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Although for most of us the Toyota Corolla has always been viewed as a car without soul, a car which defines the idea of “A->B”, Toyota has begun a new battle to change our perception.

2007 Toyota Corolla Ascent, Conquest, Levin SX Levin ZR & Ultima

 To do this, the Big T has started online, indirectly informing blogs (such as CarAdvice) to promote a series of new car ads that show the Corolla in a different light.

The ad in question is below:

Ninja Kittens, as it’s called, is one of the more interesting car ads we’ve seen in some time. Whilst there has never been a doubt about the marketing genius behind Toyota, the problems have never been in the marketing department!

For us, Toyota can start by releasing a TRD variant, giving the Corolla some more sportiness in the form of a more powerful engine and more agressive styling, then of course there is the need for standard ESC etc. The list goes on.

What we like to know is whether or not this type of marketing will actually change your perception? And if not your perception, do you think it can change the way in which others view the Corolla?

  • Frontman

    OMG definately a Cardigan with velcro tabs and Zippers…..
    but love the ad though.

  • Ben Larden


  • Falcodore

    I believe it, Corollas are driven by PUSSIES!

  • realcars

    TRD variant for the Corolla.

    As long as it doesn’t depreciate in the showroom like the TRD Aurion i.e started at 75k now can be had according to last Sundays Sydney papers for 49990 driveaway.

    Oh what a sinking feeling especially if u bought one when it was released.

  • realcars

    Correction 65k was thinking of the TRD Hilux for 75k.

  • http://deleted Alex

    Nope. Not me. I’d rather a Focus or Civic or 3 or i30 or Megane or Golf or 308 or Leon or 147 or C4 or Octavia or Cee’d or C30 or Astra or SX4 or Impreza or Lancer or A Class or 1 Series or Bravo or A3 or, um, are there any more? Infact, the only two cars that I can think of in this sector that I would get a Corolla over is the Proton Gen2 and the Viva/Lacetti. Cool ad though. Bring us a proper big engined hard suspensioned turbocharged supercharged evil rocket ship from hell and then maybe I’ll change my perceptions. Until then…

  • realcars

    Usually pussy whipped as she who must be obeyed usually makes the choice.

  • laurie

    FMD people are paid to come up with ideas like this!


  • Wheelnut

    A TRD Corolla – Does that mean they’re going to shoehorn the supercharged V6 out of the Aurion or Hilux into the Rolla?
    Or just bolt on a supercharger giving it a whopping extra 20Kw

    either way it would mean having to cut a hole in the bonnet

  • SamR

    I would rather a Corolla over a Focus or Megane or Golf or 308 or Leon or 147 or C4 or Octavia or Cee’d or C30 or Astra or SX4 or Impreza or Lancer or A Class or 1 Series or Bravo or A3. No contest the others are crap.

    Having said that, the Corolla does need a bit of soul. Would it kill Toyota to release a model with a bigger/more powerful engine or a diesel engine maybe even AWD? They have all the gear already developed.

    It is a great car but needs more then one drive train.

  • Wheelnut

    The fact that Toyota have had to reduce the price of the TRD Aurion [2-3 times] shows that by just bolting on a supercharger adding a few interior highlights a tacky bodykit and a couple of stickers doesn’t automatically transform the car into something special nor is it enough to justify the premium price let alone change peoples perceptions.

    And given that the TRD Aurion originally had a $20-30K premium.. The TRD Rolla will probably be around $30-40K meaning that it will be competing [on price] with the legendary VW Golf GTi…. I don’t like its chances

  • Tom

    And this does what exactly? An exciting advertisement for a car that is every flavor of average?

    Corolla’s are great little cars, but this is about as realistic as promoting exciting microwaves that participate in extreme sports.

    How about a 150kw+ turbocharged model thanks Toyota.

    The Corolla Sportivo, while not being the king of hot hatches, was at least a bargain and a bit of a decent drive. A small turbo engine with a similar strategy to that can go a long way.

