you think will happen to the series in a couple years when the Falcon and Commodore are discontinued? I think a huge part of COTF allowing new manafacturers is because V8SC knows the two models it revolves around are gonners

  • Fairlane

    Awesome to here Mercedes Benz is going to enter next year

     All the people who call it a Bogan sport you can now S_CK EGGS

    • Andrew

      Nothing has changed. Mercedes Benz aren’t going to be there. They don’t want anything to do with it!

      • JooberJCW

        Yep, you get a feeling MB thinks its still too bogany to put their full brand there…
        “Mercedes maintains the series is not yet right for the brand”

        • Andrew M

          Not quite, Mercedes says why should we put our money in when there is a rich lady down the road with money to blow who wants to give us free publicity….

      • Fairlane

        Well if Erebus/SBR have success next year we will see how long that lasts

  • Shak

    I dont get why MB isnt making the most of this? If they are giving the team their ‘blessing’ why not use the free publicity and marketing the entries will generate. Then again maybe MB are holding back to see how successful they will be in their first season, and then launch a factory backed team in 2014. 

    Either way this will be very good for the Sport as a whole, especially considering all the o/s races that are planned on top of the races already held o/s. V8SC can no longer be put down as the bogan sport!

    • Sydlocal

      I think you hit the nail on the head with the 3rd sentence Shak. I think they are holding back to see how the first year goes. They are in a such a position where it would be easy to step up to factory support quickly and easily if things do indeed go well! Yet they are far enough away from it that if it fails they have lost nothing and haven’t tarnished their brand as it will be Erebus’/SBR’s fault!

    • Legnab

      Cant see any bogans lining up to buy mercs , wont be any refined food for merc drivers to eat at the meets .

      • Rooster

        Why do you think all Mercedes drivers are snobs? Do you have something against Mercedes?

        • Legnab

          Love em mate , my bro has two , he wont be dining at the bogan races on feral food

          • Andrew M

            But I bet he will do a bogan fist pump if they win a race.
            Everyone will pretend they dont like the sport but secretly watch it in the back room.
            They will deny any interest….untill they win their first race

          • Legnab

            HAH got to be kidding , better things to spend time on .

          • Andrew M

            Like talking about it in a Forum?

          • Karl Sass

            You’ve ironically shown the ignorant, sheltered, snobbish stereotype that applies to luxury Euro vehicles. Although most of us are capable to recognise it’s only a stereotype, not an accurate representation of all drivers of those vehicles. Pity you’re not smart enough to recognise the stereotype you portray of others is just as irrational.

          • Legnab

            Andrew m answered for me with a bogan fist pump .

          • Dom

            The “bogan” vehicle of choice these days is the VW anyway

          • Jober As A Sudge

            Good to see Legnab once again showing the maturity of an 8 year old. Not very knowledgeable about cars and likes to throw around outdated stereotypes.
            Good to see more manufacturers join. It’s currently a good product that will now be even better.

          • tiddy

            I would be interested to know why you call them bogan races?

          • facepalm

            because they sip champaigne at the top of the mountain

      • Fairlane

        Legnab you should get a dozen free range.

  • falcodore

    This can only be good for the championship. Sounds like Erebus will be throwing more money to SBR than what Ford did so it bodes well for them. Imagine what is efectively a privateer team mixing it with the big boys at the pointy end of the grid.

    • Andrew M

      Privateer team? how do you figure?
      No such thing anymore and Erebus is a fully set up racing company just like prodrive and 888.
      Privateers went years ago. Someone like DJR and BJR etc would still be more privateer than Erebus….if such thing still existed

      • falcodore

        A privateer team recieves no financial backing from a manufacturer, that’s what this is. Think Techno Autosports as an example. I believe DJR and BJR recieve some funds from Ford and Holden respectively, not sure about GRM though.

        • Andrew M

          DJR dont receive any funds/sponsorship dollars from Ford.

          Still Privateers dont exist anymore in the pure form they once did.

