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A 450kW 1967 Ford XR Falcon with a turbocharged 7.3-litre V8 powerplant is, believe it or not, the world’s first elite eco-friendly custom-built muscle car and it will be on display at next month’s 2012 Australian international motor show in Sydney.

Called ZERO’D, the ‘green’ machine is based on a 45-year-old Ford XR Falcon but employs a recycled 7.3-litre Ford Powerstroke turbocharged V8 diesel truck engine that runs on biodiesel and has been put together using waste materials and recycled components in an attempt to achieve a carbon footprint of zero.

The man behind ZERO’D, Mick Fabar, owner of Green Homes Australia, says he wanted to create a street machine with the goal of having a zero effect on the environment through its design, construction and running.

“I’d been looking into the future and trying to figure out what kind of car my son would be building when he was 16… The challenge sort of evolved from there.

“I did some research into biodiesel fuels and figured we should put that into a car and see what horsepower we could get. It really didn’t cost any more to build this car; it just required applying some basic principles.”


The monster motor churns out 1000Nm of torque through an Allison four-speed automatic transmission, while running on commercially available B20 biofuel (20 per cent bio, 80 per cent petrol) straight from the petrol bowser that sees a reduction in exhaust emissions by up to 70 per cent.

Every external body panel on ZERO’D is second-hand, as are the nuts and bolts, and its hand-stitched black leather interior trim is made entirely from hide off-cuts and ‘seconds’ that are normally thrown out.

The only new components used on the build were new rubbers and glass, due to quality replacements not being available, and the radiator and intercooler, which were fabricated one-off items made to suit the car’s custom front end.

The car’s 20-inch Federal ‘Green Friendly’ tyres are distillate aromatic extract oils-free and a low emission Shimrin 2 base paint was used under the House of Kolor ‘Earth Green’ top coat.

Even the car’s build process took environmental impact into account with eco-friendly gas used when welding and the workshop itself powered by renewable green energy from wind and solar-powered resources.

ZERO’D took 11 months of planning and seven months to build, with Queensland’s Bond University documenting its construction to ensure the production team maintained its zero carbon footprint.

Motor show director Russ Tyrie said, “ZERO’D is a true demonstration of Australian ingenuity and it will certainly offer inspiration and ideas for the general public and industry experts alike at the motor show.”

The 2012 Australian International motor show will take place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour between October 19 to 28.

  • Zaccy16

    Good in a straight line but thats about it, it wouldnt put its power done very well with a 4 speed auto!

    • Jimbo

      Totally missed the point there Zaccy! LOL

      Great work, shows some real potential for the future of custom cars once fossil fuels become unviable!

    • Legnab

      Agree , no corners please .

      • Hung Low

        You Vee d fanboys will just never get it. The uniqueness, appeal, desire ability and head turning looks is strictly for real enthusiast.

        • Legnab

          Pile of junk , desired by drunken bogans at field day .

          • dookie

            your a disrespectful negitive loser Legnab, the thought and money put into this project is a credit to Mick Fabar, good on him i say

          • Jober As A Sudge

            You obviously don’t appreciate cars

          • Legnab

            Slobbering judge its just an old tech falcoon , out of date in the 70’s , now just scrap metal , you dinos’ need to get out and drive real cars , not hand me down american junksters .

          • Jober As A Sudge

            Different cars a different things to different people….so please define what a “real” car is?

          • Poison_Eagle

            People! we must stop replying to this poor tormented soul. It must be the only thing in life that sustains him. Without this website and succesfully baiting keyboard warriors, his life is meaningless. If we all ignore him together, his absence will single-handedly raise the calibre of this website.

          • Legnab

            AH the rancid budgie another ford lover lusting after the old days falcoon , not long till 2016 , repose in peace falcoon.

          • DoubleBlue

            I bet if this was a  “1967 Holden” with a BIO diesel under the bonnet you call it an “amazing work of auto technology”
            You really are BIAS & PATHETIC Legnab.!

          • Captain Nemo®™

            Legnab aka Bungle doesn’t like Holdens either only likes Eurotrash like VeeDuds. He has never owned an Aussie built car in his life.

          • Legnab

            Mate holdens even bigger piece of junk , get over it , just an old ford .

          • Legnab

            Sapper zero lives in his VK out in boganville , never even seen a euro car let alone experience a  quality driving experience .

        • Pro346

          @hung low couldn’t agree more…..

        • Guest

           I don’t like VW much at all, and I still don’t like this.

          It looks tacky like a gangsta-rap mobile. I like the old Falcon GTs, but I hate this. It’s horrid. And even worse, it’s so bad I’m for once agreeing with the dreaded trolltastic Legnab.

          And what’s the fuel economy and particle emissions like? If you want to talk about being eco-friendly, you’d better walk-the-walk as well.

          • Hung Low

            To me the ultimate streeter would be and old body like this modded to fit on a modern chassis of an FPV GT ,Mustang or for the GM fans, Corvette, HSv with its modern driveline, suspension, brakes and rigidity. Everyday reliability, emission friendly, economy, handling and safety. Crash ratings aside, it would be the ultimate daily car. Injected LPG is always an option too.

          • Legnab

            SAFETY rofl , dream on fung .

          • Legnab

            Thanks guest , good to see a fellow non bogan feral loving OZ bomb lover .