  • CEE

    Given corolla is THE top selling car in the segment, they shouldnt be trying to wash the grey image out of the car by spending more money in marketing….but should instead give it to their TRD arm – I totally agree with you guys….cmon, the first ad had signs melting, now ninja cats fighting….all as true as putting the words corolla and adrenalin together!
    If Mazda can make a the 3 MPS, why cant these guys with massive budgets….? I know, coz grandma wont have anything to drive anymore….and on that point, what makes them think introducing a hi po version with deter grandma anyway…she s been sold for decades…:)
    Nice ad, but unfortunately, I think they re putting their money in the wrong place.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Toyota…..LMAO driven by pussies! And yes Toyota’s have no soul….just a solid good allrounder, not flash and not unreal and soul less.

  • acfsambo

    To make the TRD work, go back to RWD like the rollas of the pre 1990’s, such as the AE’s and KE’s.

  • Golfschwein

    I agree with SamR. The Corolla needs a bit of soul.

    That’s what the Focus, Megane, Golf, 308, Leon, 147, C4, Octavia, C’eed, C30, Astra, SX4, Impreza, Lancer, A Class, 1 Series, Bravo and A3 have. Even the Mazda 3 has it.

    I might have missed something here, of course. Tongue-in-cheek comment, SamR?

  • Simonsez

    Surely we should all be encouraging Toyota to produce more interesting cars?
    Actually saw a Corolla sedan recently that looked similar to the car shown here and noted to my wife that it was a real shame that Toyota was unwilling to offer Aussies a performance version of this vehicle as Mitsubishi is doing with the 2.4 litre Lancer .

  • Golfschwein

    Oh, and another thing. A properly sorted TRD Corolla hatch with minimal additional body plastic could have lots of street cred and give it the soul some say it lacks. TRD should have tried its treatment on the Corolla instead of the ridiculous Hi Lux.

    The picture shows a sedan with a boot spoiler. Wow. Golly diddums gosh. That won’t do it. I’ve always laughed at people who buy a humdrum sedan and cave in to a salesman’s suggestion to put a spoiler on their car for a mere $500 to make it look nice.

  • Gibbo

    No, I don’t think this form of marketing will work that ad just seems stupid. I think Toyota were on a good thing with the Corolla Sprotivo from the previous model series – 141kw and a 6 speed manual, it was a hot hatch, probably not by todays standards but I think a model similar to this would sit nice in the model range (or perhaps one with a TRD badge on it). Back it with some decent advertising to give it some market coverage and it could be a winner. After all I don’t remember seeing any form of advertisment for the previous Corolla Sportivo to distinguish it from the base, granny-pack model.

  • Tom

    Simonsez, lets not kid ourselves, the 2.4 lancer is far from any sort of performance vehicle.

    A TRD Corolla needs to happen, but i don’t want to see it sell for 40k. Why can’t Toyota aim it at a price point closer to 30 grand?

    I can’t say any Toyota being a super stiff version, but honestly, for 30-34 a 160kw Corolla with some sort of sportish suspension would sell in whordes. If they price it against the rest of the competition though, i doubt it will sell.

  • http://www.AUSringers.com Liam

    Back in the day the Twin Cam Corollas were almost desirable. But then the Camry arrived and with a sea of cardigan grey irrelevance descended over Toyota. From that moment on they became home appliances on wheels.

    Toyota sells plenty of product by catering to people who don’t give a toss. They should stick to looking after people who get what they deserve.

  • GTRmon

    The ad is odd. Would’ve been better to show more car stunts. Start with the J-turn to run away, follow it with some fancy driving, showing that a FWD hatch can be used to great effect.

    SamR I assume you’re being sarcastic. Because if you rate the Corolla over the others you might be thinking of the wrong car.

  • http://integra LSD

    Boring is waht boring is ……….Toyota !!! They tried to build a car with some character and failed failed failed…….TRD CAMRY|AURION………..what a joke. A TRD Corolla would be just be a pointless exercise because it is a mode of transport in its most basic boring way and a body kit wont change anything.

  • Bavarian Missile

    True Ricers will laugh at the the thought!It doesn’t fit into the performance stakes at all! They are still discounting the TRD Camry 12 months after,how the hell do they think a Rolla will work for them? Driveshafts and performance cars don’t go together!

  • Wheelnut

    TRD….. BFD!!!!!