          Also someone like “Team Vodafone” /888 race engineering receive sponsorship dollars from Holden in the same sort of agreement that they receive money from Vodafone.
          Just beause a particular team may or may not receive money from their respective brand doesnt dictate whether or not they are a privateer

          There arent any manufacturer teams in the championship, All im saying is Erebus wont operate any different to the current list of teams, thats the bottom line Im getting at

    • Noddy of Toyland

      Erebus sounds like a disease.

  • oll

    thank god for nissan and mb i am sick of the comondore cup.

    • Andrew M

      Commodore Cup?
      Dont you mean 888 Cup? Thats the only commodore that can scrounge a win. No other commodore apart from 888 has won a race this year

      • scamma

        They sook enough now.. let alone if you let another Holden team win!

    • Kjpirie

      the only holden that is winning is whincup they would b lucky to win at all if it wasnt for him

  • Force-15

    Good to see more manufacturers getting into V8 Supercars, even if it’s a ‘silhouette’ series nowadays. I just hope that Ford and (most likely) Holden don’t crack the sads if the new teams become successful.

    • Sydlocal

       It has been a ‘silhouette’ series for a few years now!

      • Force-15

        I know that! V8 Supercars has been since 1993.

  • BC

    This is great news for the sport. I lost some interest in it over the last few years but the new MB and Nissan entries will bring me back, along with many more I’m sure.

    • Michael Lock

      Same goes for me, I never missed a race on the box but last year I didn’t see about 1/2 the rounds and this year I have partly watched a couple. I now only look forward to Bathurst, however, these changes will bring me back.
      I just wish SR/T would enter with a 300C or Charger, then I would be over the moon.

      • matt

        i dunno, when it changed to seven… i lost intetrest. the production setup was just .. terrible. and isnt it funny…. interest and viewers went downhill after seven took it over and stuffed it up

        • Michael Lock

          I agree, the channel 10 commentators that moved over do a fine job but the production quality no were near that of 10 as they are the sports specialists.
          However, as we all know it is all just about money and the sport itself is secondary.
          I really do wish a production car series would make a return backed by the manufacturers, I’d even be OK if 4 and 6cyl vehicles where included much like the pre 90’s ATCC.

          • Auharjoh

             I’m with you. BTCC is some of the best motor racing you’ll see. They have an excellent formula with real world cars. V* supercars has been successful on the back of a traditional GM V Ford rivallry in Australia, but as these cars are going the way of the dodo, the formula will die and the administrators clearly realise they must remain relevant to the market.

          • Fairlane

            You don’t watch btcc I know because if you did you would see it is the most boring,slow and one sided championship in the world.

          • tiddy

            Funny thing is neither 10 or 7 produce the the coverage & up until last year I think it was, the same company doing it for both networks 

          • Zaccy16

            Yeah that would be a good idea! i would rather watch real cars that people can buy not overly modified race cars that are no where near their production versions!

  • The Salesman

    I am actually excited enough to watch the series now.

  • Monk

    Mercs in the Taxi GP – Legnab, that’s got to have ruined your day, hasn’t it?

    • Wazsmith

      There is more Merc taxis in the world than Falcon and Commodore just not in Australia so now what is your point?

      • Monk

        “are” more Merc taxis, not “is”. Grammar and punctuation please.
        My point remains the same. I seek to annoy Legnab who seems to rely on Euro superiority for his sense of self worth. 
        I own an XR6 Turbo.  Brilliant car.  I would not seek to rubbish its reputation, nor do I seek to rubbish that of Merc.  Also brilliant cars.  I merely seek to annoy a serial pest here by aligning a prestige foreign brand, and particularly their performance iteration with the local slumdogs. 

        • Legnab

          GEE the monkfish drives a dino , worth zilch on the used market , repose in peace, 2 years to go , better buy up spares .

          • Andrew M

            The Aussie Dino is also worth Zilch on thenew market compared to a Merc.
            You could lose $100,000 on a merc when you trade it, same cant be said for the depreciation of a Falcon

          • Legnab

            YEP rrp means take off $10k , then its taxi value as a trade , thats its real worth . 

