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  • Tom

    My favourite of the hot hatches, a much more reasonable price.

    Also, if you chip these things with a company like Revo (no im not trying to advertise them) they give a massive performance game. A chipped Polo GTi is a awesome performance car in its own right.

  • technofreak

    Awesome fun :D

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Talk about value. I wonder if it is too late to add this to my wish list to Santa?
    I have been good. :)
    A Red one please

  • JasonP

    Yeah, sweet price too.

    Remember the SRi Barina (Euro version) was similar specs to the Polo GTi, but was only $22990………

    Should have bought one of those.

  • Phillip

    Wow, 4 posts and not one complaint from Mr Family Man that this car doesn’t have 5 doors and an automatic transmission. Incredible!

  • Duck

    mmmmmmmmm………..I’d only buy one if it was available in a 5 door form.

  • Thrifty

    I just LOVE it and this is what I want for Christmas, it looks great as a 2 door, but want to know if it will be available in the 5 door???

  • VW_PoloGTI

    Good Review for my car. I have had a red one for just over 2 years now. I have entered 2 motorkhana’s won the first one, and came second to my brothers golf GTI only because i went the wrong way on one of the courses.

    For those of you looking for a fun little package that can shame a lot of bigger capacity cars, this is the machine for you. Handbrake is a gem, the car has lift off oversteer so its easy re-align yourself mid corner if you have become a little eager on the throttle and the car starts to understeer. If you cook it in, again the back end of the car is the first to go, so its easy to touch the throttle and bring it back into line. This car is a lot of fun and if your kind you can see 550km out of the 45 Litre tank. a bit harder and the worst ive had is about 450km out of the tank.

    If there was a downside to this car, its that the syncro’s in the gearbox don’t last, which can result in some crunching, this should all be covered under warranty but. Anyway, if your interested in a hot hatch, you just can’t go past it, its the best bang for buck i have had from a car.

  • riceboy

    it’s mini me to my Golf GTI…looks great… heard all about how fast these things go with the APR/GIAC/Revo ECU chip flashes on the VW forums… good value…

  • Grant

    With a remap/chip, these Polo GTI’s have roughly 150Kw and 320Nm. Which makes it very fast for its class and price tag.

  • Alex

    No this will not be available as a 5 Door. I love this car but it’s a little too boy racer I think. I see teenagers in them all the time and when they take off as fast as they possibly can at the lights they just look a little, well, stupid. Especially when they look around too see who’s watching. Not as stupid as a twelve year old Commodore with a body kit of course (not much that’s worse than that!). I’d rather a Golf GTI, and I think if you put the two together and told someone that they could have the keys to either of them, most would pick the Golf. The Golf is just a better all rounder. Not to say this isn’t a lovely little pocket rocket.

  • Alex

    PS – Just realized I have done something that I hate other people doing and compared two cars that aren’t rivals. Sorry.

  • SamR


    How many KM have you done?

    How have the brakes faired?

    Do you plan to keep it out of warranty ?

  • Tom

    Alex, of course your going to pick the golf, lets not forget its a good 15 grand more expensive.

    This is a good price to get into a hot hatch, a Golf GTi is way to close to a SS or a XR6t for my liking.

  • Cupid Stunt aka No Name

    Awww come on Alex stop comparing two dissimilar cars. Tee Hee!
    This reminds me so much of the original Golf GTi from the 70′s about the same size and performance too. Good effort but you know what i’d really loved the Corolla over this don’t you think!!

  • Fasthonda

    A good car,but the XR4 handles better and is a little cheaper.

  • VWOwner

    The only thing I’ll say is that this car is a rattle cage.
    The dash, door trim and basically everything else in the car will begin to rattle after a while and the dealers can’t do anything to fix them.
    The “innovative” cupholder? That’s been known to cause a lot of frustration to its owners because they break so easily.
    Having said that, it’s a beast in disguise especially if you get the APR ECU upgrade. 150-odd kW of power and 300-odd Nm of torque in a car that weights 1100kg is just crazy.