  • trackdaze

    Spend some money on the Car Toyota not more smoke and mirror ads.

    How about a proper new milleniun suspension tech?

  • Falcodore

    Maybe they put cats in the add because they appeal to 70yr old plus women, just like the car!

  • Andrew M

    the funniest thing is we will see a RAV4 TRD before the corolla!!!!

    gee toyota can sure sell cars but are dead set backward when it comes to getting off the bland train.

    i would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the conference where the ideas of a FWD TRD camry, TRD Hilux and now TRD Rav4 were thrown around.
    surely the TRD brand is taking the piss.

    Ive got a vision of someone like Ned Flanders at the Head of TRD.

  • Falcodore

    Dont be sucked in by Toyota quality (lack of) either, its not as good as they would like you to believe. Reliability is ok but quality (or reliability) is not up to Honda or Mazda standards.

  • Wheelnut

    Andrew M – I think next on the list is the TRD Hiace.

  • Falcodore

    Wheelnut, just what the delivery man needs,a hiace that will get to the destination quickly… just as long as you dont have to go around corners! LOL

  • SamR

    No, I was not kidding. The Corolla is the car to buy (with the Mazda 3 and Civic) in the segment it goes after which is the quality economical cheap transport segment. (Why you would buy a Corolla Levin beats me)

    All the Euro and Korean cars, with the possible exception of the i30, are expensive to run crap in my opinion.

    If you want some Euro prestige in your motoring then by all means buy a Golf, Renault or Citroen etc but be prepared to pay for it in higher running costs, reduced reliability and poor resale. Otherwise they are Ok

    Just my opinion.

  • anthonii

    As a corolla owner (20yr old male at the time of purchase) i though i should share my reasonindgs for my purchase. At the time i was still a ‘P’ plater making bugger all driving near 75km a day to and from work etc. I needed a A-B car that wasn’t going to leave me with out money on Saturday.

    My only desire was Japanese design for their culture of quality and not a Hatch. Price and recommendation from family members pointed towards the Corolla.

    Sure i would love a car with a bit more soul as some people put it, probably why i read this website. But there are real world constrants and other priorities in place.

    So what does that make me? If i could i would buy that new Aston Martin running around in the teaser sections, hell id settle for an XR6 Turbo, so does that still mean I’m a pussy?

  • realcars

    SamR no logic to your comments whatsoever.

    Resale and reliability are not exclusive to Toyota as Toyota would have u think.

    If u accept this then there are many worthy alternatives to a Corolla and given Toyota’s more for less pricing.

    Look better,go better,drive better etc etc etc.

    Seeing more and more of Toyota’s traditional buyers going to Hyundai for similar blandness and reliability etc for a lot less especially taking into account the extra fruit.

    Hyundai need to expand their range then watch out.

  • Falcodore

    Anthonii, Mazda3, similar price, better drive. Also better quality and reliability. Trust me, have big family that own Toyotas and Mazdas. Everyone that owns Toyota wishes they bought the Mazda.

  • Wazz

    Nice work from Saatchi & Saatchi, but not so sure about the car itself.


  • Fasthonda

    The Corolla engine bay can take a V6-I’m not 100% sure but I think you can get the V6 Corolla in Japan.
    Anyway,it smells a bit fishy to me :)

  • http://deleted Alex

    Well SamR, I certainly hope you don’t try to pass yourself off as a car enthusiast. I will agree that not all of those cars that I listed have the best reliability records, but the german ones do and the Korean ones do. The French ones, sadly, can still be a bit iffy. As can the Italians but even thats starting to change. The Corolla is not the logical car to buy in this segment. The Golf or the Focus are the best all rounders. They are both practical, reliable, good looking, fun to drive in base model (especially the Focus), fantastic build quality, good resale and you don’t get that reputation as the guy that was convinced by the Toyota salesman. I suppose if your going to go for a standard Japanese car, at least the Mazda 3s there (also quite a logical choice, but not that fun if not in MPS guise).

  • anthonii

    Long story short, I got a fleet discount which was several grand that was not available with the Mazda.

    Ive driven plenty of cars and idling in peak hour most cars short of size are much the same. There is something bigger, better coming out daily, though at 60,000 clicks, not a problem. I got what i wanted when i bought and I’m happy.

