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by Jez Spinks

This is the best preview yet of the new Chevrolet SS large car that will debut in February 2013 as the American twin of the 2013 Holden Commodore.

The computer-generated illustrations are based on inside information and spy photos of the new VF Holden Commodore that will go on sale in the first half of 2013.

Holden has already admitted the Holden Cruze small car, which is built alongside the Commodore, will have an influence on the Commodore’s design, though the front end and tail-lights also owe design cues to the forthcoming Malibu medium car (pictured bottom of story).

If the roofline and door shapes look familiar, that’s because they will be carried over from the current (VE) Commodore.

The VF Commodore’s sheetmetal isn’t entirely all-new and the ‘Zeta’ rear-wheel-drive platform sitting underneath features significant development but is not a major architectural change.

The Holden VE Commodore was a $1 billion development, but this generation of Holden’s large car will have a shorter lifecycle than the current model.

With the smaller budget Holden has for the VF Commodore, much will be focused on improving fuel efficiency through reduced body mass and revised engines and gearboxes.

Aluminium – likely for the bonnet and bootlid – will help to trim some kilos, while more fuel consumption gains can be expected to be achieved through improve aerodynamics and enhanced drivetrains.

Lower-end models are likely to retain 3.0-litre and 3.6-litre V6s, while the Commodore’s V8 engine is expected to switch from the current 6.0-litre to the 6.2-litre ‘LS3’ V8 found in the current, Commodore-based Chevrolet Camaro muscle car.

The 6.2-litre could put out as much as 310kW, giving V8 Commodore owners a 40kW power hike over the current eight-cylinder model.

Holden sources say an all-new interior, however, will be “an exciting and significant change” compared with the existing Commodore cabin. Higher-quality materials and more advanced infotainment systems are expected to be part of the mix.

The new Holden Commodore/Chevrolet SS will make its public debut at the Daytona 500 in February 2013.

It’s a natural launch setting for the SS that will form the basis of Chevrolet’s NASCAR challenger in 2013.

The 2013 Holden Commodore will be shipped to the US to become a Chevrolet SS in a smaller quantity – likely a few thousand – than the current Commodore when it was briefly exported to America as a rebadged Pontiac G8.

US motoring media report that parent company General Motors will switch to a North American-built large car from 2015, based on new-generation Zeta underpinnings, though CarAdvice’s Holden sources suggest this isn’t the case.

Holden has yet to commit itself to another Commodore beyond the VF, however.

Holden announced earlier this year that it will build two global GM cars from mid decade until at least 2022. One of those is certain to be the next-generation Cruze, leaving a question mark against the second model.

Holden boss Mike Devereux wouldn’t back the Commodore when CarAdvice asked him at the time of the announcement whether he was committed to vehicles bigger than a medium-size car.

It strengthens speculation that the VF Holden Commodore will be the last of the famous nameplate to be entirely designed, developed and built in Australia.


  • http://www.facebook.com/gregtuck1 Greg Tuck

    Very nice. It’ll be very interesting to see how well VF sells. Both Ford and Holden will be watching very carefully. If VF sells well it might prove a point that a nice looking modern big relatively fuel efficient car can still be a big seller in this country.

    Commodore still sells quite well seeing as the shape is now over 6 years old, a face lift & tech upgrades might bring a big change in sales figures (I hope). Falcon would sell much better too with a fresh design and no media speculating on it’s death constantly.

    • Save It For The Track

      Falcon may have a chance of selling if the advantages of the new ecoboost and LPG engines were actually advertised to the mainstream public, instead of incessant Territory diesel commercials.

      • Zaccy16

        Exactly! current Falcon models are better than there Holden equilivent in most area especially egine tech in the LPI and Ecoboost engines, Why don’t Fords marketing department use these pluses to market the falcon? how are they going to sell it if they cant market it!

  • NeilM

    Looks great with those massive wheels! Front end actually looks a little Mercedes to me.

    • Crummydore

      Thats it… the wheels!… if u look at it a bit more its got the 300C feel about it like that.

      Overall though I don’t mind it – looks longer, I thought it was the Statesman at first glance.
      At least there will be no confusing it with the VE, look forward to the Australian version.

      The back end isn’t right, lets await the real thing for the bum.

      • Dominique Vøn Hütch

        yeah looks like the ass of the old lexus gs!

      • Phunken

        Very fussy design… doesn’t gel with the original body part from A to C pillar.

  • dsuhiti

    I like it, but it will age quickly.

    • Turbodewd

      Age quickly!? Subjective piffle!

  • Kampfer

    I like it. The rear look a little busy but front look great. “All-new interior will be an exciting and significant change” – Great!!! Must needed.

  • F1

    310kW from 6.2L is a joke..

    Toyota has been making 311kW from a 5.0L.. Called 2UR-GSE used in Lexus IS-F

    Like always General Motors is behind time..