          • Igomi Watabi

            “ripose in pace” or “rest in peace”, Legnab. If you’re going to mix your languages, maybe at least get the spelling correct.

        • Sledge

          Well stated Monk- where would we be without the try-hard bourgeois troll to laugh at while his ‘people’ are seriously embarrassed by him.

          • Monk

            Agreed.  We’d just be here, reading facts and figures and admiring pictures of desirable cars on our employers’ time…

            Instead, we can engage with the narcissistic, delusional and/or cerebrally challenged… on our employers’ time…  

          • facepalm

            “monk.. andrew m…” is this by any chance bosco? I spy with my lil eye!

  • Dave S

    MB is a great fit for the series. The series is all about large RWD V8’s and when you think of MB or AMG it’s hard not to think of big RWD V8’s.

    • JooberJCW

      Only thing is that the typical demographic who watch V8SC as opposed to the F1 are more low to middle income earners who cant afford a 100k + AMG v8, whereas a SS, XR8  to a HSV / FPV is something they can get their hands on.

      • Zaccy16

        Good point

      • horsie

        what has a AMG V8 got to do with a F1. most F1 fans are not really car people. they get caught up in the glitz and glamor of F1. 

        • JooberJCW

          And you think Mercedez benz one of brand value is not Glitz and glamour, have a think of all other events mercedez sponsors, i bet you most will be in the glamour department.

      • Michael Lock

        It would also help greatly if our Government would abolish the 33% Luxury Car Tax, that sort of makes cars around the 80 – 100K mark suddenly a whole lot more expensive.

        • JooberJCW

          or at least push it to cars over 100K, as LCT to what i believe is meant to impact those making big money, who do not need to finance cars and has little impact to them anyway.

      • Kjpirie

        great with mb joining we have to put up with wnakers like u

    • Sydlocal

       I also hope it sounds like a proper AMG as they sound even better than the GM/Ford V8!

  • JamesB

    Is Ford going to use the Coyote next year? The DOHC Merc and Nissan engines will likely deliver power better than the stone-age Windsor and GM pushrods.

    • Andrew M

      DJR was said to be working with the Coyote engine, havent heard anything lately though.

      Dont worry, they will run a parity on the engines to get tham all performing about the same. The GM and Ford motors change next year anyway as part of COTF.
      They are standardising engine parts to reduce the engine cost and increase lifespan

  • Cobber

    Some comments a little in the dark about engines and vehicles. Both vehicles (ford and holden) use 5.0L dry sump pushrod engines, race engines derived from their respective camps in the US. These engines share about as much in common with the Coyote and LS road engines in the current FPV’s and HSV’s as a fly does with a fish.  Remember, these are production (esque) bodies over highly regulated control racing platforms, so there’s very little in common with the road going vehicles. I know V8SC stipulate that engines must be V8 configuration and must be naturally aspirated, but they were in the process of an Engine Equalisation Program – anyone know if these details have been released?

  • Homer

    Coyote has been time tested. Not sure about Mercedes’s powerplant. Hope Ford wins. Good for the auto industry that the “buying public” brand beat the “prestige” brand.

    • Sydlocal

       AMG V8s have been racing for many years all around the world. I am sure they are just as well proven/time tested as a Coyote etc.

  • Longlivethemanual!

    Given that the Ford Fowlcan will not exist in a couple of years time (get over it Falcon fans!) there was always the need to bring in fresh competition for the dunnydores.. What AMG hopes to gain from this, given that an e63 costs about 5 SS Commodores is beyond me.

    • Sydlocal

       I think you may find the Commodore will vanish not long after the Falcon. That is globalisation for you.
      Also remember that this has nothing to do with the actual MB/AMG factory. It is merely an independent, private company contracting/paying MB/AMG to build engines etc for them. MB/AMG have nothing to lose and everything to gain as they are not spending a cent on the sport. In fact, they are actually going to make money out of it! It is no different to what happens now in V8 Supercars where smaller teams will contract a larger team to build/engineer a car/engine for them. Just that that in this case instead of another team it just happens to be AMG who are contracted out to do the work.