  • Al Juraj

    Aurion V6, 6-speed and independent rear suspension – enough to kill those bogan cars. And yes, ESP and CVT/5-speed auto for the rest of the range.

  • Cupid Stunt aka No Name

    Sam R – you’re having a laugh, suppose someone has to play devils advocate. A few months ago Car & Driver Mag (Yanks) test pretty much all the cars named and rated the Corolla in the bottom 2/3rds. That was based on pretty much everything you would when comparing cars Price, Value Performance economy etc etc. The VW Golf (rabbit) came a sensible 1st.
    Corolla TRD – viable but flawed (tee hee). Look to the Toyota website for a hot hatch version of the corolla (Auris) 2.2 diesel, dull for a hot hatch really.

  • http://www.wanews.com.au Gary Samuel

    White corolla’s are great cars they are annonymous and easy to hide in a carpark, and when you cruise by a working girl street you can pick up and your wfe wont know its you. its fantastic. I love them and thats my bottom line toyota corollas may be souless cars but you dont get annoyed by the police, if you do something wrong you can park in the carpark and people generally wont notice you. You appear to be smarter than the average person, and guys, unless the girl your chasing is a red neck or image concious looney, and trust me girls like this arent worth it. the chick is actually going to be impressed by the corolla over your VY SERIES 2 HOLDEN SS COMMODORE THAT COSTS YOU $200 A WEEK JUST FOR PETROL NOT INCLUDING THE REPAYMENTS. Corollas are a much better proposition

  • O

    I suddenly have the urge to go and buy a corrola.Not really i would much rather a mazda3 or a honda civic


    Whats more important for BIGT [tm.F-0] to do, is offer TCS and Stab. control on the Corolla

    Also rear electric windows, and 15,000km service intervals



  • WVB

    The S2000 Corolla being very successfully campaigned by bates and taylor in Australia should have given Toyota enough advertising material to ensure the corolla is no slouch. Oh I forgot that’s AWD with 190KWs. Do toyota sell a road version, no they don’t. TRD developed these cars so why not build/sell some watered down ones. Subaru have effectively used rallying to show their performance cred for years so I’m sure Toyota could do the same for the corolla.

  • Nick

    I guess ..all the thoughts of the people who have written here are a minority. Whether you like it or not the Corolla is a top selling car. I for one would like Toyota to spend some of their marketing dollars on making the a 2.0L turbo version of the car. Looking at the history they may make a performance version but it will be out of date in terms of power and equipment.

  • http://caradvice.com.au Fourwheelbikie

    Corollas appeal to the many people who do not like driving, do not want a driver’s car and are purchasing a car like ‘whitegoods’. This is a large but unexicting market. Why try to change it? Are they trying to change the appeal or is it to make the target market feel better about a Corolla?

  • Foggy

    Here’s a novel idea;

    Get the Toyota Matrketing team to swap with the Design team ;D

  • Pete

    I like conservative styling, so actually think the sedan looks good. All Toyota needs to do with this model is bring out a diesel version and bring out a sports model, ideally with the camry 2.4 and bolt on a turbo. The problem for toyota with doing this is sales of the camry will be eaten into. The size of the current corolla sedan is larger than an early 90’s camry. I saw a top of the range version on the road yesterday, it looked okay, was being driven by a 45 year old ish woman, what can i say but toyota is not the number 1 seller for nothing, they have the name and reputation, and belive it or not chaps, but conservative, bland and reliable still sells.

  • VW Freak

    To answer CA’s question, pfffftttttttt, no this advertising definitely won’t change my perception… this car is still a mini-cardigan (like a mini-me, hahaha). It’s just so gawd-damn awfully brain-deadening BORING!!! Wake up Toyota!!!

    Anyways, Toyota need to realise that a fair portion of the age bracket they aim this car at download most of their TV shows, hence they’ll never see these ads. Plus, there’s the bunch that have PVRs or HTPCs, and will skip the ads if they’re recording or time-shifting FTA TV.

  • Frontman

    Just looking into the ACCC guidlines, surely this is pushing the boundaries of “False” advertising…….. No (current) Corolla has any sort of Sporting pretensions, unless you class a remote control overhead gear shift as “SPORTING”….