    • Phil

      The GM engine produces more torque at lower revs for half the price and doesn’t need premium fuel.

      • Paul

        the GM has half the life span

        • Phil

          On what basis?

          Lower strung engines tend to have more longevity.

          • F1

            Ohh please 5.0L is barely a high-strung..

            The IS-F being 4yrs old will walk this upcoming LS3 V8, like always..

            Even V6 engines, Toyota has had a 230-235kW V6, 380Nm called 2GR-FSE used in certain Lexus models for almost 7-yrs now! In comparison with GM high feature mediocrity..

            More power, torque with less displacement and emission!

            By the time GM has caught up, the competition will already be way ahead!

          • Phil

            None of what you said puts any weight on the Lexus engine lasting twice as long.

            A torque peak at 5200rpm isn’t highly strung? Do tell us what is?

            Also this 6.2 LS3 engine isn’t “upcoming”. It’s been around for several years already including 325KW examples currently found in existing HSV models – and again, it offers more torque than Lexus – at lower revs, for half the price and without premium fuel.
            The Lexus engine does not have more torque as you claim – the base model 6.0 V8 in the old, bottom of the range Crummer already has more torque than the Lexus ISF.

          • Justincrdable

            Toyotas are just white goods on wheels. I think my LG dishwasher would be a more enticing drive. And I ain’t a GM fan just stating facts

          • lancy

             I’ve never seen a lexus on the road overtake a hsv or ssv. I see your point going no where here and you making a fool of yourself. If you like lexus so much how come your here reading about the new upcomming vf series commodore. I know lexus are boring and the fun starts with Holden and GM.

          • F1

            Not only are Lexus engines reliable and last longer.. But they’re also smoother, quieter, more efficient and sound better.. 

            Even with the extra displacement advantage GM still fails..

            The IS-F was Lexus first attempt at a V8 powered performance car.. And it was very good..

            Expect the 2nd gen IS-F to destroy the segment.. 

          • Phil

            F1, don’t you think it’s sad that you need to compare your beloved $130,000 car to a $45,000 car in order to make it look good? Even with that barrel scraping, the $45,000 car is holding itself up there.

            Why not compare the ISF to a GM product a bit closer to the price range? The Cadillac CTS-V puts out 415KW and 747NM. Makes the 311KW500NM ISF look a bit weak don’t you think?
            You can also get the CTS with a V6 that puts out 237KW which is a little more power than your beloved Lexus V6.

            Then you say the next gen ISF will destroy the segment? Apart from the probability that this will not happen, why would you boast about something that has not happened at all yet?

          • Marvin McConoughey

             I test drove a 2013 Camry V6 with intentions of buying one.  That engine seemed both noisy and harsh at high RPM.  The Lexus LS I drove was quiet and smooth, but lacked low speed power.  I am hoping that the forthcoming Impala SS will offer a winning combination of low RPM power and smoothness along with acceptable fuel economy.  Here’s hoping.

          • twincharger

            Excellent bedating Phil.You made some good points.

          • JamesB

            That’s because pushrods make way less power than a DOHC with the same displacement.

          • Karl Sass

            JamesB, yes that is true but only in the top end. Mid range torque is similar, but they’re lighter and have a lower centre of gravity (than a DOHC engine).

          • Joffa 65

            And you can fit a push rod V8 further back in the engine bay- centralising mass. Just look in the engine bay of a VE vs any DOHC V8 and you’ll see it’s true.

          • twincharger

            Karl,starting to get excited about the VF Commodore.Only hearing bits+pieces at the moment.
            The VE is now to old in its life span,6 years thats why its lost the no1 selling spot.

          • DoubleBlue

             Excellent debating Phil.You made stupid points.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/BDSQ5HLPAQIJ2FNB3ET4AGDPJI Matthew

             Have to agree, he did make good points, On bonus side it has shown one person in the ‘Top 100′ to be a little immature..

            -Looking towards DoubleBlue- Grow up Mister, Changing what he said from ‘good’ to ‘stupid’ is so bloody childish… Why dont you go sit in the Naughty Corner and come back when your ready to talk like a grown up =).

      • Sturmgewehr

        I love the sound of big detroit muscle. but thats not to say a multi valve, double overhead cam small block v8 the japs make doesnt sound good either. pushrods are a more complex mechanism and involves more moving parts than an overhead cam arrangement meaning increased weight, increased potential risk of failure and increased maintanence/replacement costs.

        Holden/GM really need to move away from large sedans and be the leaders in electric vehicle technology. USA are the global leaders in EV battery technology and so they should focus on that. if holden released a sub $30K EV first they would be no.1 in Oz again

        • Shak

          I think you may want to have a look at what you said about pushrod engines. 

    • john

       My 6.0litre L98 has 420kw on LPG without forced induction, without any fancy tech like lexus, and alot more durable as well! Averages anywhere between 12 to 15 litres per 100km at 60c a litre and will, and has left an ISF (amongst others) in dust at eastern creek dragway.