    • JamesB

      Go play with your Jason Bargwanna stuff toy, fool!

  • AJS

    Just in case you all missed it, the article clearly states Mercedes will not be backing this team financially and it isn’t part of their marketing plan ala Nissan. They have given their ‘blessing’. I for one will be keen to tune in and see how the Merc’s go. What’s a bit of variety?

  • Zaccy16

    Mercedes won’t lower than selves to V8 supercars level!

    • Karl Sass

      When Commodores and Falcons race CO2 comes out the exhaust. When Mercedes race bits of gold and pixie dust come out. Even Legnab could tell you that.

  • Waggaclint

    Good new for the series IMO the more differant cars the better..

    As for Merc being not interested, Im sure behind the scenes they are..

     And if SBR are successful which im sure they will be, Merc Aus will no doubt jump on board..

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t care if Mercedes did join, I still wouldn’t be watching it! A big car that is built to carry a family has no appeal to me. I don’t have children and won’t be having children, so I couldn’t give a stuff about taxis or taxi racing!

    • Sydlocal

       …still hasn’t stopped you from commenting on something that has no appeal to you and couldn’t give a stuff about! TIC

      • Bhhdhh

        Don’t feed the troll.

    • falcodore

      So why go to the trouble of reading and then commenting on the article?

      Troll’s a’ trollin i suspect ; )

    • Michael Lock

      You sound like a very, caring, sharing and open minded sort of person….NOT!!!!! That’s OK mate, you sit there in your old age when it comes with no one to share and enjoy it with.
      You selfish prick…..you must drive an Audi A4, A5 or TT I bet. 

      • Guest

         Actually I am a very caring and sharing person and extremely open minded, I spoil my family rotten and I have friends from all nationalities and sexualities. I’d say that’s a hell of a lot more then most of the people who comment here. But hey I must of missed the part in life where it says you must have children. I guess that’s the problem with people they are followers and think they must do in life what the majority do or what their parents expect from them, well good luck with that. Personally I will stick to being a DINK, that’s double income no kids for the bogans! I’m sorry you find offensive that someone gets to drive a non family car, I guess I will stick to my sports cars and let you breeders enjoy the comfort of your taxis.

        • Noddy of Toyland

          If you had children you would realise how little money or cars matter in the scheme of things.

        • Jas

          Ah, the ignorant rant of a man who has lost his way. I would gladly give up everything to have my children. Hardly a “follower” mindset, I would propose your hoarding of money and temporary enjoyments would represent a “follower” attitude and more accurately a “poser”. Cars wear out, money is spent, “things” are fleeting, but my family is forever.

    • tiddy

      Firing blanks…..

      • Guest

         Nah they swim just fine teddy, the couple I donated too were extremely grateful for giving them a child. ah well you tried to be funny but all you have ended up looking like is a grub to the many guys out there that are sterile. Seriously what a low blow to the unfortunate couples that cant conceive. Your just a dead set grub I’d say!

        • Javery

          I do hope your donated child does not inherit any of your ignorance and selfishness. Perhaps you need to take a long hard look at your life, its on a sad lonely path.

    • Baz

      your a tool, i don’t have kids either but i love my big car for the trips we go on and the friends we take out , also towing, and as far as taxi racing goes just shows your more of a tool, best you go back to your yaris and watching the syncronized swimming, lol toe jam….

      • Guest

        Well I guess your selfish too!….lol. Nah I’m guessing if your driving a taxi you either don’t earn enough or you just have bad taste. You best be sticking to your tow truck I’d say.

    • Guest1

      only because 2 men cant reproduce! probably fingering each other in your Eurotrash Alfa Spyder COUPE…

      • Guest

        Wrong again! Happily married and have been for years, sorry to disappoint HOMOPHOBE! Or are you in the closet, if then your just gutless!

