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  • subeylover

    thats a really pointless news story – i got REALLY excited about the prospect of an XF AWD only to find it is being offered in LHD only. very dissapointed (with both jag and CA)

  • Lachy

    It seems kind of strange how an Indian-owned, British car company would offer this in LHD only. How hard can it be to offer both?

  • Peter

    The US market has been complaining about the lack of AWD for years, I think it affects sales there.  It doesnt seem to be an issue in the UK market though.  Supposedly Jag have been reluctant to have AWD in the XF because they didnt want to compete with LR offerings, which might be why it isnt offered in RHD for the UK and Oz.  But how can something be biased to the back wheels up to 50%?  Bias means essentially one sided.

    • Laurie

      Ah ….. maybe explains why the new Fusion has AWD

    • Silver Streak

      How on earth is any Jaguar supposed to be any sort of competition with any sort of LR?