      • Sydlocal

         Good for you. Glad you like it!

        • JamesB

          John, where did you deduce that your massaged 1960s engine will last longer than the modern ones?

          • John

            Cause its still going since the 1960’s 

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/BDSQ5HLPAQIJ2FNB3ET4AGDPJI Matthew

             haha Burned JamesB 😛 Nice john =] They deffintly dont make stuff like they used to.

          • Darklord

            stuff made back in the day was made to last…shit made today has to be replaced tomorro,thatz the way bussiness is done today sad but true …..lets see if jamesB 2013 Great Wall is still running in 50 years time…..haha we dont have to wait 50 years we all know it will be going to a wrecking yard before 2017 and im being generous

    • Turbodewd

      F1, your assertion re engine size and power output is juvenile.  By your argument a 2.0L is better than a 4.0L…its like saying Usain Bolt is better than Yohan Blake.  Those 2 gents have very different builds but are almost the exact same speed over 100m.

    • BROCK05H

       and how much is a ISF the VF HSV is getting the new GM D/I FUEL SYSTEM 5.5lt 335kw/610nm v8 n dick1 oh sorry fullshit1 the VF 6.2 310kw SS will cost $48000 drive away i wonder how much will a ISF cost maybe 3times more then a ss wow i could a s/c unit on a 6.2 n bump the power up 750hp  without doing anything else to the gm motor could never do that to any jap v8 motor or v6 wothout changing half the motor around n spending big money so the hell is behind the time is YOU FS1  n a chevy v8 will out last any japanese v8 motor anyday GM is always cutting into new tech not copying from others

      • MattW

        for a comparison around a closer price, the 5.0 V8 used in the FPVs is quoted as putting out 307kw without the supercharger (check the Mustang in the US), but people that put it on the dyno say that’s underquoted

  • Sam123

    Is it ‘all new’ or a facelfited VE? They seem remarkably similar.

    • Jon

       According to that photo, it’s facelift car, not the next generation car.

    • santa

       so your seen the finished product?

  • BP

    Mhmmmm… looks good. The most anticipated model for some time, bring on Feb ’13 :)

  • Nope

    It’s Sooooooooooooooooooo American !

    • lazyboneslewis

      Exacty what I was thinking….Chevrolet Australia is born!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BDSQ5HLPAQIJ2FNB3ET4AGDPJI Matthew

       Is soo American but hey, Public demand.. If they dont make it like that our Aussie public will not buy it and let an Aussie icon die just so they can have some POS foreign car =).

      Be happy though that soon it will be an Aussie R&D and Built vehicle on US road’s in 2013 =).

  • Gregory

    That looks bloody awful, so American and fat…..

    FG mk2 sales should go through the roof!!!

    • Scout392

      I doubt it

      • DanielD

        If they do, Ford will decontent the car until sales drop again. They don’t like success.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/BDSQ5HLPAQIJ2FNB3ET4AGDPJI Matthew

           Course they dont like success, Anything that makes Ford in the US look bad is Evil! Hence why they refuse to even contemplate exporting the Falcon to the US.. or Europe, Africa, The Middle East, South America etc….

          Hell when they were looking for replacement for the Crown Victoria for the Police, One of there guys suggested our Falcon.. With all the death stares he got he probably still in hospital with 3rd degree burns…

    • Norm

      Your funny

    • JamesB

      That’s because it’s bloody American!

    • Joffa 65

      They need to or there won’t be one.

  • Legnab

    Front looks good but rear is a shocker , lets hope the OZ version is more refined .

    • chook

      the rear looks like the epica !!……

  • Lindsay


  • Dennis

    I prefer this version… :)

    • trololololol

      Is that a rendering or an actual car? Looks sweet!

      • Dennis

        It’s a rendering from gminsidenews

  • Noddy of Toyland

    Pretty bad com-gen, doesn’t look in proportion to the normal VE.

    • Force-15

      Not to mention that the colour of the rear fascia differs from the rest of the car.

  • falcodore

    Apparently there was a massive theft of Camry bootlids from the Toyota plant, hmmm, wonder where they went….

  • 3D4

    We’ll see the actual car when revealed. Hope it won’t be such a mess.


  • Mr Sparkle

    Quote: “As with the FG Ford Falcon, the VF Commodore’s sheetmetal isn’t entirely all-new”???   What part of the FG’s sheetmetal isn’t “all new”???

  • aston

    What sheet metal did FG carry over from BF? I think you may be referring to BA from AUIII?

  • JJ

    Still a piece of junk.

    Get out of the stone age, GM.

    • Karl Sass

      This forum needs more brain dead, generalised swipes by fan boys about cars that haven’t entered production yet. Thank you for your valuable contribution.