        • Noddy of Toyland

          Why are you telling us so much about your family? This is about Mercedes’ entry into V8 supercars…

          • Guest

            Why are you only commenting on my responses? I’m sorry that I offend you by choosing not to have children, but life is about choices and mine is to not have them! I think it’s more selfish in life to have children for the sake of having them and not be able to give them the time. And for the record Mercedes aren’t entering V8’s, a rich woman is running a Mercedes in next years championship and paying Mercedes for the privilege!

          • Jas

            Like all people who don’t yet have children, you cannot even begin to understand how your life would change for the better if you had them. Selfishness is choosing your time over the immense joy of children. It appears you have many years to mature yet, your sentence structures point to a young man who has yet to truly experience life, still caught up in his fleeting youth. Empty and only an inch deep.

  • Ox

    If things go well and MB do join, I’d bet BMW & Audi will quickly follow.

    • Fairlane

      Yes Ox i would also bet that if Stone brothers go wll next year AMG will jump on the Stone brothers bandwagon.

  • nobogan

    Hope the Merc wins every race, Nissan Second.

    • Andrew M

      And I suppose you are from the fan club that complained about the 2 horse race to start with. Now there is 4 you still only want 2 of them to ever be competitive??

      You obviously dont even like motor racing with that attitude so get back to your knitting

      • JJ

        What’s wrong with knitting?

        • Andrew M

          Nothing, why? what did I imply?

  • Lotsamoolah

    $400,000 AMG vs $30,000 Falcon/Commodore. They better win 9/10 else they phail.

    • Sydlocal

       If someone payed $400,000 for an E63 AMG they were ripped off! I would also like to know where you can get a brand new V8 Falcon/Commodore for only $30,000.
      I understand what you are getting at, however you could have at least used more realistic figures as these ones detract from your argument.
      Having said that the argument it is rather moot considering all of the cars will be identical underneath their superficial body panels. They would also cost a similar amount to build which was one of the goals of COTF.
      If this was production car racing however you would have a very valid point!

    • tiddy


  • Andrew M

    Where do you get your info from CA.
    The GT3 runs a 6.3L V8 so how can you claim they will use a modified version for the V8SC

    Also, is this a Joke?…..or are your insiders getting paid for laughs….
    “Insiders familiar with the Mercedes project claim the E-Class V8 Supercars contender will set a new benchmark in terms of engineering and safety, and be highly competitive.”

    UUUmmmmmmm, Engineering and safety are a control part of the series.
    Do you understand the new developments in the series Jez? or are you just putting together sentences to create something that looks like an article. All cars contending in V8SC will next year have more central drivers positions and other adjustments all in the aim of safety.
    Individual teams cannot change these things.

    Sorry if I offend, but it looks to me as if this was put together with a bit of cut and paste by someone who has no knowledge of the series

    • Sydlocal

       I totally agree with the second bit Andrew M and shook my head at that passage too, however wouldn’t you think that de-stroking a 6.3L V8 down to 5L would fit within the definition of being a ‘modified’ version of the original engine? That is pretty much what they ‘modified’ on the Nissan engine to bring its capacity down.

  • Andrew M

    What was also missed, and another crucial element is the speculation that this will eventually lead to a full take over of SBR. The Stones and Erebus both acknowledge this

  • Briandewy

    Thankgod finally a competetion that has other cars in it other than Holdens and Fords, talk about boring. I cannot wait to see a different shape vehicles out there to start with leave out the levels of racing it will bring.I agree with “nobogan” how can the competion still be interesresting when its a 2 horse race and the cars are nothing like you can by. At least in the mid to late 70’s the cars were actually what were on the road and all brands raced until Holden were totally outclassed and it all stopped. Ford by the way still produced the Cosworth Sierras
    There is no such thing as a 5 litre V8 road going Commodore in production today nor is there and naturally aspriated 5 Litre Ford, so what are these cars we are watching they are just mock ups.