  • Grammar Nazi

    C’mon guys…

    So you’ve got an awesomely shot ad with a lame strategy. You guys are meant to be funny and egalitarian, not sexy and slick. Oh and by the way, every punter that sees this on the tube knows that Corolla is neither of these things.

    What is the substantiation for a ‘lil action’? Last time I checked most of the Corolla variants struggle to hit 100k/m in under 10 seconds – that combined with the fact that it drives like a fridge and it will never win any beauty contests means that it’s pretty lost in the small car segment. It does everything ok, but not action. Ok maybe a ‘lil’ bit.

    Stick to what Corolla is – dependable and boring. There’s a reason why it kicks ar$e in sales, because it’s always there. And it doesn’t break down. Nanna has no qualms walking into her local dealership dropping a bit of retirement coin on another piece of whitegood that will get her to the bowlo, and then palm off to her grandaughter.

  • Wheelnut

    Quote [Al Juraj] Aurion V6, 6-speed and independent rear suspension – enough to kill those bogan cars. And yes, ESP and CVT/5-speed auto for the rest of the range.

    If it’s got enough to kill the bogan cars; despite the fact that you can’t really compare them as its RWD vs FWD….
    then why is the Aurion – in both standard and TuRD form unable to outsell the Falcon and Commodore [incl FPV n HSV]

    I mean given that the Aurion [supposedly] has better engineering, more power and is more refined then surely it would be a “no brainer” to go for the Aurion… Bearing in mind that according to the stereotype – Bogans aren’t that bright.

  • http://www,jocman.com runnaln

    Toyota had the best car marketing tool in the world and threw it away, WRC, they should have sold a Corolla GT4 when they switched from the Celica, look at what WRC has done for Subaru, they would be out of buisnes now without impreza WRC. why they choose to pump millions into an formula 1 is beyond me, it is irrelevant to the cars they make. Given the Corolla’s international success the best marketing would be a return to WRC, and sell a 4wd turbo version. Aurion Trd 4wd for $55,000 would be a great car (I assume they could use Kluger 4wd parts).

  • Ivan

    The S2000 Corolla from Bates are using a Celica engine and the Celica 4WD drivetrain.

    If you tell me, Toyota can just introduce an AWD drivetrain from Celica into the corolla, tune the engine better to give at least 120kW, add $5000 premium, and they can sell much better.

  • Tom

    I wonder if Toyota even reads all these comments? Or they just do, but choose they best be ignored.

  • Fasthonda

    Toyota cannot bring out anything sporty in the Corolla range on it’s own.It would need the help of Yamaha to tune the engine.The TRD Aurion was a full Toyota project and look what happened to that!

  • Wheelnut

    Tom – Toyota probably do read the comments but choose to ignore them..

    Funny thing is people say that Toyota have read the local market better than Ford and Holden – yet the fact that they have reduced the price of the TRD Aurion 2-3 times and the slow sales of the TRD Hilux shows that they are both cars which no-one is really wants….

    I mean how many FWD Performance/Sports cars can you think of in the world?

    and given the number of comments on this topic that are saying “TRD Rolla – why Bother” indicates that its another Toyota which no-one is getting excited about.

    Therefore; I suspect Toyota will go ahead with the TRD Corolla anyway and spend $100,000s trying to convince car enthusiasts that it’s better than it actally is; that it’s something it’s not

  • Adam L

    The Corolla Levin is a pretty sporty looking car….

    Unfortunately…It’s the top of the range model and as such, should have an engine that distinguishes it from the lower models.

    A Levin ZR with anything from a 2.2 to a 2.4 with 115-125kw would a lot more punch to what is otherwise a pretty good car!

    At $29k it would certainly be a worthwhile option to consider.

  • Wheelnut

    Fast Honda – IF Toyota want a Performance or Sports model Corolla.. they would do better to use the engine out of the Lotus Elise.. as it’s a Toyota [Corolla] engine to begin with – to which Lotus bolt on an Turbo-charger and virtually double the power.

    Which is sad really when you consider the comparative size of the two companies [Toyota and Lotus] as well as their budgets; and access to resources etc..