      • DoubleBlue

         The forum is getting more than enough “brain dead” contribution from you Karl Sass. Thank you, er………….pass.

        • Karl Sass

          Thanks DoubleB, find yourself a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word ‘irony’.

  • Zaccy16

    It looks worse than the VE! it looks cheap and nasty like the cruze and has a very fussy rear end!

  • VT363rwkw

    That looks absolutely stunning, this will be up ther with BMW for half the price and it will destroy the Euros. The new HSV will be supercharged, by by GTR, by by M5, this will destroy them.
    Also the SS will be usings HSV revolutionary magnetic ride, that is so much car for your money and with the new LPI it has class leading economy.
    Ford is so far behind haha, this thing is hunting euros now

    • zanzi

      easy there Poida. Take a deep breath 

      • ding dong

        Yeah….go and get ya double pluggers and go and get a carton of VB LOL

      • Dominique Vøn Hütch

        oh god that made my night!

    • ding dong

      VT363…..i wanted to post something else…..but it looks like it will get moderated :(
      But seriously….GTR?….M5?….off ya head!!!…big time!!

    • Captain Nemo®™

       You been drinking your bong water again dude?   Its bye bye not by by.

    • F1

      Yeah GM engines have always had power, but that’s all there is to them, just power at the crank.. They’ve never seemed to figure out how to get all the power to the ground efficiently..  

      The GTR does 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds.. Buddy 

      • Linop91

        But its Japanese….  rice, the country of hethen copiers.
        So stop going on about them.

    • Sydlocal

       ‘by by’ (sic)? I guess you mean it will go ‘by’ the M5/GTR twice? The second time must have been after the 1st/2nd gear change where the HSV driver struggled with the notchy/slow to change manual gearbox (note; I am NOT saying it is worse than the dual clutches in the M5/GTR, just that it is slower, honestly I would prefer the normal T56 manual for everyday driving in traffic over the dual clutches). One good thing though is that they can say bye bye to the M5/GTR when they go by by!

      Also VT, the magnetic ride control HSV use may be revolutionary, but you make it sound like HSV invented it. The reality is that it was designed and developed in the US and first used on a Cadillac in around 2002, LONG before HSV started using it. All HSV do is pull the shock absorber out of a box from Delphi and fit it to the car. Much like all manufacturers and shock absorbers really! So are you going to try and tell us HSV make the engine too?

      Also WRT LPI, don’t you mean class leading “running costs” instead of  “class leading economy”? There is a difference and it is a known fact that LPG cars have worse economy than the equivalent petrol version. However the running costs are much less due to LPG being cheaper.

      Insert your usual childish and offensive retort displaying denial of your true sexuality here…. 😉

      • Vt363rwkw

        Mate you are a spastic the magnetic ride was developed here to cope with harsh roads, you would know about the harsh roads outback when you went on tour with the I will survive show ha ha ha ha. Ferrari brought the technology off HSV that’s how good it is mate.
        Mate you are thinking of the old LPG cars mate not LPI which is a different type of gas mate you need to tear yourself away from you box set of Will and grace and do some more research mate ha haha

        • Legnab

          No magnetic ride is for arthritic people , lessens the pain when riding in a pile of junk crummerdore .

          • Pro346

            Sure beats an 8 year old front wheel drive hatchback….

        • Shak

          If this guys is actually a troll, then he is trying very very hard to make himself appear to be a complete arse! If he is just that stupid then i feel sorry for him.

        • trololololol

          So commodores are pretty much the best cars ever made in the history of cars……?

        • Sydlocal

           Pot, Kettle, Black on the research mmmmaaaaatttteeeee!

          • Vt363rwkw

            Mate it’s obvious you know nothing about cars and the new LPI system, your so dumb you think it runs on same gas as a BBQ. You probably don’t cook bbqs you eat bok choy, pink donuts and stuff with hundreds and thousands one it, hahahah, and big thumping Italian sausage, hahaha.

          • Sydlocal

             mmmmmaaaaaatttttteeeeee, you’re good! You have made my day.

            So, which service stations stock this special gas as every one I see only has the normal LPG bowsers (other than the odd CNG bowser)? Kind of defeats the purpose using a propriety gas that isn’t readily available at most service stations. Also I never mentioned anything about BBQs!
            If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that LPI is a PROCESS and NOT a fuel type. It is still injecting propane (the P) into the engine, but as a liquid instead of a gas like in most other LPG cars. That is why the power/torque/emissions is so much better. It is still ground breaking technology and kudos to HSV/Holden for developing it. However it still doesn’t change the fact that fuel consumption increases slightly (1-2L/100km on test in real world highway driving) when on gas. But that is MORE than made up for the reduced cost of the fuel which is why I said it provides class leading running costs instead of economy. In other words, dare I say it, I was actually partially agreeing with you so in a way you are also attacking yourself!