    Throw the door open to the world and have a world based series and see how good Holdens and Fords really are against the German and Japanese manufactures, I think you will see history repeating itself somehow.

  • Andrew M

    Also, Sorry to keep picking but……
    “Will it be good to see Mercedes-Benz cars in the V8 Supercars series next year even if not an official manufacturer entry? Share your views in the comment thread below.”

    There isnt one single manufacturer entering in the current series so why the fuss over Merc?

    All the current teams are privatly funded, sure a very small diminishing handfull get sponsorship dollars from the respective brand but none are manufacturer entries, Not even “Holden Racing Team”.

    Nobody makes a fuss that DJR privatly funds their own entry and just happen to run Ford race cars without any support from Ford for eg, and the story is the same if you were to walk down the pitlane

    • Poison_Eagle

       Doesn’t matter. This will attract alot more people to the sport  if its true (dubious at this point CA)…
      I hope COTF doesn’t degenerate into a battle of the buck$ though…

      • Sydlocal

        The battle of the bucks shouldn’t be as big as it is right now! :-)

    • tiddy

      All good points, but I think the current rules do not allow for a manufacturer to run a team, as such none of the current teams are 100% owned by a manufacturer.

      • Andrew M

        I would have to check that technicallity, I know they changed the rules so that a manufacturer cannot contract a driver which was pretty common, but Im not sure that a Manufacturer cant own a team.

        Any ownership of anything has to be passed by the board and decided as being suitable.

        I believe a manufacturer could 100% own a team if they want, but none of them want to committ their wad of cash.

        Prodrive owns FPR and FPV. FPV are a manufacturer so techniclly speaking manufacturer ownership does exist

        • Sydlocal

          Aren’t Ford now taking over Prodrive’s share of FPV by the end of the year?

    • falcodore

      DJR do recieve money from Ford, DJ has said so himself. Go look it up.

  • diggertsi

    The new cars/makes will take away the exclusively Australian nature of V8s, but competition is always good; more is better.  Same platform for all, with skins – as long as this doesn’t turn into a battle of the biggest budget.  I’m not Aussie, but IMHO, the V8s are the best road course racing in the world.  Left turns, right turns, major elevation changes and more.  That’s much better than most American racing that almost only turns left (wonder why Ambrose is so good on road courses?)  I am really hoping that I can get to Austin to see the V8s again.  I was fortunate to see them in Surfers Paradise several years ago.  That was a fantastic experience.

  • gt86.com.au

    I will laugh so hard if Merc does not win the championship.. :)
    Push Rod POWER!

  • trololololol

    Looking forward to next season! Once the falcon/commodore products aren’t sold to the public anymore the series would have dissapeared. I hope more teams get involved with different cars besides ford/holden.

  • Christes82

    This is strategic by SBR and the Erebus Racing. Remember the BrawnGP team? Build a successful team and give and align yourself to Mercedes Benz. Do some winning, big manufacturer invests. Profit.

    • JamesB

      Brawn GP was also lucky to have come up with the right recipe of the redesigned F1 car in 2009, hence the championships. When Mercedes took over the next year, they’ve only won one race so far. If Erebus proves successful, either AMG will take over or they will be banned altogether and suffer Godzilla’s fate for beating the Crubbishdores of its time.

  • Bottville1

    Should be more of it. I am old enough to remember when the premier tin top racing was exciting in true racing terms and not exciting because a bunch of geeee-up commentators try to make the taxi series seem exciting. What about a BMW M3? Its about time we got some variety into the series.

  • Dash93

    Australia vs Japan vs Germany….this is great! I’ll be going for Mercedes I think

    • Andrew M

      Because you are German? Right?

      • Dash93

        No…..because out of Holden, ford, Nissan and Mercedes, my favourite car brand is Mercedes.

  • Mick

    You could say that the V8 supercars were akin in format to the DTM since 94 but allowing other manufacturers to join in will only spice things up for the series and bring more excitement to what was a long standing and kinda predictable two make championship. Go Mercedes!

