The all-new Volkswagen Up! compact city car will be priced from just $13,990 when it goes on sale in Australia on October 6.

The $13,990 before on-road costs price applies to the three-door variant of the sub-light Volkswagen Up!, while the identically equipped five-door model will cost $1000 more at $14,990 before on-roads.

The sharp pricing means the pint-sized Up! will undercut the entry-level version of the brand’s larger city car, the Volkswagen Polo, by up to $3000, allowing it to compete directly with some of the cheapest vehicles on the market, including the Holden Barina Spark (from $12,490), Nissan Micra (from $12,990), Proton S16 FLX (from $13,990) and the Suzuki Alto ($11,790).

Unlike some of its competitors, however, the Up! will only be available with a five-speed manual transmission from launch. A self-shifting automated manual gearbox is available overseas but Volkswagen Australia has not announced any plans to introduce it as an option at this stage.

The Volkswagen Up! breaks new ground in the city-car class, becoming the first vehicle of its size in the world to come standard with an autonomous braking system. The City Emergency Braking function scans the road ahead at speeds between 5km/h and 30km/h and brakes automatically to avoid a crash or reduce its severity if the driver fails to do so.

Other standard features in the four-seat-only Up! include four airbags (dual front and sides), electronic stability control, 14-inch steel wheels and a full-size spare, manual air conditioning, cloth upholstery, and a six-speaker AM/FM radio with CD player and AUX input.

For $500, the Up! can also equipped with an innovative portable infotainment unit called Maps + More. The five-inch touchscreen module incorporates satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone connectivity with text-to-speech and audio streaming functions, multi-function trip computer and a micro SD card slot for media player and picture viewer options.

Likely to be popular is the $600 Comfort drive package, which adds cruise control, rear parking sensors and a multi-function display trip computer with outside temperature, trip time and length, speed warning, average and current fuel consumption and distance till empty measures.

Those wanting a more upmarket look and feel from their Up! can option in the Comfort style package which, for $2500, includes 15-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, front and rear carpet floor mats, heated front seats, leatherette seat upholstery with white stitching, and a leather-bound steering wheel, handbrake lever and gearknob.

Driving the Volkswagen Up! is a naturally aspirated 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine producing 55kW of power (at 6200rpm) and 95Nm of torque (at 3000-4300rpm). With a five-speed manual sending drive to the front wheels, the Up! accelerates from 0-100km/h in a far-than-blistering 13.2 seconds.

Fuel economy is more impressive, with the Up! consuming just 4.9 litres of fuel per 100km on the combined cycle, although its requirement to be refuelled with premium unleaded petrol will increase the cost of filling its 35-litre tank.

At 3540mm long, 1641mm wide, 1476mm tall and riding on a 2407mm wheelbase, the Volkswagen Up! is more than half a metre shorter than the Polo (although its wheelbase is just 49mm shorter), as well as 41mm narrower and 24mm lower.

There’s 251 litres of cargo space with the back seats in place (30 litres less than the Polo) and 951 litres with the 60/40 split backrests folded forwards (one litre shy of the Polo).

Seven paint colours are available: white, red, black, light blue, dark blue, light silver and dark silver.

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Volkswagen Up! manufacturer’s list prices:

  • Three-door manual – $13,990
  • Five-door manual – $14,990



  • Metallic/Pearl effect paint – $500
  • Maps + More portable infotainment device – $500
  • Panoramic electric glass roof – $1400
  • Comfort drive package – $600
  • Comfort style package – $2500

  • kkk

    No auto?! Lost customers already…

    • Guest

      The article clearly says more to come. How about you have a bit more patience than about 2 minutes?

      • GUESTY

        its already been confirmed that there will be no DSG/single clutch/auto option in the first series just like the Amarok

        what’s this “more to come” crap? other sites already have the full story

        • Henry Toussaint

           The ‘more to come’ is when they will update the article, which they have now done..I think

      • kkk

        Well, like many people in the market, my friend is after a city car in the coming months, Up! is a the best option for her only if Auto is available. According to this release, first shipment is unlikely to come with auto. So they’ve literally lost customers. 