            Keep going though, you’re doing a good job of making yourself look like a bigger naive fool every time you type something.  The more you reply to these comments the more it looks like you are the one who knows nothing about cars. By the way, it is “you’re so dumb”, not “your so dumb”, but thanks for caring!!

            BTW, I know you are a troll as no one can be this stupid/naive, I am just having a little fun feeding you! :-)

          • MattW

            “your so dumb”
            I guess you didn’t pay attention in Year 3 English classes

          • Vt363rwkw

            Mate having fun feeding me, your so gay mate I bet you feed you boyfriend Hulio strawberrys assorted woofter coloured lollies and lengths of sausage, hahahahah
            Mate you need to check you facts mate, this LPI is a new fuel type mate not like the BBQ powered eggs falcon you drive mate, hahahaha?
            Mate it’s obvious you have no practical experience with cars you just google cars, and later at night you google fireman striptease six onto one, hahahah.

          • Sydlocal

             Straight from HSV website. LPi stands for Liquid PROPANE injection. Now IIRC propane is what is used in all other cars running on gas other than some taxis etc that run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

            Not much of a HSV fanboi if don’t even know what is on their website!

          • Vt363rwkw

            Mate you need to get out to the HSV dealers and get the to explain it to you it’s obvious you have no idea what you are reading, one tip don’t wear you leather pants, mesh singlet and don’t carry your dog in your handbag, hahahah, try not to fruit it up too much or they will ask you to leave, hahahah

        • john

          LPI isnt a different type of gas at all. LPI is the name HSV chose to call its LPG delivery system. It is a lquid injected system manufactured by orbital, and available as an aftermarket system as well. Its actually inferior to other systems such as the ICOM JTG, which interfaces with cars standard PCM and doesnt need a seperate PCM. The ICOM system can handle higher horsepower as well and does need to revert back to petrol at higher RPM.

          The vehicle doesnt run on propane at all. It runs on LPG, which is a combination of propane and butane, with the mix varying upon the season of the year. 

    • JJ

      My god… a commodore… up with BMW’s…

      Never. Don’t ever compare a taxi with a beautiful european car.

      • 3D4

        Aussie taxi X European taxi

      • falcodore

        So I shouldn’t compare an aussie taxi with a Euro taxi is what you’re saying?

    • Housecat84

      lol… this guy has to be a troll!! IMPOSSIBRU to take seriously!!  LOL 

    • DoubleBlue

       VT363rwkw time to stop sucking your dummy & get out of your nappies. lol.!

  • Shak

    I’m not looking forward to the look of this car one bit. Here i was hoping of getting into a Commodore when the VF came out, but if it looks like that then no thank you. The interior on the other hand, from the few spy shots i have seen looks stunning.

    • Karl Sass

      I don’t think it looks too bad at all, but remember this is just a CGI of the American spec model. Where did you see spy shots of the interior?

      • Shak

        True true. They were posted on GMI about a month ago, but they were not full interior photos. You could just see the top of the dash and from what you could garner, it looked much more cohesive and classy than the VE.

  • Ilald

    I do not think it will look like this as this picture is just the Torana concept modified. If you go back and look at the picture of he Torana the seats are identical to this image. If it does look like this I feel it will ge badly as it already looks older than some cars that have already been released.(eg: KIA Optima)

  • Norm

    Yes the back end is way too fussy but this image is a best guess so I wouldn’t say the details are production ready. My hope would be they’ve addressed the A pillars.

    I’ve loved my Holdens and a few Fords too….but bottom line…who here is buying an Aussie 6 as their next car? I’m guessing a lot fewer than when the VE started it’s life?

    I’m over 50 and have every right to be nostalgic about the good old days – but i can tell you this. I’m done climbing in and out of performance saloon style cars regardless of who makes them. Ok if you GAVE me an XF Jag….but seriously – big Aussie 6s as family city cars? Over.

  • Eddy

    Commondoor and Daewoo Cruuuze mate and produce a Commocruuze for those who holiday in Bali.

  • Robin_Graves

    I thought “wow, that actually looks pretty good” until I seen the rear end, which reminds me of one of those proboscis monkeys with a bright red rear end like Liza Minelli.

    • Legnab

      YER baboon with a red bum , well noted , my zoo favorite as a kid .

      • Garrywhopper

        Liza Minnelli, swollen monkeys coits you pair of woofters

        • Robin_Graves

          Satan? Saddam Hussein? Chris?

        • Legnab

          Floppy obsessed with the nether regions again.

  • Sumpguard

    CA please don’t go the way of Wheels magazine and run BS comgens to grab readers.  You don’t need it. They are rarely accurate and used to suck people into buying mags. It’s the very reason  I stopped subscribing! 

       I wonder if this is their’s too?

    • Crummydore

      The Wheels comgen looked more like a Volt.