  • RoFlmaTiC

    It’s not the same engine Wheelnut :-\

    The toyota 2zz engine didn’t meet euro IV standards and thus toyota discontinued it. There will not be any more toyota cars with that 141kw engine. This is the engine that they supercharge to get whatever kw is in the exige s.

    The corolla _had_ a 1zz engine which is used in the elise in some countries. But it’s definitely not the engine that is blown to produce double the power.

  • Alex

    You know what? I have just realized something. Even if Toyota did do a hot hatch, we car interested people would probably still rip on it. And you know they’d stuff it up anyway. Neither of the TRD models so far have been particularly memorable and I don’t think the Rav4 TRD is going to be all that good, considering the 200kw Rav4 is truly crap. I think that Australia should get the V6 Corolla. Seems like the sort of thing that would sell here. And you should definitley get a diesel.

  • sleepy

    the ads sucks…. no imagination.

    yah…they should put their $$ in R&D.

    give us some proper suspension

  • VW Freak

    Oh, forgot to mention, just referring to your article CA, stability will finally be available from December production onwards. There’s also (for some strange reason) changes to the gear ratios for the 6 speed manual?!? Couple of other little changes as well. No CVT or 5 or 6 speed auto… or Valvematic, or V6, or 2.4… yawwwwwwnnnnn

  • Flying High

    The add is attrocious, but if you are a Toyota fan you might like it. Actually, ‘Toyota fan’ is somewhat of an oxymoron, as a ‘fan’ would imply passion of some description. And Toyota is Japanese for boring, soulless, bland forms of transport for the masses.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au craigMM

    It might reduce the age of corolla drivers down to about 60ish.
    I firmly beleive there are two groups that work in Toyota:

    the ones that want performance cars and the ones who refuse to allow any thought of Toyota being connected with genuine perfomance.
    Guess who wins most of the time?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au craigMM

    Oh and another thing.
    If I was shopping for a performance car , Toyota doesn’t even cross my mind.
    They’ve had plenty of opportunities to change their image over the years. They just keep pumping out appliances!
    Im getting fired up now so Im gonna stop before I lose it!


    is it just me or does the corolla sedan in the above picture look about as big as a camry???go the ninja pussies!!!

  • Wheelnut

    J&H – Not only does it look as big as a Camry.. but it also looks like a mixture of the 3 Model Camrys [2002-08]

  • Sam

    I am 31 years old and have had my corolla for 10 years. I bought it new. It has been a great car. This model was the last small car built in Australia. I am ready to buy another car and I would happily buy a new Corolla if they would only make one that is better than the one I already have. Perhaps I should have bought 2 in 1998 and kept one all locked up!

  • Motorhead


  • Spider

    71 comments, yet “Toyota has no soul”?!
    What a bunch of tools!!

  • Flying High

    Sam, r u sure you’ve got the right website?

  • Wheelnut

    Roflmatic – the engine in the Lotus may be a different engine than what’s in the Corolla – even so I’d say that Toyota would still have a contract to supply Lotus with a similar engine[s] and I’d say that Lotus would still be [willing and] able to get more power out of it than Toyota.

    Remember Lotus have far more F1 experience than Toyota do and F1 is supposedly the pinnacle of automotive engineering

  • RoFlmaTiC

    Yeah I think lotus do squeeze a little more power out of the engine (180hp to 190?), but it’s unfair (to toyota) to suggest that Lotus double the power.

    As far as I know, this is how it works:

    1zzge – 1.8L (140hp) engine used in the (previous) corolla and mr2, and current elise in some markets

    2zzge – 1.8L (180-190hp) engine used in the celica, corolla sportivo and elise / exige in some markets.

    In addition, in some areas you can get a exige s, which I believe has a supercharger on the 2zzge engine, increasing power to 218hp.

    Lotus didn’t need to do much to the engine, it was pretty maxed out. The compression ratio was 11.5 or something. Where they come into their own is with suspension and chassis etc.

    The 2zzge was a great engine for its time, (until euro IV came out anyway!). It was toyotas first mass produced all aluminium engines which replaced the highly regarded AGe engines. They provided one of the best power to engine weight ratios which is why lotus sought them out to use in their cars.