          • Poison_Eagle

             Hey legnibbler, its time for you to put on your winnie the poo jarmies and snuggle up in your plastic lined bed.
            It will probably be saturated by dawn.
            Everyones entitled to their own opinion but stubborn one eyed fools should refrain from expressing theirs.
             All you ever produce on this site is myopic drool, with grammar that reeks worse than your doona.

    • Pro346

      You’ve never driven a very high powered car have you? 600+HP and manual transmission not good! 2 speed power glide rule drag racing! Best way to put power down in a big HP car is an automatic!

      • Zaccy16

        But not a 4 speed auto! A 6 or 7 would be better

        • Pro346

          once again wrong! 2 speed powerglide auto would of been better…big hp cars dont need lots of gears, good luck finding a 6 or 7 speed auto that can handle that much torque.

          • Zaccy16

            Wrong! Veyron has 1500 nm torque with 7 speed dual clutch!

          • Poison_Eagle

             And the gearbox alone costs several hundred thousand. Do some research; the most commonly used gearbox in drag racing, modified cars with 1000+hp is a Powerglide because
            a) less moving parts = less to go wrong, less $
            b) less complexity = less heat
            c) less gearchanges = less power interruption

          • Zaccy16

            I wasn’t talking about the price of the gearbox Poison Eagle, I know it is expensive i was just commenting on that that is a gearbox that would handle or the torque

    • PM

      This was the best Falcon ever……its been down hill ever since

  • DanielD

    Could have lowered it a bit.


    Those wheels and the way it’s lowered…… looks too much like a rapper’s car.

  • Geoff Breslin

    Finally, an eco car that I honestly think is fucking awesome!

    • Golfschwein

      ha ha!!! Disqus let you write THAT!!!! I wonder if they allow the sea word, as well.

      • Hung Low

        I doubt you ever been to the sea….ever!

        • Golfschwein


  • Noddy of Toyland

    Wheels are shit, the rest is great. Great Aussie ingenuity. 

  • Noddy of Toyland

    Bad wheels, the rest is great, true Aussie ingenuity.

  • S_hunt144

    ummmm CA, if it runs a diesel Ford Powerstroke, how would it go filling it up with biofuel containing 20%bio, 80% petrol???

    • Robin_Graves

      I thought the same thing – surely they mean 80% petroleum distillate (diesel)

  • Latin Fish Names

    I’d raise the suspension, add 13″ wheels with Hubcaps, wear a hat and drive around at 40Km/h everywhere.

  • Karl Sass

    Now all the hipsters are going to want one : (

  • Mariusz

    I fail to see how a 7.3L diesel is eco friendly – Even if it were running bio diesel, and if it was built using ‘green’ methods.

  • guest

    its simple…….. it doesnt go…. so its very eco friendly…… id like to see him prove some of his claims…. especially the environmentally friendly gas and the “eco workshop”

  • Peanut

    This is really the 2016 Falcon that Ford has been keeping so quiet about.

    • Legnab

      YEP and they are going to build it in thailand , better build quality .

      • Garywhoper

        Try to be a bit amusing at least, very boring

        • Legnab

          WE await your critical comments on any car , non yet , back on your scooter .

          • Garrywhopper

            Still very boring, try harder

      • Dom

        They should build the Golf in Thailand too…might last more than 4yrs

  • The Salesman

    All of the best cars are put together in some blokes shed. 

  • Blahblach

    So is it bio diesel or a bio petrol car?

    • Norm

      Yeah,, is it diesel or petrol ? Id love to own it.

  • Dennis

    If it was a VW everyone would be fapping over it….

  • Bk

    Ford are now recycling there cars. Great idea

  • Car Fanatic

    Could always drop a S65 5 speed into it, they could handle the torque.

    • Pro346

      good luck getting the electronics to function….this is the real world! its very doubtful you can buy high stall converters that this sort of car would demand!

    • Zaccy16

      Good idea!

  • Dig

    Zero’d????….. ” 20 per cent bio, 80 per cent petro” Zero what???

  • Force-15

    This is crazy, in a good way, aside for the dinner-plate wheels and ‘slammed’ suspension. Several similar conversions exist in the USA where people have dropped stupidly powerful diesel engines into large car just for something different, not to mention literally having truckloads of torque on offer! If I ever get the money and time I’d like to do something similar; I’m thinking of dropping a 6.6L Duramax into a HZ Kingswood sedan…

  • 2Wheels

    Hahaha, the
    straight line comments are hilarious…

    As if anyone
    could think this car had any intention of going anywhere near a circuit race

    Its powered
    by a large heavy slow revving diesel engine, mated to an industrial spec auto,
    with steam roller wheels and dumped suspension.

    Yeah, I’m
    sure he had time-attack on his mind when he built this car.

    For that
    matter, I doubt drag racing was his goal either….

    The article
    clearly states what he was trying to achieve in the build.

    He wanted to
    build a zero carbon footprint car, not a race car.

    Instead of
    applying stereotypical prejudice and making cliché comments, you should be
    debating whether he achieved his carbon neutral goals.

  • http://www.marysvillelocksmith.com/ Marysville Rekey

    I’m sure that many people around the world wishes to own this car.

  • Cop that loves hoon laws

    I want to confiscate it soon as he chirps a tyre with all that power.

  • Quinn

    Look. It’s alright visual wise but I think maybe a different set if rims wouldn’t go the wrong way. I’d also like to see it raised up a little, maybe a couple center meters will do. Is there any pics of the interior?