  • Theodore the Tartan

    I find it peculiar why is there no comment on the non-choice of tartan trim? While this may suit the tastes of Jeremy Clarkson, I think others will disagree

  • Grant


    the XR4 does not come close to the polo in engine performance. and its 2.0L is much more expensive to get power out of than the polo’s turbo unit.

    For $1500 you get +40Kw, +100Nm

    that said, the xr4 is a better handler. however the GTI is the better all round car.

  • Sam

    Hmmm. Is 8 seconds 0-100 fast enough for a car that claims to be sporty? It would be awesome through corners though I would imagine.

  • Matty B

    Leather is a factory option. Don’t know where that info came from. Three options on the car, Metallic Paint, Leather and an electric Sunroof.

  • Howie-VL

    I think they mucked up the power and Torque figures in the specifications :p

    It’s a decent car, but the styling of the seats with those stripes looks a bit Irish.

  • VW Freak

    Polo MKV will be out soon, the GTI in that will be a cracker! It will probably score the 1.4 125kW TSI with 7 speed DSG, now that will be fun!

  • Dlr1

    isnt 110kW from a turbo 1.8 just a little disappointing? I know its a parts bin special but come on… 1991 KF Laser TX3 turbo 118kw. Where’s the progress? if it can be chipped so easily to 150kw+ why doesnt VW remap it themselves for 120-130kW? other than that I like it and good value.

  • OSU811

    Love the tartan trim!, its what makes a vw gti a vw gti IMO
    ,great little car but I would spend the extra and get the GOLF GTI 5door manual…

  • Nath

    Nice write up, Has to be the best in class for sure. These are a steal second hand. I have a 3 door and if its only you and a partner, with the odd 3rd, 4th or 5th person every now and then 3 door is fine. I hardly ever use the back seats. What sort of engine note do these have?

  • Phil

    I have a black one. I think VW limited it to 110kw for a couple of reasons, the widest tyres you can fit are 205\’s so traction becomes an issue with more power (and no LSD), also I dont think golf GTI buyers would be too happy if a polo was quicker in a straight line, considering the price difference.. Nath, engine note is a gruff kind of burble, sounds best when you\’re not revving it\’s nuts off.

  • zahmad

    Ya, a 1.4 tsi twincharged with a more menacing front end should be a cracker!

  • Alex

    I think the problem with this car is that although good, the next one will be so much better again. It will re-write the standard of a budget hot hatch I think. I’m glad Volkswagen has made such an excellent auto to the point where you don’t have to feel embarrassed or stupid ordering your hot hatch with an automatic. The DSG is superb and I can’t wait to see it in the next Polo GTI. It gets to a point where it really doesn’t make sense to get a manual because you get so much control out of the DSG and it’s not jerky or anything. Ninety-two milliseconds quicker than a Ferrari’s gearbox too.

  • Gift-Ed

    I’d really seriously consider a 5 door one, if they was one.

    This body shape has been out a long time now. A new shape must be just around the corner?

  • VW_PoloGTI

    Hi SamR, I have done 61,000kms in just over two years, been a fantastic little car that i have had many memorable moments in. Not sure as yet what my plans are for its future, cars value is always better if it still has remaining Factory Warranty on it. But i am not sure if i will be able to afford my next car (Nissan 370Z) in time before the warranty runs out, will see how goes.

    Alex, If you don’t buy a manual you either can’t drive or your just plain lazy. My brother has the Golf GTI with the DSG, and as he said “Although the best auto box yet, its still not a manual!” In all honesty you aren’t driving a car unless there is a clutch pedal and a gear shifter. Learn the art of healn toe on the downshifts, and you will never want an auto.