      • BP

        “Volkswagen Australia has not announced any plans to introduce it as an option at this stage.” Enough said

    • Car2012

      From overseas reports, the manual Up is okay, but the auto Up is a real shocker. Maybe VW Australia will wait for the manual Up to become popular here before introducing the auto, or maybe they will wait for an improved auto (Mk 2) before selling it here.

  • Henry F

    This should shake up the small-car end of the market considerably.

    • Stella

      If it’s the usual VW $2,500 dealer delivery then it might not shake quite so much.  It effectively makes it $1K dearer that its RRP.

      • MisterZed

        VW dealer delivery is $2195, which isn’t that much more than a Holden ($1895).

        • TG

          There is no set dealer delivery amount, regardless of any franchise. It varies from dealer to dealer.

        • Browneye69

          Dealer delivery is the most flexible part to be bargained on. There might not be much room to move on a dealer margins on some brands but there is ALWAYS room to move on dealer delivery if you are a genuine buyer.

  • Ima_Hogg

    Will sell heaps because of people thinking that they own an expensive German car

  • John

    (I saw the “more to come” but)….

    Does it have aircon as standard? Past reviews have suggested they will not. If not, that changes the value equation quite considerably.

    Personally, I can do without aircon in a car as small as this, but it would be crazy to buy a car without aircon as it would be difficult to on-sell.

    • MisterZed

      Please tell me this isn’t a serious question?  If it didn’t have air con, you could count on one hand the number that they would sell.

      • John

         That’s why I was asking. When I read previously that it might not have aircon as standard I couldn’t believe it. And rightly so. Nobody would buy it without aircon.

        • Zaccy16

          It says in the article that it comes with aircon as standard for $13,990

    • Sydlocal

       Other sites have mentioned that it will have standard aircon.

      • MisterZed

        Will it have power steering?

        • Sydlocal

          Apparently electric power steering by NSK.
          Even if it didn’t a sub 1000kg (920kg) kerb weight car shouldn’t be too heavy in the steering. However Gen ‘me’ are a weak lot! TVFPIC.

    • Zaccy16

      Our spec of cars have aircon and the more powerful 1 litre engine while overseas they have a very slow 45 kw and no ac


    No Aircon. But comes with a cute little ciggarette lighter plug in fan.

  • Sydlocal

    This or a Barina Spark? Hmmmm, let me think for a second………
    (although the Spark would probably be more reliable in the long run!)

    • MisterZed

      Right, because a Spark at $12,490 is really comparable to a $14,990 car…not everyone has the extra $2500 to spend. Oh, that’s right, you then have to spend hundreds more on alloy wheels cos the Up has el cheapo hubcaps. So, more like $3k more.

      • Sydlocal

         Read it for what it is MisterZed, a bit of sarcasm said in jest. It wasn’t meant to be serious…

    • apple_r

      I was hoping $13990 drive away for this 4 seater micro car. In this case, Barina Spark with 2 extra doors and 1 more seat makes more sense for young mums.

    • ant76

      Bahahaha are you really saying a Holden is more reliable than a VW.  Have a look at RACQ’s call out figures dude.  It’s Ford and Holden that’s kept them in business for the past century!

      • Nerf

        Incorrect, the statistics show that the local and Korean cars are the most reliable around.  The stats show that the European cars dominate the call-outs as a proportion of vehicles on the road.

        • Stella

          I’m afriad that NERF is right.  Excluding old bangers and flat batteries, it’s the Euro’s (including the expensive ones) that keep the RAA (SA) busy.

          If you never want to see the automobile association again then buy Japanese or Korean.

        • Legnab

          Long term the japs will outlast the koreans , ditch the korean before 100k thats when it starts to go sour .

        • ant76

          Nerf, I said VW’s not Europeans in general.  If anyone saw the latest list of Manufacturers recall statistics in the Courier Mail VW was not even in the top 20 listed. Don’t get me wrong Renault and Skoda were way up there along with Toyota lol!  Yes I know we are talking about breakdowns here and the really old VW’s do have a lot of electrical issues in that bunch, but what you don’t read about is most older VW’s have bullet proof mechanical components such as there world renowned engines that can see 300,000kms plus without missing a beat.  It’s well known a VW engine isn’t really broken in until after 100,000kms.  