      I don’t really mind he speculative images, they used to be illustrations back in the 80’s – 90’s, now we have incredible comgens to view – so good sometimes you’d think they are the real thing.

      By the way, you really are missing out if you don’t read Wheels anymore.

      • Zaccy16

        Yeah wheels is a great mag for car enthusiats! i have been a subscriber for neally 10 years and i can never wait for the next issue to come out!

        • Sumpguard

            Part of the reason I scrapped my subscription (besides the endless speculation on the next commodore and falcon) was that I could find everything of actual value elsewhere online for free. 

             A work collegue gave me a copy a few weeks back from late last year and yet again the cover was adorned with a red colored “next gen falcon”. The covers are designed to lure you in.

          • Legnab

            Thats why i give it a miss, tooooo many stories about bogan cars that may or may not happen , out of touch with what the buying public is thinking .

          • davie

             Gave up on Wheels years ago. arrogant editors criticizing long suffering readers who wrote in wanting something other than a v8 holden on the cover. Pointless stories with next to no information and Reviews that left the reader with less information. Oh yeah and the mandatory black and white and 1 colour arty shots of RWD drifting by commodores.

            Those mags are a dying breed. Just ask ACP.

          • Crummydore

            Have you seen it of late…. no where as many stories on falcadores as once there was.
            The new editor has put paid to that – it really is a great read, and with this site I feel spoilt for choice!

          • Sumpguard

               Once bitten Crummydore. They’ll never get my money again. I was a subscriber for nearly 25 years too.

          • Mr Irony

            You get what you pay for.

    • MattW

      “comgen”? You mean what the rest of the world calls CGI?

  • DDbd

    The Lexus IS-F isn’t just any backyard project, like what GM does in just putting a larger engine in everything and calling it a name..

    The IS-F is properly engineered car from the ground-up, when Toyota brings Yamaha into the project, in which case Yamaha was responsible for the design of the 5.0L 2UR-GSE.. You know it’s gonna be a good piece.. :)

    • Sumpguard

      Didn’t yamaha work with them on the last celica? If so it was a torqueless POS that needed to be revved off its head to go anywhere.

      • DDbd

        That engine was designed for “high-rev” application.. Not a bad thing for that sort of car.. And 141kW ain’t bad from a 1.8L 4-banger

      • F1

        Yamaha worked on the LFA.. They’re also responsible the the noise of it

        So Sumpguard would you call the LFA bad?

        • Phil

          Sumpguard was talking about the Celica……

          • Sumpguard

            Thanks Phil. At least you can read!

      • Gibbut

        ALL of toyotas PERFORMANCE heads are developed by yamaha, right back to the 18rg and 2tg

    • Phil

      Well GMs “backyard project” the CTS-V whips around the Nurburgring a whopping 20 secs faster than the “properly engineering” Lexus ISF.

      • Pro346

        Legnabs golf still hasn’t completed the lap yet….

  • useless

    Someone please shed some light on this:
    Holden Commodor SS with 310 kw ?
    is it really necessary when the recently released Clubsport has 317 kw
    They are both aimed at primarily the same market

  • Joel

    That’s actually the Australian market Commodore, its still a Holden but Chev badges are standard across the range now , which explains the power increase over the previous model.

    • Gibbut

      i thought chev badges were on all holdens?

      saw a cruze and a canyonero ( whoops colorado ) with them yesterday

      • matt

        hahaha “smells like a steak and seats 35, canyonaroooooo”

  • badge

    very american looking, not a bad thing. looks like a mix of jeep and chrysler. not a fan of holdens, if only it came with a new line of engines i would be tempted!

  • Gibbut

    as with the VE the grill is mounted too high, looks like an suv was made into a sedan.

    but the rear and side views seem rather nice. i was expecting ugly mulibu ‘esque tail lights.

  • Vt363rwkw

    The VF will be almost 200kgs lighter, you will not find a lighter car this size, under 1490 kgs for the v8 version. The HSV is stripping more weight again, this thing is gunna fly, the supercharged V8 has a hydraulic coupling on the blower that can be disengaged for class leading fuel economy.
    So you have a 1400kg rear wheel drive with 450+kw, that does low 11′ quarters and breaks under 8lt per 100kms. The VF HSV will be remembered as one of the greatest cars produced, a true collectors item they will be worth a fortune in 20 years.

    • Zaccy16

      Oh Really? I think that is just a wishlist of what it should have but knowing holden it wont

    • Phil

      The current V8 bottom of the range manual sedan is 1715kgs rising to 1830kgs for a Calais V auto wagon, so even if they managed to strip 200kgs, it still wouldn’t add up to “under 1490 kgs”.

    • Legnab

      MMM maths my friend , current houso holden crummer weighs in at 1801kg , less your supposed 200 kg , still around 1600 fat kgs , still overweight , better buy a tanker to haul behind .

