Ford has revealed the first images and details of the next-generation Ford Transit family ahead of its international launch at the end of 2013.

The all-new Transit is the latest nameplate to embrace the Detroit-based manufacturer’s ‘One Ford’ global product strategy, with two distinct vehicles to sit either side of the mid-sized Transit Custom in Ford’s commercial vehicle portfolio.

The new compact Ford Transit Connect promises to set new standards for load-carrying ability and cost of ownership in the sub-one-tonne segment, while Ford says the larger model – simply called the Ford Transit (above) – will bring new levels of capability and versatility to the full-size van market.

The full-size Transit will replace the Ford E-Series range in North America and take over from the two-tonne Transit variants in other markets.

Launching in late 2013, the Transit will be offered in a range of body styles and derivatives, including front-, rear- and all-wheel drive layouts, and multiple wheelbases, roof heights and body styles.

US models will be available with two petrol engines – a 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost and another V6 – and a “powerful diesel option”, while the Transit sold in Europe and the rest of the world, will be equipped with the latest 2.2-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel.

The smaller Transit Connect (above) will be more car-like with a focus on driver comfort and powertrain efficiency.

A range of downsized petrol and diesel engines will be offered in Europe, promising to deliver best-in-class fuel economy, while North America will get its own petrol line-up.

The driver-focused cockpit will feature interior technology and driver assist systems from the company’s passenger car line-up.

The large Ford Transit is set to launch in Australia in 2014 where it will be sold alongside the updated Transit Custom, while the smaller Transit Connect is also a chance to compete in the local market from 2014 against the likes of the Volkswagen Caddy and the Renault Kangoo.

  • crouchy35

    “I always wanted a brown van” – Said no one ever.

    • Able

      I’m pretty sure UPS like brown vans…

      • ABCDEFG

        And Tobin brothers.

    • PM

      That new front end looks hideous

  • Zaccy16

    The small one looks decent but the full size van looks hideous! 

    • Steve2012

      …cause looks are the number one consideration when buying a van?

      • Karl Sass

        That’s no excuse for being so ugly, looks are still a consideration.

        • Zaccy16

          Exactly, it doesnt have to be the best looking car in the world but it needs to look good enough that you don’t vomit every time you see it eg. ssangyong Stavic, this new transit

          • Karl Sass

            Agreed. The front end looks like a cross between a Territory and a bulldog.

          • Zaccy16

            HAHAHA it does actually!

    • pixxxels

      Remember, the new transit is replacing the E-Series in the US, so has to appeal to American tastes. They tend to like big, bold styling on their ‘trucks’ and commercial vehicles. 

  • pg

    It’s a retro flash back to the 60’s Transit grille

    • TG

      Needs the sliding driver’s door for the full 60s retro effect.

    • Steven

      At least someone knows their van history! Where’s the sliding doors? Ah the days…

  • matt

    lol…. clear evidence of the extremes of driving culture between the 2 countries… turbo v6 for america or small duesel for europe…. i really wonder the performence figures for the ecoboost transit

    • Sydlocal

       …also clear evidence in the difference of fuel costs!

  • Peanut

    So this is the best looking vehicle Ford can make once they pool all the resources of the company worldwide.

  • Eaglefry

    Both are good vehicles, as they have plenty of room..

  • Rick Louderbough

    The new full size one looks good. Just think it could have looked like the current e series vans.
    IMHO the worst front end on any van anywhere.

  • MisterZed

    Are they finally going to offer an automatic this time around? And what the heck… two V6s in the US market?!  No V8?!  Boy are times changing. I think Chevrolet is going to eat away at Ford’s market share in the US.

    • Poison_Eagle

      No way. Ecoboost V6 will offer soo much more power and torque, not to mention how much more modern it is. Please Ford Oz can we have the Ecoboost V6 version? would create an enthusiast market, and make for some seriously fast ambos!

      • PM

        Mercedes owns the Ambo market here, they are much better quality vans than the Transits

        • MisterZed

          The Sprinter ambos suck – they’re too tall, centre of gravity is too high making them at risk of rollovers during high speed turns, plus the diesel engines are slow/weak. Ambos need fast speed and acceleration. The V8 Ford F-Series and E-Series are much better ambos.

  • Cam

    People could not take your business seriously if you rocked up in this.
    Huge backward step FORD.
    Go back to the drawing board.
    Your sales will suffer from this design.
    Disappointed loyal Transit driver.