          Sydlocal be my guest, split hairs 😉 

          • Sydlocal

            I don’t disagree about the mechanicals of the older ones. However some of the newer components like the 1.4 twin charge engine and the DSGs for example haven’t proven themselves to be the epitome of reliability yet. Maybe world renowned in specification and performance, but are not quite ready yet to be called world renowned when it comes to durability. Time will tell how the other small capacity turbo engines will stand up to the test of time/kms. This is not just isolated to VW, it would apply to any other manufacturer that uses a small capacity engine with a turbocharger driving a relatively heavy car. I doubt many would see 300,000km+ without skipping a beat regardless of brand.
            On a side note quite a few DSGs and 1.4 twin charge engines are more than just broken in by 100,000km, they are just plain broken!
            TVFPIC 😉

          • Gfg

             Have 350,000 k VW Golf. No engine or gearbox issues. Go figure.

      • Sydlocal

        ant76, read what I said again. I said it would PROBABLY be more reliable. Just to help you out here is the definition of “probably”: Most likely; presumably.
        No where does that statement imply that the Spark would definitely be more reliable.

        I also said ‘in the long run’ as it is relatively well known that VWs start having annoying little electrical gremlins creep in after a few years (ie, out of warranty) just like many other European cars. Whilst Korean cars may not have the engineering/ride/handling/solid feel of a European car, they are usually like cockroaches and just keep going on and on!

        • Zaccy16

          I think this will be reliable because normally VW’s only have problems with their very advanced DSG gearboxs(people don’t service them at VW so they don’t use the correct oil for the gearbox) and the tsi and tdi engines(same problem as DSG that they are not serviced at VW and people don’t use the correct RON of fuel for the TSI) So a normal manual 5 speeder plus a 3cyl engine shouldnt have many problems and would be easy-ish to repair

          • Robin_Graves

            Blame it on the oil and fuel, what a load of trash.  The same problems occur when its VW serviced and 98 RON used.  The fact is its an intrinsic design flaw.  Too much tech thats not ironed out yet, the only whiz-bang is the noises you hear before it poops itself.

          • Zaccy16

            i have not had any problems with my VW and i run it on 98 so when it requires 095/98 ron its a good idea to put the correct fuel in, some people don’t i have seen people at petrol stations with tsi golfs puting 91 ron in!

  • Alexpaynter

    No GT version. What a pity.

    • Jez

      Up gti? 😀

    • Zaccy16

      In the wheels they said its coming next year the gt version

      • Roomster

        That is not true.

  • Blair Waldorf

    I dont know why everyone wants an automatic in a car this tiny and basic. Whats the point in adding the extra weight, cost, complexity (DSGs are complex as hell) all to detract from the already tiny power figures. It’s really not that hard to drive a manual in a car this tiny.

    • Birty_B

      Myself and most others here will agree with you, there is a large segment of the market that don’t even have Manual licences anymore. 

  • bruzzer

    we call this the VW Up ++++++
    starts with  low $13990 plus bluetooth, plus confort package, plus Air con
    the car is at least $20,000 drive way….

    I drive a VW but i woulnt pay this much for such a small car.

    it would be better off with $15990 price tag with everything included.

    • Stella

      Yeah, but it’s the only micro car that you can get with leather, sat nav and a panoramic glass sunroof.  Though admittedly ticking all the boxes will make it $25K drive away.

    • Luke Brinsmead

      I think the Golf is now $20,990 driveaway, much better value at the moment than the Up!

  • F1

    Should be called Volkswagen Poverty instead..

  • MNnM

    This makes the new Mirage an impressive automobile..

    The Germans, Americans and even Japanese really do lose out against the South Koreans.

    • Zaccy16

      This looks so much better than the Mirage! it is 10 times better than any other cars in its class eg. Barina Spark, Alto, s16, micra, thats why it costs more because it has good ride/handling and is a quality product

      • Luke Brinsmead

        Agreed, the Up! has more desirability than the others.

  • Cl1ff0

    wouldn’t want an auto in this buzz box anyway

  • mo

    Not a bad car at $14k but by the time you add the five door ($1k), cruise control ($600), luxo alloy pack ($2500) and ORC, you’ll reach ~$19k. This is more than the Honda Jazz Vibe ($18k) which is a larger & more practical car with similar fuel ‘economy’ – 5.6L/100km ULP. 