  • Blake

    Always thought they were a good bargain for the money.
    definitely on my shopping list for the next daily driver
    other car is a high rpm n/a 2L, so a torquey turbo car for a daily makes sense to me

  • Alex

    To VW_PoloGTI – I can drive a manual very well thank you very much, I also own quite a few manual cars and love driving them very much. I love manuals but even Jeremy Clarkson who famously hates flappy-paddle-gearboxes says that the DSG is worth it. What’s wrong with the DSG? You can pick which gear you’re in which is all you do with a manual anyway but there is a faster 0-60 time and no pause when changing. All I was saying is that if you order a Volkswagen Golf GTI with a DSG gearbox, it’s not as if you are saying “I want this car, but only so people can see me in it, not so I can properly drive it” because in reality you get as much control. And if your brother loves manuals so much, why didn’t he order his $40,000 car with his favorite gearbox? Seems a bit stupid to me. He would have used the DSG enough when test driving for him to decide that it’s “still not a manual!”

  • The Original Tom

    110kW is pretty weak for 1.8 turbo. Even the parts-bin Toyota 2001 Corolla Turbo had 115kw and 237Nm.

    It seems VW has purposely left the engine detuned for some reason (reliability?), which it sounds like you can easily fix.

    But for the price it is still great value. Would make a great commuter car. I would prefer a 5-door, though.

    The 220kW in the specs section would be pretty awesome :)

  • Anthony

    Yeh Tom, 220kW would create the mother of all torque steerers.

    I defy anyone that hopped into a Polo GTI and had a real ‘go’ to come away being anything but impressed.

  • Heath

    A Hot hatch with the DSG technology of an Audi R8 could only be a good thing

    VW_PoloGTI – Just because Someone likes a DSG Gearbox does not mean they are inferior drivers, Formula 1 cars use a seamless shift gearbox without clutch because it has superior performance, Just ask Shumi.

  • Neo Utopia

    I agree with Phil. “I dont think golf GTI buyers would be too happy if a polo was quicker in a straight line, considering the price difference..”

    But when the next Golf 6 GTI arrives it will be a bit quicker and you can bet the next Polo will be a bit quicker as well, say 7.5 seconds I would think, considering the Peugeot 207 GTI does it in only 7.1 seconds and produces 128 kW and 240 Nm!


    I think the body does look a bit outdated now, compared to a Peugeot 207 GTI.

    I think the Golf GTI is the best hot hatch, but if I were to choose between this car and a 207 GTI, I would definitely choose the latter.

    One more thing, the Polo’s quality/reliability should be a little bit better I think, even if it means producing it in Germany (not Spain) and with a price of $30,000.

  • Neo Utopia

    Correction South Africa, not Spain.

  • Neo Utopia

    After some quick research of discovering the new Renault Clio Sport 197 produces 145 kW and 215 Nm, and deals with 1-100 in only 6.9 seconds! But it is approximately 9.5 K more expensive though! Unlike the Peugeot 207 GTI which is approximately 6.5 K more.

    Is it worth spending the sizable extra $ for only about an extra second? Maybe it is for the Peugeot.

  • Alex

    To Neo Utopia. I agree, I would prefer a 207 GTI over this but only because this is getting a bit old. If what you said about the Clio only being $3,000 more than the Peugeot is true then that would be a better buy. I have read numerous things that say the Clio 197 is the best hot-hatch supermini.

  • SteveC

    I remember driving one of these last year. Have to say, it put a smile on my face. The Golf didn’t. Not saying the Golf was bad. Hardly, it was a fantastic car.

    I went with a Punto instead though. Bigger grin factor and I like Italy more than Germany… I am biased.


  • suzukiGTI

    How about da good ol’ suzi GTi? Mate’s had one that had 160 or so kw at the wheels (front) and boy it was a $#@$ of a thing to take off. But once in gear it ate everything, including hotted up 200sx.

  • david

    Am looking for polo gti turbo any advise ?

  • pogo

     I’ve had an APR tuned one for