    See the graph for yourself!


  • Al Juraj

    QUOTE Wheelnut: “If it’s got enough to kill the bogan cars; despite the fact that you can’t really compare them as its RWD vs FWD….
    then why is the Aurion – in both standard and TuRD form unable to outsell the Falcon and Commodore [incl FPV n HSV]

    I mean given that the Aurion [supposedly] has better engineering, more power and is more refined then surely it would be a “no brainer” to go for the Aurion… Bearing in mind that according to the stereotype – Bogans aren’t that bright.”

    Well Commodores have long been Aussie pretenders fooling the entire nation. They started off as ‘Frankenstein’ getting a donor body from Opel then engines from Buick, even Nissan and what-have-you. Then they’re rebadged with Peugeot knock-off lion emblems to make it seem they’re originally from downunder. The VE’s body may have been designed here, but everything else still comes from overseas.

    The bottom line is there’s no logical reason to get this kind of car. It’s unnecessarily big, with yesteryear 4-speed autos matched to a V6 less powerful and economical than what the others have to offer. Factor in the electrical glitches, paint mismatch and what-not, and we’ve got the bestseller. Go figure!

    The Falcon is actually the most ‘Australian’ car you can get. The epic 4-litre straight-six is among the class leaders, with a better thought out dash than its Holden counterpart. It is better in just about every way, but why isn’t it selling so well?

    You said it yourself, bogans aren’t very smart, but I do have to agree that Toyota are missing the point in their TRD lineup. The supercharged Aurion is at the end of the day just a more powerful version of mum’s Camry, and the HiLux doesn’t have sport in its vocabulary no matter what. But they are indeed better made than any RWD Oz sedan or ute. They should get it right in the Corolla, shoehorning the non-supercharged V6 and sorting out the suspension to come up with a better performance car.

  • http://ancap grant ennew

    well all you lot should realise that you are not buying anything other than a badge made by issusu wow WOW stand by honesty toyota not yet issusu , Corrola loyalty to the customer that’s why it’s the bigest seller in australia we like honesty,HONESTY… car manufactues wake up or just realise we are not dumb, keep rockin toyota and stay away from issusu the rip off company , they own holden ford mazda nissan etc most of the car industry…holden sold to issusu 1974 ford sold to issusu 1980 so why give anything to them for a product that kill’s example mitubissi’s burns…plastic plastic plastic where is the sub frames wake up australia and give us a real safety test on all cars and not let 1 company rule the market…..and lie to us …..>>>>

  • http://ancap grant ennew

    remove the plastic feul tanks in all cars and give back the steel tank it is smarter than the tank that splits in less than 2-3 years or if you have an accident , walla bang you are gone … burns burns burns…..you on fire…. to late you bought it…4×4 mit sub isi…get a real car toyota now jump…mr issusu you are wrong…..

  • http://ancap grant ennew

    wheel nut,,, well you are a nut i understand why you use nut now i no…. ford and holdens are at the end of sales bannner… why then i’ll answer you cause they are owned by the same company and just like coca cola and pepsi they want us to fight over witch is better, and well ford and holden or issusu and issusu do you see make the same shitty cars … no brainer … the little honest company gets the business smart thinking , we the customer are not dumb we see value for our dollars …. go toyota and as a fact there is and never was a car company soley owned in this country…..holden and ford american till sold out to issusu …japan owns the hole car industry so only the little guy is gunna give you that honesty…so support it don’t knock it and wake up ….

  • mrengine

    corolla is Australia’s most reliable smart driving car however the new models are just too big to be named a corolla….they are alot larger than the old school camrys….what are you doing toyota ? wake up!!!!

  • Phill

    Some car ads are reaily dumb,Is Toyota saying Corollas are for Theiving Pussy’s and kitterns???Bronze medal for them.4th Ford with there two fingers campain,If you invert the fingers you get a whole different meaning,Silver medal to Holden for there sportwagon line,”It’s a wagon with the word sport infront of it”.But gold goes to Nissan for there X-trial ad,The car thats not for Pretenders,But has Boris the pretend crocodile in it,classic.