      • Vt363rwkw

        Mate your a huge retard, the ve ss weighs less than 1700kgs, mate you like em tubby don’t you, you force feed em don’t you ha ha ha

    • Force-15

      Time to get off the bong and/or keyboard mate…

  • Save It For The Track

    Gee, if the 2013 SS has 310kW (with less weight and more aerodynamic) that will make recent HSV owners happy. NOT.

    • 500 Horsies

      As a HSV owner I’m not worried at all because as all HSV owners know the quoted power  figures stated are grossly underestimated. I have done many runs in my GTS with a G-Force Dyno and its averaging 380kW, one run it produced 395kW so still plenty of room above the general’s stock product. I think the VF CGI here looks great, people will be flooding back to holden when this comes out, it’s all over for the falcon, it will only exist in kids games trying to fend off the autobots. I’m sure all the euro driving doubters out there will jump on me but this system of power measurement has been developed in the top level motorsports. Renault Megane used this technology for development of it’s new powertrain

      • Gman

        Must of been one happy dyno…

        • 500 Horsies

          My mate has a worked HQ coupe that has been professionally dynoed at 475kW on RON 95 and when we put my G-Force Dyno in his car it indicated 462.5kW so believe what you want, happy, sad, excited or depressed whatever you want to call it, it’s accurate!!!

          • matt

            oh and your HSV isnt worked on at all…. liar! 500+ at the wheels? lol nothings done to the engine at all hey champ…??

          • JJ

            Who cares really… it’s HSV. The S definitely means “special”.

            You could put 600KW under the hood and it will still run a high 13 because it weighs 50 billion tonnes, drives like a boat and has traction control about as good as my lawn mower on wet grass.

            No offense and I’m glad you love your car, but the GM fanboys need to get a grip on reality. 

            These cars aren’t awesome pieces of motor engineering, they are sub-par in comparison with the rest of the world at best.

            My boss has a brand new HSV which I drive on occasion… I can’t stand the thing. I’d rather take a company VW caddy for spin.

          • Shak

            @JJ Unless you and your boss have some kind of “special” relationship, i doubt you’d be driving around their brand new car. Also, judging by all the hyperbole in your comment you’ve never actually driven any new Commodore, because the traction control is one of the best calibrated i have ever experienced.

  • Bent

    Looks like the latest Ford Taurus 

  • JDM

    If this is the new commodore so be it. Looks okay and probably better in the flesh like the VE is.

    For the HSV bashers amongst us I suggest completing the HSV drive experience. This showcases the cars very well in a race track enviroment where they’d faulter more easily if there were so flawed and some claim on this website. I honestly think they are very simple by Euro standards but are cheap family car sized muscle.Sure they arent M BMW’s or AMG Mercs however they arent $150K+ either.

    Before every howls at my comments I’ve owned a Porsche, Jaguar ,BMW, Merc and had family member that owned an Audi which I drove multiple times.

    I not a Europhile or a Bogan however I respect that at $90K nothing brand new can carry 5 normal sized people in comfort with luggage as quickly as a HSV or FPV.

  • Chris R


  • Maximark2601

    Look blank and ugly.

  • Ispyit2

    Gr8t job but you got the bonnet frount guards and part of the headlight wrong …driving lights …….well nearly there and the rear totally off the playing field ,but do like the stretched camaro/cruze to it the only part of the rear that’s remotely correct is the colour of the lens design :-) make no mistake this is the most extensive commodore ever and ford should be worried

  • Ahun

    mmmm Taurus form the US

  • Mark

    The picture in this article is very misleading. It has been pointed out on various forums GMinsidenews for one mentions that this is actually a picture of the Torana concept from 2004 that has been photoshopped. I have looked at this and the torana pic side by side. They both have identical wing mirrors and if you look at the interior and compare it to the TT36 image they haven’t even altered the lighting colour inside the supposedly VF scoop pic. And it only seems to be Australian media suggesting the front will take cues from Malibu when Ferlazzo of Holden design stated  over a year ago to think Volt with the frontal treatment about the only thing Aus media has stayed the course on is Cruise character lines for the rear. We will know what it looks like when it is released anything else is pure rubbish IMHO

  • Mark

    Also the guy that goes by the name VT363rwkw makes me ashamed to be a Holden fanboy as he illustrates everything that is wrong with Commodore and its perception to the public in general. However in saying that I was in tears with laughter at all the comments he posted. Keep it up VT 363rwkw to make people laugh is a very S for Special talent. LMFFAO

    • Karl Sass

      So true! lol

      • Mark

        still in tears especially loved all the MRC references.

      • Mark

        And that LPi is a new type of fuel. Good grief, I could go on all day just with that alone.