  • Les

    With V8SC is just a slightly cheaper version of F1 now, underneath they are basically the same, you can not walk into a dealer and buy a c/dore or Falcon anywhere near the specs of these things or with any of the running gear. As for the newbies they to have to change from there general specs to meet the so called Future platform, that is what is killing V8SC, no development or realism’s on saleable product, hence no Merc backing.

  • Mark Webber

    I hate things like this..now i will have to listen to a million aussie bogans on how Ford and Holden are better than Mercedes, when in fact Mercedes has nothing to do with the engineering to beat this team what-so-ever. Mercedes shouldnt allow this. And NO Mercedes is NOt sitting back to wait and see to not tarnish their brand…thats just halerious…Mercedes do german touring cars which would flog the pants off any holden or ford year in year out! They could easily demoralize the aussie competition no problem!

    • Falg

      If holden and ford were aloud to run the HP of the DTM cars I think you would be looking for a box of tissues!

  • Mark Webber

    hows this guy above me saying V8s are basically f1 now LOL classic…actually no..theyre about 1/3 a lap slower than F1…but yeah…close!

  • Yplocks

    It’s great to see other V8’s get into the act, I am tied to see the same cars all the time and I hope more manufactures join up. I own a Merc a SLK AMG and very pleased with it and yes I do hope they win.

  • Meremale

    Will be good see some rivalry, I would like to know the kw output on the E class.

  • Nadethcoco

    Been watching the Australian touring cars since I can remember, and I’m now 29. Ever since the new blueprint specs were introduced I have lost interest. It’s no longer a sport for ford or holden fans as every car is almost identical in specs. The sport has been destroyed as the cars on the track bear almost no resemblance to what I can buy from the dealer. Well done mark skaife and tony cochrane for destroying what was the best motor race class in the world. It’s now as boring to watch as f1 racing.

  • face palm

    Great to see something new in a series which has started to become stale and repetitive… Australia has to get over this whole V8 thing and start rotarys, turbo 4’s, turbos 6’s (would love to see some XR6T’s/F6’s get around the track in the same class as the v8’s) with the V8’s – What would be wrong with a couple of different classes running in the same race, like BTC or Le Mans?Like back in the day with cosworth/RX7/Skyline etc but racing completely different classes?

  • user1584

    I think it is a great idea, it will test the current ones to see how fast they actually are.

  • user1584

    I think that its should be completly eletric because it would be more exiting. Or maybe just a single cylinder with nos, they should also make them top speed 100km/h so its like what we drive on the road. And old school le man’s start would be cool

  • user1584

    Albert park 2011

    V8 supercar: 1.34 sec

    F1: 1.45 sec

    Formula Ford: 5.21 sec

    Porsche carrera: .59 sec

  • ken

    your all freaks

  • Tutsmahbarreh

    Meh all this talk about bogans. I’ve loved Mercs since I was given a W126 Matchbox at age 10. I love the cars because of their superb design and engineering and can’t wait to see the E63’s run in the Supercars series. Bring it on!

  • Shippshaper

    Same cars with different body and motor. What is the point. Give us real cars not this pretence that we are getting.

  • Brobey

    Drop a 5 litre in the cruze. What’s the difference. The cars are nothing like what we drive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.j.walker.127 Joshua James Walker

    by relative percentage, you would lose the same as a falcon may cost $35,000 and be traded for $22,000 two to three years later which is a 38% drop in value, a $225,000 amg merc could be traded for still $125,000-$145,000 depending on ks, which is a 40% drop in value, much for muchness really.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.j.walker.127 Joshua James Walker

    why not add in ferraris and maybe get aston martin on board too, introducing amgs into the sport is like make all the grade sevens in high school compete in with the grade 12s on sports day. not really relative. im guessing they will be entering their SLR AMG’s and maybe SLS’s? half million dollar cars againts glorified family carriers. not exactly fair in my opinion, but will be a great race to bet on as it all but fixed.