    • Birty_B

      You’re going to be looking at over $18,500 drive away (using QLD on roads) for a base 3 door with Metallic paint. I don’t know how many VGA are expecting to sell in Australia so any future discounts would really depend on stock. Would expect a $15,990 Drive Away sale within the first 12 months. 

      • Zaccy16

        Yeah i reckon your right

    • ant76

      I think people will buy these with their heart not their wallet though.  But you have a point!

      • Legnab

        Correct will be the hottest must have car for the girl about town and the smart ones will know how to drive a manual .

        • Ashley C

          Smart Girls will stay away from VW’s :)

  • O123

    no auto, no sales

  • F1

    After you option this thing it will be well into the 20k range..

    Who in their right mind will pay over 20k for that ugly thing?

    Seems like it was hit with the ugly stick.

    • ant76

      Yeah think you may be onto something.  In the 20K plus range you would grab a 77TSI Polo everyday of the week!  As for the ugly thing well I really do think it’s better then any of its direct competitors.   And wait until you see the interior!  Its in the realm of the new Mini 😉 

      • Zaccy16

        Very good point, the polo is a much much better car!

    • Legnab

      Barina spark is the ugliest , the UP will kill it for space, longevity etc etc .

      • Zaccy16

        Exactly! the spark is a laughing stock compared to this

      • F1

        Yeah the Spark is nasty..

        The interior of the Up! is alright, but the exterior is horrid.

      • Gtr-xu1

        Beep,beep Barina for me bunghole.

        • Legnab

          What else would we expect , driving a toy town torana , any real metal left or is it all just rust , beware they explode just hitting a bin at Kmart , sparky would be the worst of the worst on the road , but mate its cheap .

    • Luke Brinsmead

      Ugly is the Spark, hiddious!

  • Anthony Mindel

    This will be the real NEW Beetle ??? 

    • Robin_Graves

      If only it could last more than 50k before exploding, then maybe.

      • BrianJwest

         WTF are you talking about?

  • TomW


  • F1orce

    Why would anyone consider this?

  • Barry

    The throwup back?

  • Guest

    There are no Curtain Airbags in this car???

  • SamR

    The only price that matters is Drive Away.

    And this VW will be more expensive than a Suzuki Swift, Mazda 2 and Yaris which are larger, more powerful and more reliable.

    The VW is for people who think they are different and stylish and care little about value.

    • Luke Brinsmead

      The Swift, Yaris and 2 is for people who don’t want to be different – boring. Also, with no fault ratings released yet for the Up!, how can you speculate about the reliability?

      • Robin_Graves

        Its a VeeDud, unless they suddenly have learnt how to make a car reliable in the last 12 months then there’s a good bet it will be another lemon flop like the rest of them.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    $500 for metallic paint for a car of this size is twice too expensive.

  • 42 = The Answer

    4 Airbags?! That’s a cop-out

  • F1orce

    For less money you can get Yaris or Jazz.. I know what i would get.

  • Marcel dimoski

    toyota should be selling the 1.0 litre Daihatsu Mira or Malaysian Built version Pero Dua Viva 1.0 auto or 850 cc manual versions.
     They should have never discontinued selling them in Australia. Perhaps Pero Dua can sell the Malaysian Version as they are of higher quality than the Proton Savvy and Proton S16 cars.

    Those Pero Dua’s sell well in UK. the Pero Dua MyVii (Daihatsu Sirion) 1.3 litre is a go getter as well. Too bad the Australian market has been left behind again. 

    Perhaps they should all be selling LPG versions for all the small engines as well to make it economical and worth to purchase these small cars.

  • F1orce

    LOL made my day..

  • Legnab

    SHE might,  if and when my 12 year younger bride decides to ditch the swift sport ,and she must have manual .

    She does have taste my girl , by association her belief is all falcoon drivers are bogans with mullets or old pensioners trying to tow a van .

  • UpRules!

     You’re such maaaan! I can see it now, AC/DC, Holden Ute, ARL jumper trying hard to impress.