        • Vt363rwkw

          Mark mate you need to be a bit more passionate about your brand, mate, Holden and HSV are the best mate, don’t be a big fairy in the corner mate get in there and punch these poofo fordys hahahahah

          • Mark

            I am passionate about Holden don’t you worry there I have a VS daily driver and a CV8Z in Fusion for sundays and track days. It’s just that HSV calibrated GM’s MRC for Australian conditions they din’t invent it. LPi is Liquid Propane Injection LPG is what runs through it. Auto LPG isn’t chemically the same as that used for BBQ’s. You are right when you said Ferrari bought rights to use MRC under a different name from General Motors/Cadillac division. HSV was one of the first ouside North America tyo use MRC. I do hope they will put it in the SS-V as I have my deposit waiting to place an order for VF as soon as my local dealer says they can take it. all indicators say it will be the 6.2 litre ex HSV that will slot in the gen 5 will come in the 1st update about 18 months after launch

          • chook

            its one thing to be passionate about a brand …….its another to be making irrational comments which even other holden guys dont quite agree with !!……and LPI is a fuel system type , being liquid phase injection…….the same technology being used on HSVs and FG mark 2 falcon . The LPG converter and mixer is still factory  fitted on the base model commodore ……..and if i see you write the word mate just once more then i will noteven  read your comment again . 

          • Garrywhopper


    • Shak

      For a troll the guy really has a knack for turning out steaming heaps of b@llsh*t!

  • Phunken

    To use the Cruze as a styling inspiration is like Gucci sourcing next season ideas from Kmart. Cruze is fussy and have unresolved design, if the CG image represent the real design than Mike Simcoe original still handsome proportion is ruined. Why can’t they be inspired by more of Opel sleek design direction… Not Daewoo.

    • Mark

      To start with it will use some of the character lines of the Cruze series 2 update from the Australian model, think C pillar specifically ( where the metal crease lines are)and maybe the lower fascia. In saying that hopefully it will not utilize similar tail lights to these average renders. I propose that the tail lights will be somewhat of a mash of the upcoming Holden Malibu/ Impala NA 2014 tail lights.

      • Garrywhopper

        Wow Mark that is incredibly descriptive, with each sentence the car was slowly building itself in my head, when you think, rainbows and notes must appear above your head

        • Mark

          While I wait for my other reply to be approved. Why thankyou I do like to ramble on and I love rainbows, still haven’t found that pot of gold yet and I am a musician too and no not rock, grunge but classical for the record so I have notes in my head all the time

          • Garrywhopper

            Mark that is incredible, a musician, I bet you hand craft your own instruments and have written many concertos. I would say you are making a new instrument that will stun the world

          • Mark

            Well no it isn’t incredible millions of people around the world play and write music. I have been learning since primary school age and will continue to learn throughout this lifetime. I bet you are more amazed that a Holden Commodore driver can play music. All I can say is yes I can play, No I am not going to invent some new fandangled musical instrument, couldn’t be bothered. I play because I love music not for any other purpose. I have had a go at writing music turned out not too well but hey, you live you learn. I may give that another go when I have more time. Hmmmm Car Advice still haven’t approved my other post maybe they don’t like links to competitors sites,  A direct quote from an article on VF “You’ll see a hard edge on that rear corner [of the new Cruze]… [which] is to give you clues to where the model year 14 Commodore [is heading]… [and] the distinct styling we’ll drive into that vehicle.” Tony Stolfo Holden Design Boss on upcoming VF

          • Garrywhopper

            That’s is amazing it really is, sitting crossed legged playing a woodwind instrument, brilliant, creating magic is what you do my friend

          • Mark

            You really must be intelligent or you’re related to Vt363rwkw to think you sit cross legged playing woodwind.  I reckon you are one in the same my self. I reckon your just envious as you must not be able to use your wind to make music unless of course you love beans, the musical fruit

  • Gibwater

     The VF looks good,but it will quickly age from the moment its released.The reasons for this are many,but mainly because it will be the most overdue new model on record,yet is merely a facelift.After seven years,much more should be expected.To get some perspective,The VE alone has been on the market longer than the HD,HR,HK,HT and HG put together. An aging design,an aging nameplate…….the buyers are gradually losing interest.Not trying to be negitive,but sales charts don’t lie. The next decade will be make or break for Holden.The design and planning departments need to seriously roll their sleeves up and get cracking.

  • MattSingleton

    cruze lights on the new Commodore, yuck what was Holden thinking. i hope the vf looks nothing like this

  • Guest

    Lexus is for wankers

  • meh

    VF Commodore…last Aussie design Holden;our pollies should stop spending taxpayer $ supporting American GM and Ford.

  • Cam Howe

    I don’t mind the VF design, however the rear lights and boot lid need work as they don’t ‘blend’ with the design. Not keen on the wheels, but Holden & HSV always present alternatives to the standard ones that come with the car. Will be interesting to see how the ute turns out!

  • bobo

    thats the stupidist thing iv ever heard cam e ron

  • Bryan

    I think it looks nice, and I will be in the quewe to get one when it comes out